Married At First Sight Recap: Six Months Later

Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo

Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo

Sam and Neil

I didn’t think they would start with these two as they seemed to be the most interesting. But it’s looking like we are starting here because there has been no change. Sam says after the show ended, they tried to work things out but it didn’t last long and they decided they were better off as friends. Sam still loves him and seem to have hope for some day a year or two from now that they could reconcile.  Sam says if nothing else they will always be good friends.

In Neil’s one on one, he says he is doing great and feeling phenomenal. Neil said that the first two weeks were really hard for him. Sam said some mean things and the made him like something was wrong with him. He was unable to connect with her emotionally after those two weeks of damage. The therapist tells Neil that she thinks Sam is in love with him. His response was that’s weird I’ve never heard anything like that in the entire six weeks. So it’s weird that you say that. He has a big smile. She asks about the divorce. He says they talk often and check in with each other quite frequently. He says they are working on being friends and they will see what lies ahead.

The therapist meets with them as a couple.  Sam apologizes again and Neil truly forgives her. They hug and you can hear someone’s heartbeating a mile a minute. Probably Sam’s.  I hoped that Sam would tell him she’s in love with him. But she didn’t and their friendship pact was sealed with a high five. /heavy sigh.

Sam and Neil go to brunch. They exchange gifts and Sam’s gift to Neil has an end date for their marriage of March 2016. Neil brings the onsies, his big spoon and her little spoon and they wear them out of the restaurant. /single tear.

David and Ashley This photo shows they were never in step.

David and Ashley This photo shows they were never in step.

David and Ashley

Ashley says that she is very happy. She doesn’t look any happier. The therapist said that Ashley was cold and didn’t offer any olive branches. She also said that Ashley shut down and never tried to progress. Ashley says that they didn’t connect on any level. Ashley said that she felt smothered all the time. She told Ashley that David spoke very highly about her all the time. She suggests that David interacted with the girl on social media as a way of acting out after being rejected. She asks Ashley if she is willing to sit down with David and talk through it. She says no.

David says that watching it back, he was thinking, “Wow David, take a hint.” Dr. Pepper says that maybe David wanted marriage no matter what. David said he reached out to Ashley a couple weeks after decision day and she made it very clear that she did not want to hear from him. Dr. Pepper says she wants David to think very carefully about her next question. I think that she wants to get a straight answer out of him about FacebookGate.  She asks him and he says that his intention was not to cheat on his wife. When you are living with a camera crew around you that’s not even a possibility. He says he could have been looking for some validation hoping the other girl would say Ashley doesn’t know what she is missing out on.  David is still confident that he will meet the right one.

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

Dr Pepper meets with Vanessa.  She gives the whole life is good response too. This is the only couple that had sex. When Dr. Pepper asks her if they are still together she starts to cry. They are not together anymore. Things fell apart. They stopped being physically intimate. Then they had a huge argument because Tres didn’t come home until 5 a.m. Tres told her that he didn’t have romantic feeling toward her. She said things were not perfect but she thought they at least liked each other. She says she thinks he just one day decided that he just didn’t really like her.  Vanessa says she holds out hope that they can work things out. Dr. Pepper is emotionally drained after talking to Vanessa because she really cares about her and was very hopeful that she was happy. She should have asked me. I never could get a read on Tres and thought he might just want to be on TV.

Tres tells Dr. Pepper  Tres says he thought they had it and then he just felt like he had to just keep proving himself. I think many of us have heard that one before. That usually happens when you are dating a liar. So that will be my perception of Tres.  Basically, Vanessa didn’t trust him and there was probably a reason. Like, oh I dunno coming home to your wife at 5 am.  I think Dr. Pepper is too close to this relationship to consider that Tres is cheating and lying. He says he stopped having sex with her and that started a lot of the problems. Oh sure it did. Because where was he getting sex?  Tres doesn’t want to get back with her.

When they meet with Dr. Pepper they can’t even look at each other. Tres says he is willing to sit down with her to give her closure. I think Tres is a douchebag.

They went to dinner and my opinions of Tres were confirmed.


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12 responses to “Married At First Sight Recap: Six Months Later

  1. CoBe

    Neil is being polite and allowing Sam to “save face” in a way Sam never did for him.

    It’s called being a decent human being. Hopefully she has learned her lesson.

    I’m sure David is enjoying all kinds of “almost Ms. Rights” right now. He came off really well–the right amount of vulnerable and masculine. The house doesn’t hurt.

    Ashley is just a mess. I would be very very careful around her. She sets off every danger alarm I have.

    I predict Tres and Vanessa will reunite. I stand by my initial feeling that they both believe marriage is “work” and a “project in process”. This makes for a long term marriage, but not necessarily a happy one. I don’t necessarily believe he was out cheating, but coming home at 5am without alerting your WIFE is actually just as bad in my book.

    Best of luck to all involved, but mostly to hot Neil who takes his steaming hot engineer/nerd sexiness with him. If I could keep him for myself, I would, but I guess he has to share it with the world.

    Burn it up, Neil!

    • Toddy

      CoBe, when you say “work,” are you including effort and compromise? I’ve needed both in every relationship, romantic, platonic, professional. Just curious about what is work and what is not.

    • CoBe

      Hi Toddy!

      Work is a conscious effort. But if you really love someone, compromise and respect come naturally.

      I only have to work to be nice to people I don’t like. My partner is exactly zero “work” and 100% love, joy, and laughter.

      When you have to work, it is time to change the dynamic, change the relationship, or change the partner.

      I don’t really understand people who think that success in a relationship is measured by how long it lasts.

      But the world takes all kinds.

  2. I’m just devastated about Tres and Vanessa…I really got too emotionally involved.

  3. DarkThoughts


    It is hard for me as a woman, to watch this show and see my friends, family and even myself in each of these women. I wish I could push Sam and Vanessa out of their own ways so they can be loved back. To me, Ashley doesn’t need help. That Preying Mantis had an agenda for being on the show. Granted I can’t prove it but I think she had someone waiting in the wings for her and pulled a Kim Kardashian by getting married to someone to get the one she really wanted to stop dragging his feet. Remember Kim’s marriage only lasted 8 weeks and Kanye was there to sweep her away.

    I hated Sam when she was such a dumb ass dork bitch at her own wedding. Why punish Neil because he was in the same boat she was in? That Loon went in hard on Neil. And nearly killed him. That was NO CHANCE for Sam after that honeymoon. She killed any attraction Neil had for her from the Wedding. You could see it because Neil had dead eyes.

    Then like the lunatic she is, Sam falls in love with Neil. I cried for Sam because Neil was perfect for her. The yang to her yang. She is in love with Neil. And now it’s too late. I pray that her change is real and she can move on. Neil is a good guy who did not believe Sam is in love with him. While it flattered him I see him only being friends with Sam. Men are different. Once a woman loses her attraction in a man’s eyes it is gone forever. On the wife front Sam is permanently crossed off. If only she had put herself in check during the honeymoon. She would be on the happily ever after train by now.

    Vanessa. She needs to learn how to not shut down when she gets frustrated. I also think she needs a few years of maturity. I think she is still changing into the woman she wants to be. Getting married right now was a mistake for her. Tres served his purpose. He taught Vanessa she is not the incredible great awesome princess she believed herself to be. Getting knocked down a few pegs in your 20s is A LOT better than having it done to you in your 30s or 40s. I got handed my ass by a guy who I was just using as a f**k buddy. He told me such hard truths about myself that I knew in my head I needed to change. It took a long time to see the damage I was doing to myself in my love life. I never told him but looking back I am so lucky he told me what he did when he did. Granted it was done in anger but life changing truth is going to hurt. Vanessa will find her King when she stops being a princess and steps up to her Queen role.

  4. Mrs. Strib

    Sam learned her lesson but what she gave was too little too late. Hopefully, she’ll use what she learned here to build a healthy new relationship with someone else. I really wonder what happened in her life to make her so afraid to show love.

    Ashley is horrible. She’s not my ch to look at but she was expecting Channing Tatum or some such. LOL If she had a heart she’d ve at least tried. I’m not sure what the matchmakers saw in her to include her in this s series. Her flat affect is mind numbing. David looked so desperate for Ashley to leave ve him. That was hard to watch. Although it was wrong, I do understand him reaching out to someone just for a little warmth. Ashley seems like one of those girls with a list that she will not deviate from. Good luck with that. LOL

    Tres seemed so nice in the beginning. Then it seemed like he was just promoting himself. I noticed that he mentioned writing a relationship book. LOL Vanessa was A LOT of work though. She had no idea how to articulate her feelings which I’m sure Tres found frustrating. Vanessa clearly had reservations about Tres’ sincerity & it looks like her hunch was right.

  5. Hmm, watching these couples is a eye opener for me also.
    I’m a firm believer in the chase, the strong feelings you aquire before you connect and am uncertain about the longevity of these types of arranged relationships.
    Chase, does not mean games, just the actual time where you desire not knowing the outcome.

    Exception being the culturally arranged marriages, all thier lives they knew how it would be.

  6. Robin Johnson

    I can’t recall where, but I began to get a feeling that at least some of Trey’s friends didn’t like Vanessa – just something I saw in one of the segments. Could be some of his friends dropped a bug in his ear about her especially when she was chilly towards his female friend. Maybe he was with that friend when he stayed out till 5:00 AM. He should probably party-on for the next 40 years and get married in his 70’s or so, when he won’t remember why he went from the living room to the kitchen on any given day – I’m not a fan. He needs to grow up, too. I think Trey, off-camera, gave Vanessa reasons for her lack of trust in him. Yes, she may have been passive-aggressive in their communicating but I think she’ll mature eventually and come into her own. Vanessa looks a little like Cameron Diaz to me.

  7. Rose

    Neil looked really hot! I love how he expresses himself now, strong, assured and confident. Sam looks at peace and her transformation seems amazing. It seems there remains an ember there….I’m just hopeful for them still. Vanessa needs to grow into herself first before marriage. I’ve always viewed her as very immature. Tres, Tres, Tres…enough said. David will have no problem with women throwing themselves at him.

  8. Luvlee2u

    TT what happened at dinner? Please spill the tea

  9. Well TT, I was hoping you were wrong about Tres, it seems you were right! Loved reading the comments! I have to agree with all of you about Vanessa being immature, Sam shooting her ownself in the foot. Ashley being cold as ice, love Neil and wish David the best.

  10. Meri

    This show was very disappointing for me. I know that in the old days arranged marriages were common and that they lasted mostly out of necessity ( I suppose that some couples fell in love but the ones I know of did not). They raised children and grew old and never looked back on what might have been if they had waited for the right person. That was then and this is now. Neil is a champ and a really good guy and I wish him the best. Sam needs to grow up before she can be a wife. Ashley is a mess and needs therapy and David is a good guy who will eventually find what he is looking for. I hope that he doesn’t settle just to get married and have children. Tres and Vanessa just have too much baggage to be a giving, caring partner at this point in their lives and also need to grow up and know themselves before partnering up with someone else.
    The match makers are looking really unqualified to do their jobs at this point and according to their success rate…a re a total failure. Maybe they need new match makers? I saw NO ONE winding up together and sadly, I was right in my beliefs about these particular couples. I loved your blogs and found them interesting and intelligent.

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