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This actress/writer/reality participant can barely contain her disdain of her famous father’s latest wife.  It seems that she maintains two Instagram accounts. One public, and one private. On the private one, she has been posting about “how to spot a liar” and more recently about the reality of mental illness. She is quite close with her father so there is no doubt he is aware that his children are not buying what the latest stepmom is selling.  The good news is that daddy should be moving on to wife number five soon enough.


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33 responses to “Blind Item: Airin’ It All Out

  1. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Well I suck at these but one of David Fosters daughters is my first guess

  2. Sam

    One of David Foster’s older daughters who was on that reality show… Good to get some confirmation that someone in the family actually realizes she’s bonkers.

  3. Spilledperfume

    I think I might be visiting the WLS. Either way I’ve no clue. I’m never good at these.

  4. Tara

    Amy Foster-Gillies

  5. f(r)

    I think it is Erin Foster.

    Side note, when walking on the beach at Hilton Head Island this morning, I saw a guy shuffling/jogging that could be David Foster’s twin brother. I couldn’t stop staring at him because I wasn’t sure if it was really DF or not.

  6. JoJoFLL

    David Foster
    Yolanda Hadid
    Erin Foster
    Barely Famous

  7. Minky

    Wow! Yeah, seriously. Can you imagine having a step-mom like Yolanda. How all of the people connected to her (exes, in-laws, family, etc.) have been able to keep their mouths shut and be publicly civil about the whole thing is beyond me. I’m still hoping that David will dispute her illness claims.

  8. Micheal

    At least this validates how we are all feeling.

    Surely David Foster’s kids are privy to more information than we are.

  9. JustJenn

    Erin Foster for sure. I’d like to see that private account lol

  10. Helga

    Easy. Erin foster.

  11. Miguel

    Sweet tea, TT … yum yum yum – I hope it’s a Foster daughter stating the obvious about dodo Yolanda!!!

  12. lump off

    Megan king edmonds?

  13. Rose

    I think it’s one of David Foster’s daughters who is famous because of her dad talking about Yo. I wanna know what was said!

  14. Lime Brain

    I’m hoping it’s about Yolanda. Pretty sad to think that there might be another family going through the same bull shit.

  15. Zoe

    Erin Foster 100%

  16. Meri

    Something is seriously shady about Yolanda and I am betting that those of you who picked one of David’s daughters is correct. He is no saint when it comes to marriage but Yolanda is way over the top and seems to have done everything in her power to exclude David’s kids while pushing to make her own kids famous. I would resent that too if I were one of DF’s kids. Also, the so-called illnesses are just too, too much and I am starting to put her in a category with Brooks Ayers.Yolanda is one of the main reasons why I stopped watching the show; her and the rest of the women just aren’t entertaining and I got bored with all of the fake arguments and silly behavior. I guess I’ve finally had it with the Housewives and don’t watch any of them anymore. It’s time for these people to go and for this franchise to call it a day.

  17. Buttercream

    My first thought was Jerry Hall and Murdoch ..recently married .. ?? Yes? No?

  18. Lime Brain

    If you look at Erin Foster’s instagram, she has a picture of of her computer with a Ted’s Talk on the monitor titled How to spot a liar.

    • Alex Quimby

      I agree. I think it is also Erin Foster and that TED Talk is great. Yolanda exhibits many of the tells of a liar. We’ve all see the inappropriate gleeful little smile or smirk when she thinks she is getting away with the lie (at the BBQ at Erika’s, the lunch when she went after Kyle and LVP). I also think that Lisa R is a good lie spotter and that is why she said that she thinks that Yo is more manipulative than LVP.

  19. Jane

    Don’t forget how totally b o r I n g she is.

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