The People v OJ Simpson Recap: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

People OJ Marcia Darden

I can’t believe that Marcia Clark was going through a divorce at the same time she was prosecuting the biggest case of her life. Wow. Either one of those is a lot.  And the media was kind enough to call her a bitch and mock her wardrobe and hair through the whole thing.

I love the scenes with Darden and Clark working late over a cup of….tequila…talking about their kids and dancing. It seemed inevitable that they would get together.

The Cochran Law Firm’s paid commercials are redundant and a waste of money. This entire show is an advertisement for the firm.

Gil Garcetti saying to Clark, “Don’t watch so much TV!” was ridiculous and would have never been uttered. She was hardly in her PJs watching The View or whatever shows were on back then.

Cochran’s buyout of his former wife for keeping her mouth shut was something I don’t remember knowing about.

People OJ Clark

I remember that maid. She was probably even worse than how she was portrayed. I don’t remember it happening DURING the prosecution’s case, but at that time I had not earned my Internet Law Degree giving me  a deep and thorough expertise in the law. That’s sarcasm people. Simmer down.

OJ, “When I want to hear from you, I’ll rattle my zipper. Now get the hell out of here Bob!”  Seems very OJ.  I wonder if someone in that room leaked the line to the writers.  Nathan Lane, who plays F. Lee Bailey, was on The View yesterday. He was asked if he spoke to Bailey before filming about his portrayal. He said that he did have a conversation with Bailey, but all Bailey cared about was that Shapiro was not being edited positively.  He said apparently old grudges never die, they just … I forget the word he used exactly…but I think it might have been  fester .

I can’t believe this storyline about Marcia “getting a makeover” with all this crap going on. I remember all of the talk about her appearance and her bitchy personality. Every time she came to court, over the course of, what? a year or more with new hair or new clothes it was discussed in detail in a negative way. Over the length of the trial, she got her hair cut, she went from curly to straight and wore a variety of suits. I just remember thinking what a strong woman she was to be the lead on this case in the face of all the drama.  That was without knowing about all of her marriage issues going on at the same time. I never saw Marcia Clark cry in court. That whole scene was ridiculous.  She was seen as tough as nails, a bitch, and not one who would cry.  I find the tampon buying scene hilarious.  But in extremely poor taste. What can I say, sometimes I’m inappropriate.  That said, the portrayal of Clark as both a bitch and a crybaby who tears up in court over reaction to a new hairstyle  is very incongruent.

In this episode, we see scenes of Bailey drinking at a bar with Cochran, that would not have happened in the first place considering all the egos going on there, and they include a line by Cochran joking about Bailey’s plans to “bury Furhman” as a racist saying, “just be sure you can walk” which seems out of place at first. I’m not sure why the writers wanted to make Bailey’s tactics appear to come directly from him. But Cochran was the one making the racist cop defense. He just used Bailey to do the dirty work.

In court there are shots  of Bailey drinking from a bright yellow cup just before and during his cross examination of Fuhrman.  They bright yellow cup was interesting editing on the part of  production. It was meant to draw our attention. There was speculation at the time that Bailey was drinking a lot throughout this trial and may have been a bit tipsy in the courtroom when he crossed Fuhrman and on other prior occasions. I believe most of the attorneys did a lot of drinking, at the end of the day.  But Bailey always seemed like he might have started a bit earlier. Or it could have just been his age.  I would think that being on camera about to say the word ‘nigger’ as many times as he possibly could might have amped up his need for something to take the edge off.  But it that did happen, it wasn’t while he was sitting in open court.

I’m so irritated by the scenes of Clark crying. I am quite sure I would remember that. I’m sure that Marcia had her private breakdowns, but not in the courtroom. That nude photo thing was scandalous at the time.  It’s not like now when there is a sex tape leaked every week.

Next Week: We see some of the problems the defense had. And the prosecution starts to feel better about their case.


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20 responses to “The People v OJ Simpson Recap: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

  1. J

    Tamara you do know the series is based on books written by both the prosecuting and defense attorneys and others close to the case? It’s the background details that WE the public wouldn’t have known just watching the trial. Just FYI.

    • tamaratattles

      No, what I know is that the series is based on the book The Run of His Life by Jeffery Toobin. He was a writer for The New Yorker at the time of the trial. His brief law career crashed and burned after he wrote a book about The Iran Contra/Oliver North proceedings while doing some work on the case as a new lawyer. There were lawsuits over allegations he stole documents before leaving that position that he used to write is book. He had one other brief job in law before resigning to be a full time writer/media correspondent. His book is based on his observations as a journalist in the courtroom. It’s a decent book, but he was not a practicing attorney and had not been for some time. He was “WE the public.”

      And while we are talking about “WE the public” let me be clear that I do not consider that group to be populated by a homogenous group of members. Certainly there are many variances of knowledge of the trial, basic IQ level and common sense within that group. With all due respect (which is very little), I am confident my placement on the bell curve is superior to yours in all categories.

      Now that we have cleared up the facts. Is there something else you would like to explain to me?

      • JoJoFLL

        Tamara, have you read Dominique Dunne’s book about the case? It is magnificent!

      • Mel

        Vanity Fair has been posting a true/false article after each episode, they say the cry did happen and it was according to Marcia’s own memoir. They obviously made it way more dramatic- she said she was emotional and welling up with tears and Ito noticed and called recess.

        I love seeing what happed and didn’t happen after the episodes, its always the stuff you think never would happen that turns out true!

      • tamaratattles

        Please read the commenting rules.

        When asked by Vulture…

        Were you ever in tears in court? There are a couple of moments in the show where Marcia is.


      • JoJoFLL

        Yes, I do follow a few of the fact checking articles.

    • Mel

      Apologies, Im just adding to the convo. I dont mean to break any rules, not trying disprove anyone. I think they just overly dramatise everything in the series to drive the point home. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I come here because I appreciate your take on things, so thanks!

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks Mel, I very cranky today. :( It’s a beautiful day. Life is great. Yet I’m a highly irritable old lady today. Apologies.

  2. Lurker

    This was such a great episode. I was really hoping they would reenact more of F. Lee Bailey cross-examining Mark Fuhrman. Fuhrman eventually started pleading the fifth about if he planted any evidence.

    When Clark’s beautician told her he was going to do her hair like Farrah, I was thinking it was going to be the time he straightened it. Them playing “Kissed by a Rose” while she got her perm was absolutely brilliant. Sarah Paulson deserves every award available for this role.

    Clark did an interview with Vanity Fair and discussed the topless pics. Her ex-husband’s mother is the one that sold them to The National Enquirer. When she went back to the courtroom after learning about published pictures, she said that the judge could see the distress in her and called for a recess for the rest of the day. She was also forced to issue a press release in defense of her parenting.

    • Dee

      Her ex was awful to her. Trying to take her children during this trial was disgusting. I see they didn’t show Kardashian taking the bag, shown on news, that some suspect held incriminating evidence.

  3. Tara

    I never realized Marcia was dealing with a divorce and custody issues at th he same time she was trying this case. I thought she did a great job then and I have even more respect for her now. She did her best and to this day she feels like it is her fault that O.J. walked.

  4. Barbara R

    Doesn’t everyone have some topless Caribbean beach photos out there? I sure do. Luckily they were taken before the internet was popular. No biggie.

  5. annie moore

    I remember the daily bashing of Marcia in the press, on tv, radio, etc. It was brutal. I think it got worse when she took the bait and tried to update her hair and wardrobe. Then it was all about her trying to keep up with the high priced lawyers, pander to public pressure, etc. If I remember correctly Furman’s testimony was broken up. Bailey asked those questions, then let it settle for awhile, and he was then called back to the stand.

  6. Judilu

    Watching this has really made me want to buy at least one of the books written about the case…. I am leaning toward Marcia’s and I don’t know which other. I also do not remember her crying, I feel that would have stuck out to me..I remember thinking she was focused and I really never thought she looked bad.. Curly or straight hair.

    • Tulsateacher

      I think one of the best books on the case is the one written by Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor who put Manson and his family behind bars. I read that the next season will be about the JonBenet Ramsey case and I hope that is true. Sarah Poulson as Patsy Ramsey would be great to see.

      • Judiliu

        I read Helter Skelter many many years ago..I am adding Bugliosi to my list…and I totally agree that Paulson would be amazing to see as Patsy!!!

  7. DarkThoughts

    Courtney Vance is killing it as Johnnie Cochran. He and Sarah Paulson are brilliant in their roles. I see shoe-ins at next year’s Emmys. The scene where Fuhrman is getting grilled made me dizzy with those back and forth whiplash camera angles.

    Is it just me or does anyone else keep thing Jessica Lang and a killer clown are going to show up in any moment?

  8. wirelessmom

    I was in a position to watch the trial literally every day, and I do not remember Marcia Clark crying. I’m sure she cried over the lies and twisting of the evidence going on in the courtroom, and the fact that the jury was either brain dead or practicing “jury nullification”. OJ is in prison where he belongs, Cochran and Kardashian are dead, F. Lee Bailey was disbarred, so Karma has been doing her job. The judge has a great deal to answer for, someday, also.

    • lawstangel

      Wow…..That’s pretty nasty… to say the fact that the lawyers are dead is some kind of divine karma for getting OJ off. One thing that is true, is OJ did buy a very capable and expensive group of lawyers that did the job that they were hired to do. If you think it is any different for any other wealthy client than you are uninformed. The prosecution was simply out lawyered. What should have happened is that the DA should have realized his people were out gunned. He could have easily hired outside special counsel to represent the people.

      I was brand new to the legal profession at the time of the trial, I saw or listened to most of the trial as well. The prosecution did not prove their case, plain and simple. The real nail in the coffin was Furhman’s testimony, he flat out committed perjury!! There were tapes of him, played in court, where he frequently used the “N” word after he testified he did not. A commenter above correctly remembered Fuhrman finally had to plead the fifth to avoid being prosecuted for perjury., After this was revealed, the jury could not have believed anything he said!

      Bugliosi’s book, by the way, pointed out the deficiencies in the prosecution’s case. David Conn who successfully prosecuted the Menendez brothers the second time around said the same thing. Enough with blaming OJ’s lawyers, they did their job, no matter how much people may hate it.

  9. Dominick Dunne’s book based on the case is ANOTHER CITY, NOT MY OWN. JUSTICE, his collection of articles about high-profile crimes and criminals first published in Vanity Fair, is fascinating non-fiction.

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