Erika Jayne Still Comes Out Strong After Reunion

RHOBH Reunion

Updated behind the cut.

Look I have no idea what is going on with this reunion. Is it sponsored?  Can they really not use their social media? I dunno. I haven’t looked but Erika Jayne is supporting her friend and she probably only knows that Yo is very sick. I mean who comes to a show with Yolanda as her “friend” to introduce her and thinks that person is mentally ill?

Here was the caption

theprettymess Perfect ending to a long day. ? #friends #RHOBH

Does that mean they wore torn jeans in some sort of unified front?

Edited: They filmed in a studio.  It APPEARS that Yolanda and Erika Jayne changed into jeans and tennies and went out after?  Those are the same jeans that Yolanda had on BEFORE the reunion though when she was getting her hair done. In a salon. Which she posted on Instagram. Not at her house using a box of that special organic peroxide from Whole Foods.


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57 responses to “Erika Jayne Still Comes Out Strong After Reunion

  1. I knew those white pants weren’t obsolete! (And clearly neither is blonde hair bleach)

  2. Mark

    I thought they were also bad to The Gayz? Why would Andy, Pinky and Erika be there?

  3. More Tea Please!

    The cutesy matching ripped knees pants. So middle school!

  4. Sweet T

    i think those are their before or after the reunion photos. The shade of having the reunion at the hotel. I wonder how Kyle felt.

  5. After reunion party? I guess Kim wasn’t invited.

  6. JustJenn

    I guess I was right when saying that they must be psychic. Yolanda was heatlhy enough for an all day, grueling reunion and still felt well enough for an after party/event? Wow!

  7. Yolanda looks fab – love her hair.
    (That’s my new positive – say something nice or nothing at all comment, lol)

  8. Josie

    Kyle posted a photo of her, LVP and Kathryn having dinner at Pump right after the reunion. They are all dressed up.

    You called it TT. This photo is FAKE. Of course it wasnt taken after the reunion. Erika just being a copycat. Yolanda probably went home to put on her bathrobe.

  9. Cat

    The pants ripped at the knees are very “Flashdancy”.

    But then: “She’s a maniac, MANIAC….”

  10. JoJoFLL

    Kim has been BANNED from The Beverly Hills Hotel.

  11. Zazu

    Is it me, or is anyone else questioning Erika’s husband’s treatment of her? He’s been on camera for maybe a total of ten minutes and has told her very sharply, “I’m talking” at least twice. It made me jump back when I was watching it. He scares me.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Not only to her but to LVP and Kathryn. He’s a rude old coot.

      • Lime Brain

        Well, Kathryn did start it. Lol! And Lisa R started with the f bomb as soon as she walked into the house. But to be fair to both of them, Erica says the cunty word all the time, and that it’s only a word, no big deal. Kathryn didn’t get the memo that those rules don’t apply in Erica’s own house.

        As to Erica not saying anything to Tom when he told her to shut up, I wouldn’t have said anything to him at the time either. There’s no way I would start a fight with my husband at the dinner table in front of those women and with the cameras rolling. I wouldn’t give them anything extra to wag their tongues about.

        I felt Tom was getting upset because he’s watching his wife being attacked by these women with the spider web talk, etc just like Ken gets upset if he thinks Lisa V is getting attacked. Nobody gave Erica the memo that all dinner parties are the party from hell.

        I did laugh when Tom said that he had Lisa V figured out, and Kathryn figured out, but he can’t figure out Lisa R.

        And weren’t Kathryn and Lisa R. technically thrown out of the house because Tom shut the door on them and went to bed before their car even arrived. I wonder how long they stood out there waiting for it.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Uh, viewers have commented on this ad nauseum, so, no, you are not alone. I give the old man a pass for a few reasons: I like watching everyone’s reaction when he does it, especially Erika’s. He’s a major attorney, so he is not used to being interrupted, and lastly, he’s 76 YEARS OLD. He’s grumpy.

      I hope to be the same way when I am his age. Shut up, whippersnapper! I am talking here..and bestowing my eons of experience on you, so listen up before I drop dead.

      • swizzle

        Exactly. He’s a rich and high-powered attorney who I’m sure is used to being the center of the room. He is what he is, and Erika seems to like him. Me, I could probably stomach through sex with the old guy more easily than being scolded by him.

      • microop

        Its a small price to pay. He’ll die and she can then boss around her boytoys in her mansion.

    • Sweet T

      It’s rude to interrupt people when they are talking. I dont think it is rude to point it out to them and make them stop. You obviously are not interested in listening when you interrupt which is why it is so rude. I support him in politely and sternly saying I’m still talking. It works and is less confrontational than telling someone to fuck off. That would be rude.

    • addie2u

      The way he treats her (& her putting up with it) – it appears she has a daddy fetish. Erica’s like a teenager living a life completely outside her marriage (even the language she uses isn’t “allowed” at home). Then when she goes home she’s expected to follow the “rules”.

  12. PaganChick

    I’ve been really on the fence about whether or not I like Ericka. I think I figured out why I keep going back and forth on her. She is completely humorless. For someone who has this daring ultra sexy alter ego, she is extremely uptight and takes herself way too seriously. Her husband got the joke Lisa made about Perry Mason, but she immediately jumps into “Of course he went to law school.”

    I think that was the moment I fell firmly on the side of dislike. I feel like I was duped by a bait and switch and that bugs. I was looking for her to be the fun out going easy going housewife, not the cowardly humorless, rarely says anything in the moment, save it for the talking heads, housewife.

    • I too tend toward dislike of Ericka. She is entertaining, though, so I hope she comes back and redeems herself next season. She does lack humor and I doubt she will ever understand her hypocrisy about running to Yolanda about what she’s heard, and then being so outraged when Kathryn does the same thing. Not condoning Kathryn, just saying the pot is calling the kettle black. As far as her husband, to each his own, but I am glad he is not my husband.

      • Psylocke

        I totes disagree with trying to find similarities between those two situations.

        Looking at the show from the point of the storyline, Erika was solely friends with Yolanda at that point. She really didn’t have any loyalties to the other women as she had just met them, and she was probably genuinely upset to hear them talking about Yo. It was more of “hey girl these randoms were talking shit about you here’s what they said”

        What truly underlined the conversation between Kathryn and Erika was that bulk of their sit down was how they were going to be friends, Kathryn straight up offering to be her bff, and Erika relaying her trust issues with other women.

        If those talking points had never happened, then Kathryn running to LVP wouldn’t have been such a big deal – but they did happen, and that’s what makes Kathryn look like such an asshole.

      • Minky

        Something tells me that neither Kathryn nor Erica were being genuine in that moment. Who promises to be anybody’s bff at their age? So weird.

      • Yeah, genuine is not a word I would use for either Kathryn or Erika.

      • jen

        Minky Women that have nothing to do all day but spend money.

      • Sliceo'pie

        That’s a really good point about the running to Yolanda than being annoyed when Kathryn did the same thing-I had forgotten that.
        I dunno-I understand the show is scripted so it’s difficult to tell what is real..When someone speaks to me, I can instinctively tell what parts of the conversation are private and not to be shared although in general I usually err on the side of caution.
        Are these women that unsophisticated and clueless? Or are they in search of an ally and a storyline?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’ve been flipping back and forth on liking her too. After last epi, I like her again. She seems genuinely dismayed that her relationship with LVP may have been damaged. Or maybe it’s not so genuine…

      • Erika’s tagline “I’m an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and cash” is very apt. I find that she is all those things. I can’t quite get a handle on her…but I think I like her? She’s definitely different and I find her interesting, so for me, she’s a welcome addition to the cast of characters, and I do mean characters :)

      • PaganChick

        I think that may be another thing that bugged me. I suspect that the face Ericka had been showing LisaV was completely different than what she was saying about her to others, and that her sniper comment was really just the first time we as an audience had actually seen it. I think Lisa thought they were on their way to becoming friends and was even still open to it after Kathryn tattled on her. But, it is Ericka’s humorlessness and defensiveness that is what is actually blocking that from happening. If she had come in without any preconceived notions of LVP, I think they really would have been friends. And, I have to say I blame Yolanda for any preconceived notions that Ericka had about LVP.

    • Perturbed

      You hit the nail on the head, PC! Erika is completely HUMORLESS! She takes everything way too seriously and cannot think on her feet. She also allowed Yolanda to influence her opinion about LVP & the others before even meeting them, because she’s one of the few ‘powerful and intelligent women’ Erika claims to call a friend. Well if being an uneducated gold digger like Yolanda constitutes empowerment to Erika, it shows what a shallow, vapid, insecure woman she really is!

  13. Sequoia

    I see the the hollow boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel has come to a very quiet end. Oh well, I hear it’s a very nice place to see and be seen, so…

  14. Im wondering if Yolanda and Erika are as close as its portraid on the show or if it was an “arranged marriage” by the producers. I think its the latter and the other woman might have caught on hence Erika sensitivity with the “how long have you known Yolanda for?” questions.

  15. T D

    Why are those jeans only worn out at the knees?

  16. I ❤️ Erika, mostly because she doesn’t bow down to LVP.

    • MrPrez

      Where have you been? Nobody bows down hence the reason they’re always trying to take her down every season. When will the peasants learn to never come for the Queen?

  17. Josie

    Yolanda’s spoons must be accumulating. Reunions are 10 to 12 hour days and she still had enough spoons to go out afterwards. Like the new haircut.

  18. claire

    I guess the BHH has a permanent step-and-repeat for those impromptu photo ops. ?

  19. PattyMac

    Not sure what the significance ripped jeans worn by both Yo and EJ was in the blogs, just know that everything/anything that comes out of either of their blowholes is total BS!!

  20. Sachmo

    I think Yo’s white jeans of doom finally tore. If it’s not the white bath robe its those darn white jeans

  21. Miguel

    Sorry, everyone – this is a test: been having problems commenting & serious FOMO/ withdrawal from TT et al. So, just writing something that’s longer than two lines. Also, huge thanks to Tamara, not only for the unending & excellent tea; but for your amazing administration of your site. Much blessings & love!!!

    • Cat

      I’ve had trouble posting, too, since she moved the site. Often, I get an error when my comment is submitted. But now, I’m used to it, and either refresh the page, or open a new window to see if my comment actually posted.

      I’ve noticed, too, the more I do this, the fewer errors I get. Maybe the system just needs to get used to seeing our posts?

      • Cat

        Hahaaaa…got another error. Oh well. :)

      • I find I have less trouble posting if I turn off all the videos on the site first.

      • tamaratattles

        Lisamia, are the videos self starting for you? Also do you see videos in the posts and videos that slide in from the right side? And finally what browser are you using and what sort of device?

        I’m not sure your answers will allow me to be helpful, I’ve tried explaining to the ad folks that the videos don’t play right on IE, but their response was they tested everything and things are working just peachy. I believe it is the ads and not the new server that is the issue.

        I’m about to try one of those “answer this question to see the site” sort of ads. We’ll see how that goes….

      • “Lisamia, are the videos self starting for you? Also do you see videos in the posts and videos that slide in from the right side? And finally what browser are you using and what sort of device?”

        Thanks, TT.
        The videos self start if I am just turning my computer on. If I’ve already stopped them, they won’t turn on if I close and open the site. Yes, I’ve seen videos slide in from the right side. I use Chrome and I am on a Macbook Air.

      • Same here. What I do is refresh the page, then hit the back button, and nine times out of ten, my comment is there. Every now and then, my comment gets lost completely and is in cyberland…just hanging out there somewhere….

      • Cat

        I have the same problem, and have Google Chrome.

        But I think my issues with video are from the tablet, not the site. I have too many factory installed apps, and they screw things up. I have to do a factory reset just to update apps.

        This was a FREE tablet….You really DO get what you pay for.

  22. Rose

    Wait what? Yo filmed all day then was well enough to go out afterwards?

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