Bravolebrities Descend On Las Vegas!

pump rules guys


My Vegas spies are all aflutter this morning after multiple sightings of random Bravolebrities.  First up was Jax and the Toms. It seems that Jax, Sandoval, and Swartz were in Vegas for an appearance at Mandalay Bay. And they took their wimmens, Kentucky,  Katie and Ariana with them!

My spies saw Jax and Kentucky on a double date with Katie and Schwartz at Center Bar in New York New York. No word on Ariana and Sandoval who were probably somewhere adulting .

Greggy Bennett!

Greggy Bennett!

Also hitting the town in Las Vegas were Albie and Chris Manzo  along with Greggy Bennett.  They we also spotted at New York New York tossing back a few beverages.

They were filming a Boys Gone Wild! trip for the upcoming season of Manzo’s with Children!  Which is great. I will be able to get my Greggy Bennett fix on the show even though he doesn’t live in New Jersey anymore.

If you live in Vegas, you can breathe easy knowing the PUMPkids have left town. But if you live in Austin, your town just got even more weird with the arrival of Jax and Kentucky.

It looks to me like this Jax and Kentucky thing my last through next Season!


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16 responses to “Bravolebrities Descend On Las Vegas!

  1. loriflack

    Mandalay Bay is on my bucket list ?? .

  2. Miguel

    The Kentucky-Jax tea is quite interesting – quite surprised their still continuing on! I guess birds of a pathetic feather, flock together?!

    • Sliceo'pie

      I dunno what to think of her – obviously not terribly bright.. Moving across country after a few dates (the promise of TV stardom is certain a lure). Desperate, much? Talking marriage already?

      So young to be settling for someone like Jax. A walking STD.

      I had horrible self-esteem in my 20’s so I get the choice of a bad boy-who knows what’s going on in that little mind….

  3. sandra

    Nice scoop, TT. Congrats!

  4. LisaPat

    Is it me or do they all look so Fem ?? The 3 muskaterettes.

  5. Wallace

    Oh, no. Austin doesn’t deserve the greasy, sweaty coke monster. allegedly.

    I expect that he can be found at Ms P’s Electric Cock. He won’t know the only thing on the menu is fried chicken.

  6. Erica

    GREGGY!!!! I want him to have his own San Francisco special.

  7. Dee

    So cool I’m watching the show from the beginning with behind the scenes views. Jax looked good season one.

    • Wallace

      Also watched some of the first season again. It is crazy how quickly his appearance was altered. Cautionary tale for all.

  8. KatherineNola

    Nooooooooo we will not allow Jax in Austin! Please God no. I live downtown and it’s already torture right now!

  9. Paula Miller

    I stood behind Tom Sandoval and a young woman in the taxi line at Mandalay Bay this past Sunday (3/13). They didn’t look to be ‘together’ but this was 7:30 in the morning and it was obvious they had just met because she was asking him questions about the show. His limbs are twigs, he is so thin. not a good look.

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