The Walking Dead Recap: Not Tomorrow Yet


By Contributing Writer Lady Cocotte

Desperate housewife Carol has made a reappearance on The Walking Dead. Blissfully unaware of Rick and Maggie’s promise to kill Negan and the Saviors, she shops for food items no one else wants (water chestnuts, beets, etc). She collects acorns in the forest and tut tuts the walker blood on her blouse from a necessary kill. She even pulls out the librarian outfit she wore when she was trying to convince the Alexandrians that she was no threat. Who is she trying to hide from now? From the happy look on her face as she bakes tray after tray of cookies, I’d say she’s hiding from herself. Carol makes the rounds, passing out cookies to all of her neighbors. At Tobin’s house there is some interesting chemistry. They do a back and forth dance about her beet and acorn cookies but it’s just a cover for covert smiles and flirty looks. Their romantic comedy is interrupted by the return of the Rick and crew. There’s only so long they can forget the world they live in. “Rick, what’s going on?” Carol asks. “We’re going to have to fight,” he explains. And suddenly Carol remembers who she is. It’s not a happy reunion. She has one cookie left. She leaves it on Sam’s grave.

All of Alexandria convenes in the church to discuss the promise to Hilltop. Rick explains that eventually the Saviors will find them. Just like the wolves did. Just like Jesus did. Without the Hilltop food, Alexandria might not be strong enough to protect itself. “This is the only way to be sure. As sure as we can get that we win.” Morgan looks uncomfortable. Rick acknowledges that it has to be a group decision and asks if anyone objects. Morgan stands up. He suggests negotiating with the Saviors. “If we try and talk to the Saviors we give up our advantage, our safety,” Rick responds. “No! We have to come for them before they come for us. We can’t leave them alive.” Morgan tries again but Rick won’t budge. Instead of encouraging a peaceful solution, Morgan’s arguments seem to push everyone to Rick’s side. Finally Aaron stands up. “What happened here, we won’t let that happen again.” And that settles it. “We don’t all have to kill,” Rick summarizes. “But, people that are gonna stay here, they do have to accept it.” They’re going on the offensive.

Carol has a hard time sleeping. She pulls out her journal and updates the list of people she has killed. 18. It makes her cry. Since she can’t sleep, she takes a midnight stroll. She walks by Tobin’s house and finds him on his porch. Deciding to kill people has affected everyone’s sleep tonight. Tobin is worried about the next day. “You going?” Carol asks him. “No. You are.” He tells her that she can do things that terrify him. She wants to know if he understands her motivations. “You’re a mom…” he explains. “It’s not the cookies. Or the smiles. It’s the hard stuff. The scary stuff. It’s how you can do it. It’s strength.” He goes on to explain that she protect the town like a mother does her child. She asks if she’s his mom too. “No,” he answers. “You’re something else to me.” And they kiss. “Well, it’s not tomorrow yet,” she coyly tells him.



Rosita walks in to find Abraham packing his stuff. She asks why he’s packing so much for a one night siege. “I’m going.” Rosita doesn’t understand so he tells her he’s leaving. She’s stunned. Her world just crumbled a little. “Why?” she stammers. Abraham tells her it happens. He’s being a real tool. She asks why again. “Why are dingleberries brown?” Abraham muses. “It’s just the way shit is.” That’s not a good enough answer for Rosita. She doesn’t understand how he can go from calling her the best thing in the world to leaving her without an excuse. She starts hitting his chest. She won’t let him leave without telling her why. Abraham snaps. “When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth,” he explains. “You’re not.” And she breaks. He lumbers away to the sounds of her sobbing. Finally Rosita turns around to see Eugene standing in the doorway, eating a cookie. “You try one of these?” he asks her. “They’re chewy.” Rosita slams the door in his face.

Andy, the Hilltop delivery man, tells Rick and the inner circle everything he knows about the Savior’s camp. They’re drawing maps and making plans. There’s only one way in and the guards never sleep. Rick isn’t worried. He claims the Saviors will let them right in. “They want Gregory’s head, right? We’re gonna give it to them.” They search for a walker head they can use as a decoy. They find one that looks like him, except for the nose. Rick picks up the severed head and punches it in the nose repeatedly. “He fought back,” he explains to Andy. Andy gives Rick the hairy eyeball. “The Saviors are scary but those prick’s have got nothing on you.”

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As they head towards the Saviors, Glenn and Heath discuss killing people. Neither has done it before. Glenn asks Heath if he’s ever seen anything that kept him from eating and sleeping. “Killing somebody’s gotta be worse than that. It has to be.” They’re both nervous but know they’re doing the right thing to protect Alexandria. Meanwhile, Carol rips into Rick about Maggie being with them. He explains that it was Maggie’s choice. Carol tells him she’ll stay behind and keep watch with her. Rick gets upset. They need as many people storming the Savior complex as possible. “She shouldn’t be out there alone. She shouldn’t be out here in the first place!” Carol shouts. Rick gives in. There’s no point arguing with a crazy woman.


They reach the Saviors’ complex after dark. Andy brings the fake Gregory head to the guards. The head finally passes muster. While one guard is retrieving the Hilltop prisoner, Daryl slits the other guard’s throat. Quick and quiet. Once they get their hostage, Michonne kills the second guard and they grab his keys. The Alexandrians creep inside. In total silence, groups of twos check rooms. In bedrooms they kill sleeping Saviors with a knife through the eye. It’s disturbing watching them kill sleeping people. Are they still the good guys? Glenn and Heath enter a bedroom. Glenn is pained but manages to kill a Savior. He has a strong emotional reaction to his first human death. Heath is supposed to kill the other but Glenn doesn’t let him. He doesn’t want Heath to have that on his conscience. Just when he’s starting to feel really bad, Glenn looks up and sees the guy he just killed has polaroids on his wall of people he has killed, like teenagers hang posters of their favorite bands. It reminds him that these are the bad guys and they need to be killed.

Abraham and Sasha come across a locked door. As Sasha picks the lock, Abraham gets attacked by a Savior. Sasha stabs him but before he dies he pulls the fire alarm. Back at the car, Maggie and Carol hear the siren. Maggie runs to help her friends but Carol won’t let her. Maggie doesn’t understand what Carol’s problem is until she blurts out, “You’re supposed to be someone else!” Carol is having a mother of a breakdown. Outside the complex, Jesus sends the other Hilltop boys home. He pulls on his face bandana and rushes inside to help. Now that their attack is no longer secret, the Alexandrians have pulled out the heavy artillery. Bullets are flying everywhere. Aaron almost gets attacked but he has his first human kill. “If it wasn’t us, it was going to be you,” he tells the dying man. Hopefully this helps him work out some of his guilt about the Wolves’ attack. Fighting, fighting, fighting. Guns, guns, guns. They’re trying to break down any door that’s locked. Abraham falls into a marijuana grow room. Aaron falls into a janitor’s closet. Glenn and Heath luck out and find the armory. They both grab machine guns and blast through the closed door until they run out of ammo. In the eerie quiet, Glenn opens the door. There’s a pile of corpses. Luckily, they’re all Saviors. One isn’t quite dead and as he’s about to shoot Glenn, Jesus takes him out.

The Alexandrians stumble outside into the daylight. They commiserate about what they had to do and congratulate each other for surviving. Heath and Tara take a Savior truck and set off on their scavenging trip. Rick checks on Michonne. “I’m just wondering which one of them was Negan,” she tells him. Then they hear a motorcycle drive out of the building they supposedly cleared. They shoot at the driver and he falls. Daryl starts beating him and Rick points his gun. “Do it!” the guy yells. And then a woman’s voice comes over his walkie talkie. “Lower your gun, prick.” They all pull out their weapons. “You, with the Colt Python. All of you, lower your weapons right now.” They look around. “Come on out,” Rick says into the walkie. “Let’s talk.” “We’re not coming out but we will talk,” she responds. They’re searching the horizon for the faceless voice. “We’ve got a Carol and a Maggie. I’m thinking that’s something you want to chat about.” Rick starts seeing red.

Next week: The Saviors have Carol and Maggie. The walkie lady tells them, “You’re wondering if there’s a way out of this.There isn’t. Not unless I say so.”

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20 responses to “The Walking Dead Recap: Not Tomorrow Yet

  1. Katherine 2.0

    Abraham was a total slab so we won’t be sad to see him get the infamous WD heave-ho. Just wondering how he will go out. Sure to be in blaze of glory.
    Thanks for the timely and thorough recap, Lady! You know we like fresh flesh to nibble on.

  2. Karen

    I think the boy’s death has traumatized Carol, reminding her of her daughter’s death. My two cents.

  3. Cat

    Great recap!

    I love the writing on this show. Seems like Rick has become the new Governor. The lines between Good and Evil have become blurred.

    When Carol bakes cookies, I often wonder if she’s spiking them with something. Carol has always been a bit rogue, since the prison.

    The cookies remind me of the tea references at Woodbury. They seemed to focus on people drinking tea, but never explained it. Brilliant writing. Keeps us guessing.

    What happened to Eugene? Did I miss something?

    • Cat

      Oops. Never mind. I missed it the first time I read it.

      Is Carol going to hook up with Tobin? What happened to Carol and Daryl? I hope they aren’t getting ready to kill off Daryl. I know he doesn’t appear in the comics, so he really is expendable.

      • People would seriously riot if they killed off Daryl!

      • Cat

        Oh, I know! But, you know, he is doing other projects. If that becomes a priority, they will have to kill him off. And it will be dramatic, and awful, of course. That’s how they pay tribute to a main character.

        I hope he doesn’t leave, though. I was really hoping Daryl and Carol would hook up. He’s tough, but has a hidden sensitivity. And Carol deserves a man like that. Especially after what she went through with her husband.

  4. ClassyLady80

    I know Glenn is a fan favorite, but I really think he might die when they finally meet up with Negan. The writers seem to be showing us that he has nine lives because he has been escaping death just in the nick of time, but I think he might be on life 7 or 8 now. Plus, we had foreshadowing when Glenn sees the photos of all those people with their heads bashed in. This is what Negan does to him in the comics with the baseball bat named Lucille. AND remember Maggie said “This is going to cost us something” when they were at the Hilltop community and decided to attack the Saviors. More foreshadowing, I think. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m getting myself prepared in case I’m right!!

  5. Dee

    Wow!! Excellent recap. Thank you!!

  6. Dee

    Just noticed your Twitter invite, following you, HKR and Ericzu (SP?)

  7. I think this was the most disturbing episode ever. Had a really hard time with the morality of what they were doing. Terrified at the karma that will surly come for them.

    • Yeah, watching them kill sleeping humans was rough. I understand why they did it but I can’t say I agree. Just like we questioned their morals when they killed Gareth & the surviving Terminus people in the church, only 100x more. Sigh.

  8. Jessica White

    omg my heart was racing and my legs were shaking with anticipation of what was going to happen in this episode! only this show does that to me! soo good!

  9. Jo

    Anyone know the name of the actress who plays the kidnapper who says “You’re wondering if there’s a way out of this. There isn’t. Not unless I say so.”?

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