Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: “Objection, Your Honor!”

RHOBH Kathryn

Tonight is the night that Kathryn gets kicked out of Erika’s dinner party. I believe that is the reason she deleted her social media accounts. I noticed a tweet from someone a moment ago that she has returned to live tweet tonight. I wish I could be doing about six things at once right how.  So let’s get on with RHOBH and I’ll check out Twitter ASAP.

Erika’s Dinner Party

We begin with Erika getting spackled and powdered for dinner party. When Yolanda Skypes from her deathbed in the requisite white robe that she is much to sick to attend. The purpose of the dinner party is to introduce everyone to her husband Thomas. Kyle can’t go because it’s Yom Kippur and Eileen can’t go because she’s shooting a big scene for Y & R about a house burning down. That’s a big spoiler I imagine! Lisa Vanderpump has to leave early for a charity function at 9 p.m.  Why was this scheduled tonight?

Kathryn and Rinna ride to the dinner party together. It looks like this whole episode might be the dinner. Rinna seems very positive about Erika and her husband. For the second time this season, Rinna shows up in one of her leopard dresses and another housewife does too. Last time it was Eileen, this time it is Erika. It feels very RHONJ to me!

Tom starts talking about why he became a lawyer.  Kathryn jumps in to say that every time she takes a career test, it says she should have been a lawyer. Shoulda woulda coulda. I’d suggest reading How to Win Friends and Influence People instead of taking all those tests, Kathryn, because you are already off on the wrong foot with Tom. Apparently, she is drunk. She was probably nervous after being called out on running to Lisa with everything Erika said. Rinna has already gotten a joke about her not eating from Eileen and now Kathryn is telling Rinna that Tom said she needs to eat two breadsticks. He did not. Rinna is calling her a shit stirrer. Me thinks these two are going to need another car and driver, Bravo.

RHOBH Kathryn Erika

Erika talks about how she likes to take her new friendships slow. Kathryn takes issue with that and basically says she is not going to go over and above to prove herself to her. Tom jumps right in, interrupting Kathryn who tells him she is not finished talking.  Kathryn says that she has some of the same feeling for Erika that she does for her husband.  That’s creepy. Kathryn keeps going on and on and Erika keeps saying she needs to give their relationship time to develop slowly. I feel the same way. It’s odd when people men or women are aggressively trying to push the relationship at first. There is trust to be built and right now, Kathryn is going all single white female.  God Lord woman, you are in a gorgeous house eating a catered meal that cost enough to feed a small starving country. Be polite. Enjoy dinner, and try to stick Yolanda’s steak in your pocket book. What? What are they going to do with it?

LVP also comes for Erika.  What is wrong with these people? I can’t keep typing every disrespectful think that Kathryn is spewing. Basically, it Rinna and Erika on Team Leopard and LVP and Kathryn on Team Uncouth. My money is on Team Leopard.  Where is Ken in all this? Is he napping in the living room?  Tom tries to suggest that people sometimes misunderstand things and they get blown out of proportion. Oh there is Ken jumping in to defend Pinky. Now the teams have three members and Team Uncouth has brought a dog to a catered dinner party and brought it to the TABLE!

Tom makes a volley LVP attempting to ameliorate things and Erika tosses in a, “No shit!” interjection. Tom immediately turns to her and says, “Pardon me, Erika” because we all know attorney and this one in particular do not like to be interrupted.

Lisa and Ken have to leave. Ken doesn’t throw anyone out. He makes the joke to Lisa as they are leaving. Or maybe he said it to Kathryn. Rinna is not looking forward to having to ride in the same car with Kathryn. We leave them just praying the car would show up. Apparently things did not continue as long as production expected. Maybe they were all thrown out. I’ll not be rewinded to review the play. Either way, Team Leopard won the match. And Erika is going to get a spanking. Lucky girl.

RHOBH Hamptons Wine Party


Next week see Erika and Kyle trying to be Sporty Spices. It seems that neither of them are too coordinated despite Erika’s puss patting abilities. In case you have forgotten, we get to have a flash back of her video.  I have no room to talk. I’ve never even heard of pickleball. Kyle invites Erika to go with her to Watts to build a Habitat for Humanity House.  Kyle and Erika move on to talking about Dubai. Mauricio says that Kyle should open a shop there. I also think it would do really well there. Perhaps one of the reasons I like all of her flowy Bohemian stuff is it is great for beaches and desserts and desserts on beaches. Erika wants to go too. And thus the seed for this season’s trip is planted.

Then we get Erika telling her side to Kyle and Kathryn telling her side to Donnie. Kathryn blames LVP. Erika says that Tom is super pissed with her because she is not allowed to do that kind of shit.  It doesn’t fly in their house. Here we go, I can see the pearl clutching comments now.

Lisa and Eileen meet for a bit of a beach workout. Or at least a beach chat. About the whole Webgate of 2015.  Eileen says that she was pissed that Rinna defended Lisa so adamantly when Eileen and LVP  were having there issues and then denied that LVP is manipulative instead of supporting Erika. Eileen says that Erika was being confronted by the group simply for having good instincts when it comes to LVP.  Rinna basically says she likes them both and was trying to be LVP’s cheerleader. Rinna feels like she was trying to keep LVP happy and keep her friendship. She says she needs to admit LVP is manipulative and stop trying to protect her relationship with LVP.

Rinna says Kyle and LVP were texting photos (probably  from Yolanda’s Instagram) back and forth and giggling about the indiscrepancies.  Um, welcome to most of the sane people who saw them. You can’t claim to be bedridden and then post pictures riding your bike, or running through the streets of Beverly Hills, or posing on the front of a yacht, or standing in a citizenship ceremony for hours, a citizenship that you had to read and study for all while claiming you can’t read books.  Rinna says that LVP was the one who told her to bring up the Munchausen.  She says Kyle was in on it too.  Eileen is shocked. But it seems like she is not on Rinna’s side.

When the door was opened...

When the door was opened…

Rinna says that Yolanda didn’t show up to dinner that night because she had spent all day out and about (filming) with Kim and Brandi. I guess she used all of her spoons.  Both Rinna and Eileen think Yolanda is sick. But Rinna thinks Yolanda manipulations everyone with her illness. Eileen thinks Yolanda should get a pass for being sick. Rinna rightly says that is exactly what Yolanda wants and expects. Rinna says that she thinks Yolanda is a much bigger manipulator. Eileen is shocked Rinna would say that about Yolanda.


Kathryn went to get her head checked. Or at least her hearing. She is worried she is losing hearing in her one functioning ear. Her hearing seems okay. She is considering a device that would transfer sound from deaf side to her good ear. That would drive me batty.


Kyle stops by for chat with Yolanda and Daisy, the healthcare advocate, makes Kyle’s coffee as all good health advocates do.  Yolanda talks about the award she is getting in NYC by the bogus Lyme Group. Three people got awards and the event was sponsored by the three rich families of the three recipients.  Honestly, I am starting to feel like a housewife blogging this stuff in real time and then reliving it all over again on the show. It’s more disturbing with every retelling. She wants this staged event to prove to Kyle that millions of people have Chronic Lyme. She  should try to prove it to the CDC first.  Yolanda’s arms are bruised. I wonder how many veins have collapsed from the constant IV drips from the Wasilla doctor at $8K a pop.

Habitat For Humanity

Everyone except the sickly Yolanda heads out to Watts to build a house. This is supposed to be Mauricio’s project, but he doesn’t seem to know how it works. I think it is his first time though and he has a plan to make 10 a year through The Agency. I think that is great.

Lisa and Erika get stuck painting he same wall and Lisa makes tons of jokes about the spider webs. Kyle and Rinna show up and make similar jokes because they are all freaking out about the spiders and their web.  LVP has the good sense to let Kyle know that Erica is not feeling the joking. Erika seems to feel like all of the other ladies are ganging up on her.

Eileen tries to force Kathryn and Erika to talk. It’s way too soon for that, Eileen. So of course there is a huge blow up between Kathryn and Erika. And I am totally team Erika. Erika tells Kathryn that her behavior ended any chance that LVP would want to be friends with her as well as any hope Kathryn had for a relationship with Erika. Which was really none. Kathryn is not the type to understand the nature of Erika and Tom’s relationship.

Next week: we see a lot of acting from Yolanda who is clearly in a miraculous remission to receive her fake award and pretend to be happy in her fake marriage. And LVP has everyone screaming outside a building about the fact that in China they eat dogs, only the building is a local church. It’s not like it makes any more sense at the right building.





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153 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: “Objection, Your Honor!”

  1. Bridgett

    “Where is Ken in all this? Is he napping in the living room?”

    I am so team Erika, LVP needs to make her an ally not an adversary.

    • Karen

      I understand Lisa’s hurt feelings because of Erika’s words, but Katherine took things too far.

      • frenchpoodlename

        Lisa has now wrong footed Erica, and by extension, Katherine. She tries to reduce everyone to apologetic messes. (I note there is a glaring inconsistency in Lisa’s life-narrative: when she was belittling Eileen for opening up about abusive relationships by saying “I’ve had abusive relationships too but they’re too trivial to mention” or words to that effect, she had also said, in relation to Brandi’s manoeuvred ‘slap’ ” that she (Lisa) had not had a hand laid on her since childhood – hence the staged horror, etc. Really, Lisa? Were the “abusive relationships” non-physical? Not how men operate…)

      • wistful

        @frenchpoodlename. I can’t speak to any of the particulars about Lisa, obviously, but plenty of men are emotional and psychological abusers. Physical abuse is not the only kind men are capable of. (The same goes for women, of course.)

      • Karen

        Sorry but I to felt it was a weird place and time to be talking about DV since it wasn’t germain to the conversation in any way. I too sm a survior and talk about it from time to time but only when the subject is brought up. I see Lisa’s side on that. She wasn’t belittling Eileen, only questioning why she chose to bring it up in that setting at that moment.

      • tamaratattles

        I agree, Eileen saying “Oh, BTW, I was supposed to talk about my domestic violence three scenes ago and never got to so I am going to do it now at this random moment.” Made no sense. I’m of the mindset that abusive situations should be dealt with in therapy and close friends ASAP and then one should move forward. It’s not something that should keep coming up with ladies at lunch.

        Beyond wishing Eileen would have not brought it up, I wonder what the production point was. I get the feeling that the producers wanted to have a much different storyline here with Eileen this season. We were set up in the beginning for a “troubled marriage with Eileen and Vince” storyline that never came together. Instead we got, “Boy, Eileen sure works a lot and doesn’t seem available to film much this season” storyline. I believe the second one became the cover up for the first one, and that Eileen squashed the first one, which is why she was hypersensitive to LVP bringing up how their marriage started (Perhaps you lose them, the way you got them scenario is looming?) That whole scene with Eileen dropping in DV out of the blue would make sense if the first storyline was still in play at the time and later dropped.

        Am I making sense? I am back to having my days and nights backwardsish and not fully caffeinated.

      • Makes real sense, TT. Eileen has been desperately seeking a storyline all season. If she said no way to the problems with Vince at the beginning, then I can see where she had no where to go but to over dramatize the trivial and create drama. It’s too bad, because I find her really interesting and funny.

    • CoBe


      LVP and Erika on the same team would be unstoppable.

      I’d watch a show with just the two of them taking on assholes.

      Unfortunately, they both have bad habits of aligning themselves with said assholes.

      (LVP with Cedric, Brandi, and Kathryn and Erika with Brandi, Kim, and Yolanda–yuk!)

      I hate to see women who should be superheroes become evil. USE YOUR POWERS FOR GOOD!!

      • Margarett

        Yes to what you sai, CoBe! I wish I’d said that! Erika and LVP together would indeed have superpowers.

      • Agree with you both, Margarett and CoBe. Maybe next season. Erika did sound regretful that her words may have ruined any friendship with Lisa V.

      • CoBe

        lisamia, that gave me the sads.

        Can’t you just imagine a reality show where Erika and LVP jump out of the bushes to accost assholes driving Hummers and parking across several spaces.

        LVP can start to lecture them and Erika can suddenly jump up and scream “SAY WHO TOLD YOU THAT WAS OKAY!!”

        The hope that this may one day happen has now become my reason for living

      • LOL, CoBe–but I need Kyle there too!

      • Karen

        Well said!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        CoBe I could never tell if Erika truly liked LVP or not. I think she feels a bit competitive with her, which is unfortunate. When they seemed to be truly getting along, I was in heaven. But I think Erika’s had Yolanda in her ear about LVP unfortunately.

      • CoBe


        I sadly agree.

        That well has been poisoned for good.

        But one can dream . . .

      • Rubbishhousewife

        Would love to see this – I think both of them can come across quite badly because they love to snark, but I happen to find snark pretty funny. But they both seem to have a streak of loyalty and defending the underdog that may be their undoing sometimes, yet ultimately it is a damn good quality. Imagine them fighting together for good. In Wonder Woman outfits, obviously.
        [in her satin tights, fighting for her rights, dum, dum, dum, dum dum, etc]

      • bridgett

        CoBe, I would totally watch that show. Then Erika could also be on Vanderpump Rules

  2. Loved the big Bravo preview editing fake-out and that *no one* was actually thrown out of the dinner party! So much ado about nothing. As per usual.

  3. Karen

    Clearly Kathrine is on the wrong show. RHOA suits her personality much better.

  4. therealdeb

    I have really tried to like Kathryn, I just cannot with all her shit stirring she has done. She behaved the ass and is stunned nobody was happy about it. I half expect Erika to punch Kathryn in the face, I would have loved that. Kathryn seems to want to force her opinions and interpretations on everyone and have them be the truth and that is whack. We all see how LVP can turn things around and how Kyle is in a way her partner in crime, we see that and Kathryn just demands to be loved by the monied women of the group. If I had been Tom I would have thrown the bitch out. Her mouth annoys me, like her lips are fucked up or her teeth are but don’t appear to be, or like she had braces and keeps doing an odd things with her lips. And some may not like Erika because her love of naughty words and her attitude but she does have manners and knows proper behavior. And for Kathryn to say these women are very sensitive is stupid, Erika has very thick skin and no tolerance for bullshit. Yolanda is cracked! That is all.

    • Karen

      Because Yolanda is cracked I question Erika’s undying support of her. Erika’s motives are therefore questionable.

      • therealdeb

        Yolanda is ill, whether it be mentally or otherwise and often there are friends who are protective of those friends who are ill, that does not mean Erika’s motives are questionable. I have a friend who is not very stable, i see it, she is a hypochondriac and I am pretty protective of her because it see where it comes from. My friend is also ill, is that wrong to protect a friend?

      • Karen

        Erika lied to the ladies saying Yolanda’s head was enlarged! I suspect Yolanda is the reason Erika had a poor opinion of Lisa in the first place when she didn’t even know her so yeah, I see her motives as suspect. Perhaps she angling for top dog status on the show afte seeing all that Lisa’s been able to do because of the show?

      • tamaratattles

        My eyes are on my head. Where are yours?

    • Miguel

      I’d add a small disclaimer, therealdeb: Erika “has … no tolerance for bullshit,” excluding Yo’s.

  5. Kay

    Has anybody given any thought to maybe Daisy and Yo being in a relationship?

    • Hey hey Kay, a thought.
      I see Yo asexual but I’m often wrong.

      • CoBe


        I see Yo as asexual as well.

        I just think her haircut is not helping her “trying to find a man” case.

        After her awful remarks to Gigi about looking like a lesbian, I applaud Karma for getting this haircut for Yo.

        Karma wins again.

      • Cobe, ? great minds & all that.

      • Sam

        OMG, calipatti, THAT made me crack up. Because I was thinking very similar thoughts and feeling kinda guilty for thinking them. But…. now we’ve said it…we don’t say that you have a strange relationship with your health advocate/former prostitute, we don’t say that you got a lesbian haircut….but now we said it.
        Anyone think maybe her stylist is a lesbian who is exacting revenge for that comment she made about Gigi? LOL

    • A Texas “friend” watches RHWOBH so I tuned in tonight. (Will the term “tuned in” be obsolete soon)
      So a group of women that are so fortunate can’t enjoy a fine meal together.
      Nothing new.
      TT, I’ve been rereading the Carnegie book, interesting to see what I underlined 20 yr’s ago that was important to me.

    • madeleine

      I see I’m not the only one thinking something may be going on between Yo and Daisy!

    • KIR

      What makes you think that?

      • Weirdiskate

        I agree they either have some lovefest going on or daisy is equally as crazy as Yo, although I’m thinking both

    • Katherine 2.0

      Daisy apparently is a writing coach. While she’s portrayed as a health aide/companion, I think she is ghostwriting Yo’s books. And her latest blog.
      Yolanda doesn’t necessarily have the best picker when it comes to friends, “doctors,” and apparently, husbands.

  6. Rose

    Kathryn is cray cray. Rinna really put it out there on Yo.

  7. Dandy Lion

    I am beyond over Katherine. She proved to be rude, phony and skirting responsibility.

    • Pip

      I totally agree, Dandy Lion. Katherine has come on way too strong. I’m not a fan. I also get the feeling there is unresolved tension between her and Rinna. She keeps throwing these eating disorder comments out there… She’s looking for a fight.

  8. BKSweetheart

    Yeah I was trying to give Kathryn a chance but that b*tch is cray. And whack to boot. Way too aggressive. She might be on those roids.. Just saying. Her arms are pretty buff.

    I actually felt a little sorry for Erika this episode. She was trying to be nice to everyone and they acted a damn fool in her place. I wonder how it would have gone down if Yo had have been there.

    And damn Rinna! Dropping all kind of bombs. But then she backed off and said LVP made her do it. Sigh.

  9. Lisaj

    Lisa R and Eileen blew me away tonight and Eileen’s blog OMG bragging she knew about the others speaking of Munchausen, floored. I don’t trust Eileen, she’s bothersome and out of touch for me. Can’t wait for the reunion.

    • Minky

      Yeah, I never had any opinion of Kathryn, but getting attacked on social media is no good. I tried to look at Yolanda’s IG and it looks like she’s deleted all of her posts. It’s all so silly. People don’t just watch TV to kick back and enjoy the show anymore. They feel like they have a right to lecture someone they don’t know and will never meet. SMH.

      • Jaana

        Yolanda might have blocked you LOL

      • Lime Brain

        She’s changed her instagram page to Yolanda Hadid. If you go to her Twitter page and click on the links for her pictures, one of them will eventually take you there. I’m pretty sure all her old pictures are there.

      • tbk

        Changed her IG to Yolanda Hadid.

      • tamaratattles

        Minky, someone emailed me about Yo’s social media disappearing the other day. Turns out she just changed the name to remove the last name Foster. Some how that caused her to have one empty Instagram account which has not been deleted last I saw. I have a feeling that Yolanda’s name change is more about the divorce agreement in which Yolanda needs to stop using his name and stop talking about him, (I would suppose, I have not seen any divorce materials) than about latching on to her kids or some combination of both. But this whole Hadid not Foster thing began with the divorce negotiations.

      • Sequoia

        I have a different take on the name change to Hadid. Remember when Kris Jenner was going to change her name back to Kardashian in order to cash in on her more famous daughters last name. Well, Yolanda has two famous daughters, both of who’s fame are on the rise. I think Yolanda just wants to trade on the name of her famous daughters.

      • Minky

        Thank you for clearing that up Tamara. This all had me thinking that Kathryn and Yolanda were the first in a spate of Housewife IG deletions.

        @Jaana I wish my life were interesting enough to warrant an instagram account. But sadly no. All I do is work, sleep, laundry, eat, bathe, despair, and repeat. Ha haaaaa! I don’t do twitter or any of the other social medias for the same reason. TT’s place is the only one for me. She has my loyalty.

        I was naively surprised by the number of celebrities who have IGs. A lot of former models. And they’re all basically the same. Fabulously staged photos that look like an issue of Town & Country. Go figure.

    • Matzah60

      So glad to read that I am not alone in my dislike and distrust for Eileen. Every episode she has some sort of mediation with one of the ladies. She beats every subject to death. She is incapable of letting go of things. She is irritating and inflammatory herself, but is so self-righteous that she is incapable of seeing her own messy behavior.

      Rinna is a huge yenta. Her nasty remarks through the season about Kim whether in her talking heads or in front of Kyle make her sound much more “insane” than she claims Kim to act. Her interaction with Jenny McCarthy on her podcast talking about strap-one was crass to me. While Erika is a little out of my comfort zone, I don’t find her crass as I do when I listen to the stream of trash that spews from Rinna’s potty mouth.

      • Sylvia

        I don’t care for Eileen either. She’s a tv soap opera actress who is used to be dramatic and playing crazy roles and her inter-actions with LVP recently have been almost funny they were so immature. I can’t stand the holier-than-thou, know-it-all attitude. She is way out of her league with these gals except for Rinna and they are like two peas in a pod, but now she is backing away from Rinna which might be for real or for a production storyline. I don’t care why. I find them both tiresome. Rinna, with her constant laughing at her self like she is just sooo funny is not watchable any longer and her Brandi impression at the beach where she blamed her actions on LVP was unbelievable. “LVP manipulated and used me”. Oh please! LVP might be the queen of shit-stirring as some believe, but she makes no one do anything. These pathetic women jump like dogs for bones hoping for camera time and getting a pat on the head from her for being a good girl. But, as LVP says, “I don’t like Bitches”…..Rinna is not the brightest pup in the litter because she does just come out with the damndest things like about Yolanda. She puts way too much time into trying to figure out other people’s lives. Her vulgarity at the dinner table was very low class. Like so many others I was shocked at the behavior of most of the women that night. Who does that? Was Andy in the background clapping like a happy seal every time one of them ranted, cussed or made a complete ass of themselves?

        No doubt Tom has clients/friends who watch the show out of curiosity and it was obvious he did too little, too late and if LVP had not left, it might have continued on longer. He was belittled in his home in front of cameras by a bunch of women and Ken, telling him he was ‘just’ a lawyer, not a judge – omg, Tom was getting so red in the face I thought a stroke might be forthcoming.

        That’s the second time I have seen him shut Erika down when she tries to speak when he is speaking. The other time was when they were at David and Yolanda’s discussing David’s trip to Italy. It’s obvious she pays a high price to be in her position leading her double life. One she had to know about up front and accepts because to her the perks(rolling in cash) far outweigh the public admonishment from her husband.

        Kathryn? Wow, what she said to Erika at the table about ‘that’s on you’ when Erika said she thought they were having a private conversation that day she talked about LVP was really super bitchy and classless. She brings nothing to the show.

        I love coming here to catch up because I find that putting the show on mute and brushing my Maine Coon girl is more interesting these days. Actually, I put the show on mute a lot as well as the Atlanta show because the shrill screaming and cackling really does bother/scare the furbutts!

      • Matzah60

        Wow, I love what you wrote and cosign on every single thing you said. Never thought about how Tom felt humiliated in front of the camera in his own home no less.

        As for the way he chided Erika, I found that very belittling. I had an ex who would do that. He would be telling a story about us/something in common over dinner with friends and if I interjected a comment, he would stop cold in his tracks like Tom and say verbatim, “Excuse me, but who’s telling this story?” I used to cringe with embarrassment (No more).

        I am sure Erika had a very lengthy pre-nup plus some formal ‘rules of engagement’ as to her role in Tom’s home, her physical image, her duties, consequences, and the like. Their age difference is so extreme that for me, it is equivalent to the age difference between my youngest son and myself, 36 years. He displays no PDA with Erika and even his hug is tentative along with his kiss on the cheek to her. I would say that both of them double lives and seldom do their two lives intertwine, at least as it’s portrayed on the show.

        Kudos to your post, Sylvia. So well said!!

      • Minky

        I really need to start watching again. The image of Rinna and Eileen in my mind is the same as the one I had from last season.

        Re: Erika’s marriage. You know why they say? When you marry for money you’ll earn every cent.

      • Matzah60

        @Minky, Never heard that expression, but love it. It says everything!

      • Sylvia

        Thank you for the kind words, Matzah60 :) Glad to read the word EX because no one, even Erika, deserves to be embarrassed like that in front of people. I knew someone similar way back when who did it to me in a milder form and yes, he was a lawyer and the marriage lasted barely a month. When I discovered what an ass he really was i was outta there.I was 27 and he was 47.

        I do agree that Erika probably had a ream of to do’s and to don’ts in a pre-nup with Tom. I am sure having a sit down caterwauling dinner was not in the to do list :) You can just tell that he is not the type of man to create ill will with, but I also think he doesn’t give a second’s thought to any of those people that were there and has probably instructed Erika on how to handle future acquaintances as far as bringing them into ‘the home’. And, since he and David seem to be good friends, it will be interesting to see how often she and Yolanda get together in the future as Yo’s public persona becomes more unraveled.

      • tamaratattles


        How fortunate we are to have you here. Married to an older man at 27. YOUR MARRIAGE WAS EXACTLY LIKE ERIKAS! YOU WERE MARRIED FOR ALMOST A MONTH! CONGRATS!

        Please explain to us how a woman who has been in a happy marriage for 16 YEARS must feel. You must have been BLINDSIDED that your husband, a Lawyer! could have had expectations about his marriage. And of course YOUR expectations were EXACTLY THE SAME As Erika’s because EVERYONE WANTS THE SAME THING IN LIFE. And despite the fact that Erika appears to be really happy and bemoans to Kyle that she is angry that people came into her house and disrespected her man, as well as her was not something that he allows is a fucking reason for a MARCH ON WASHINGTON! Perhaps You, dear Sylvia can have her marriage annulled by Obama! Because you know that she was emabarassed by her husband (and not her guests). ROFLMAO. “He did it to me in milder forms” He should have done it in much harsher forms. Please, after the forty five minute conversation about how Erika’s 16 year marriage is just like your 48 hour one is just the same thing, don’t forget to point out you know the pre-nup they freely negotiated ahead of their union.

        You go girl. You can SAVE ERIKA from her 16 year marriage.

        I’ll wait…

  10. lauraannb

    Maybe Kathryn speaks loudly because she’s hard of hearing? Just a thought.
    I just can’t stand that she’s being threatened on social media. What is wrong with people?
    I still think Tom Girardi might have a very short fuse.

    • Laura true. I’ve broken ear drums my hearing is horrid and can be loud. I hear myself differently now. It’s weird.
      She still should not share conversations.

    • Sylvia

      This is a response to Tamara – you completely mis-read my meaning in the first paragraph. While i did mention Erika’s name, my response was for Matzah60 and her ‘ex’ and the way she was treated and that my experience was not as nasty as what she went through. The attorney wording was just that. He was an attorney and he was an ass. No reference to Tom at all. I had/have nothing to say about their marriage nor would i other than about a pre-nup which i know nothing about. Just assuming.

      i certainly got on your cutting edge tonight. Obama? Wow…back into the shadows I go………..and not Slyvia, Sylvia.

      • Matzah60

        Sylvia, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I don’t see any way in which you compared your marriage to Erika’s. The discussion we were having was about controlling husbands, controlling lawyers and in my case a controlling Doctor.

        I think it was Erizku who said Tom acted like he was holding court at dinner. It may fly in the courthouse or with his clients, but it doesn’t fare well in a marriage.

        Tamara, a 15 year marriage doesn’t indicate a good or loving marriage, just a marriage of length. I know plent of people including myself that were in much longer marriages who have lived in quiet desperation waiting for their children to go off to college. There are also plenty of marriages of convenience. For starters, one can look at Bill and Hillary Clinton. He was and is a serial cheater. Ed are dell, a good friend of Clinton’s stayed in a marriage for almost three decades. When he left politics, the two of them also ended their marriage.

      • tamaratattles

        I didn’t misread your comment at all. Both You and Matzah are judging Erika’s marriage based on your own experiences. You both seem to think that all marriages have the same terms and agreements. In some lifestyles, that is hashed out a head of time and everyone agrees on the parameters rather than just getting married and hoping it all works out. You both seem extremely naïve to what goes on in the world. Which is understandable.

        As someone who has been single in the world and encountered a myriad of different relationship possibilities, and had some insight into several different kinds of marriages, I find you both extremely naïve and judgmental. But that is the thing about judging. You can only judge from what you know, and within your realm of experiences, what you are seeing, a happy 16 year marriage, makes no sense. Because you had shitty ones, and are projecting that experience on to Erika. I see something totally different.

  11. iloveearlgrey

    Wow. I think Lisa Rinna always gets right to the issue with everyone. She is one smart cookie when it comes to figuring people out. She called it with Kim and she’s calling it with Yolanda now. I loooooved her this episode.

    • lauraannb

      Totally agree. Lisa R. seems very intuitive.
      Everyone’s upset about Kathryn repeating something said, but maybe Erika should never have bad mouthed LVP in the 1st place? I mean she barely even knew her.

      • jb44

        I am so over most of these housewives. I get why Erika is upset with Kathryn telling Lisa V. what she said, but, come on, Lisa was going to see it for herself when it aired. It is clear to me Erika has been listening to Yolanda and came on the show disliking Lisa from the start. She never wanted to be her friend. For Lisa R. to say that Lisa V. put her up to commenting about Munchausen is laughable. There was no gun to her head and no blackmailing involved. In the same conversation, Lisa R. went on to criticize Yolanda’s own manipulation. I am sure she wanted to bring up the Munchausen and was glad to hear Lisa V. tell her to go ahead and bring it up. Lisa R. wants to own what she said in one breath and put the blame on others in her next breath. She wasn’t thrown under the bus, she got under it herself.

      • Matzah60

        I agree with you, lauraannb. Kathryn is invited to Erika’s home to box and they chat about becoming friends; more so on the part of Kathryn. That is not an invitation for Erika to talk on camera for any cast mate to see or to insult another cast mate who will ultimately see that she said it to Kathryn. Not to mention, as lauraannb aptly stated that the two of them hardly know each other. You don’t use your first visit forming a friendship to slam someone (a sniper….who leaves no fingerprints) to someone you literally don’t know or barely know. It was an odd statement to make on their first one on one visit. It clearly made Kathryn uncomfortable as she was shocked at the analogy Erika made about LVP. I am not saying that LVP is or isn’t likable. I don’t care. In Kathryn’s mind, her first impression of LVP was a woman who was sweet and kind to her (watch out, Kathryn).

        The other thing that is clear is that Yolanda came on the show with several missions in mind. One was to trash LVP for Yolanda. My only bewilderment is why Yolanda invited Ken and LVP to dinner. That was odd and an unlikely coupling for the evening except for the fact that Ken is almost as old as Tom.

        I don’t know Erika’s motives for supporting Yolanda on the show, but clearly she feels it’s her duty and obligation and will slam anyone who says otherwise, including Rinna. Erika has totally changed the dynamics of the entire show. I think Erika sold her soul to the devil when she married Tom and no amount of money would make that okay for me. She is completely and utterly dutiful to Tom in so many ways.

        I like Kathryn when I view her interacting with her husband. The love between the two is real. Obviously, her friendship with her three sisters is quite real as well. They are her best friends as she stated and obviously of utmost importance to her. I know of few people who speak to their siblings every day. The love they have for each other is real and perhaps, that is all Kathryn needs. That doesn’t excuse her behavior at Erika’s home at dinner, but as TT stated, she seemed to be a few sheets to the wind, “liquid courage” (I like that expression, TT. Never heard it before.) The dinner was a flop in more ways the one. The build up was just that…..empty build up. The dinner was brief, boring, and exposed Ken’s disdain for Tom, Kathryn’s disdain for Erika and Tom, and LVP’s disdain for everyone, maybe even Ken.

      • tamaratattles

        It’s refreshing to read that there are viewers out there that still just watch this show and follow the editing by production to a T. It let’s me see how the normies who just watch the show and don’t read about it on social media are being led.

        Of course I have an entirely different perspective. But it’s interesting to remember that many others, the majority of viewers in fact, follow the garden path.

      • sandra

        Tamara, There are too many weeds in my garden path.

      • tamaratattles


  12. redbluegreen

    TT are you into the whole dom/sub thing? I get major bdsm vibes from you. you seem especially titillated by Erika and Tom’s relationship. inquiring minds want to know…

  13. Thanks for the recap, TT!
    First, was really disgusted that we were subject to all those promos of Tom throwing someone out, and then it was all a joke. Sheesh.
    Ken is really getting senile. Was Giggy there? I hope not.
    I was team Rinna, tonight. Kathryn is horrible. What she did was malicious. I am predicting this is her first and last season. Erika was right to be pissed, but still, it was stupid of her to say those things about LVP on camera. Lisa V would have eventually seen the episode and knew what she said anyway. I hope that Lisa V and Erika find a way to be friends, but I doubt that is possible with Yolanda in the picture. Eileen is mad that Rinna doesn’t dislike Lisa V as much as Eileen does. (rolls eyes). Rinna calling Yolanda out on the dinner party no show was great and she was right on about Yolanda being the biggest manipulator of them all. Tom makes me cringe–still the women behaved horribly and should apologize to Erika, Tom, and the hard working chefs in the kitchen.
    I am guessing they had to film that night because of Tom’s schedule.
    The house building was great, except Mauricio didn’t take his shirt off. :(

  14. Margarett

    Goodness gracious, I don’t blame Erica for not wanting to “do that again”.

    Rinna had a great line when she warned Kathryn that she “had glassware”.

  15. BeetsWhy

    Now this is the second reality show that has mentioned pickleball! Just Jiilian. I’m guessing it’s a real sport?

    • Karen

      I heard whiffleball, something I used to play as a kid, but with a baseball bat not a tennis racket. Perhaps I misheard.

      • Jim

        You misheard. Wiffle ball is the same as baseball except with a plastic bat and a hollow ball with holes in it so it doesn’t fly far. They were clearly playing a type of tennis with a similar hollow ball.

    • kendrawm

      We have pickleball leagues here where I live. It is run through the rec department and it is very popular.

  16. KIR

    Lines in the sand have literally been drawn. I want to like Erika. I love shiny new sparkly objects. BUT what’s the difference between Katheryn running back to Lisa and Erika running back to Yolanda? Katheryn annoys the f*ck out of me so it pains me make a point in her favor.
    On another note – why are people questioning a relationship between Yo and Daisy? Because two grown women are living under the same roof? Presumably Daisy is a paid nurse and even if she isn’t she’s a friend or companion. For that to be a a reason to assume they are gay or in a “relationship” or whatever is so 1970’s.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh I think it is very 2016. “Daisy” has no medical training or even a home health care certification. She’s a former prostitute who Yolanda claims to have known for a long time. She is not simply “living under Yolanda’s roof” she goes with her everywhere, cooks and cleans, answers her door and phones, plays along on camera, organizes her many “binders full of women” hugs her whackadoodle doctors and is at her beck and call 24/7. I don’t find people’s wondering out of the question.

      • I think, with the proper financial reward, Daisy will be what ever Yolanda wishes her to be.

      • Jim

        AND Daisy made a latte because Kyle wanted the same thing that Yolanda was drinking even though she was only offered a coffee. If you watch that scene, you can see Daisy’s discomfort with being confused for the “help”, lol.

  17. How many times has Erika run her pussy pattin’ ass straight over to Yolanda with the tea? Sucks don’t it, girl?

  18. How many times has Erika run her puss pattin’ azz over to Yolanda’s to give her the tea? Sux don’t it, girl?

  19. susan

    If bossy Tom spoke to me that way there’d be nothing pleasant about that spanking

    • Margarett

      I don’t know, Susan. Seems to me that in every relationship those involved negotiate their own boundaries . I could tolerate my husband telling me to “hold on a minute” while he finished what he was saying. Well, I would unless he was saying something insulting about me…we don’t do that to each other in this house. 😉

      • Something Clever

        While I agree with you in general, in Tom’s case, I was put off by his tone and word choice, he treated her very much like a child. I would have felt humiliated in her place, and there would have been a heated argument later.

      • tamaratattles

        Good thing you are not married to Tom then. I find him more fabulous than Erika. Your thoughts that he treated her like a child are naïve.

  20. Katherine 2.0

    Yea, Kathryn was obnoxious at dinner. I agree with TT that she probably had some liquid courage prior to the event in order to play her part. But somewhere in this argument, the women lost track of the fact that Erika was throwing some serious shade LVP’s way. If you don’t want something like that repeated, don’t say it to someone you barely know. Especially when it was obvious that Kathryn liked LVP.

    What made her think that Kathryn would keep that to herself? They were not friends. Kathryn was put off by Erika’s assessment of LVP. It showed on her face when Erika INTERRUPTED her to disagree with Kathryn that LVP was “sweet.” I was a bit disappointed that Kathryn caved so easily when confronted by Eileen and Erika. She could have said, why did you feel the need to talk about someone we both just met when we haven’t yet established a friendship? A friendship that Erika claims needs time to grow.

    Talk about manipulation – we all know how much this show is manipulated by producers. And if these women feel so easily molded by LVP, then maybe they need to look in the mirror and figure out why they are so weak willed that they act contrary to their own values. Better yet, just admit they wanted to stir some shit and call it a day.

  21. Jaded

    I don’t understand why it was OK for LVP to drill Eileen on the “affair” then deny selling her then say she meant “love affair” and then be mad at Erika for saying LVP spins webs.

    • Swizzle

      No kidding. Classic LVP. I’m kind of bored or these HWs who have two sets of rules. How about treat others like you want to be treated.

  22. CoBe

    Rinna redeemed herself!! Yay, Rinna!! Get ’em gurl! When she pulled that picture of Yolanda out, my mouth dropped open. Great full makeup, fully dressed photo of Yo, as opposed to the FaceTime hours (minutes?) later from Yo. Even giving Yo EVERY benefit of the doubt, wouldn’t she FaceTime Erika before taking off her makeup and clothes? That was just awesome. I hope David’s lawyers are rewinding that scene over and over again and high-fiving each other.

    I guess Karma was sick of Yo using it’s name over and over again without repercussions.

    Erika also looking pretty good. She may just be the new HBIC if she keeps this up. She just needs to get out from Yolanda’s clutches. My only beef with her is that it is OBVIOUS she sees what is up with Yolanda (watch her facial expressions when Yo pulls her bullshit), but she doesn’t want to go there. I guess because it is a treacherous path to go down, but I respect bravery.


    LVP comes out neutral. I don’t see any problem with her saying to Rinna to bring up the Munchies. I actually find it more likely PRODUCTION asked LVP to bring it up, she said she couldn’t because of her friendship with Mohamed, and passed the storyline on to Rinna. I see none of this as a problem. I don’t understand why everyone tiptoes about. Yolanda is off her rocker, we all see it, and all of these women (except FINALLY Rinna) are pretending the issue doesn’t exist.

    I was not, however, impressed with LVP AT ALL when she started hounding Erika alongside Kathryn. It actually reminded me of when Kyle and Kim were both pointing at Brandi at game night so long ago. Having two assholes ganging up at one time is exponentially tacky. LVP had a chance to sit this out and didn’t handle it well at all. If she has any self awareness, she will apologize for this instead of try to defend herself. But I fear she will just make it worse for herself.

    Kathryn is just an obnoxious asshole. I wouldn’t want her anywhere near my home and I don’t blame Tom G for being upset with his wife for inviting her. Marriage is about mutual respect and each spouse or partner should be really concerned with protecting the home for the other. I don’t think Erika was at fault as she had a natural expectation that these women would behave like people instead of like animals, but I do understand Tom’s aggravation.

    Eileen just gets worse and worse. Yuk. How can someone be both boring and irritating at the same time? Congrats, Eileen, you accomplished the impossible. Her blog was laughable. Pretending she had this “secret information” about LVP? Eileen, we ALL already knew. It’s not like a state crime to try to rally people to your side.

    I’m looking forward to the Dubai trip. I think it’ll be fabulous. I hope these awful bitches can keep their yappers shut for long enough for Dubai to impress.

    Why do I feel like it’s not going to happen?

  23. mary

    I don’t care for Kathryn since the beginning. That whole “I’m a Midwestern girl with Midwestern values” just seemed disingenuous.
    Rinna- that shit – stirrer taking the heat off herself & now having the focus on LVP & Kyle.
    I think Rinna’s big mouth got her exposed. Kyle & LVP are smarter than to say what they really think about Yolanda health issues.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I keep wondering if she means LVP and Kyle told her to bring up the Munchausen IN THE SCENE WE ALL SAW where she divulged to them that she had participated in gossip. I’m sure she’d like us to believe this was some off-camera scheme, and she’s not *technically* lying, because they did tell her to bring it up to Yolanda…

  24. Fab recap as usual! (Also the WWHL Kim Richards – I tried to watch and just couldn’t finish – so thanks for that one too. :( )

    I kinda like this entire cast and its dynamic. Erika Jayne has been a GREAT addition – on par with the Kenya Moore HBIC move. Kathryn? Not so much, but think it IS important to have some like her in the mix. I forgot to post on the blog about her deleting social media that I still feel sympathy that she was filming a lot of this while going through her young nephs tragic death back home. I agree with TT that she seemed fortified by alcohol, but also agree that some of her loudness may be the hearing loss?

  25. Alyssa

    @frenchpoodlename (there was no reply bottom under the comment)
    I am happy you don’t understand the full nature of abuse, unfortunately I do. Abuse comes in MANY varieties, both physical and mental, and yes, that is how men operate as well. Mental abuse is absolutely something men are capable of. I am not the biggest fan of LVP, but you should not judge anybody who says they have been abused. That is called victim shaming/ blaming and it perpetuates the stigma people feel and why it is so difficult for victims to seek help. Please think about this.

    • tamaratattles

      Agreed Alyssa, frenchpoodle’s comment was unenlightened and offensive.

      • frenchpoodlename

        My point was that Lisa was dismissive about “previous abuse”, thereby trivialising both abuse and Eileen’s sharing. Varieties of abuse are financial, psychological, social (as with Erica and husband), physical. As Lisa married young, her abusive relationships were of necessity, short, and tangential.

      • tamaratattles

        You should probably stop talking about abuse in general. Your belief that Erika is abused is based in ignorance. Your categories of abuse as necessary abuse, short abuse and tangential abuse, not to mention YOUNG ABUSE, make me literally sick to my stomach.

        DO SHUT THE FUCK UP and move on to another topic. This is your only “gentle suggestion.”

  26. Thank you, Lisa Rinna for your honesty!

  27. CoBe

    Anyone have a screen shot of that IG photo?

    Asking for a friend . . .

  28. Something Clever

    Tamara, I love your blog. And I’m so glad that you are covering RHOBH again!

    I am enjoying Erika and am pleased that she handles herself well, especially with LVP. It was very smart of Erika to separate out her conflicts with LVP and Kathryn and not engage them at the same time. Erika’s husband is not one of my favorite housewife husbands, though, as he has treated his wife with disrespect more than once in front of the cameras. She is more like his employee than life partner.

    LVP has become a villain to me – her manipulation has been quite obvious since the VPR spin off, especially when it was introduced by the Brandi/Scheana summit meeting, and looking back at season 1, remember how LVP was mostly shown at home, cooking in diamonds and high heels, with minimal views to her professional life in comparison? I think she spent the first season crafting a warm, caring image, and subsequent seasons have revealed how shrewd she really is. Her MO is to take a newbie under her wing, whom she can direct. She did this with Brandi. Lisa Rinna admitted that she played along, and I think we will see, eventually, that Kathryn is another puppet. And LVP *never* shows any real stress or trouble in her life on TV. She is always in control. Her story lines involve cuddly creatures and showing fake concern for her cast mates, which really serves to keep the salacious attention on her cast mates. Like when she deliberately mentioned rumors of Mauricio’s affairs in Kyle’s kitchen – it was a provocation thinly disguised as concern. Same thing with repeatedly asking about Kim and her addiction. Deflect, deflect, deflect.

    Rinna is another queen of deflection. She excels at playing warm and cute, but she has no story line. She gets waxed on national tv. She freaks out about her daughter’s tonsils. She is sad about getting rid of a swing set. Seriously? But she reliably stirs the pot about others – her story line is to ride the coattails of other story lines. She is one of LVP’s flying monkeys. People, she smashed a wine glass on the table in a restaurant in Amsterdam – glass shards flying everywhere – and NO ONE batted an eye about her behavior. How does she get a pass so easily?

    • Mlnc

      When Rinna orders the talk regarding her eating habits or “eating disorder” to stop she becomes very aggressive. So I do not understand her lack of awareness when it comes to her instigating and lack of censorship when it comes the other women’s sensitive topics.

      • tamaratattles

        You lost me at “very aggressive” and after that nothing made any sense.

      • Mlnc

        I could just see it differently, but Rinna jumped on Katherine in Erika’s living room when they were offered food and Katherine jokingly said “she doesn’t eat”. Rinna said she was going F en hit her in the face, and don’t bring it up ever again. When Kim R. asked Lisa to not bring up her addiction problems again, she just would not drop it.

      • tamaratattles

        Perhaps you are watching a different show in your viewing area.

      • RubbishHousewife

        I can understand why she would be “aggressive”. I’m fat compared to a BH woman, I’m “skinny” in the eyes of lots of women I encounter who think it’s just fine to tell me I need feeding up (it’s always women, innit?). I’m just a fairly average looking person who does lots of exercise and physio, but likes pies and cakes. And steak, and luverly, luverly mashed potato….mmm, mashed potato. Anyway, if the intrusive crap I encounter whenever a certain kind of woman sees me eat is anything to go by, someone with a figure like Rinna is probably heartily chuffed off any time anyone mentions food to her.
        Am commenting purely on recaps as we are about 5 episodes behind here, so forgive me if I’m talking out of my arse, but anything less than a big feck off is a very reasonable reaction in my eyes.
        I am so far into spoilers with this blog that I am questioning why I even watch tv at all. If you were to start recapping Sherlock, Dr Who and Happy Valley, Tamara, I’d probably give up telly entirely.

    • I don’t think LVP is a villain but I do believe she tries to control things to her benefit. I’m not sure what is so wrong with that. The only one I’ve seen her really throw under the bus has been Yolanda, and since I can’t stand Yolanda so I’m glad. I wouldn’t want to tangle with LVP.

      • tamaratattles

        I agree, lsb, and I don’t think anything is wrong with that, in fact I think it is great for the show to have a fantastic manipulator. My personal issue is with the LVP fans who just see puppy dogs and swans and think she is faultless and even at times a victim.

    • Something Clever

      LSB40, I don’t necessarily fault LVP for being manipulative, but I dislike very much how she plays the victim when someone else calls her out on her shit. She is such a gas lighter, then puts on a pity party for herself. Like with Eileen. She deliberately brought up a delicate subject, and Eileen gave her many nonverbal cues that screamed don’t go there, but LVP acted innocent and even offended when privately confronted later. And LVP does her own confrontations in front of groups. She plays very dirty, and I don’t like it.

  29. JustJenn

    TT…THANK YOU! I was having such major withdrawls from the lack of RHOBH on this site, which I know wasn’t your thank you!

    I don’t like Erika much anymore. She came for LVP with little cause. Maybe she’s under the influence of Yolanda, but claiming to not watch the show and just coming right for LVP with little to no reason makes her seem way less authentic to me.

    Kathryn needs to go. I don’t like her at all and she always seems so out of place and for the love of God can she please take Yolanda with her? If I see another sick selfie day I’m going to scream.

    Btw, and kinda off topic, how do Erika and and Yolanda know that Yolanda is going to have a good selfie day at the reunion and will be able to take the other ladies on? Are they psychic?

  30. WhyOWhy

    I pretty much agree with most of the comments here and have nothing additional to add EXCEPT…

    Did anyone else notice or pay attention to shirtless Donnie when he was trying on clothes? Mauricio has hot housewives husband competition…

    • Matzah60

      YES. I find Donnie charming, well-spoken, soft-spoken, humble, and quite handsome. He has the whole package!!

  31. kimbo

    If Erika wanted so badly for Lisa V friendship, why all the nasty talk about her then? She is the biggest fake

    • tamaratattles

      Who said she wanted to be her friend? What she said was that Kathyrn had destroyed the possibility for a positive relationship with Erika. Erika will never be friends with any of these women. Erika has her husband’s professional relationship to maintain. This show is her playground for Erika Jayne. If it begins to impede on the life of Erika Girardi, then she will no longer be allowed to play. She’s not on the show to make friends. Yolanda is not her friend. Yolanda got the role of “person who introduced Erika to the show.” She can have “Hollywood friendships” with these women, but they will not be kiki-ing with Erika by her pool off camera. Ever.

      • kimbo

        Goddamn if you don’t like someone why be fake to their face? What Katherine described was a lot nicer than what Erika was implying. She wasn’t too smart to say those things to someone who she didn’t know too well or cared for

    • Totally coming from my own fantasy world, but I think Erika came on to do Yolanda’s battle against LVP. When she met Lisa V and then went to dinner with her husband and Lisa and Ken, her husband liked Lisa and she realized she did too. By then, though, it was too late. She seemed really regretful at the house painting day that she burned that bridge with Lisa V. Will be interesting to see if she can find a way to mend that bridge.

      • lauraannb

        Good point, lisamia

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        lisamia I didn’t even think what Erika was saying about LVP was necessarily bad. I thought she was saying it with – not quite admiration – but respect? Hopefully when LVP sees it herself she’ll think the same because I want these two to be allies.

      • Do think that Tom got very angry with Erika when he realized what she had done. LVP does seem to be very well connected. Also after watching how he treats Erika I couldn’t help but to think that they may have a 50 shades of gray thing going on? Okay, now I have to go throw up!

      • tamaratattles

        Why would other people’s marriages being different from your make you need to throw up? Did you enjoy the book?

  32. I wish that Erika and Kathryn had better recall when it comes to their shit talking and the repeating of said shit talking. At no point did I hear Erika mention any word about a “web” or “spinning of any web”. Erika said LVP was “like a sniper, who shoots from the side”, sheesh ladies, get your shit talking straight. Either way, Kathryn is still an asshole and acted like one again at dinner. I loved when Tom asked, quite seriously “Does this always happen?”when listening and trying to follow the bickering.

    What I hate about this Erika/Kathryn/LVP storyline is the sides that LVP feels hurt or betrayed by Erika is nonsense. Lisa isn’t offended by the web comment one bit. In fact, I think she takes it as a compliment, she seemed to be agreeable to being compared to an alligator by Tom. Granted, he said it to her face…..Or maybe she likes alligators more than spiders.

    • kimbo

      Of course Lisa was offended. She had just met Erika and thought they were going to hit it off after ye dinner and then all of a sudden hear that she’s being talked about for no reason???….

  33. iloveearlgrey

    If we’re following the show as a show, then Kathryn is annoying for telling LVP about what Erika said. I think her sole reason for doing that was to get closer to LVP. However, if we are being realistic, I think Kathryn told LVP because she knew it was caught on camera and would probably be out there anyway, so why not cause some drama for the show and bring in another plot?

    This season is my favorite. I’m enjoying all the ladies. Erika is by far the best addition to any Bravo show in the history of Bravo shows.

  34. Karina

    I’m team leopard and liked how Lisa R. told Kathryn at the table that she talks too much and doesn’t let anyone else get a word in and a few other things she said that should have put her in her place. I would never ever repeat something bad that someone said about someone else because it causes hurt feelings and problems. Who wants to be the master of that? Not me. Last night I searched the twitter timeline for RHOBH and saw that Kathryn is still defending herself and she tweeted that she doesn’t point fingers in people’s faces when she’s trying to talk and that it was disrespectful of Erika to do that. Honestly if it were me in that situation with Kathryn I would have completely lost it and probably would have poked her but good. She was coming off so innocent like she couldn’t do anything wrong. Nothing good will ever come out of hurting someone and telling them something mean someone said about them. That to me is more offensive, childish and a miscarriage of justice than Erika taking one cheap shot at LVP. The damage Kathryn did spread wide and far and upset the apple cart and I don’t like people who do that.

  35. Pitypat

    Why is everyone kissing the old goat, Tom’s ass at dinner? He was a terrible host and shushed several of the women, including his bimbo wife.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      He was SO rude! People have their panties in a bunch about Kathryn saying “I’m not finished” when Tom tried to interject, but he did this SEVERAL times! To Kathryn, LVP and Erika. Ick!

  36. The best part of the episode was seeing that Yolanda’s afternoon with Brandi & Kim R ended up on the cutting room floor!

  37. Mousie

    folks, what is up with this Kathryn chick…SHE seemed bipolar at that dinner!!!

  38. If I was Erika, I wouldn’t ever invite these people (I’m not even going to say ‘ladies’ because they don’t warrant the word, and that includes Ken, since he’s really LVP’s lady-in-waiting) to my house ever again. What an embarrassment for her and Tom. Good lord, they all sit down to this fabulous food, and the word ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ is bandied around, right there at the dinner table. In my neck of the woods, this is just not done. Who wants to be eating and hear the word ‘shit’? Not me, it’s crass and uncouth, and trashy. And all the yelling and talking over each other, and overt disrespect to the hosts, who were providing this fabulous dinner… what the hell? Do they even know what MANNERS are? Save all that shit and fuck talk for after dinner drinks, which no one had since it was obvious, Tom and Erika couldn’t wait for them to ALL leave. All things considered, Erika and Tom handled themselves with aplomb. It’s true, money can’t buy you class.

    • janet

      I agree. You dont act rude and confontational and profaine, when invited to someone’s home. Its classless. I didnt care for Katheryn from the get go, with her steam roller style and trying to control the dialouge. People are entitled to their opinion, and entitled to voice their narrative as they see fit. But, Katheryn is one of those types who wants to make rules for everyone else, and exempt herself. To me she had mega bitch written all over her and shes proving Im right. I wouldnt trust her as far as I could throw her, and she is the one I find humorless I like Erika way more so far. LVP shouldn’t give much credence to stupid gossip, and get to know Erika on her own. I wouldnt trust someone repeating confidences and fanning the flames, when she doesnt know any of these women very well . Not all truth should be spoken. If you repeat something there should be a compelling good reason. There wasnt. K atheryn could have just said hey give Lisa a chance, since it was on camera. Or said not everyone likes everyone. But shes a snake in the grass, and unfortunatly too many women are like this. Theyre simply too competitive to be a genuine friend..

  39. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Anyone else keep flip-flopping on Erika? One episode I love her, the next I hate her! This one I love her again. I’ve never felt this way about a housewive…

  40. Mark

    Haha just watched this episode! Did anyone notice Erikas well-trained gay asking which one Lisa Vanderpump was? The brunette?

    Teehee! Like there’s A Gay in the tristate area who doesn’t know who Pinky is.

  41. swizzle

    Don’t you think that Rina during that beach conversation was insinuating exactly what TT has pointed out as a possibility with the Yolanda situation…that her whole illness is a manipulation to get more out of her divorce? I know it hasn’t come up on the show, but it felt to me like she was implying a much bigger con on Yo’s part than just sympathy.

    • Tara

      Rinna said what most of us are thinking. I jumped up and cheered for Lisa.
      Yo manipulates everything- bc everyone is giving her a “pass”
      Eileen said she is a good friend- how so? She expects so much and does not give a damn thing in return.

  42. Josie

    I get the feeling that Erica Girardi is the alter ego and the role she plays as lady of the manor and Erika Jayne her true self.

  43. Alwaysafan

    I personally am sick to death of how very hypocritical ALL these women are. One moment Erika is running to Yolanda filling her in on the Kyle & Lisa talk about Yos kids, the next she’s fuming because Kathryn ran to LVP with the spinning a web analogy. Why is it that what’s ok for one to do is absolutely condemned when another does the exact same thing? If anyone thinks the producers do not gently persuade( & by persuade I mean order because they are under contract & it is a job) the ladies to bring up certain topics then you are either niave or stupid. Lisa rinna, people pleaser? Absofrigginlutley. She basically agrees with whoever she’s conversing with, but I’m having a hard time believing that LVP told her to bring up the munchies. Rinna has had her nose in everyone’s business since her first appearance and I don’t think for one second that she needed any help in the Yolanda lies disease debacle.
    I wonder what Tom really thinks? His wife gets to play dress up ( or should I say barely dress) and strut her stuff on stage with nearly naked men so it’s not like he’s worried what effect the show might have on his business right? I wonder what he would have thought of erikas screaming barrage at Lisa rinna during her bbq/county fair party. We got to see the real Erika there I think. I don’t believe her and yo have been friends for awhile. Yo went to lunch with Brandi and Kim, & skipped erikas dinner. That shows where Yos loyalty lies in my opinion. Erika was brought on to be Yos ally during the lies gate, but I honestly don’t believe Erika would have anything to do with yo otherwise. I have a feeling this will be erikas first and last season. I’m sure her thriving music career will keep her so busy she won’t even miss the ladies.
    If Yos plan really is to take down LVP, she can give up on that dream. LVP is queen and will remain there no matter what happens. Andy has no intention of replacing her….yet. I think Kathryn was right, all the ladies are super sensitive. They ALL have talked shit about each other. Why get so miffed when one tells on the other? It’s NATIONAL TV with MILLIONS of viewers. It’s not a secret ladies!!
    I love this show and this season. Brandis gone and Her fans said without her the show would flop. we’ve had class, money, ritz, jewelry,beautiful homes, fancy dinners, some heartfelt moments, some holy shit moments and some laugh out loud moments. brandis fans were wrong. I think it’s been one of best seasons yet and I look forward to whatever is to come!

    • tamaratattles

      At one am I need shorter paragraphs. Why do you get that production makes them carry the tea, and then say “Except for Rinna”? She is their best tea runner and will be around a long time and was gifted a good seat at the reunion. I believe Rinna, Kyle and LVP were told to bring up Munchausen, by production and the old timers knew better. Rinna doesn’t give a shit. She’s not (IMO) doing it to stay on the show, she just speaks her mind and it’s kind of OBVIOUS that Yolanda’s stories don’t match up on Instagram or ON EARTH. And all of her doctors are quacks, which they would have show all three of them. Yo’s cast mates know, but who wants to say OMG, This bitch is running a major scam!? Rinna will do it. She has no fucks to give and doesn’t care.

      Tom could give a rat’s ass what Erika Jayne does on this show. If anything he bought her on to it. He loves Erika Jayne. Her only restrictions are in His house. And there is no way she is a one and done unless Tom doesn’t want her to do it anymore. I think he is fine with it or he wouldn’t have allowed it in the first place and all of y’all clutching your pearls need to get over yourselves and realize that there are many relationships that are different from yours. Your comments about I WOULD NEVER this that and the third are irrelevant. She would, as would many others and you all need to sit down and fan your conservative selves as you seem to be overheating.

      I’m not even going to discuss LVP with you because you may be a first time commenter though you may have just changed your user name. I will just suggest some reading.

      This would be a good start. Don’t miss the part about poor old Ken who just dotters about with a lap dog…or so you think.

  44. RL

    First, I’d like to say that I get Erikas marriage. When I was with my sons dad, I took care of the house, kid, and him. He took care of everything else. He was the man, and I loved it. He spoke at gatherings, and I might have a little side conversation here or there. I loved that role! Yes it is very 1950s-ish, and I was 100 percent ok with that. I didn’t want to be in charge. I feel like Erikas marriage is similar. And for it to have lasted 16 years, she seems ok with her role as the “kept” one. In today’s age, women want it be viewed as equals, and as one of my fabrogie quotes says “women weren’t meant to do everything a man can do, they were meant to do everything a man CANT DO”. Just because it doesn’t work for some women (a lot of commenters here apparently) doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others.

    Second, for what Erika said about Lisa, would it have been better for her to say Lisa is “sly as a fox” or something similar? Because that’s the impression that I got from her comment. She didn’t come across rude about it. She came across as just having an observation.

    And last but not least….. Am I the only one that gets an Aviva vibe from Kathryn?

    • CoBe


      I agree with you re: Erika and Tom.

      I don’t remember exactly where I read this story, but it was about a woman complaining about Japanese culture. She went on and on about how traditional Japanese women were expected to walk ten feet behind their husbands.

      She noticed there was an older Japanese woman in the group smiling to herself. When she demanded an explanation as to why Japanese women allowed this in their culture, the Japanese woman smiled and said “We have to walk more slowly because we are the ones who carry the money. It gets heavy.”

      My take on Tom “shushing” Erika is that Erika asked Tom to nail LVP to the wall. The best way to do that is to let the other person talk so you can get a good read on them. When Erika kept interjecting, she blew the dynamic out of the water. Tom was asking her to be quiet so that he could get information. That’s perfectly reasonable.

      If you notice in a group dynamic, the leader is never the one yammering. It is always the one who is calm and in control. This is why Tom considers LVP a “worthy opponent”. He was matching wits with her and it was impossible to do with Erika blathering on about some nonsense.

      I don’t know what an “Aviva vibe” is, but if it means someone who doesn’t have the brain capacity to be on a reality show, I agree. Kathryn lacks self awareness and the self control necessary to remain on a show. Rinna may lack self control (or be acting as though she does–that glass seemed like a prop glass to be honest), but she does maintain self awareness, which I think will be enough to keep her around.

    • janet

      Im not impressed with the current state of modern interaction and relationships between men and women. The sexting, secret face book accounts, internet serial daters, booty calls, friends with benefits, perennial Peter pan fussy bachelors,baby mamas, and the list goes on with the family court system. To me its never been worse for women who want a committed relationship. So much for progress. Now you’ve got to take care of yourself and hope he will stay put. Most of the single women I know cant get anyone to even move in, marriage is out of the question. So I think if you have a half ass decent husband at all, youre doing good and should consider yourself blessed. So I dont get all the I would never put up with that statements. There are no perfect people and neither are we .

  45. Matzah60

    What the hell is an “Aviva vibe”…….Aviva was fucked over by the whole cast of RHWNY. I haven’t figured out Kathryn yet, but your comment about Aviva is reckless.

  46. Matzah60

    Tamara, I actually agree with your response to Me and Sylvia. I do believe that I am very judgmental about other marriages based on my own experience. I guess that would also make me naive as well. I had a very shitty marriage. I knew when I got divorced that I would never entertain the idea of remarriage. It took me 3 years to even think about dating again. Whenever I got in a relationship that seemed to get more serious, I fled. I couldn’t handle it and I was sure the guy I was seeing was going to fuck me over again as happened in my first marriage.

    I wish I had the ability to get past that. I wish I was more open to different experiences like yourself, but recognize that my own past experiences left me in quicksand. Instead of being a life lesson, my own failed marriage has left me bitter.

    I apologize for the comments I made about Erika and Tom. I don’t know them or anything about their life. All I have seen are edited snippets of their life. Most of all, I am apologizing for being so judgmental. I have spent many hours in therapy trying to jump this fence.

  47. janet

    I dont judge Erika and Toms marriage, each to their own. My husband can come across like that at times, but what I know that others may not, is how much he loves me. When push comes to shove, I know he’s got my back. I am more comfortable in that type of relationship than the one LVP has with Ken, so I think it comes down to personality and maybe liking an alpha male type more. Nothing wrong with either one. The relationships that I cringe with, are the ones where one party either man or woman, has absolute power by use of fear and zero compassion for the other person.

  48. Lime Brain

    I’m watching a repeat of this episode before the new one begins and I just noticed something.

    When Ericka interrupted Tom while he was talking, she said, “No shit.” Then he said, “Pardon me, Ericka.”

    I think he wasn’t telling her to shut up, but rather to stop with the bad language at the dinner table.

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