Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale: A Not So Happy Ending

RHOA Christmas


It’s the last episode of  RHOA before the three part finale and I’m okay with that. This Christmas party we are going to see tonight was filmed a couple weeks after all the other filming wrapped. I thought that was weird at the time. Let’s see how we end this.

OMG!  Phaedra is calling in Dwight to plan the Christmas party! I love Dwight!

For some reason we are going to a cemetery with Todd and Kandi to put flowers on Todd’s mother’s grave.  I’m just not feeling all the death and dying stuff that seems to be everywhere lately.

Porsha and Phaedra are talking about how the FEDs magically appeared at Kandi and Todd’s house to seize Apollo’s big boy toys. Phaedra is acting like she doesn’t know a thing about that.

We are ten minutes in and I haven’t had anything to say. Part of me was mesmerized trying to watch Phaedra make a sweet potato soufflé.  At one point she got a lemon out of the refrigerator. A lemon!  And she started out using a frying pan. Sigh.

Matt’s presentation of Twirl and King to Kenya was cute. She didn’t seem surprised at all, but then she says that they had picked out the puppies and watched them on puppie cam until they were weaned from their mother. I took the opportunity to let the dog out during the crying over the dead dog scene. Enough with the death and dying storyline!

RHOA Kenya birthday King and Twirl

I didn’t know that Kenya grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness.  No holidays, no birthday celebrations, nothing allowed. I had a student once who was a Jehovah’s Witness and she participated in the spelling bee and was the youngest contestant. I was so proud of her and I bought her a book as “a present” and it caused a lot of drama and angst. That is hard thing for kids when they literally have to go sit in the library alone when there is any sort of classroom celebration.  Kenya and Matt are adorable.  Twirl is too. She is the one that gets into every thing. I could have sworn she got those dogs for her birthday in January… Is this a scene that was shot after filming wrapped and after the Christmas party?

Cynthia is trying to make up believe that she and Peter are back in a good place after the Jamaica trip. She has set up a massage table for him and offered him a massage with a very happy ending.  So Peter gets buck nekkid and I think I’d rather have another cemetery scene than this. Cynthia is basically giving him a hand job on camera when Leon and Noelle walk in the door unexpectedly. She had already left with her dad but apparently she forgot something. #Awkward

Next we get to go to the gynecologist with Porsha. Really? Two cemeteries, a hand job and Porsha’s hoohah?  This may be the worst episode ever.

Dwight seems to be choosing lovely Christmas decorations. The party seems to be happening at a store.  At the party there is a display piece for Ayden to sit and be the “elf on a shelf” and hand out coal to all the ladies. Starting with his mother. Oh and Phaedra brought what appears to be the midget strippers, I mean little people strippers, from some event a few seasons ago in elf costumes. If these women strip… I’m telling you right now, it is all I can do to get through this episode. I’d have to draw the line at midget strippers.

Speaking of costumes, Porsha and Shamea came as THOT1 and THOT2.  All I can think of is if that costume stayed on when she was beating down some girl who came to the party with a married man that Porsha had dealings with. Tammy was there with her…son?  Nene and Gregg arrived together, with Gregg following his requisite three steps behind her. Nene Leakes makes fun of Dwight getting a nose job in her talking head? Seriously? Nene has had multiple nose jobs and every time she gets one, it grows back three times bigger. I swear that is a medical mystery and it’s going turn out she has some sort of problem going on.

RHOA jamaica nene cynthia

Kandi missed the Jamaica trip so this is her first time to see Nene on camera since the reunion. They only time she had seen her previously was when Cynthia, Kenya and Kandi were out to dinner. Nene spoke to Cynthia and ignored the other two.  Those three out to dinner together is interesting .

I don’t know why we have to hear about Bob sleeping with Tammy, again. This whole situation is fake. Bob says he has brain trauma and can’t remember what he said about Tammy.

Kenya arrives in Grinch outfit with the green hair. It’s kind of hilarious.

Todd, Peter and Chris are have a bit of man talk. Peter asks Todd if Phaedra ever paid up what she owed. She did not.

Nene comes to sit next to Kandi. It’s awkward. Nene wants to make amends with Kandi.  Kandi says they can just push the reet button.

Perhaps more distressing even than watching Cynthia jerk off Peter under a towel is the conversation with Kim. She is so duped by Phaedra. I like Kim and I hate seeing her cozying up to the snake.

Kenya chats up Cynthia and Sheree about the FEDs coming to Kandi’s house. Cynthia drops another bomb saying they came to her house too. It was the Secret Service! Kandi talks to Nene about Phaedra sending the FEDs to her house. She says that they had deliveries going on because they are setting up the baby’s room. The FEDs tried to block the delivery guy from leaving with his truck because they thought they were trying to get Apollo’s stuff out before they came.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s shady that Phaedra had Chris tap dance at the party?

In the end notes they say about Kenya,  that Moore Manor is almost complete and rumor has it she is working on a nursery. Kim’s endnote was sort of shady. They inform us that Kim will be on DWTS but so far “no word on how she’ll handle childcare while cross country. Cynthia says her marriage is still  a work in progress.  Phaedra is keeping her romantic life private until the divorce is final.


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89 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale: A Not So Happy Ending

  1. marywanna

    After reading your blog tonight, I’m SO glad I missed this episode!

  2. Siamukha

    2nd time commenting, long time reader. I think you have a typo in your title and you probably wanna know. Small typos I wouldn’t bother commenting on, but I thought it may affect your traffic so you would wanna knw, right?
    Otherwise love your blog!

  3. Rose

    I was bored, thank goodness this season is ending. Kenya has been a grinch all season so her costume was appropriate. I also thought asking Chris to dance was shady. Ayden telling Phaedra she was naughty was priceless!

  4. A Little Birdie

    I didn’t think the dancing was shady. I think Porsha’s comments about it were shady. And if this was filmed after the rest of the season was done , I think the Feds were watching while they talked about having the stuff. They put it out on TV. That could not have been that surprised

    • FatElsie

      Kandi and Todd discussed on national tv last season that they were hiding Appolo’s bike, so it shouldnt be a surprise that the Feds showed up to confiscate the bikes. Even if Shady Phae called them it is still some major backstabbing on Kandi’s part.

      • sandra

        Stop It. Kandi and Todd never said they were Hiding anything. When did Kandi do major backstabbing?

  5. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Thanks TT so much for “live” recapping. Being on West Coast I have hours to wait as usual. Your recaps however, are always so much more entertaining than the show itself but I still watch it (eventually).

  6. Soul Sista

    Finale sucked! As far as the Feds showing up, I have no doubt Phaedra sent them. She seems devious & I think she would do anything to hurt him, especially since he’s in no position to fight back.

    I beg Bravo to permanently remove Sheree & Bob, Nene & Greg and Tammy from the cast. Their presence brought nothing to the show this season.

    • Minky

      Hmmm? I can imagine Phaedra being devious and malicious, but not that stupid. If she was the one who sent the Feds, then that would be like cutting off her nose to spite her face.

      At this point hurting Apollo any further, or drawing any more attention to “his” crimes would also draw more attention to Phaedra. Especially since Apollo’s already in prison paying for those crimes. Getting him angrier by having his stuff confiscated would raise the chance that he would rat her out. Right? Or am I missing something here?

      • Soul Sista

        Minky, you’re probably right. She didn’t seem shocked when Porsha & Cynthia brought the info to her. She wants to move forward & seemed unhappy that he wouldn’t sign the divorce papers; I think she gave info to the Feds to punish his uncooperative behavior. JMO.

      • k-slay

        I agree @SoulSista – I think it was punishment for not signing the divorce papers.

      • Maybe the message to Apollo was “I am still the one in control here/”

      • Minky

        Okay, I didn’t know that Kandi suspected Phaedra of having contacted the Feds. Because I’m stupid and I didn’t watch the show. I should have paid more attention.

        You all make good points. Especially about Phaedra wanting to let Apollo know that she’s still the one who wears the pants in that family, so to speak.

        Now I truly think Phaedra’s a numbskull. If she sent the Feds to Kandi and Cynthia’s home then she’s a complete and utter imbecile who isn’t even smart enough to leave good enough, or bad enough, alone.

        By having Apollo’s things taken, and she’s pissing off both Apollo and the people who were holding his stuff (Kandi and Cynthia and their spouses). That could turn out for her like the Stanton thing did. She sued Stanton to stop the sale of her book and to intimidate her into silence. Look what happened there! Smooth move Phaedra.

  7. LisaPat

    I think it’s sweet that Matt got Kenya the puppies, but for me personally, I never get the same dog breed twice. I couldn’t understand how someone could have a dog Beagle named “Ike” and then when he passes, they get 10 more dogs of the same breed and name them “Ike.” I love my dogs like people love their children and they are truly family to me. So, when I lose one, I always know there will never be another Bishop, or another Daisy, or another Buddy. They are individual precious spirits and I never replace them with the same breed. It’s just how I am. But, Kenya truly honored Velvet. She waited a while and really mourned, so I can understand getting 2 more Yorkies. The way Kenya loved Velvet made me respect and admire her and I became a fan. I’m happy she has two more fur babies to love. Mazel Kenya!!

    • BKSweetheart

      I don’t agree with the getting a different breed thing. My family dog growing up was a golden retriever and he was the sweetest dog ever. Very mild mannered and sweet, patient and gentle with kids, very loyal. We were all devastated when he passed. Afterwards my mom decided to get another Golden. Not to ‘replace’ the previous dog but because of their good temperaments. New dog, while he has a different personality, is also very friendly and loves kids. And as a bonus he does tricks. We could never get the old one to learn any tricks other than “shake”. Sometimes people just like a certain kind of dog.

      • Skeeter

        I just had to put my precious Rottie, Madrina, down a month ago. :( I won’t be getting a dog for a while, this loss is too much. I’m glad Kenya got new pups, what happened to Velvet was devastating.

      • Cat

        Sorry for your loss, Skeeter.

        I know how you feel. I lost my cat, Cleo, 4 years ago. I may never get another cat.

    • I like Matt and Kenya together. He’s the calm to her storm, but will step up to defend her honor. They look good together, and I think the age difference will work, until it doesn’t work. The puppies were adorable, and you know she will dote on them. Now…is she pregnant? She isn’t getting any younger, no time to spare…actually, I hope she is pregnant. I think motherhood will soften her, and give her such fulfillment. She will have something to love, more than she loves herself. I think it will fill the void that she is missing. Children are such joy, and I do believe it will change her life, even her outlook.

    • Wanda

      My cocker spaniel died and I could not bear to get another cocker. I have to get a completely different dog so I wouldn;t be tempted to compare them. But when I bought a series of hamsters, there was Hammy, Sammy, Whammy, Kabammy, and Oscar. No confusion; each had a different personality and was much-loved.

  8. Sunshine

    Paedra didn’t have to put a call in. Todd and Khandi stood in their garage and shot a scene all about Apollo’s stuff. I bet they probably checked out all the people that they thought Apollo was close to.

    • Minky

      That’s what I’m thinking. Phaedra must have loved Todd and Kandi for that. There must be a good reason why they showed his stuff on film. Maybe they don’t want to be accessories after the fact? And this is their way of washing their hands of the whole thing?

    • the shadiest grove

      No boo, the Feds went to the houses before it aired that Apollo’s stuff was at Cynthia’s and Kandi’s. Phaedra made that call to deflect attention from her. I’m sure the Feds were looking at making her Teresa Guidice so she dropped a dime. You can’t spread your legs on an air mattress in a halfway house without repercussions. She knew what that man was up to. #AngelaStanton

    • More Tea Please!

      Sime poor entry level Fed is assigned to watch all housewife shows fir evidence…

  9. Xanadude

    You KNOW Cynthia’s finger went up there during the massage

  10. Miguel

    Thanks for continuing to endure with the HW – you truly deserve to be pampered for your labour of love. Still, after these seasons of rhoa & bh (like nj), I’ll watch AFTER reading your recaps to see if it’s worth the time! Your read on the mundane or exciting is always spot on; so I’ll rely on your direction.

    As for Andy and all things Bravo, I’ll tune in if ever any of the following HWs gets her comeuppance: Porsha, Phaedra, Yolanda, Lisa V, Erica J. and/or G., to name a few. (I know this is mean, but… you, too… Heather Dubrow.)

    I’d also be able to tolerate the shows, if any of the following NEVER, EVER graced my HW tv: Kim (why did they get rid of Claudia???); Porsha; Phaedra; Yolanda & her sideshow (careful, Ericas); Aunt Lori; Tammy & her sideshow (careful, Cynthia); the entire cast of rhonj (excluding Rosie); and Vicki’s son-in-law (whatever your name is – you’re a bit too aggressive & remind me of Tammy’s “nephew”) – again, to name a few.

  11. Miranda Aldridge

    Keeping Apollo’s stuff hidden from the Feds could have landed any of the three (Phaedra, Kandi or Todd) with an obstruction of justice charge. They were smart to cooperate.

  12. Post deleted. Please read the commenting rules.

  13. Cat

    Nene…Dahling….Please lose that long skirt (in the photo above). In fact, lose the whole outfit. It makes you look really frumpy.

  14. nadege

    Cute puppies and NeNe nose looks bigger to me and I’m mad that they didn’t show the fight with porsha.

  15. Tamaratattles you are really a bitch.

  16. Lime Brain

    Thanks for recapping. Now I know to skip the first half of this episode.

  17. JustJenn

    I’m glad Kenya found Matt..he seems like a really good match for her.

    Nene looked good tonight and is tolerable in small doses like this season, it’s too bad she’ll more than likely be back full time next season.

    I’m not going to miss this season, but I am looking forward to the reunion!

  18. Miguel

    Did Phaedra use the words, “coloured folks,” in 2016? Is this woman really supposed to be educated? Ever since I saw her getting money from/ transacting business with her client in a parking lot, I’ve wondered about Phaedra’s professionalism and schooling… #Jesusfixit!!!

  19. BKSweetheart

    That scene with Cynthia and Peter was just gross. I had to FF through it. YUCK yuck and more yuck

    The rest of the ep was pretty much a snoozefest. Looking forward to the reunion.

    • tamaratattles

      I was sort of over the season after the whole gay nonsense. So I thought maybe it was just me that was bored tonight. Honestly, I kept thinking Xanadude would know how to recap this snoozefest in a funny way. I just couldn’t motivate.

      Sunday nights are about to be a lot less busy soon…. :)

      • Xanadude

        I take that as a huge compliment :) But, frankly, I’m SO not the person to be recapping this show – there’s no one to really root for, you know? I rather liked Kim and would be interested in seeing her get her own show, but she felt shoe horned into the season, and kind of above the show. And you and I have very different opinions on Ms. Moore.
        The fact that I recognized one of the “elves” from the clips of Little Women Atlanta they showed on The Peoples Couch and that she is named Juicy tickled me tonight, though.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh, so maybe they aren’t the stripper midgets.

      • sarcasatire

        Doesn’t Miss Juicy work on the Ricky Smiley show? Definitely not a stripper.

    • FrostyTheOG

      That entire scene was awkward as F#€K! Reminded me of Cynthia’s last attempt at an on camera sexy time with Peter scene! LoL
      I think, Mal helped her with that one too?

  20. The best part of the whole episode was seeing Dwight and Tammy, and her beer bottle.

  21. Regarding your comment about the “midget strippers” (little people), Ms. Juicy (the bigger one with the red hair) is actually a co-worker with Porsha…she is on the Rickey Smiley show, and she is on the show “Little Women ATL.” Surprised to see her downgrading herself to work as an elf, as most little people hate the stereotype.
    And, I SO agree with you about this episode, as it was a total snoozefest! I reallllly hope Knee Knee is not back as a cast member next season, but I’m expecting her to be and I won’t be surprised.
    As always, a great blog! I ?Tamara Tattles!

  22. More Tea Please!

    What a weird dynamic between Bob and Sheree at the party. Totally forced, Fake by Bravo?

  23. 25

    TT I know you have your history with Sheree, but I’d venture to say she was the best character of the season for non-ratchet drama–and that says A LOT about this season overall. It’s too bad she couldn’t get a peach, but she doesn’t have a house and she’s not a wife, so..

  24. bria

    Interesting recap as always. I just watched this episode . the big question is did Phaedra call the Feds on Todd and Kandi? Yes she did without any reasonable doubt because knowing how shady & Sneaky Phaedra’s personality. She might have call the Feds to get back at Todd & Kandi. The look on her face while talking to Porsha was a give away for me. Phaedra needs be dropped off next season.

    • My take on it is why shouldn’t Phaedra call the Feds? The property was obtained from stealing other peoples money. Why should this con man/thief have anyone store items for him? I think it makes Todd/Kandi and Peter/Cynthia look shady. They were well aware of what was going on, but yet, helped Apollo HIDE assets from the Feds. Why is everyone looking cross-eyed at Phaedra? I agree with Phaedra, if the situation were reversed, how would of Kandi felt if she was hiding Todd’s property in her garage.

      • Crazy in NC

        This. Those items needed to be seized and auctioned off to help pay restitution. That criminal scum doesn’t deserve to have his fancy toys when he gets out of jail. I am disappointed that Todd and Kandi even tried that foolishness.

      • Actually, it seems pretty foolish of Apoillo to hide his stuff with his castmates. I am wondering if the feds paid visits to Apollo’s friends who are not cast mates.

      • sandra

        You’re funny. If you are hiding something you don’t go on tv and say you’re storing it.

    • Carol

      I wonder if he told them it was to keep the items from Phaedra and didn’t mention anything about the Feds.

  25. Jaana

    “Nene Leakes makes fun of Dwight getting a nose job in her talking head? Seriously? Nene has had multiple nose jobs and every time she gets one, it grows back three times bigger. I swear that is a medical mystery and it’s going turn out she has some sort of problem going on.”


    I noticed it too! Something is not right!

  26. I noticed the Kim shade in the end notes! Someone at Bravo isn’t a fan…

  27. Amy

    Thanks for the recap. Sounds like I’ll be deleting without watching. I can’t make myself care about any of them.

  28. susan

    Funniest line by nene to the little woman, ‘are you a damn elf?’ Cracked me up. Nene is funny

    • FrostyTheOG

      I LOVED that Nene knows Miss Juicy! Ha! Nene was as shocked as I was to see her ass popping up as a damn Elf!
      C’mon now Miss Juicy! Is ANYONE watching “The Little People of Atlanta?”

      • Sunshine

        I will quietly admit that I am watching Little People of Atlanta. Lots of attitude on that show.

  29. Cheychey

    The best part of the show was Aiden as the elf on the shelf. That little boy is so darn adorable. Cynthia and live porn has that what it’s come to for her to keep her peach just gross. It reminded me of Tamera in her tub scene with Eddie. You are mothers. Your kids do not want do be teased about that in school. Please give Dwight a peach I could watch him every week I live for him. Kim love you dear, there are some good sit coms out right now please join one! Let the reality shows go.

  30. Ahadi

    This was THE WORST season of this show ever.

  31. I was in Atlanta two weeks ago, sadly Moore Manor is nowhere near complete, and there was a ‘stop work’ order posted.

    I think the FEDs watch the show just as much as we do. But, Phaedra looked mighty guilty. And, I’m pretty sure she has a google alert on Apollo, she heard about that blog long before Porscha showed up.

    Andy why oh why is Nene still around??? I thought she was too busy for the show. She can go back to her other jobs.

  32. ZenJen55

    As a lawyer Phaedra knows damn well she doesn’t need Apollo’s signature to get a divorce. You file paperwork, a felon in prison CANNOT countercomplain a divorce while incarcerated. He will receive papers of the filing, then a copy of the ruling when divorce is granted.

  33. Gracious

    I’ve stopped watching RHOA and only read your recaps. I’m over these ladies, especially shady, fake Phaedra.

  34. tamaratattles

    No decent southern woman would even OWN a shitty “frying pan” like Phaedra was using “to make sweet potato soufflé” or anything else. We have cast iron skillets. But YOU DON’T USE A SKILLET TO MAKE SWEET POTATO SOUFFLE. Step one is essentially “make mashed potatoes” which you do with a pot of boiling water.

    I wish I had saved that episode just to watch the hilarity of Phaedra trying to pretend to cook. At the end when she put the mixture into the wrong kind of baking dish, she seemed to have magically acquired a substance that appeared somewhat normal. I assume we had someone make that for her.

    I’m still not over her staring aimlessly into her refrigerator full of take out cartons looking for an item for her recipe and coming out with butter, oh no, wait. It was not butter. IT WAS A LEMON.

  35. Thanks for the recap! I stop watching when Nene returned and Kenya lost her mind. I’m tired of watching mess!

  36. Home

    Thanks for the recap TT! Your recap was more entertaining then the episode. I don’t know why Cynthia and Peter did the “massage” scene?! She didn’t appear to be comfortable at all. I do like Kenya and Matt but I don’t see happily ever after. Phaedra just kills me playing dumb (eye roll) she knows a whole lot more then she pretends not! I think NeNe is easing her way back on the show…she misses the paycheck. Can’t wait for the reunion…I’m all in…LOL

  37. It’s pretty sad that my favorite part of the finale was the flashbacks – totally loved the fierce Kandi that told NeNe to bring it on dowwwnnnnn and the later Reunion eyeballing exchange. NeNe never could figure out that Kandi is the real deal (when she chooses to be). Same with Kenya.

    Loved the BRAVO shade on Kim Fields with the no word on how to travel cross country for DWTS and the children. Tells me production found her to be the same pain in the ass to work with as it is to watch her on this show.

  38. Lol that sweet potato soufflé confused the hell out of me as well. In my mind I was like ‘What in the world is Phaedra cooking?’

  39. GIA

    I like Kim Fields on the show.It mixes things up and something tells me she will bring it when she’s had enough of the shade.

  40. GIA

    Kenya’s comment to Porsha about having a d-ck in her mouth was just gross. I like her BF but if she shows him that side too much he might just rethink getting involved with her. What’s the deal with her going for Porsha anyway, thought that was done and over with.

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