Real Housewives of New Jersey Take Season 7 Trip to Stowe Vermont

Teresa Dog Sledding in Vermont!

Teresa Dog Sledding in Vermont!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been filming since even before Teresa Giudice was sprung from prison. Last week a few of them went on the group trip.  Teresa was joined by  Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga and Robyn Levy and her wife Christina Flores.  What is NOT clear is whether or not Juicy Joe is there. I get the feeling since it is so close to his self-reporting day,  and  well, you know, so close to the border with Canada,  he was not allowed to go. Teresa has posted 99 pictures of her with Juicy at a recent family wedding. I’d assume that if he were allowed to go she would have a photo of them together in Stowe.

We have photos of Joe and Melissa, and we have photos of Robyn and Christina.  I don’t know too much about that last couple. But I have to say their Instagrams are full of photos of their adorable kid (kids?). I  mean I don’t really get twitching ovaries over babies, but their kid is adorable. They are supposedly long time friends of Teresa and Juicy’s who conveniently showed up when gay marriage is the new black. If you recall both Giudice’s have made disparaging comments about the gay community and don’t really strike me as having any gay friends.  Regardless, they’re here, they’re queer and they have an adorable kid or two. I like them already.

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There were also no signs of Kathy Wakile  or Jaqueline Laurita, or Siggy Flicker or Dolores Catania all rumored to be on the show. It’s odd to me that we really don’t know who will be holding a…well nothing. RHOJ hold nothing right?

I’d like to point out that Teresa’s Instagram is full of fabulous new clothes, at least two product endorsements and tons of reposts of people buying her book. She’s right back to the sweet life.  Crime really does pay. Which is why sometimes after a few beers I feel like a fool for following the rules and staying debt free and not just running the fuck out of my credit cards and filing for bankruptcy if the whole blogging things doesn’t work out.  I’m only kind of joking.

It does seem to be the latest “moral of the story” to choose an ironic turn of phrase, that crime pays.  So hey, check out the photo gallery. And let me know if you will be watching.  I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to the season. That makes me part of the problem.



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18 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Take Season 7 Trip to Stowe Vermont

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    I know the feeling, but one must be able to look in the mirror and sleep at night.

  2. Twilly

    I haven’t watched in years and can’t even read the recaps by episode 3.

  3. Tre must be getting a pretty penny to spend any of Juicy’s last days of freedom away from him.

  4. Spilledperfume

    I won’t be watching. I just can’t.

  5. Margarett

    I fear that I am part of the problem. Even though I don’t like it as much as when it was first on I still like it. I enjoyed the Manzos when the kids were still at home.

    I liked the blond sister-in-law whose name escapes me at the moment. Ah, the vagaries of age!

  6. Tara

    TT- I do not think NJ HW hold anything. Yes, I looked it up once – I need a new man!!!! Anyway, I am part of the problem, I will watch and read your recaps. The recaps are always better than the show though, no matter which HW show it is.

  7. Dracla Dunning

    Will not watch!!! It is my personal boycott. Even after losing interest in the previous seasons I stuck it out and continued to watch but I refuse to support Teresa and her “Crime Pays” way of navigating life. Just looking at her repulses me. Ever notice how Teresa always has that shit eating grin on her face because she is laughing all the way to the bank?

    • Minky

      If it’s any solace, she’s also a laughing stock. There’s no way in hell that Andy, production, or her cast mates respect her one bit. They all probably think she’s a colossal fool.

      The fact that she broke the law that flagrantly and didn’t spend 20 years in prison doesn’t mean that she’s smart. It means that she’s still an imbecile for getting caught at all.

      She chose to commit a crime that’s easily discoverable. And she’s been giving indications for a while that Melissa and her brother have been doing the same thing but have so far gotten away with it.

      At least that’s how the people surrounding her probably view the situation. Andy & Co. probably view her as a greasy guidette piece of trash and it definitely shows in the way the edit her.

    • Miguel

      TOTALLY AGREE, Dracla; however, I’ll be reading TT’s recaps!!!

  8. The thing is, I feel like if I don’t watch, I can’t bitch…and I want to bitch, but I don’t want to watch. It’s a dilemma 😉

  9. Lime Brain

    Are the annoying twins going to be back this season? What about the one with “the cancer” and her smarmy husband?

    I used to enjoy this show, but not so much anymore. For me, it’s gone the hwoa route where they all are on “teams” because everyone hates everybody and everyone has to scream to get their point across.

    I’ll give it a try (I have to see how long Theresa can keep it together before she loses her shit), but if it’s another season where it’s nothing but hate and nobody likable, I’ll stick with the recaps.

  10. I won’t be looking but I will read TT remarks. Crime does pay and I hate it.

  11. beauxblue

    My guess is that the felons don’t think of 2 women in a relationship as gay the same way that they think of 2 men and in fact, juicy is probably turned on by it.

  12. Tee

    Jaqueline Laurita got into it with Melissa & Teresa and apparently Robyn threatened Jaq and got sent home. Jaq left or was sent home too. This trip was a huge mess.. T you’re missing all the tea in this post. Also Jaq is trying to get Kim D on the show again.

  13. ShyGuy

    If Siggy isn’t on I’m not watching, period.

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