Andy Unhappy About How Long RHOBH Reunion Went On

RHOBH Andy at reunion


I’ve had a lot going on today and have not been able to check in on RHOBH reunion.  But Andy posted about how long it was going,

bravoandy Still. Going. #RHOBH #GodHelpMe #FixItJesus

I bet he was hoping to meet up with Jax  much earlier. #Allegedly

I’ll sort it all out for you tomorrow. And by tomorrow I mean.. later today.

And goddamit! Why is that misogynistic shit stirrer so damn HOT!  Why can’t we quit him. We need a 12 step program. Step:1  Admit that you are powerless over Andy Cohen…

le sigh…



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32 responses to “Andy Unhappy About How Long RHOBH Reunion Went On

  1. I know TT, I know! *groaning* I don’t know WHY I can’t quit Andy. I want to, but I just can’t. It’s got to be the eye, that wonky eye that keeps me spellbound….

  2. Margarett

    That really is a good photo of the little scamp!

  3. Erica

    I fucking signed up for SiriusXM after my free trial period JUST BECAUSE THEY ANNOUNCED RADIO ANDY.

    I do love him… and his parents…who would hate Evelyn and Lou other than some sick bastard???… and so many other shows.

    To be fair about his “it is still going” complaint – Andy lives on the East coast… so a reunion going on until 7:30 is like 10:30 to AC!!!!

  4. Mark

    I am moving to New York to try and date Andy Cohen. At first I thought I was too old, but if Jax can (allegedly) get him then this 28 year old can. Now I just have to learn how to be famewhorey, take steroids and cocaine (allegedly), and breathe through my nose. I have the blowjobs down already. IMMA COMIN’ ANDY.


  5. Sunshine

    I have always liked Andy and I have never blamed him for the behavior of some of the housewives. Used to hate his interviewing skills but now he has gotten much better.

    • Erica

      Sunshine, he does this radio interview show on Radio Andy that I love. Its called “Deep and Shallow with Andy Cohen”. He’s had a good variety of people on – usually if he has someone like Whoopi on WWHL, he also interviews them for this. He’s gotten some conversation topics with people that I’ve never heard – and people are pretty open with him. Very enjoyable. (Ana Gastyer’s might have been one of my favorites – she talked about how her childhood friend was Amy Carter, when Amy lived at the White House. Ana spent the night over there, and was Amy’s buddy at the CAMP DAVID PEACE ACCORDS.)

      • Agree, Erica! I hang my head and admit I’ve been hooked on all RHs since RHOOC first aired, when Jo was with Slade (and I prayed she would break free). Andy was cute, addressing his wonky eye in a direct (haha) manner. His superficiality can get exhausting at times, though.

        Radio Andy is great, esp Sandyland. I re-upped for a 6 month bargain but may let it go after that.

        Oh, sorry for the ramble, wanted to say I LOVED the Anna Gasteyer interview too. Wouldn’t have been nearly as great on WHHL.

        And although he’s silly and sometimes vapid, he’s certainly bright and well educated.

        Glad I read you here!

      • Erica

        Oh, yes, I enjoy Sandyland too! Bevy Smith fascinates me – I get the feeling that the show is struggling a little… they moved the time. I’m not even sure when it airs live.

        Have you listened to My Favorite Song with John Benjamin Hickey? Really interesting way to interview people. (Also, you sometimes learn tidbits about the circle AC runs in.)

  6. JustJenn

    Andy looks exactly like my indentical, except the hair.

  7. Cat

    I could live without him. And do.

    • Tokrsa

      I have tried to like Andy but the longer Watch What Happens Live continues I get the feeling he is acting out all of his pubescent dreams he has ever had in his parents basement when he was13. Every show is just so tacky and cringeworthy. I never saw myself as a prude and pretty good at rolling with most stuff but he is really tacky. The only thing he is missing is whacking off while he interviews his guests. His guests seem like his own live and breathing dirty magazine and porn flicks. I don’t care he’s gay, that’s his choice and good for him. He has some really great guests but he is just so smary with them. I don’t particularly want to only talk about sex all the time and it appears that is all he thinks about 24/7. Love his parents though.

  8. CanadaCat

    Andy’s like a weird roadside attraction. I just have to stop and look, and keep coming back to look. I even read one of his books. He’s deliciously shallow and vapid, but totally owns it. He’s worked his ass off to get where he is, too, so I do respect that. No one plays the game like Andy, which is why he’s the cherry on the top of the Bravo cake! ?

  9. Josie

    Andy is very hot before he opens his mouth.

  10. T D

    Andy was horngry ‘ cause the knees of his pantalones remained virgo intacto.

  11. T D

    Yolanda is smitten and Andy was smote.

  12. Xanadude

    Fix it, Jesus?

  13. Miguel

    Boo hoo, poor Andy, having to stay late to deal with the crap heap he & Bravo created!

  14. Mousie

    It just it me why Erika may have another reason for resenting LVP other than whatever’s on Yolanda’s agenda – the LGBT community. It is clear loves Lisa V, has great relationship with LGBT , Pump was billed as a gay bar, etc. and Erika surrounds herself with gay guys. Maybe they can be friends yet. Seems like a lot of jealousy etc. though from Erika at least.

    • tamaratattles

      I am merely speculating based on things I know about how production works. But Erika being brought on as “Yolanda’s friend” was typical casting. I’m sure she was told that she should advocate for “her friend” with production, who clearly has figured out the situation with Yolanda to at least some degree, at the same time tried to get LVP and Kyle to bring up the Munchausen possibility. This is how the tension is manipulated. Overall, the realities within that are real, but seeds are planted on both sides. I don’t know why Andy Cohen was so resistant to Lisa Rinna (who is actual RL friends with Kyle, though that my have deteriorated a bit this season) Rinna will run with whatever storyline they bring up. She is production’s dream. If they say look into this Munchausen thing, she is going to do it and run with it (because it makes a lot of sense out of the nonsense that is Yolanda). LVP and Kyle know the dangers of saying a sick person may be sick in other ways… You can screw yourself by going on TV and claiming your reality costar is mentally ill. It’s not a good look.

      Kyle at least appeared to be pissed with Rinna when she saw the beach scene with Eileen. And clearly Rinna has pissed off LVP for pointing out she is a manipulator. Those are real emotions.

      The producer driven storys are merely gentle nudges in the right direction to incite actual feuds.

      I’ve said a million times that Erika has no need to be jealous of LVP. She’s younger, prettier, richer and has a better husband (at least for her she’d never want a Ken type).

      • Agreed that thinking Erika being jealous of Lisa V is pretty ridiculous. Erika is younger, richer, and gets to pats her pussy to roaring applause instead of working her ass off running a bunch of restaurants. Plus, though her husband is older than Ken, Tom is sharp as a tack and in good health. Ken did not look well, this season. I believe that Erika is acting as Yolanda’s surrogate–either because production pushed her in that direction or because she is a genuine friend to Yolanda (not sure which–probably both). I hope next season, things change and we can see a friendship grow between Erika and Lisa V. That would be a lot of fun. Though, maybe it won’t work since they both appear to be alpha women. I do find Erika entertaining, so I hope she returns for another season and finds a sense of humor.

      • CanadaCat

        Lisa R made sense on the beach. In fact, she seems to make sense in how she calls it, most of the time. She’s right on in her assessments. Bitches can’t handle the truth.

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