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For whatever reason, my DVR did not record the first three minutes of #WWHL so I apparently missed a lot. My recording started with Kandi saying, “I have a hard time picturing those two together.” What two? Now I am dying to know! Don’t you hate when that happens?

Kandi doesn’t give a lot of detail about the FEDs showing up at her house. She said it was not like they had a search warrant. The Secret Service just showed up to inquire about the bike and the four wheeler. They told them that he had indeed left it there, and they took it.  She makes it seem like it was no big deal.  She has no idea who called them.  Here in the comments there is a big battle going on about how the FEDs were tipped off. While the show where Kandi and Todd talk about having Apollo’s stuff had aired by the time the FEDs showed up, nothing had aired about Cynthia and Peter having specific items either. This leads me to believe that someone connected to the filming contacted the FEDs. Someone who would know exactly who to contact. Perhaps someone who was pissed that their good girlfriend was hiding assets for her husband because that good girlfriend felt sorry for Apollo because he was taking the fall all by himself.

Sellling it phaedra kandi


Oh Kandi goes on to say that the FEDs showed up the week the show aired. So it could have been that. Personally I find it highly unlikely that the Secret Service is sitting around watching RHOA. I find it much more likely that either someone who watched the show tipped them off or someone was pissed off.  Kandi says that same week Phaedra was pissed at Todd over something he tweeted, so it could have been her.  She said the timing of it was “so weird.”  So yeah, Kandi thinks it was Phaedra.

They show a clip of Kandi and Phaedra arguing. Kandi says to Phaedra, “Don’t go in, let have and it not be true, because if I go in, let have, it’s gonna be true!”  Woah. That sound’s like Kandi saying that Phaedra needs to stay in her lane or Kandi can spill all kinds of tea on Phaedra that she does not want spilled.  Oh how I wish she would.

Nene tweeted in and Kandi says that she and Nene have decided to leave all their negativity in the past and move forward.

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Someone asks how the big turn around happened with Todd and Mama Joyce. Kandi says that once they got married, Mama Joyce realized they were going to be together whether she like it or not. So Mama Joyce became a bit more accepting. And then, when Todd’s mother died she stopped all her nonsense completely.

I just realized that Kandi just had a baby. She looks FANTASTIC. Great hair, great dress. And Todd is the bartender.

Someone asks about her relationship with Phaedra. She says she has run into her once since the reunion. They hugged but they didn’t talk. Kandi says the problem in you try to mend fences in real time and then the show airs and new stuff is shown and you get pissed off all over again.  Kandi says that at the reunion, Andy brings up all the old mess and it starts all over again. Kandi wanted to just wait to sort things out after the reunion so that it doesn’t have to keep playing out over and over again.

Kandi says that there simply was not enough room at Phaedra and Apollo’s house and he had been bringing stuff to other people’s houses before he even got indicted.  Actually, Apollo bought the new bike after he was sentenced and before he turned himself in according to neighbors. He was riding that bike right up until the time he left for Kentucky.

OMG! Best intro after the break. “Rupaul is not the only tucker here. Say hello to Kandi and Todd!”

The Poll Question was Whose side are you on, Phaedra or Kandi?  Phaedra got 57% of the votes!  Who are these voters????


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25 responses to “Kandi Burruss and RuPaul on WWHL

  1. Billie_bee

    I mean, I almost threw the remote at the tv after the poll result. Really? Who are these brain dead people voting in favor of Phaedra, and how are they even capable of using their phones to vote?

  2. Deb in SF

    The people who voted for Phaedra must be the same people voting for Trump. UGH.

    • I am educated, prior military, mother of three successful children, have gone through menopause and almost retirement age. You have made an assumption and brought it into a blog that has nothing to do with a person’s political choice. These shows are for entertainment, one’s voting preference is not. I would hope that you are as proud of your choice as other’s are of their’s.

  3. Sliceo'pie

    It’s amazing how many people buy Phaedra’s act–I’m not judging though because before I came on this site, I didn’t know any better either.

  4. Miguel

    Seems to be the usual crap with these voters!

  5. Cheychey

    Kandi looks better than I have ever seen her. I really like Kandi. She stays under the radar most of the time. She is usually not a part of the petty stuff, but this Apollo stuff is really stupid. Anyone knows that someone charged with crimes like his involving money received illegally is going to have their assets taken. Therefore if you are hiding such assets that is a crime. They ( Todd and Kandi) knew perfectly well he brought those items over to hide from the police they are no dummies.

    • I totally agree. You can’t tell me that Kandi and Todd was NOT aware that Apollo assets were being seized. Even after Apollo went to Prison, Kandi chose to keep it from Phaedra, who is supposedly Kandi’s friend. Why would Kandi back Apollo? Clearly he committed the crimes. Where is her loyalty to Phaedra? Is it because of Todd? What if the situation were reversed? Also, I think the Tuckers decided to let the HWs film that they had Apollo’s bikes because they wanted to get rid of it, but didn’t want to betray Apollo. Easy way out.

      • bria

        Maybe kandi is not backing Phadrea because she knows more stuff on Phadrea than Bravo is letting us in. Please read the Angela’s case and look at Phaedra’s personality from previous seasons, the lady is no saint.

  6. Jim

    Can someone translate Kandi’s quote into English?

    “Don’t go in, let have and it not be true, because if I go in, let have, it’s gonna be true!”

    Let have? Yeah, I’m a Yankee but does that actually have meaning in the south?

  7. Spilledperfume

    I thought Kandi looked great as was.

  8. Did RuPaul get any attention? I meant to watch for him but forgot (sorry, girl).

    • Minky

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOVE Ru Paul! Ever since I was a kid. He’s smart, adorable and he seems to be promoting good ideas, “Everybody say LOVE!!!”

      I wonder if he had anything to say about what was being discussed? I remember one of his quotes on the BH. “We’re all born naked. All the rest is just drag.” ☺️

  9. Jaana

    I loved the reunion clip with Todd calling Phaedra out. I mean, Apollo is no Rhodes Scholar, did he really hide his operation that well so Phaedra couldn’t figure out what he was up to at all? Phaedra is one slimy lady is this what studying law does to some people?

    • Minky

      There must be some good lawyers out there who studied law so they could help their fellow man. The lawyer who’s helping Stanton for example. He sees that she’s been hung out to dry by Phaedra and he wants to help.

      Phaedra looks like she chose to study the law just so she would know how to get around it and commit crimes undetected. She couldn’t even help Sheree out on what seemed to be a pretty cut and dry thing with Bob. SMH.

      • I disagree. All that money spent on college, law school, taking the bar, just to commit crimes undetected? A far stretch. Phaedra seems to be committed to whatever endeavor she takes on. I wonder where her interest lies in the funeral business, we haven’t heard anything about that this year. Is she still practicing law? I don’t really like Phaedra’s style, I think she fronts a lot, but don’t they all?

      • Miguel

        Yes, Minky! Remember her “legal” work, on her first season, in the parking lot – complete with her “client” handing her a wad of cash??? C’mon now!!!

  10. Sammie

    The poll results are as bogus as Phaedra’s innocent act. Get real Andy, nobody is buying the shenanigans.
    Kandi looks great and Rupaul is always fun to see.

  11. bria

    Phaedra is shady as ….., am not sure she’s buying those poll voters because no reason person can side with her on this. I feel sorry for Kim aligning herself with the snake.

  12. Kandi looks FAB!

    BRAVO polls always rigged – depending on what they are selling. The question is why they are selling Phaedra? (Wasn’t she the one they did the Focus Group about?) I’m guessing they think Apollo prison and her upcoming legal issues will be a ratings bonanza? My guesses never good tho’ – I could NEVER understand the hard sell of the Manzo clan.

    Is that really Phaedra in the pic touching Kandi’s belly????????? W-o-w – totally unrecognizable!

  13. Capricornlady

    Im still convinced Phaedra was only doing the funeral home thing just to help Apollo launder/steal money. She would have access to deceased peoples social security numbers and Apollo could RECOVER those assets. And steal the deceased Identification and so on. Think about it…

  14. Matzah60

    Tamara, your comment, “Personally I find it highly unlikely that the Secret Service is sitting around watching RHOA” made me laugh out loud. I totally agree with you. Phaedra’s disdain for both Kandi and “Little Tod Tucker” are amplified in her talking heads. The previews from the reunion speak volumes about Kandi and Tod’s truth that Phaedra not only knew about what Apollo was doing, but that perhaps Phaedra and Apollo were partners in crime and Phaedra allowed Apollo to fall on his sword.

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