Happy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Day !

Happy RHOBH Reunion Day!


The women of Beverly Hills have been brawling for several hours now and still very few photos to speak of  have emerged.  Last I checked we had Andy and a seating chart.  I’ll check again later. I got sidetrack trying to get code on another video I want to show you. But you know what? It’s gorgeous outside and this day is fading fast, so I am going to talk with you about possible “teams” and such and update photos after me and the boy go for a walk and I run some errands.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest battles. Most of them center around Yolanda’s Munchausen Syndrome so we may as well start there.

Yolanda Foster v Lisa Vanderpump

Face it these two won’t do many direct attacks on each other so they will rely on their friends to do the dirty work. Kyle will represent Lisa Vanderpump , and in this round, Lisa Rinna will also be on the Vanderpump squad.  Erika will take the lead for Yolanda’s side with a lukewarm “can’t we all be friends” back up from Eileen.  Kathryn is a non factor but will likely try to suck up to Vanderpump because she’s unwelcome on Erika’s side for any reason.

Clearly, this the main event. It will have many rounds through the day. And Pinky and Yolanda will both walk away unscathed.

RHOBH Seating


The  Possible Undercards…

Erika Jayne v Kathryn Edwards

This should be a bloodbath. No one is going to stick up for Kathryn except for possibly Lisa Vanderpump. Erika might go after Pinky and Kathryn together. Kyle won’t say much because she wasn’t there for the dinner party. Rinna will support Erika Jayne. God I hope the husbands are there for this.

Kyle Richards v Lisa Rinna

This is a fresh fight. Kyle was pissed about Lisa Rinna’s suggestion to Eileen on the beach this week that LVP and Kyle told her to bring up the Munchausen.  Expect Pinky to get into it with Rinna a great deal as well.

Tom Girardi v Ken Todd

I would love to see this, but I serious doubt it will happen. I doubt the men would be at all if it were not for Donnie, who Andy thinks is super hot.  I’m hoping for this though.

Eileen Davidson v Lisa Vanderpump

I’m not sure if Eileen will even bother unless Andy starts it up. Which he might. But really, we’ve seen this fight six times and Lisa just pretends like she has no idea what Eileen’s problem is.  I hope we skip this.

Lisa Vanderpump v Lisa Rinna

At some point Pinky will have to preach to her followers that she doesn’t have a manipulative bone in her body. This will likely happen as ahead to head with Rinna.  In general, Rinna has few real allies this season. I don’t expect Eileen to back her up her.  But she may get some assistance from Erika.

What other major fights and I forgetting about? I think it will mostly be the Yolanda show. If she comes armed with her Quackadoodle Medical tests, it’s going to be a looooong reunion. Hopefully she will need to leave early to return to her death bed.


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76 responses to “Happy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Day !

  1. Kevin

    For some reason that seating chart just doesn’t look right to me. I can’t put my finger on it but it doesn’t read for some reason. I’ll need to think about that one. I think you’re spot on about everything else.

    • tamaratattles

      You’re an idiot.

      • tamaratattles

        He must be new. Who doesn’t recognize production material and wants to say I make shit up???

      • Bill

        I read your blog everyday I just thought it was funny

      • Kevin

        WHOA TT!!! I was not trying to claim you made up the seating chart, clearly it’s production material. I was just trying to say that I think the seating arrangement looks off me, that’s all. It was not a slight against you. I am not new here by the way, but I don’t have to come back if that’s really how you treat people. My apologies for offending you.

    • fatboystruggle

      while i agree the seating is…strange, it’s clearly the official chart. i expected Yolanda to have the seat right next to Andy (switching her & Erika with Rinna) but after reading this, it makes more sense. i guess i just didn’t expect Yolanda to be on the same couch as Lisa & Kyle. Kyle will definitely be uncomfortable and it’ll show on her face. i think Yolanda will try to stay as quiet as she possibly can. she knows that the people are on to her. “Hopefully she will need to leave early to return to her death bed.” <–only if we're lucky. what are the chances of Andy doing a one on one with David Foster? LMAOOOO!!!

      Please no LVP vs Eileen. PLEASE. i'm bored just thinking about it. anyone else think Kathryn is done?

      • Cat

        I think the order is fine. The only other thing they could do to have it “make sense” is to put Yolanda on a couch of her own, and everyone else on the other side.

        But that would look really weird.

      • Lime Brain

        Lol, Cat! I think Yolanda needs her own chaise lounge with an iv drip.

      • amisteree

        I’m imagining Daisy rolling Yolanda in on a hospital bed, with the IV.

      • Kay

        I think I’m in the small minority of those that like Kathryn. I can’t put my finger on it but my name is Katherine and I, too love me some big athlete black men. She’s just my older doppelgänger. I tried to like Erika, I really wanted to.

  2. JoJoFLL

    Yolanda will come out of this the biggest loser. She’s crazier than a bag of cats.

    • Minky

      Nobody’s gonna ask Yolanda any serious questions. Nor will anyone point out all of the many, many inconsistencies in her story. She’ll never have to provide any answers to anyone on the show. Her illness prevents that from happening.

      • I agree Minky. That clever Yo has effectively tied everybody’s hands with her Lyme brain. It wouldn’t be kosher to go after a sick person (whether real or imagined). It will be interesting to see what percentage of brain function she’ll have to work with that day.

      • Lime Brain

        Also, she will say she can’t talk about things for legal reasons because of her divorce.

      • Lynn

        I think she will use her ‘health’ as a club and do her best to beat the living shit out of everyone that has dared to ask or doubt.

      • She is going to get Larry King sized soft balls from ball-less Andy, and everybody else is afraid to come right out and say she has Münchhausen disease. She can’t avoid the hair and makeup chair at the reunion, so expect her to look normal. I think she will make up for it with frumpy clothes.
        Not tight top because she doesn’t want us to see her small implants. I am sure she will have an apple juice I.V. standing by back stage in case her African ass worms get out of line.

      • The only one who could do it with footage is Andy and he won’t. I would love a montage of all her inconsistencies. And by the way what does a swollen HEAD look like? I am just so tired of Yolanda’s story line. I too fast forward through her scenes. Erika and Lisa as firneds could have been a lot of fun to see. But oh well,

  3. therealdeb

    There is a par of me that wishes that the reunions were like a final tribal council on Survivor with the jury asking the questions, that would be epic! I so would love to see Tom and Ken go rounds, tom would wipe the floor with him. Kathryn really bothers me, she came on thinking she was going to throw Faye Resnick to the wolves and destroy her and that never happened so she felt the need to go after Erika. Kathryn is trying to assert herself in the wrong way, and her NEED to have this bond with Erika is creepy. Who behaves that way and expects to be forgiven?

  4. LaLa

    I think Yolanda vs Lisa Rinna, which isn’t listed, is going to be the MAIN show.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree, La La, that to me is the main event. I think Erika v LVP will happen in that same round. That is going to be the big all in.

    • Swizzle

      Probably, but why is there even a Yo v Rinna thing? Rinna said something, felt bad, fessed up and apologized in person. What more is there to argue about? If they try, it will be dumb.

      • Lime Brain

        Didn’t she tell Eileen at the beach that she thinks Yolanda is a bigger manipulator than Lisa V or something like that? Also, she was questioning Yolandas mental health.

        That makes for a pretty big brew-ha-ha.

      • AND Rinna said she had a ‘come to Jesus moment’ and threw LVP and Kyle under the bus too. She said something about getting a call from LVP, and was more or less persuaded to bring up the dreaded M word because she’s a people pleaser, and probably wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t gotten that call. So, the plot thickens. I guess Rinna decided if she was going down, she was taking them with her. Personally, I LOVE it! Rinna has a big mouth that gets her in trouble, but I don’t think she’s lying. Maybe production did put LVP up to it, but so? LVP was neck deep in it too. Shady lady. I do admire how LVP is always able to slip through the cracks…she’s REALLY good at it.

  5. Real Houseboy of LA

    Tamara, do you think maybe the formula for the reunion seating chart seems different is intentional by Bravo? A lot of us were surprised that Porsha was closest and Kandi was farthest for the recent Atlanta reunion. And now we have Yolanda on the same couch as LVP?

    Also, I wonder if Katherine was there the whole time. Not only was she barley a part of the season, but she also came in like half way through. I’m curious to see what the alternate seating chart is if Katherine is excused for part of the reunion or Yolanda leaves early again.

    • tamaratattles

      I think Kathryn will probably be there the whole time. The seating chart is always intentional. Other than LVP having the same seat every time, the top seat is often for the one with the most drama. Porsha only had the top seat until Nene came. She was her seat warmer. Yolanda has always sat where she is. She and LVP are not going to go at each other they are going to go after each other’s minions.

  6. Of course the two biggest hustlers will walk away unscathed. Ain’t that the way it always goes?

    • Minky

      I think “unscathed” is relative here. Look at Yolanda’s life. It’s a rickety, dickety house of mirrors that could come down at any moment if she just goes a little too far with the game she’s playing. David must resent the living shit out of her, what with their whole marriage (including their courtship) now looking like it was just Yolanda playing a con job from day 1. If he gets riled enough he could give her all kinds of hell in court and in the press.

      LVP has many problems that aren’t ever discussed on the show, not least among them legal issues with her restaurant(s).

      I wouldn’t want to be in either of their shoes. Or the shoes of anybody on any of these shows, for that matter.

  7. Sliceo'pie

    I’m so sick of that freaking gold lame look…also the hair in the other talking head..all teased up..Her stylist did her no favors..

  8. I’m wondering if we will see a clip of the word ‘web’ coming out of Erika’s mouth – Kathryn swears it exists in her blog – it just depends on how Bravo wants to depict her.

    • tamaratattles

      We never saw Erika say it to Kathryn so I thought she just told the story in different words. But Later when Lisa confronted her, she admitted she said the web thing.

  9. Thanks for the update, TT.
    I am hoping Yolanda only brings a couple of spoons, so we don’t have to listen to her or watch that evil smirk for too long. I wonder if she will bring Daisy.
    I don’t think Ken VS Tom will happen. I hope it won’t anyway, because Ken was really showing signs of fading fast this season. Though Tom is older than Ken, I think, Tom is fit and sharp as a tack.
    I wonder if Bravo is pissed at Yolanda keeping the divorce a secret and that’s why she is so far down on the couch.

    • Yes, I think Ken is fading too. He seemed rather dodgy at times this season. I can’t even imagine Tom being there, he seems to dignified for all that craziness.

      • tamaratattles

        Perhaps dignified isn’t exactly the word I would use but Tom is…I just think he has better things to do. This is Erika Jayne’s playground. I don’t think he really wants to deal with it. I’d totally be Team Tom if it happened though. :)

    • tamaratattles

      The only thing that could make the seating more “normal” would be to move Kyle over to Rinna’s spot. But that would put Yolanda next to Pinky…. It’s basically 3 pairs with Kathryn left over. Yo is probably down the couch because of her “film when I feel like it” contract. The new girls pretty much HAVE to be on the ends. This is really the only way it could have been done.

  10. Gracious

    I’d like to see Harry there to defend his bride if need be.

  11. LaLa

    In a Tom vs Ken situation, I don’t have any doubts about Ken holding his own. He practically had the line of the whole dinner with the whole lawyer/judge thing after Tom thought he could disrespect someone else’s wife like he does his own. I don’t think we heard a peep from Tom once Ken shut that down.

    • Jim

      Team Ken here too! Tom is a pompous windbag and his need to “hold court” at dinner was a power move by someone who’s used to getting his way. That probably works when he’s in a room with other law professionals and clients who respect him. But in a room full of feisty housewives, it just looked like a desperate attempt to be controlling and manipulative.

      Tom’s a “fucking ass” to quote his wife/slave/concubine. Of course she wasn’t talking about him when she said that. That kind of talk would get her grounded for a month with no phone privileges.

      • FarFromPerfekt

        Makes me think of the RHOM dinner where Thomas sceamed at Elsa Patton “Sit down, shut up or leave!” That was some crazy shit right there. Thought he was literally going to pop a vein. ?

      • Yes, how dare Tom want to finish a sentence without being constantly interrupted! In his own home!

        What an ass!

      • Minky

        I’ve always liked Ken. He and Pinky make a great team. On this show he’s Pinky’s adorable sidekick and he seems totally okay with that. He handles it in a way that doesn’t diminish him. And I don’t recall seeing Ken speak to Pinky like she’s a servant or a child. So, there’s that.

        If Erika’s husband is like that, then I don’t know what to say. A marriage that’s lasted a long time doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been a happy one. Many women keep their mouths shut and “behave” in order to avoid a divorce for whatever reason, be it their children or just a fear of being single. Or money. Mustn’t forget the money!

    • LaLa, you are right about Ken’s amazing take down. Maybe he could hold his own.

      • Meredo

        Tom is an ass to Erika no matter how you spin it. Give me Ken any day!

      • Agreed, Meredo. Give me a partner who honors, defends, and treats me as an equal and a friend. That’s more important than private jets, a church in the living room, and a paid entourage of pretty young men. But different strokes, obviously.

      • tamaratattles

        If by, “no matter how you spin it” you mean,” I have limited information about the many, many different relationship styles other than my own,” you are right. No one here is mocking the fact that you like the elderly men who carries a purse dog in the wake of a woman, you must really be hot for Gregg Leakes. If you like a submissive man, that’s you. No one is trying to spin that. You can have Ken. I wouldn’t want him and I’m pretty sure Erika wouldn’t either.

  12. Sheryl

    Wondering if Yo will have on full makeup or film like she did for much of the season – without it?

  13. susan

    Erica and Lisa r need to trade spaces. Lisa will get her message across no matter where she sits. Mouth. Plus she throws glass. Hello. Erica is spicy gay friendly. If she’s smart, shell take over this reunion show with juicy pizzaz.

  14. More Tea Please!

    Shouldn’t Yolanda be at the end so she can be tethered to her IV pole? If it works for breastfeeding new moms, Bravo will surely make an accomodation for The Great Invisible Illness?

  15. Gracious

    I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t help myself…

  16. Josie

    Why does Eileen often look like she is smelling something bad? She needs to stop making that face.

    LVP does not seem judge people for having affairs. She proved that with Shaena.

    I am sure LVP will have to apologize again for her first apology not being sincere enough the first time. Also, she may apologize for her second apology. Eileen felt it wasnt sincere enough since it didnt acknowledge how her first apology hurt Eileen’s feelings for not being sincere enough. Wait…is that right?? Never mind….

    • LVP has yet to apologize even once. That’s the issue. A heavily equivocated “sorry if you were offended” type of statement does not constitute an apology.

      • Josie

        Either Eileen accepts it or not…but either way…she needs to stop dragging this out.

      • Jim

        I’m still confused why Lisa V even needs to apologize. Eileen talked about her affair with Vinny on her first season. It was public knowledge so how would Lisa know it was a taboo subject to discuss?

    • jb44

      Couldn’t agree more, Josie.

  17. LisaPat

    “to return to her death bed. ” ROLFLMAO!!!

  18. tbk

    LVP will have to apologize to everyone, for everything, for ever and ever. .

  19. Undine

    For awhile I was charmed by Erika, her “pat the puss”, her cool calm demeanor, her one liners–but I’ve cooled on her lately. If anyone is sniper from the side, it’s her. She repeated that Bobby Fischer chess stuff about LVP. But I thought you never watched the show, dear. How do you know about the chess insult? Also, if she’s not shading or insulting another person in her talking heads she really has no humor. And her friendship and alliance with Yolanda is bananas. It will be interesting to see how she does at the reunion as a newbie, I think she will hold her own but I’m no longer impressed by her. The glitter has rubbed off.

    • Josie

      Erika lied. She has clearly been studying the show. Bobby Fisher was a season 2 reunion reference yet said she has never watched the show.

      • Jaana

        She said she never watched the show UNTIL she got the job.

      • Josie

        I am going by the Jan WWHL when she told Andy she never watched “RHOBH.” Even when she became a cast member of the show, she said decided to avoid watching the previous shows so that her judgement wouldn’t be “clouded” by past drama.

  20. I’d just finished lmao reading Yo would leave early to return to her death bed when gessie said, “I am sure she will have an apple juice I.V. standing by back stage in case her African ass worms get out of line.” SNORT! :)

  21. Dixie Sugarbaker

    This exchange would give me LIFE if only it would happen:

    Andy to Pinky: Lisa, do you think Yolanda has Muchausen?

    Pinky: Dahling, no I do not think Yolanda has Muchausen. That syndrome is when someone is mentally ill and believes they are physically ill. Of course I do not believe Yolanda is mentally ill….I believe she knows exactly what she is doing.

    • Katherine 2.0

      One can dream. LVP and Yolanda don’t like each other – I don”t think they ever did. LVP’s had to bite her tongue because of her relationship with the kids, and Yolanda knows it.
      The rest of these ladies are just caught in the middle.
      And if anyone can prove that Yolanda and Erica were ever friends, or even friendly, prior to this show, I’d like to see that, too.

  22. Meri

    Perhaps they could skip the conversation at the reunion and show a montage of Yo’s Instagram pictures? It really tells quite a story on it’s own. I am so tired of these useless pieces of poop arguing over nonsense and pretending to be relevant.All of them put together do not make up a decent human being who I want to watch and or admire. If not for TT’s blogs I would know absolutely nothing about this farce since i stopped watching after the first show of the season. I take serious health issues seriously and none of this nonsense is in the least bit honest or serious. Yolanda needs to go and I am tired of Kyle, her entire family and Pinky and her ridiculous life. I used to like Ken but he has turned into a characture and I lost all respect for him last season. Erika Jayne is a nasty piece of work as is RInna and Eileen is a bore. Enough of this entire charade. If these are their real lives then I am glad that I don’t live any of them.

  23. T D

    Hadid vs. Vanderpump, all Shiny Happy People? No Trilla in Beverly Hilla? Dang.

  24. Rose

    I found it odd that Kyle isn’t sitting where Rinna is. Wonder if Yo will wear makeup?

  25. I heard something last night that made me SMH. When Gigi took the stage to present her Mother with her “Lifetime achievement award for lying, faking and manipulating” , she said something in her speech (and I know I’m paraphrasing on the small stuff) but, she mentioned how she knew SOMEONE with Lyme. What struck me as odd was immediately I thought, “doesn’t she know her siblings? You know, the ones on the medicine bottles? Wouldn’t she say how difficult it is to watch the majority of her FAMILY suffer with this debilitating disease? Now I know this was Mommy’s night, but I can’t decide if I found this odd….or telling

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