Kim Richards on WWHL Recap: You Know How I Feel About You Know

WWHL with Kim Richards

Kim Richards is the poster child for liars on this episode of WWHL  I’ll warn you it is sad to watch and might make you angry. I am going to blog in honestly and be truthful about what I see. I am not going to disparage her. I am heartbroken for her. I hope you will be reasonably respectful and consider those who may read here. She is someone’s sister, mother, friend.  Thanks!

Andy expresses condolences for Monty. Andy asks how she is doing and she said she was a little nervous at first, but the family is all sticking together and supporting each other.

Andy asks how she is doing in her sobriety.  She says, “I’m doing great! I’m in recovery! I decided that the last time I shared my recovery with the world, that it became no longer mine. (snipped a nonsensical part) So this time I decided to keep it for myself. And I do share it with my children so that there worries are … that they won’t have any worries, I keep them up to date about what I am doing in my recovery. But for the public  I’ve decided that it is really not their business. ”

In my experience with people in AA they talk about it A LOT if they are successful. Meetings are mentioned, dates are mentioned, you never have to ask. It always comes up.

RHOBH Kim Richards on Dr. Phil

Andy brings up that she said that being on the show helped her at first. He so wants to believe that. Kim says that at first she felt like she had thousands and thousands of “little sponsees” because so many people told her that they were sober because of her. I don’t think anyone is sober because of her, or believed she was sober on the show. The denial and delusions are still very strong.  She talks about some AA clause saying it is not for public, radio and television. I believe that is concerning the meetings, no?

Andy plays a clip showing how much Kim Richards has been discussed on RHOBH and asks Kim the thoughts. Kim is laughing and saying that she didn’t see much of the season because she was very busy with Monty because he was very sick.  She laughs about Lisa Rinna wanting to wish her happy birthday was ridiculous. LVP called her recently to invite her to dinner. She has met Erika and Kathryn.  She just so happened to see only a tiny part of the episode where Rinna called her a vicious dog. How convenient. Raise your hand if you believe she does not watch ever second of RHOBH several times.  Kim wishes that she had not been brought up on the show at all.

Which is a good segue to her scene on the show with Kyle.  I really hate seeing Kyle so upset. And both sisters have the same weird cry voice.  Kim talks about ALL THE THINGS SHE HAS TO FORGIVE KYLE FOR which infuriates me. She is talking about when Kingsley bit Kyle’s child. She has never ever taken any responsibility for that and has only been angry with Kyle that the dog was taken away.

Kim says she won’t talk about the Target shoplifting case because “that’s a legal matter” yet she will talk about the Beverly Hills Hotel arrest which is also a legal matter. Maybe it is because of her upcoming parole review.  Which I think is at the end of this month.

"I am not struggling with my sobriety! " We saw this gesture a lot tonight. :(

“I am not struggling with my sobriety! “
We saw this gesture a lot tonight. :(

Here is how she started the Beverly Hills Hotel drama, ” You know, I drank that night, you know um , It was , No excuses it was um…and when you’re working a program, which, you know,  I wasn’t at that time, you know, I was before, I had,  you know, three and a half years coming up on, and I had a son that wasn’t well, he was, you know, had been sick , Monty was battling cancer, and no excuse,  but um, I stopped focusing on myself. I stopped taking the time for me and going to meetings because I was taking care of other people and stopped taking care of myself. (That seems like the excuse she is going to give the judge regarding her probation.)

And then the stuff on the show, Lisa Rinna accused me of um using and alcohol and drugs which you know she claimed … I hear now all this stuff about she claims, ‘She lied! She wasn’t sober for three years!’  I was sober for going on three years and a half years but then this pain pill, I said that, I took it. So about a week and a half to two weeks before the hotel I had a glass of wine with a girl friend. All this stuff in the tabloids is coming up, ‘She’s not sober it was everywhere. And I had a glass of wine with my friend. (Was it Brandi “It’s No Fun To Be Sober” Glanville ?) Just a glass of wine. At home.  And um, and then, almost two weeks later I had um, I’d been to visit my son, and then,  I went to Brooke’s home that night (At this point if you look at Andy, his eyes are red and he is crying because he understands that this story has very little truth to it and  Kim just nonchalantly said she had a glass of wine with a very loud unspoken what’s the big deal.)   and I stayed at her house  and I watched a few of the reunions cause I hadn’t watched any and I had to blog. And I was like “I can’t blog right now” ( I don’t know how to describe her affected voices for some of her statements. It seem almost joking and totally emotionally inappropriate for the topic.)  And uh, and I had a drink at her house. And I felt horribly guilty and I thought, ‘I need to go home. I like I can’t be at my daughter’s house like this. This is terrible!’  And I just had the drink so I thought I’d better go so .”

This is very sad to watch. She doesn’t seem drunk, but she doesn’t seem sober either. She is very hyper and her face and emotions don’t in any way match watch she is saying.

At this point she says that the left to go the Beverly which was only a block and a half from the hotel after consuming the one drink that had not hit her yet.  Apparently, in that block and a half she realizes that she can’t drink and drive, so she pulls in the hotel.  She is being very dramatic in her retelling with random voices and hand gestures  and clutching her heart.  She pauses the story to let Andy know she had been boycotting the hotel because of a gay issue. The hotel is/was owned by the Sultan of Brunei who had imposed Sharia law in Brunei and under the new law gay people would be stoned to death.  There were other nongay people who would be stoned to death as well, but it is important to explain to Andy, a gay man, that she had been boycotting the hotel until she got drunk and needed a place to sleep it off. Because Kim has a lot of excuses and explanations for everything. This reminds me of how guys will account for every second of their time when they are lying about where they have been. There is way too much unnecessary detail her from Lisa Rinna to the Sultan of Brunei.

The Sultan of Brunei boycott is why she didn’t know anyone there, you see. Because she had been boycotting. And it was after the 1 a.m. closing time, and even by Kim’s telling which I just can’t continue to quote if I ever want to get on to recap RHOBH tonight she walked into to a closed bar in a hotel where no one recognized her  and played the don’t you know who I am card and sat down in “her booth.” (you really need to see all the “my booth” stuff on video) The guy refused to server her because the bar was closed and threatened to call the police. She thought he was kidding. But the cops showed up and hauled her drunk ass out.

Okay, NONE OF THIS MATCHES THE Dr. Phil version AT ALL.  Stop and go read this entire blog.

Andy asks if she felt like that was her “rock bottom” again an AA term, the correct answer is yes.  Kim says, “You know, honestly, um truthfully, I was almost relieved it happened. I needed a break. I was exhausted mentally and physically, uh, I was tired. I just felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore. At that point there was too much, you know, my therapist was just, just my psychologist was like just go to a meeting. Just come see me. Come seem me everyday and get back to your meetings. I was just like no I need to go do thirty days. I just need to go! Like I needed a break. But they were all like you don’t need to do that. It’s a drink. You just had a drink. You just need to get back to your meetings and I was just like, no I need to go away for 30 days. I need a break.”


She is talking a lot. There are a lot of words coming out of her mouth and none of them are genuine. This is quite upsetting for me to watch. And physically hard to recap because she is just fast talking.

Andy asks Kim about the Season One Uncensored Episode with lots of new footage. He  says that Kyle had a viewing party that night that everyone was at. WOW! I wish they would have filmed THAT.  That aired just before Thanksgiving last year I believe.  It was the best and worst unseen footage episode ever. Andy asks if it was really awkward to watch all of that played back with Kyle there. (By “everyone” I think he means Kim an d Kyle and the families)  Kim says it wasn’t awkward. She says she is good today. She’s better now.

Apparently, Kim is still friends with Yolanda. Maybe she hovers over her death bed or her medical exam room to chat? Kim says that she has watch Yolanda suffer for years. She is clearly suffering. And once again she watches someone else bring up other people’s pain. Kim is still really pissy with Lisa Rinna.

They show a scene from tonight’s episode where Rinna thinks that Yolanda chose to film with Brandi and Kim over Yolanda.  Kim just laughs and laughs.

Andy brings up Brandi filming with her in a shirt that said, “It’s Not Fun To Be Sober.” Kim says, “Brandi doesn’t like to be sober. thanks okay?”  Kim says Brandi doesn’t drink around her. I don’t believe her. She is still a huge defender of Brandi. Despite her whole family, siblings, children hating Brandi. I’m quite sure that is the friend she drank the “glass of wine” with at her house.

RHOBH KIm Kyle Birthday

Kim filmed a scene with Lisa Rinna where she asks Rinna “why she has it out for her?” Wow.

Next we have a clip of tonight’s episode of  The Mother Daughter Experiment which I will recap tomorrow. The clip seemed to affect Kim. She says that it seemed like a fun show to do with her daughter.

Andy says she hasn’t been tweeting about turtles lately. Kim says she took a break from social media.

They play a bunch of Richards family scenes.  Andy says here is to many more beautiful memories with your family.  Kim hugs him aggressively and pretends to strangle him. That was very odd. And sad. I may have more to say in comments later. So much more to blog tonight.  Thanks for being patient and ignoring typos!


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66 responses to “Kim Richards on WWHL Recap: You Know How I Feel About You Know

  1. JoJoFLL

    Okay, Kim is lying because if the Beverly Hills Hotel called the cops, it was serious. The hotel has always been a safe haven for celebs. They aren’t going to publicly shame a celeb. Kimm has so many resources. I hope she reaches out and uses them.

  2. Amanda

    That was hard to watch. She’s definitely on something. Maybe opiates. She rambled on and on and did not own anything. It was all very awkward.

  3. Cat

    Wow, that was painful to read. Sounds like Kim has other, deeper issues. And she’s self medicating, but it’s not working. What in the world happened to her as a child? No, I don’t want to know. We (the public) don’t need to know everything.

    I wish she would let Dr. Phil (or someone NOT connected to TV) send her to one of those dual diagnosis places. She needs help beyond the substance abuse.

    I feel sorry for her, and Kyle. I’ve always thought Kyle tried so hard to help her sister. But this is too big of a problem for her.

    That’s all I’m going to say.

  4. peachteachr

    I think she must be on speed, maybe adderall. She is so thin but I didn’t get the feeling that I was watching someone on narcotics. Usually someone on big time drugs twist their mouths in a funny way, like sliding their bottom jaw sideways. I had been worried that she might have gotten into Monty’s pain meds but it didn’t look like it to me. In one of Brandi’s first episodes she accused Kim of using meth. I don’t have any knowledge about what that that looks like but she did seem to be zooming tonight.
    You hit it on the head, TT. She was very distant from the words she was saying. She’s got a lot more problems than she has answers. I am sorry to see her so divorced from reality.

    • Jim

      Adderall, thank you! Kim’s behavior is that of someone on speed not opiates or alcohol. And it’s painfully obvious that Kim still doesn’t think pill addiction is a real thing even though I’m sure that every rehab she’s been to has told her otherwise.

    • Peachteachr, hi.
      Adderall is to mild with small high for a long time user. There are better prescription meds out there. Adderall has helped many, to bad it is abused.

      I was given a script for liquid speed recently. I declined.
      If I can be offered this so can Kim.

      • Matzah60

        I agree with you @calipatti. Adderall has helped many. It is often used for treatment resistance depression. It’s a psychostimulant that can improve mood and energy, but sadly, as calipatti stated, it is often abused. Reportedly, college students are the biggest abusers of adderall. It gets a bad rap, but if administered and used properly, it can be very efficacious for someone like Kim.

  5. Lisaj

    I have staunchly defended Kim because of her disease but I can’t any longer as she’s still not in recovery, hard to believe she still can’t own her part in the process.
    Prayers for the rest of the family and shame shame on you Brandi

    • Lisaj

      I watched with my husband who’s been in recovery for 18 years and he said the same thing, you celebrate the day’s weeks months. My husband was on some serious drugs and knows nothing of Kim Richards and his response was she’s tweaking. He should know. My god I hope he’s wrong.

  6. Gracious

    I had an addict in my life for years. I always knew this person would lie about the amount of time they had sober under their belt when they would say “3”. It was always 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years. I’ve known other addicts who used the same number. Interesting that the number Kim uses is the “3”. She is clearly not ready to admit that she is an addict and is using every excuse to justify her use just like an addict who is not recovered at all. Very sad. She needs to stay out of the limelight and just get sober.

  7. Bryn

    Anyone else just wish Andy would say to her “I don’t believe you”. But instead we just watch a shit show of the same old Kim with her same old excuses. I know he’d say he is there to interview and not share opinions but gosh I wish he would just call her out on her BS. Although I highly doubt she’d change her toon. But at least it might be a tiny bit more entertaining.

    • Erica

      Thing is – it wouldn’t be entertaining, she would explode on him, and it would do nothing for her disease.

      It is one thing to ask shady questions about tax evasions, etc. (who wouldn’t?) But this – no good would come from it. I don’t think that Andy has it in him. (Lets leave the really hard line question for Anderson)

  8. Katherine 2.0

    I imagine that growing up in a “show business” family, the entire family learns early on to separate their public and private selves. That upbringing didn’t translate well to reality TV for Kim.

    Kim, forever the little trooper, is committed to preserving her public image, in spite of the fact that anyone paying the slightest bit of attention, recognizes that she is damaged, and continues to be damaged, sober or not.

    I think she knows it, too.

  9. VioletBlue

    The Mother & Daughter Experiment seemed like a FUN show to do?
    This whole interview is so very sad. I feel for the family. I have been in their shoes and it is tough to go through. She might not be drinking, but there’s no way she is working any program. I do hope this time Kim will finally “get it” because tomorrow – next week – next month – might be too late.

  10. Tp

    I don’t understand why people are still bashing her for telling us that she fell off the wagon and screwed up. I mean , it is what it is, right? She can’t hide that she was using and got caught and she’s talking to Andy about it. Yet, people are still trying to read between the lines and accuse her of being a terrible person. Why? I don’t get it. She’s an alcoholic . Why is that grounds to keep hating on her?

    • Erica

      I don’t see anyone bashing her here AT ALL, if that is what you are referring to. However, it does not help an addict to NOT acknowledge their disease and holding them accountable for the harm they have done to themselves and others.

  11. Tp

    Don’t people usually have empathy for people who are struggling with addiction? But with Kim it seems like just the opposite. It’s a sickness , why are people so hard on her?

    • Sara

      Maybe it’s because she has the resources that many people struggling with addiction don’t have. She has a family who loves her with the financial ability to pay for long term treatment.

  12. Except for those pulled over for DWI, 3 really is the “liar’s number” to law enforcement. (“A couple” is what drunks usually say.)

    The show must go on for Kim – trooper indeed. I think she’d look fabulous with a more modern/shorter hairstyle like her friend Yo, maybe? I totally get what she means about Lisa Rinna, if that’s any consolation to her, lol. I also really hope she can get the help she needs!

  13. Frosty

    That scene between Kim and Kyle last week just broke my heart.

  14. LisaPat

    I can’t believe she said that her psychologist urged her NOT to go back to rehab because she “just had 1 drink and 1 pain pill.” I cant imagine any professional on the face of the earth saying that. People are NOT hard on Kim, like I saw in a few comments. BUT they should be bc she is still not owning her behavior. Addicts cant be helped until they are honest with themselves. Kim has not learned 1 thing since we heard from her last. She cant be working a very good program and be in this much denial. She took zero accountability.

    • koko

      Not surprising as any time someone challenges her in any way, she flips out. Addicts learn how to deflect and Change the dialog away from themselves.

    • Matzah60

      Agreed, LisaPat. The problem is when Kim tries to cover up her real drinking abuse, she makes up different stories. It’s easy to remember the truth, but since she is constantly lying about whether she had a drink or not, she makes up fantastical stories like, “My counselor said you don’t have to go to rehab. Just go back to the meetings every day.” It doesn’t make sense because it isn’t true. No counselor would ever say that to Kim given her long history with alcoholic abuse.

  15. LisaPat

    HEY! I thought I would get free Windex! But clearly my thinker is busted/

    Edited by Admin

  16. BeetsWhy

    This interview had three distinctive parts to me. The pre-recap of the BH hotel incident, the BH hotel incident recap, and the post-recap of the BH hotel incident.

    In the first part Kim seemed calmer and clearer in her words and sentences and had none of the voice affectations or flailing hands. As soon as she began her recap of the BH hotel her music and you knows came out full force as did her weird voices and her hand/arm gestures never stopped, she wa manic because she was lying. The third part she was going back to normal in her responses.

    It was so strange to watch, it seems like she has made some progress but still isn’t ready to take accountability for her actions.

  17. BeetsWhy

    music = ums, I should probably proofread BEFORE submitting?

  18. Xanadude

    Oh my g-d I just realized that Brandi and Scheana, besides having the same taste in men (and the taste of a certain man in their mouth, but I digress), have the exact same approach to other peoples sobriety!

  19. Carl

    My opinion re Kim is, yes I feel sorry for her & especially her family, but to me she has a mean streak a mile long & it seems like she’s just not a nice person. Just bc someone’s ill doesn’t mean they can’t be a jerk.

  20. Aunt Sassy

    “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.” – Tradition Eleven of AA

    • So is that “Ant” Sassy, or “Ont” Sassy? 😉 😉

    • tamaratattles

      Exactly, those are like bylaws for the group. AA doesn’t run commercials. It RECRUITS BY WORD OF MOUTH. Which is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of “Keeping it private and all for myself.” It’s the exact opposite of the program.

      • Lawstangel

        “we are a program of attraction, rather than promotion…”

      • Erica

        You are so right TT. I’m not going to give too many details out of respect (and hope this doesn’t violate your rules… I know I am walking a fine line here). But a dear relative of mine is over 20 years sober… and it was a hard battle, even though he was quite young when he had his first day of sobriety. Circumstances were that he was in So. Cal, and was up for the “next available bed” in a rehab, through a court program. He ended up in one that had a number of well known people, and after that, he naturally attended AA meetings that the rehab recommended – so a number of those people were there. If she was really in recovery, she is not obligated to keep her OWN journey secret – her addictions certainly haven’t been. You are obligated to keep everyone else’s story out of your mouth, and especially in today’s world, you don’t give a miniscule hint of where and when you go to meetings to protect your fellow addicts.

        He ONLY mentions his friends who have been open in their journey (one was even his sponsor). But he once told me that I’d be surprised who he saw at meetings – people who are well known, but managed to keep their addictions out of the public eye. It is those people that need the protection. If Kim or anyone else (including Kyle attending Al-Anon, I hope) None of those attending the meetings need the paparazzi outside of the rehab or community center every day.

        But as someone who has had a loved one “make amends” by coming to her and saying “i’m sorry for ……” and NOT saying “but you did this to me….” Kim is so not working the program…..

        Anyone else notice how she even kind of blamed the show for drinking that “just one glass of wine” “because she had to blog”.

  21. I taped it, but couldn’t bring myself to watch it–just too tragic. She doesn’t sound like she’s any different from the last time we saw her. Thanks for the recap, TT. There’s not a whole lot else to say. I feel so sorry for her and her whole family.

  22. KIR

    She still does not own her behavior – Don’t they say you have to surrender to the disease and admit you are powerless? I don’t think she has done that yet (on any interviews or reality shows) – even on the mother daughter show she still doesn’t really acknowledge it. i hope she finds steady work fast – something to keep her busy. With her kids pretty much grown and no work to keep her busy or ex husband to take care of – well idle hands, devil’s playground, and all that. Fingers crossed.

  23. funkyslax

    Great recap TT and I am so appreciative of your honesty. Kim is nowhere near sober and its shocking to see her defend herself publicly time and time again. Yes I hope she gets the help she needs but to be honest, more hopeful that her family, Kyle included, are working their own programs (Al-Anon).

  24. Brittany

    First time commenting, and I just need to say, I REALLY dont think Brandi would offer her the initial glass of wine… if she really was ‘sober’ so we know that is all BS. Dont forget, Brandi has done all of this with her friend Jen, and is quite aware of the situation with her. If Kim already was drunk and Brandi gave her something… well that is what it is. But we should also remember that Kim has friends outside the show, believe it or not. I think its quite irresponsible to assume that if a “friend” offered her wine, it was Brandi. And if she says Brandi doesnt drink around her, I believe it too.

    However, she reminds me of Rinna with her mannerism’s and over exaggerated expressions, and it kept making me wonder if this is just an “actress” thing… they are void of their own feelings/expressions/emotions due to years of having to adapt to a “character”… do they not know themselves anymore? I would hate to ASSUME that just because she has substance issues that she was drunk or “on something” during this interview too. I thought physically she looked great, and when shes not doing well, I think that shows too…

    • sandra

      Why do you keep using the word offer/offered? Kim said she had a glass of wine with a friend. You don’t seem to comprehend what you read. Brandi stated on the show that she does drink when she is with Kim. It’s all very sad and I’m rooting for Kim.

  25. CoBe

    My heart hurts for Kyle.

  26. tamaratattles

    I have a feeling not many people watched this. Perhaps it was the odd time. Because if you did, there would be A LOT of talk about Andy CRYING in an interview. I’ve never seen before.

    • swizzle

      I don’t think he was crying. His eyes were consistently watery. I think he was stoned…which is ironic.

    • swizzle

      I finally watched and I can’t agree that Kim was drunk/high during the interview. She’s an odd bird. Who knows what she’s like sober versus not. She’s clearly not taking responsibility, at least publicly, for her part in all of this, which is not a great sign, but I’m going to keep hoping she’s healthy and stays healthy. A big part of that would be to stay off TV. Glad she’s off social media for now. She needs to keep away from both for a long time. They are not good for her…unless maybe she’s actually acting. Go make a good Hallmark Channel movie.

      • K Slay

        It’s really hard to tell when someone has being drinking/doing drugs for so long if they are high or that’s just who they are now. I agree with you that that might just be who she is now because of prolong drug use. My mom has been an addict for over half of my life (14 years) and there have been times where she has been sober and still wasn’t making sense and to a stranger would appear high as a kite. And that wasn’t her natural personality as I remember growing up she had self awareness and was valedictorian of her undergrad while being a mom to three kids and I remember being in awe of her speech. So it could just be her brain is fried now which is how I look at my mom, a former NP who ran the detox of a renown hospital. Drugs seriously change the chemicals in your brain, which can only be somewhat reversed through long term sobriety. Sorry for the personal info I get carried away on this topic as I am also in recovery for 2+ years. Kim will be in my prayers tonight.

    • annie moore

      I don’t think Andy was crying. His eyes were irritated from all that smoke Kim was blowing.

  27. CoBe

    I can’t even express anger or disgust any more. It is just sad for the victims all around.

    I think I know what Andy is feeling–loss of hope.

    • Minky

      Maybe his conscience is finally calling on him? These shows all seem like a fun game of pretend until somebody gets hurt. Kim’s story and everything associated with it is so heartbreaking. Especially considering what the cast-mates and Andy probably know about behind-the-scenes stuff.

      • tamaratattles

        I think Andy had a come to Jesus moment. It was all fun and games when dozens of families were broken up, people were assaulted, someone committed sucide, and people were sent to prison. THAT was GREAT FOR RATINGS! But sitting in a chair, with no audience to play off of on a show taped because everyone know there is no telling when, if or in what mental state she will arrive, and realizing that things could have a fatal outcome for the person you are speaking with, could have been a moment when Andy might realize there are consequences for the constant drive for more and more and more drama out of these women.

        I’d like to think that he felt compassion for Kim. But a part of me wonders if he realized the backlash that was going to come on to HIM if things took the turn to the most unthinkable outcome. There has to be a big difference between encouraging Kim and Brandi (who is just in an early stage of the issue) to be allowed to film again, and sitting across from someone who has said multiple times that the social media backlash was a huge part in her desire to drink.

        To me, his bringing up that Kim (who is delusional) once said that being on the show helped her stay sober (a point that Andy appears to be forgetting was not true and she had never been sober on the show) was Andy trying to get Kim to tell him that he had no part in her current situation. I think he REALLY wants to believe that.

      • I hope he can hold on to that moment and not let Kim rejoin the show.

  28. elsa

    It was a sad half hour of tv. She never takes any responsibilityfor her actions. Monty’s illness her son etc. Kim has gone through some tough times but we all have in different ways. Also she never acknowledges her part in the troubled relationship with Kyle. Brandi is not some one she should be hanging out with.

  29. Sequoia

    Kim telling the story of the night she was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel, reminded me of Oprah’s interview with a supposedly sober Whitney Houston. The one where Whitney excitedly tells Oprah how she “use to ” roll crack into a joint. I didn’t believe her either.

  30. Sylvia

    I watched it. Kim has been an actress most of her life. We saw that last night, again. Everything is fine, life is wonderful, I am sober, I love turtles……..the same old stuff only this time the giggling, hand gestures, eye rolls, were a bit more manic. The fact she said she thought doing the mother/daughter show would be ‘fun’ showed how far off the deep end she is.

    I did see a teary eyed Andy. I think he knows he is watching something that probably won’t end well because of Kim’s total denial. Like her re-telling the hotel arrest story. omg – that was hard to watch because she was making it up as she went along. The story has been told so many times we all know it, but Kim was floundering badly.

    And, at the end when she hugged him and then pretended to strangle him – I guess referring back to Rinna saying she is dangerous – it wasn’t funny and Andy was lost. He was lost the entire half hour, nothing was accomplished , nothing new was spoken about. Her hatred for Rinna was foremost in her mind and blaming Rinna for everything seemed important enough to talk about several times.

    I don’t pretend to know anything about addictions, but I did attend quite a few open AA meetings in the 70’s with a good friend and I always left them feeling humbled and genuinely touched by those who spoke.

    I saw none of what I saw at those meetings last night when Kim spoke and babbled. I heard none of the key phrases people used when they spoke. She still comes across, to me, as not taking any of it seriously or life-changing. I do think, that as an actress and a smart cookie, that she picked up enough info at whatever counseling she has had to go to, that she can pretty much convince most people and family, maybe a judge, that she is sober and doing quite well. But, if she is that delusional, then we will see yet another major fall for her in the future and I am wondering if that’s not what Andy was thinking as well.

  31. annie moore

    Watching this made me crazy. First her retelling of what happened at the BHH. Ok, it was completely different from what she told Dr. Phil. In that version, she was with Kimberly – when she went to class, Kim decided to catch up on some episodes. Then she went to pick up Brooke from the airport (she was coming back from Dubai), and she stayed at Brooke’s.

    This time no Kimberly, instead she’s visiting her “sick son”, then went to Brooke’s – no airport. She mentions having a glass of wine w/a friend – and says she was at home. So, she keeps wine in her house? Or did Brandi bring it over 😉 I can easily see Brandi saying it’s not her job to keep Kim sober, and she wants to have a drink, it’s up to her. And for her to say up until the night of the pill, she was 3 1/2 years sober. Uh, during Dr. Phil’s interview, didn’t we hear Chad say (behind closed doors, but still had his mic on) that Kim takes pills and smokes pot?

    Kim was ready for that question, and it was obvious she had rehearsed that answer. When Andy starting asking questions she wasn’t prepared for, her voice went up to almost dolphin squeak level. She goes to the edge of her chair, leans forward and gets very animated. That is a sure tell for Kim. Think about the reunion, the scenes in Palm Springs, when she’s ready to lie, she goes right to the edge of the chair, then lets loose.

    When he asked her about Brandi wearing the shirt, Kim responded by saying Brandi doesn’t drink when she’s around her one on one. That’s not what she said last year. But she took it as an opportunity to turn it around and say all the other women drink. Yes, yes they do, but I doubt they would if they were one on one in her home.

    She is in denial so far she can’t see reality anymore. She blamed her lapse and troubles on being in the public eye, but the public eye is just another drug to Kim. She craves it like alcohol or drugs. That’s why she’s doing the new show. It’s a cheap, degrading show – and I find it hard to believe when you sign up for a show with a therapist on it, she thought it was going to be about building things with Kimberly. She’s lost.

    • Matzah60

      That whole story about the wine seems to be a big lie. If you go back to the link TT provided which takes you to her post about Kim’s interview/intervention with Dr. Phil, you will find out that Kim was drinking VODKA at Brooke’s house. Brook said she didn’t see her mom drink the vodka. She apparently woke up when Brooke was asleep and helped herself. She claims she had around ‘two inches’ of vodka. Then, she decides to DRIVE home. Dr. Phil asks her if she had two inches of vodka from a glass or a paint can???!!!

      This paragraph is taken directly from TT’s post on Kim’s interview with Dr. Phil.
      “Dr. Phil points out that Kim was in the bar for an hour and a half. If she just had one drink and didn’t order anything at the bar, she should be sobering up at this point. Dr Phil talks to her about her slurred speech and cussing at the cops. Kim said she was frightened and didn’t like the way they were treating her. He asks about her kicking the cops. She said she was flailing around in handcuffs. Maybe she tried to kick him, she doesn’t remember she was frightened. Dr. Phil points out for her to still be drunk in the police station she must have drank a hell of a lot. Kim maintains her one drink version of the story.”

      YOU MUST READ this post. It is so elucidating, well-written and insightful. The best part of the interview with Dr. Phil is that he calls Kim out on all her BS and he makes her face the real reality of what happened. Even if Kim doesn’t admit to what actually happened, she hears it and I do believe she knows it. She just is incapable of coming clean. The drinking, lying about the drinking, enabling, etc have gone on so long, probably decades, that I feel that her relationship with Kyle is permanently damaged. I always feel there is hope, but sometimes, there is no fix to repair the damage of years of lies, arguments, contempt, and rancor that rocks a relationship.

  32. claire

    Thank you Aunt Sassy for posting info re. AA & Tradition 11. For those who don’t know there are 12 Steps & 12 Traditions…all part of what is known as The Big Book.

    Not once did Kim take responsibility for her actions. Not. Once. This was super-hard to watch. I thought she looked good. Her body language was another story. Let’s talk about the BH Hotel but not about Target?! She’s been sentenced already! I think she’s hoping to talk the judge down on the 300 hours of service that she “can’t perform” due to her foot injury. Speaking of which…

    Anyone else notice the flats she was wearing? Gotta keep that “foot injury” under control; wouldn’t want to be in heels on camera…again.

    Sidebar: no mention of Mexico & a certain wedding…

    Dammit I hope she gets it together before it’s too late.

    • Karina

      Yes, noticed the flats and the nun – like collar. She was dressed very business conservative. Her eyes looked clear and bright though and face wasn’t bloated so it’s hard to figure her out. I saw the tears in Andy but I didn’t connect it as compassion for her.

  33. Great recap. Everything you said was so perfect. It was so difficult to watch- so clear Kim was lying and really just trying to deflect and continue hiding the truth. I know there are a lot of people who don’t like Kyle, but I genuinely feel sorry for what she has had to go through with Kim. It’s difficult for us to watch, so I can’t imagine how hard it has to be on Kyle (while the rest of her family is in denial and wants to keep everything behind closed doors) to watch her sister continue to make excuses and lie and pretend that everything is fine. It’s clearly NOT fine. Very sad.

  34. Whyowhy

    So, I just watched. That was incredibly sad and at the risk of breaking a commenting rule, there’s no way Kim was sober during that. Maybe not alcohol, but something else. There was too much explaining when answering the questions and so much fidgeting.

  35. Matzah60

    So, I want to thank TT for doing this recap. I think that it was so honest, insightful, and showed her compassion for Kim, Kyle, and Kim’s kids. If you haven’t already it is definitely critical to read TT’s post on Dr. phil’s interview. Without doing so, you won’t be able to see the glaring discrepancies in Kim’s to similar questions as TT so aptly explained. Kim is clearly lying about so many things in this interview with Andy. First and foremost, she was never completely sober for her “three to three and a half years” as she said to Andy. She quite clearly admitted to going off course many times with Dr. Phil including on and off camera. The reason she ran out of Dr. phil’s interview is because he disseminated all this info about her in front of a public audience. She was screaming that she didn’t drink everyday. Her son Chad said that he lives with her and he sees her popping pills and smoking pot. It seems clear to me, she was popping pills or smoking dope in that interview.

    I’d like to write more, but have been fighting a bout of bronchitis and just want to sleep now. I just want to urge everyone to read TT’s post on the Dr. Phil interview and compare Kim’s answers with this interview.

    I do ant to say that alcohol like any addiction is a disease. It is not about malice or willpower. It is intertwined with some deep psychiatric problems which makes it imperative to have dual treatment for sobriety. At least, that was my experience with my mom. I also think that even when my mother got better, she was a shell of the person that I remember in my youth. The mental and emotional strains of life took a toll on her, just as it seems it has for Kim and Kyle.

    Another excellent post, TT!!

  36. Kim has been dodging the truth for 4 years. She is an alcoholic that is in denial. She covers bad behavior and slurred words with protests of being attacked. It’s called deflection and is used to divert attention from oneself. Rinna had Kim nailed last year, and deft editing and playing the ‘poor picked on Kim’ made for a season of intrigue and Bravo ‘must see’ tv. Rinna I s right about Yolanda, too. She is a master of deflection and insinuation. And then falls back on her poor health. She is a viper and is best buddies with Brandi and Kim. Nuff said. I never bought for a minute, and found it laughable, that Yolanda couldn’t ever pronounce munchausen. She speaks German and yet couldn’t ever pronounce it correctly. I don’t speak German and I can pronounce it and know what it means. Actually, I think Yolanda has some competition from Katherine and Erica. Those three are all highly manipulative. Suddenly, Eileen looks really dumb. She also looks to be joining Yolanda and Erica in a we vs them set up, with Katherine dumping on whoever is handy.

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