What Do You Think About Lisa Vanderpump, Tramona?


Updated with, you know.  The actual video. The link was in here just must have been too close to the text. I hit post and went to bed. This post with one weird sentence got a ton of views though. Maybe I should have left it blank! :)

So WWHL put this up which was clearly filmed before the sit down. What do you make of this calm, rational Kim? I’m confused.


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51 responses to “What Do You Think About Lisa Vanderpump, Tramona?

  1. BeetsWhy

    am I missing something?

    • Micheal

      It’s a magic eye. Stare at it close enough and the image reveals itself.

      • Dee

        I’ve always been awful with “magic eye”. Maybe a test? I’m sure Tamara will put the clip up soon. I have the faith!! I do believe! :)

  2. Ruby

    I CAN SEE IT!! ?

  3. Cat

    Is there supposed to be a video here?

  4. More Tea Please!

    Nothing to look at here?

  5. CanadaCat

    Is this like one of those pattern pictures that you stare at in order for the image to pop out?

  6. amisteree

    Am i being catfished?

  7. JustJenn

    I Youtubed it and she looks drunk to me..poor Tramona was trying desperately to swim away.

  8. Sequoia

    The way Bravo is exploiting this woman is shameful. #youtube

    • Just Saying

      Bravo exploits everyone but no one holds a gun to thier heads and forces them to participate. Truthfully I’m not a Kim fan but this was pretty funny

      • Exactly, Just Saying. If anyone (anything?) was exploited it was that poor turtle. It had absolutely no say in the situation. Kim exploits herself, as they all do.

      • Agreed, Gingersnap. That poor turtle was not happy.

      • Sequoia

        Sorry, I would have thought any moron could see that Kim is not a well woman and to take advantage of her with this kind of crap, is wrong. I didn’t take into account stupid morons like some of our fellows here at TT. My bad .

      • No need to get pissy sequoia. I like you a whole lot, and respect your viewpoint, even if I don’t necessarily agree. It’s all good.

      • Cat

        Sigh. I guess I’m a moron, then. I thought she looked really good. Nice makeup.

  9. JoJoFLL

    This was really weird.

    Kim is not well.

  10. Guccinara

    Well there goes 4 minutes of my life il never get back. She is total fruit loops. Desperate for that bravolebritness doing a skit with a tortoise – like really? The filter did her a favour tho she looked good those lines just melted.

  11. tbk

    I think she’ll be an rhobh cast member next season. (sigh)

  12. CanadaCat

    What the f*ckity f*ck was that? Whatever it was, it was way too long. Poor Kim. And poor, sweet turtle!

  13. claire

    Stopped watching at the :30 mark. Train. Wreck.

  14. ZenJen55

    Kim has that look glassy look Prozac and Zanexs gives you. So technically I’m going to go with sober since she’s under Drs but NOT cause you know addiction….

    It’s a way to medicate and say your sober when you’re stalling your recovery. Sober means sober. I understand anxiety and depression and medication helps but you also have to WORK on yourself. Accept it, change your diet, exercise lifestyle changes. Kim don’t WORK on it in a meaningful way.

    • Jim

      A person is not in recovery if they are taking Xanax, doctor prescribed or not. Certainly Kim would have learned that in rehab on the first day. And it doesn’t appear that Kim is on Xanax anyways. That chills you out with a small dose. And makes you extremely slow when you take more. Kim appears to be on a speed-type drug like Adderall.

      • Alyssa

        Recovery is a personal process. Don’t judge others recovery process as you know nothing about it. AA is NOT the end all be all of recovery

    • Sliceo'pie

      Frankly I find your comment kinda confusing but my take from being in AA is –Plenty of people in AA take medication and are grateful it’s available. Many are considered, “dual diagnosis’ , as they suffer from both an Addiction as well as a Mental Illness. Yes, one can be clean and sober and still take prescribed psychiatric medication.
      I can only guess what’s going on with Kim and in doing so I”m clearly taking her inventory, knowing mine needs a shit ton of work – I think she’s not working the on the Twelve Steps of AA-in particular Step one-admitting powerlessness over Alcohol. I wish her the best-this disease is a beast-ultimately I learned, It’s much HARDER to drink than to stay sober..

  15. After zooming in on Tramona, I couldn’t help but think how much the turtle resembles Kim’s mugshot. The one where she is wearing the fedora. Oh Kim, Bravo is just not doing you any favors.

  16. Wtf did I just watch? The turtle was getting quite agitated toward the end. It’s a living thing, not a tchotchke. It just went on and on and the clips were louder than Kim.

  17. Well I thought Kim looked really pretty – and she sounds like me talking to my baby lab

    I might be missing something but I wasn’t feeling the usual train wreck on this one

    (Runs away quickly)

  18. Barbara

    Oy vey. That is some crazy critter abuse. Hearing about her in the news again in 3….2….1

  19. VioletBlue

    Maybe it’s “high anxiety.” I know when I was dealing with a lot, my anxiety was thru the roof and it especially showed up at work when I was feeling pressure. It was bordering on manic / meth-headish and it was all stress related. She seems to get crazy nervous when she has to be “on.”

  20. peachteachr

    It makes about as much sense with the video as without to me. Dang, it seems like Bravo Andy really exploited a very fragile woman.

  21. Betty

    I think I like aggressive high as a kite Kim better. Kim trying to act all Baby Jane Hudson cutesy pie is so irritating.

  22. More Tea Please!

    Weird, just weird!

  23. Rubbishhousewife

    That poor, bewildered, dumb creature. She shouldn’t be allowed to play with animals.

  24. zoemonster2


  25. You know, I love turtles too.

    • tamaratattles

      Which makes this a perfect time to insert my turtle story. My favorite brother, like all of my sibings is quite a bit older than me. I rarely lived with any of them. My favorite brother, the closet to me in age was in Swiss boarding school when we lived in Libya because the American school only went through grade 9. I was in first grade when he decided to bring home a pet turtle. It lived in our yard which was walled in. He may have thought it was HIS turtle but he went off to school and I lived with Myrtle. Myrtle was MY TURTLE. But I was six or seven and didn’t always go look for her in the yard. I do remember her laying eggs once. Eventually, I was unable to find Myrtle. My parents told me she must have “run away” as turtles are know to do.

      Flash forward ten or so years later. It’s Thanksgiving and my family seems to see that as a time to make fun of me. So this one year, they were all laughing about how Myrtle ran away. I mean what it funnier at the Thanksgiving table than mocking the baby sister. It’s a national pastime in my family. As I am trying to eat my dinner I am regaled by the totally hilarious notion that my father ran over Myrtle with the lawnmower. SO HYSTERICAL!

      I should not that the lawnmower was one of those push mowers with the blades. And turtles have shells. I never really knew what to make of that. My family was laughing so much I didn’t ask questions.

      • Cat

        Sounds like my family.

        “Hahaha…..remember the time when you were 5, and your sister tried to drown you?”

        Yes. Yes, I do.

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