How To Start A Rumor: A Primer by Tamara Tattles

David Foster en route to Jakarta

How To Start A Rumor: A Primer by Tamara Tattles

Step One: Be a website that loves to make things up to attract readers. (Rhymes with Gaydar O’Mine)

Step Two: Choose a topic currently trending, or if possible combine two ( Yolanda Hadid and The People v OJ Simpson)

Step Three: Think of something that would create a stir.  (David Foster dating Selma Blair, the woman who plays Yolanda’s role model, Kris Jenner, on The People v OJ Simpson)

Step Four:  Choose a location. (Craigs in Beverly Hills, because doesn’t everyone eventually go there? Seems plausible.)

Step Five:  Write the story. Throw in another trending celebrity for extra drawing power. (Let’s say Caitlyn Jenner was there too! Her season just started. She’s getting a lot of search engine hits at the moment. Caitlyn Jenner! Caitlyn Jenner!)

Step Six: Wait for other sites to steal material, you know just like you do.  (Other site says source says, “It’s definitely a date!”  No one will question why a source only had four words to say on the subject. It’s confirmation from an imaginary source. )

Step Seven: Sit back and wait for the page views as major publications with a limited history of fact checking cite you as the source.

Step Eight: Be a website that likes to make things up…

RHOBH David Eiffel Tower


People are asking me if this is true. How would I know?  If you want my opinion, then the steps above should be a clue. I took a look at the rumor and made my determination.

How to Determine The Likelihood a Rumor Is True: A Primer  By Tamara Tattles

Edited: I should have mentioned that the real Step One is DETERMINE THE SOURCE.  When the rumor was sent to me, it was with a link to a site I like. They cited the site with the “It’s totally a date!” source. That was also not the source. But by working back through links and a Google search, the date of the original story and site of origin was discovered.

Step One: Consider the source.  (History of Theft of Intellectual Property, History of False Stories,  Appears to Churn Things Out At Uniform Rate Rather Than Rate Relative to Ebb of Flow on Gossip. Conclusion: Source is unreliable) Generally investigation stops with that outcome.

Step Two: Attempt to find corroboration.  Craig’s is a paparazzi hotbed where celebs go to be photographed. Look for photos. Check TMZ, Paparazzi sites.  Nothing? Not one pap caught a photo of David Foster, Selma Blair and Caitlyn Jenner all converging at Craig’s on a Tuesday night?  Caitlyn Jenner alone can’t go to a Starbucks Drive Thru in Topeka without getting papped. Add in David Foster, who loves a camera almost as much as his estranged wife and Selma Blair? Nothing?  The chance of this is infinitesimal.

Step Three:  Really? Why do you need a third check? Fine check out David Foster, Selma Blair and Caitlyn Jenner on Instagram. Nothing?  Well where were they?

David Foster was on a plane his way to Jakarta within hours of this supposed dinner, and possibly at that very time.  It’s hard to say because he is in the air, so his Instagram time could be affected by his location. The flight to Jakarta is at the very low end of estimates 20 hours. He has been in Jakarta for the Java Jazz Fest this past weekend.

Selma Blair, who is a single mother, was playing at home with her son earlier in the day.

Caitlyn Jenner Instagrammed during dinner time about her new locker the female changing room at her golf course with a photo of her new locker.

Conclusion: The rumor is quite likely fabricated. There is nothing out there that proves this is a lie either. But, that is the key of a good made up rumor. Isn’t it?


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16 responses to “How To Start A Rumor: A Primer by Tamara Tattles

  1. That site is such BS and it locks my computer. I never go near it. Poor David Foster.

  2. theartistformerlyknownasyoya

    I just don’t think Selma Blair is his type. At all. In addition to everything you said.

  3. SaraK

    Ok, so can we start a rumor? This chick down in Atlanta, has a sharp wit, puts up with little shit, yet loves her dog even when he eats her food. Yeah, her, I saw her with this dude at a fancy pants resturant. They were canoodling in a corner. Thought it was a love connection but no. Turns out it was Andy Cohen asking a beloved blogger advice on how to make his Housewives shows better.

    There. Let’s see how far this one can go.

    • Minky

      OH! MY! GOD! Are you serious?! Andy and Tamara are having an affair?!!! No time to talk. Gotta go alert the “media”. Toodles! ?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I saw a weird one today, that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are a couple. I mean, what?

  4. I will never, ever go anywhere near that site after the way they did Whitney, Bobbi Kristina and Big Ang. They are the scum of the earth.

  5. Minky

    Why do they do that? Yeah gossip can be fun, but not when it’s tragic. Or when it does not at all even remotely resembling the truth. Or when it can ruin someone’s life and/or reputation. Ewwwwwww!

  6. Cat

    Caitlyn in Topeka? Home of Westboro Baptist Church? I think not. I hope not. Those guys are crazy.

  7. Holy Crackers, The mysterious, shy, intellectual beautiful blogger from Atlanta, known only by TT has done what few women have accomplished, turned a gay man straight.
    Wait for photos of the happy couple.

  8. I don’t understand why people continue to go back to sources that have been called out for lying time after time. The site TT mentioned and another blogger (his name rhymes with Cob Booter) have shown to tell out right lies and yet people still read. Don’t give their sites the hits.

  9. JoJoFLL

    David Foster has a type, statuesque blonde.

    Selma Blair=short brunette.

    Yes, they are pretty random but I thought the same thing about Harrison Ford and Calista Flockheart when they started dating 20 years ago.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      David Foster also likes a trophy on his arm. Selma’s pretty but she just doesn’t fit the bill.

  10. lawstangel

    Foster is into blondes…

  11. Maybe Yolanda being cuckoo for coco puffs has him turning to the dark side ….

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