Are Y’all Still Watching Real Housewives of Potomac?

RHOP Gizelle and Karen


I just could not get into the Real Housewives of Potomac. I just can’t stand people sitting around discussing who is black and who isn’t. The black Bill Gates this, she’s multiracial that. This is how white people are this is how black people are. And then the constant discussion of etiquette. People with manners don’t discuss other people’s manners.

That said, I would be happy to put up a post for you guys to chat about the show. So, are you interested?  I realized today I kind of left you guys hanging.




Oh and someone sent me some tea on the show today. From a subscription site called Law 360

Law360, New York (July 30, 2015, 6:09 PM ET) — A District of Columbia appeals court on Thursday disbarred an attorney who had been found liable for a $2.7 million investment fraud perpetrated by a late client, just months after the court also affirmed a judgment for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over the scheme.

The court ordered that attorney Brynee K. Baylor be disbarred by consent after she had agreed to the punishment in an earlier affidavit, according to the short order. 

Apparently, this happened during filming. At the time Brynee was going to be a fulltime housewife and then she got cut. This is apparently the reason.

I confess I have no idea who this is. But, I assume that y’all do.


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84 responses to “Are Y’all Still Watching Real Housewives of Potomac?

  1. Whyowhy

    I’m watching, but not sure how i feel about it. I’m chalking it up to season one, they don’t know know wtf is supposed to happen.

    Brynee is a “friend of the housewives.” She’s friends with Charrisse.

    I’m looking forward to the reunion because Charrisse’s husband was fired from his job as coach of Rutgers last week and I want to know if it is mentioned. (if I broke a commenting rule, edit this part out, TT… and I’m sorry).

  2. Miguel

    I’m still watching; though, we don’t get it until Tuesdays at 11p.m. And yes, I agree it’s a shit heap; but, I thought I’d let it run it’s course, like rhodc!

  3. Deb in SF

    I tried; never could get into it. I’m done trying.

  4. Theresa

    I dvr it and put it on when I’m doing other things. I find it excessively annoying and tune it out. Have missed more than I have seen. Don’t feel like I missed a thing. Couldn’t tell you who is who on the show and find them all offensive.

  5. Margarett

    I’ve quit watching it. There was just one woman that I liked…Ashlee. The others seemed hateful and ungrateful to me.

  6. BKSweetheart

    I am still watching! I didn’t like it at first, but its grown on me.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Me too, I actually enjoyed the episode form two weeks ago WAY more than I enjoyed Atlanta that week. Karen has really grown on me though I did not like her at all at first.

    • Gabriella

      Likewise. Because I love the RH franchise I will probably stick with it, if only because I am fascinated by the wigs!

  7. I’m still watching! If for no other reason than to see glimpses of my hometown. The show is bad, but not THAT bad…it’s kind of fun at times.

    I haven’t watched tonight’s show yet (I have a cake in the oven, I’ll get to it when it comes out) and I would appreciate a place to come chat about it even if there’s no recap.

  8. Kika

    NEVER could get into it. But do enjoy reading about it here.

  9. Miele

    I LOVE this show!!!

  10. Spilledperfume

    I like the recaps.

  11. Xanadude

    It’s a “background show” for me – I have it on as I’m doing something else and look up if something catches my attention. I’d say it’s like white noise, but would be afraid its not Proper Potomac behavior and be misconstrued as racist.

    • Miguel

      Your on a roll, Xanadude – this the second time, in the last 10mins, that you’ve cracked me up!!!

    • Skeeter

      They would take offense to you saying “white” noise! Because, you know, they’re black. Did they mention they’re black on the show? Geez! 50 times a show, but I do watch it. I usually catch it on demand. I’d like to see some articles on them TT, but realize you are on Recap Overload.

  12. make_potomac_stop

    So boring. OMG. Etiquette,and that cranky old woman who polices it. Who cares. I’m not sure why Andy thought this would be interesting. Odd. I actually watched a couple Potomac episodes last night and pondered quitting all housewives shows when I was done watching — feels tired, boring, over……………

  13. JustJenn

    No. I watch RHOA then switch to Shameless.

  14. Ruthie

    I can’t get into it either. I don’t like the focus on race and find it racist in itself. I also think the race-centric talk is highly ill-mannered amongst a group who is always spouting off about good taste, manners and etiquette.

  15. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    I am hanging in there with it. I struggled getting into it. Figured they weren’t used to cameras & being filmed. I started to give up on it then recently I caught up on it (since I forgot to remove it off my DVR). I’m giving it this 1st season to see how it shakes out. I’m not loving it, but for me it’s gotten better lately.

  16. Erica

    I just couldn’t get into it. The black -not black enough – biracial thing was interesting to me like it would have been in sociology class or something, but the etiquette bullshit got TIIIIIRED.

    Oh… and the one old chick who thinks she rules the roost stating that the one gorgeous one (whose preacher ex cheated on her – has the 3 girls) needed to learn about living in the Potomac when I believe she GREW UP in the Potomac (in that circle of society) was barf worthy to me.

    • therealdeb

      On point about Karen, she is all about class and decorum and she announces she is married to the black Bill Gates. Isn’t it racist to us race to describe a black/african american person? Or is that only if you are white…. Karen is so tired. Love ashley, she cracks me up

      • Pretentious. Almost as much as Yolanda. Karen…is the reason I don’t watch the show. She thinks a lot of herself, and I don’t find her attractive at all. I don’t know none of their names, but the beautiful light skinned lady with the blonde hair ( I think she looks like Evelyn from BB Wives) is the most interesting of them all. Otherwise, I watched the show…maybe once, and turned it half way. They don’t have the HW vibe. Snobs, and act like their shit don’t stink.

  17. More Tea Please!

    I’m still watching it but will not be heartbroke if it goes away. The really annoying behavior has been toned down, but it’s still a group of pretty worthless, self-absorbed women. And bad acting all around.

  18. Bria

    Attempted the first two episodes and shut it down. But thanks for sticking up for the team

  19. Allison

    I’m TRYING. I dont know. Maybe it’s too close to Washington DC.

  20. SB

    Ok I may be in the minority but I love watching this train wreck show! I can’t wait for the second season when the skeletons really start coming out.

    • More Tea Please!

      Let’s speculate on the upcoming trainwrecks:
      – Charisse and her husband are getting a divorce (Oh wait, that’s already happening!)
      – Ugly divorce follows (Stay tuned)
      – Robyn and Juan Dixon are broke (Oh wait, that’s old news)
      – Katie and Pretty Boy split up, Pretty Boy runs off with Lawn Muchacho (Stay tuned)
      – Mr. Black Bill Gates kicks Mrs. BBG to the curb (I can always wish, can’t I?)
      – Ashlee and Crocodile Dundee are pregnant with twins…
      – Gizelle’s Scumbag Preacher Ex stops paying alimony and child-support (wait for foreclosure)

    • Iloveearlgrey

      Me too! I actually look forward to this show. I kinda like all of the women. They all entertain me in some way.

  21. Texas Lady

    I enjoy watching it.
    No different than the rest of these ridiculous reality shows. I really like Robyn.
    I am also trying to understand why no one is mentioning how Katie’s children look so much like her boyfriend, Andrew, and not her former husband. Yet, she claims her mother introduced her to Andrew while she was pregnant with her twins and they started dating then. Please!!!!

  22. Soul Sista

    TT, this show is more interesting than RHOA! The ladies & their “rules of etiquette” crack me up! Karen & Charrisse preach more about the rules than Countess Luann ever did on RHONY! Please keep your recaps & tea coming about RHOP! ?

  23. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    I’m even going to give Dallas HW’s a try. I really wish Melbourne was airing here right now. Wonder how long we have to wait for it.

  24. Antoine S

    I’m still watching and love this franchise already. These ladies have me cracking up all the time.

  25. Mlnc

    I was taught it is rude to point out other people’s lack of manners or their rudeness even when they are calling out some else’s rudeness. Too tiresome to watch! I got my own back yard to keep clean!

  26. KandK Mom

    It grew on me and now I’m invested!

  27. I am a first time commenter but have been a reader for a few years. I love this site and check in a couple times a week, ok four times a week, ok ok every day. I hope you and your little dog are fairing much better these days. I watch a lot of the shows that you discuss but some have fallen by the wayside . This show will be one of them, I gave it the o’l college try but it lost me with the’s a white’s a black thing. I have quit New Jersey , Orange County and Atlanta. Beverly Hills is hanging by a thread. I liked these shows much better without all the fussing and fighting, there is a difference in subtle shade and boxing gloves and sledge hammers. I loved the Child Genius show and appreciated your kindness concerning the children. Keep up the highly entertaining work and best wishes for a full recovery.

  28. BeetsWhy

    Not watching at all. Tried and failed, it should go along the lines of RHODC…one season. That’s saying a lot because I actually liked DC more than Potomac and way more than Miami.

  29. 25

    I’ve seen most of the episodes. I can’t believe some of these comments–people like Ashley?!

    I liked Giselle until tonight when she flat out said that Katie needs to stop hanging out with white people because “they don’t like you.” *cringe* Kim Fields would have taken her boys out of the room & away from Giselle.

  30. More Tea Please!

    Robyn Dixon revealed that they were victims of investment fraud by a friend of Juan’s, a Ponzi scheme. At the University of Maryland Dixon was best friends with Earl Badu, who commited suicide in 2012 after being charged with fraud by somebody else. The Dixons filed for bankruptcy a year later. I suspect they were also victims of Badu, but losing hus NBA slot after steroid allegations probably did not help. The Last Shot by Michael Graff whic tells the story of Earl Badu is available online.

    • I will admit i started watching as a big ten basketball fan, because i was flabbergasted that Rutgers was cool with the coaches wife being on housewives. there were a few scenes I saved for my husband even because she talks about the team. Anyhow, i just don’t see this gong past a session, coach just was fired abd he didn’t win any conference games (maybe one, MSU killed them with the bench players), so he if he is hired he’s taking a big cut. i just don’t see how this community of class and elegance would accept women who expose do much on tv

  31. susan

    Gave it a chance grew tired. I hope someone doesn’t become critically ill. Whoever thought it’d be entertaining to watch someone being constantly confronted about his or her illness?

  32. Kari

    RHOP is boring but more entertaining than this season of RHOA.

  33. Cheychey

    I like the show ok. I’m not sure it’s going to last. It’s a lot like RHODC. I get the conversations of last nights show about checking which box on forms. My mother is biracial and my children. You have to either say you are black or white or the exiting choice to call yourself ‘other’.I remember hearing my mom talk about the white girls thought she was to black and the black girls didn’t think she was black enough. Glad it’s a lot easier today for my children. But anyway I guess they were trying to touch on their experiences.

  34. Rose

    I still watch sometimes and enjoy the recaps. I think Brynne is Charrise’s friend and I like her, Ashley, Robin and Karen (until last night). These ladirs lost their minds last night when Ashley’s husband showed up at the beach house to surprise her. Karen, the etiquette queen,was cussing like a sailor and Gizelle grates my last nerve. It was his house and he’s the woman’s husband. I can understand if someone pulled a LuAnne or Ramona move like on RHONY and brought home a random guy. Ashley’s husband should have kicked them all out! I think Charrise’s husband just lost his job….thought I heard it on the news.

    • FrostyTheOG

      Through more I watched… I got into it. If that is Brynne, I really like her after last night’s Episode, she appears to be a cool chick. Apparently, she has other problems ?
      I did read the same that Charrise’s (Ex?)Husband was Fired also.

    • Wanda

      Although Karen and some of the other ladies were waaay too crazy about him showing up, I don’t think Ashley’s husband should have been there. My husband knows not to show up when I’m with my girlfriends, because it’s our time, not his. However Ashley clearly made the point that it is his house. Haha. It’s not hers and his. So he can do whatever he wants. The whole thing smacked of male chauvanism and male prerogative. He can do whatever he wants and his silly wife had better agree or lose the money he gives her. The most she will be able to hope for from that kind of relationship is alimony in 5 years. The sister needs to be doin’ it for herself!

      • tamaratattles

        “My husband knows not to show up when I am with my girlfriends.” REALLY? ” The whole thing smacked of male chauvanism and male prerogative. He can do whatever he wants and his silly wife had better agree or lose the money he gives her. The most she will be able to hope for from that kind of relationship is alimony in 5 years. The sister needs to be doin’ it for herself!” SERIOUSLY?

        Maybe this is why I don’t have a husband, but if I did, he could show up to the house he owns anytime he would like and I would be happy to see him. IT”S HIS FUCKING HOUSE! AND HIS WIFE! AND SHE WAS HAPPY TO SEE HIM!

        I think feminazis like you are a lot of the goddamn problem, Wanda.

      • Wanda

        No, TT, I’m not a feminazi. I’ve just been married long enough (30 years) to know when to own my piece of happiness. He and I can have time together, but there should always be the opportunity to have time apart.

      • JoJoFLL

        I’ve been married 17 years and my husband is welcome to show up any time he wants. My BFFs hubby participates in our girll’s weekends. After all, someone has to drive the boat, pick up our wine tabs, cook for us, and be a DD.

  35. FrostyTheOG

    Actually still watching too?… watched 2/3 Episodes and then gave up, but I never stopped the DVR setup. We had so many “Prempted” (is that right?) Sunday’s, that I gave in. It isn’t horrible and sometimes it is better than an RHOA!
    Do I think they will have a Reunion?
    Do I think they will have a Season 2?
    99% NO. #RecastCentral
    Are we tired of me asking and answering my own questions?
    Sadly. I have more.

    • BKSweetheart

      The shows already been renewed for season 2.

      • FrostyTheOG

        Oh no. Pearls clutched.

      • tamaratattles

        No it hasn’t. It probably will be, since they average around 1.5 million overall viewers. Their 18-49 viewership is a bit low. Many of the HW were either renting or evicted. It could go either way. But they definitely have not renewed it yet. Much too early for that.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Washington Post and one other DC paper report that RHOP is renewed with cast shakeups. Wonder who is spreading that rumor?

  36. Stephanie

    No I watched 2 episodes

  37. I’m behind like I am on most shows, but have enjoyed your recaps TT. I hope this show gets a 2nd season too – just cuz I think it will be that much more of a train wreck like SB commented. I am interested in the location more than anything else.

  38. Cheychey

    I think Ashley’s husband should have kicked them out also. He didn’t show up till the last night. They acted as if he was running around the house naked or something. After the way they acted about the beds they had to sleep in the first night they should have been kicked out.

  39. Bethany

    I watch on my DVR but as a biracial woman I am a little upset as to how these women are so stuck on color and how someone is suppose to act or not suppose to act or even host a group of girls. I am not even into there houses, the other housewives shows put their houses and clothes to shame. They do not even dress like they come from money. I actually like Ashley the best because she is herself and does not apologize for it. Her husband seems like fun ( even tough I am still trying to understand why she could not find someone closer to her age). I just do not see a second season unless they recast and get some fun women in their..maybe more Ashley’s and less Karen’s and Gizelle’s types. Karen and Gizelle come off as they are better than everyone else and people should worship the ground they walk on. Robyn is cool when she is not following behind Gizelle and shows she has a mind of her own. Charrisse is just a hot mess to me all around and needs to come off the show ( not a good look for her at all). Katie is still trying to find herself but is a great mom and enjoying her family life but I wish she wold come out her shell more. My vote, bring back Ashley, Katie, and Robyn, ( I think we would see a different side to Robyn if Gizelle is not around.

    I hope I did not over step TT, I am still new making comments and just tend to troll and love reading everyone else’s comments.

  40. I was watching and got super bored when the eldest one was learning to fly. I’m a few episodes behind, but these girls need to step up their game. They’re not really showing us their lavish lives and they don’t really have much drama either so it gets stale. If I can’t sleep tonight I’ll put this on.

    • Wanda

      I doubt that they have the glamorous lives that they pretend to have. Most of them seem to either have experienced some real personal troubles that they need to deal with (Robyn and Gizelle) or will have some in the future (Charrisse and Ashley) because of their needliness for being married. Charrisse was bragging about the ring she was wearing; bought by the same man she wants to divorce??

  41. Cat

    I don’t have a clue who any of these women are, since I can’t watch the show. With the other housewives, I at least have a frame of reference.

    I just came here to read comments, and give the site another click or two.

  42. ShyGuy

    Bravo if you give these girls a season 2, Gizelle, Karen and Ashley need to be full time because they make this show worth watching. Gizelle is definitely the mild Kenya and Bethenny of the Potomac.

    • Miguel

      I agree with your three POTENTIAL Season 2 HWs, ShyGuy. However, I don’t think it will come to that, if the season doesn’t pick up #rhodc.

  43. Wallace

    I tried but it was like nails on a chalkboard…

  44. Rach

    I couldn’t stand this show before but it’s growing on me. I really like Karen. She makes me laugh. She’s terribly annoying but has some great one liners

  45. GirlMe

    I really like Giselle. She’s pretty and witty. Katie is just pretty and dull.

    It was so funny when Gisellle went around the room listing each person’s mate and when she got to herself she said “and my people ” It was just so perfect because Katie attempted to call her a slut but Giselle turned it around and owned it.

    I really like how Ashley set her life up right with that old rich guy. Wish i wouldve did the same.

    • Margarett

      I liked Giselle until I saw her being so hateful and ungracious to Ashlee about her “accommodations” at the beach.

      I’ve been binge TTing and Bravoing cause baseball season is coming up!

      • Dee

        Oh thanks! Bravo is about to show this scene. I was about to turn it off when I saw your comment.

      • Dee

        Margatett, I liked Giselle before this scene as well. What a biotch. They are at the beach! They aren’t there to sleep. How spoiled are they?!

      • Dee

        Sorry Margarett, I can’t even blame auto correct on the misspelling :)

      • Margarett

        No worries, Dee. Weren’t those heifers awful? As if they’d never shared a room or slept on a twin bed!

        The house was very nice and Ashlee hired a chef. True the chef was a disappointment, still I think she tried her best. It’s the beach. Get over yourselves “ladies”.

  46. Gracious

    After catching a couple episodes, I just can’t stomach it.

  47. Frosty

    The self-hatred beneath the color-obsessed discussions/fights they have on this show, make me sick. That’s why I don’t watch.

  48. Espi

    Don’t watch… Snooze fest for all the reasons you stated. What a bore

  49. Bridgett

    Not watching, gave it a chance and decided no more.

    • I love the show, especially Gizele no Karen. Maybe Charrise’s husband will become a part of the show since he was fired and it won’t be a divorce!

      Stay tuned!???

  50. Jane

    I tried, but it did nothing for me. I also found it vaguely racist.

  51. Dee

    I’m binge watching Bravo. I thought Karen haughty, pretentious. Then I saw her with her daughter. She should be that way all the time. Much better. I’m a little tired of the black talk. Can’t they just be people?

  52. Bunniecarrot

    I choked when Karen’s assistant suggested praise dancers for karen’s deceased mother in law charity gala I CHOKED ON MY PRINGLES!!
    Katie is delusional, her “Jewish white boy” as she calls him is going to kick her to the curb like Russell simmons did. However this home isn’t big enough to throw her into a spare room.

  53. Bridgette

    Why does Robyn & Gizelle think they don’t have white ancestors. You don’t get white skin and green eyes from black ancestors.

    All it takes is $99 for a DNA test. It will show the higher percent of white than black in these ladies! They may accept black as their race, but there are many white ancestors they should not deny.

    Remember, without those ancestors, they would be none!

    • Im in agreement. Im 100 % native american but if i Ashanti wld be fine w it. Robyn w all her white comments seems to me trying to hard to convince the viewers. When she was called biracial she said she wasn’t and went on to comment that according to the 1 drop rule that her parents live by then it makes her 100% black. if you have to go by rules of the law then chances are you’re more than just one race why be ashamed of it. but like you said she didn’t get those her blue green eyes and light skin from a 100% black parents. And that other girl gizelle telling katie who is biracial she needs to pick a side. Who ask someone to deny a parent?

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