Kathryn Edwards Deletes Her Social Media Accounts!

RHOBH Kathryn
I’ve lectured people many times here about their bizarre desire to bully people on their social media, particularly housewives. But it generally falls on deaf ears. I generally do not interact with reality folks on their social media unless they contact me first. If I do contact someone, it is to compliment them on something or provide some positive feedback.  I ask everyone not to tag me in their tweets to reality people on Twitter and block those who do. It is important for me to be able to keep up with what they are doing on their social media and when they block me, it adds a few step for that.

I haven’t paid much attention to Kathryn Edwards social media for several reasons. Mostly, because she is just not that much of a factor on RHOBH. Also, I have not been paying that much attention to RHOBH in general lately as I was not recapping the show.  I will be resuming recapping RHOBH this week, so I guess I should add that back to my list of things to make and do. At any rate, Kathryn has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

RHOBH Kathryn


When I was fairly new to blogging and had a very small number of readers in the grand scope of the Internet, I received a DM on Twitter from a now former housewife asking why I hated her so much.  Actually, I didn’t hate her, I was just recapping the show and giving my opinion on what I observed.  Now this wasn’t a random women posing as a rich woman on a real housewives franchise. This was someone with vast wealth and gorgeous looks who at that time was going through some rough times on a personal front. She’s been both the villain and the fan favorite. And she was deeply upset by something that some random fat chick sitting on the couch in Atlanta was blogging about her. Why?  Her DMs struck me as drunk thoughts.  As someone who has sent out many a drunk DM in the wee hours after a long night of blogging, I decided to pretend like it never happened. I decided a response, no matter how kind, would probably just embarrass her.

Over the years, I have “gotten to know” a few reality show participants some housewives, some other Bravolebrites, and I’ve come to discover that some are very sensitive about their portrayal in social media. When Kim Richards was on Dr. Phil, her lapses in sobriety were blamed on social media backlash. I’ve gotten a lot of flack here for “coddling” Kim in comments here. But Kim is a very troubled person and the effects of social media on her are real, and I believe life threatening. I can’t police the entire Internet, but I can ensure that my site is not contributing to her demise.  I think that Kim should follow in the footsteps of Kathryn Edwards and shut down all social media and live entirely in the real world. But only Kim can make that decision.

RHOBH Yolanda
I’ve also struggled some with posting about Yolanda Hadid here. Because either Yolanda is very mentally ill, or very sick with some undiagnosed illness, or an evil person deliberately setting out to draw attention to herself for attention and financial gain.  I honestly think all three of those options are in play. Something is very wrong with Yolanda. And we can’t seem to stop watching and waiting for the grand implosion. To me,  Yolanda seems to be unaffected by the vast majority of people who think she needs some mental help and focuses solely on those unfortunate people who also are looking for something to name their chronic illness. I know how that feels.  It’s a terrible feeling to just want to put a name for the physical changes that are happening to you.  I also know that everyone wants to collect others in their tribe by suggesting that perhaps whatever condition someone is manifesting is what they have. I got a ton of emails from people saying that what I was describing here was XYZ and ABC and whatever other diagnosis they had. They urged me to get one test or another because they were quite sure they had diagnosed me over the Internet.  I’m guilty of the same thing. I think everyone has menopausal symptoms. There is a basic need to find a group that shares your particular condition. We’re all guilty of it. And that is why Yolanda has so many believers.

I don’t think social media is a positive thing for most people. A large percentage of people hanging out on social media are disabled in some way. They have nothing better to do than vent their frustrations on other people. I’m not even on a reality show and I get called every name in the world on social media and in emails and DMs on a daily basis. I have zero fucks to give what Sally Sue in Des Moines, Iowa’s opinion of me is. I don’t understand why some reality people place any importance on what they read about themselves on the Internet. But they do.  And if they are the sensitive type, they should definitely just stay off of the Internet. They have beautiful homes, and families and children. They go on fabulous vacations. If hearing about their fat thighs or bad weaves or ratchet behavior on camera bothers them in a real sense then the simple, wise answer is to do what Kathryn Edwards has done and stay off the Internet. Because honestly, they have many more things to do in their lives that make them happy. We will all survive without photos of their meals, and their kids, and their new hairdos. And they will have a lot more peace in their lives.


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54 responses to “Kathryn Edwards Deletes Her Social Media Accounts!

  1. And the crazy thing is that social media viewers account for a whole small number in the overall total viewers of the show. But HWs base their whole personas on this very tiny demographic. I agree with you, get them to delete social media and let’s get real again.

  2. claire

    Well said, TT.

  3. peachteachr

    I just read an interesting article about lots and lots of mean tweeting about Nancy Reagan’s death. It seems that people have connected her “Just Say No” to drugs campaign to the number of incarcerated people. Her’s was a social campaign while the 3 strikes rule was a law enforcement project. The two do not seem connected in my mind yet Mrs. Reagan is being mocked and vilified for her input on an issue that remains all these years later in each campaign, R’s and D’s have spoken about the heroin epidemic. It must be pure hell for reality stars. There should be a sheriff who comes into these people’s homes and say, “Step away from your social media device.”

    • Cat

      This week, I started reading actual books again. Social media is becoming too harsh for me. People are mean just for the Hell of it. I don’t know why people have to mock and bash the dead.

      Social media used to be a fun escape. Now, I need an escape from social media.

      Reading books repairs my soul, somewhat.

      • Sliceo'pie

        Perhaps this isn’t the same thing.. But in the past six months I’ve backed off reading most of the gossip sites I would eagerly turn to when I had a free moment -They’ve turned too mean spirited and they brought up things inside me that weren’t….good. It doesn’t make me feel good about myself writing little barbs about the women on these shows. I’ve been in AA for many years and I’ve gone back to reading about my disease and now I’ve expanded my reading to include some Buddhism. I still read this site and love it but I’m trying not to be so quick to judge and then write unkind things about women I don’t even know..

      • Cat

        Sounds very similar to what I am feeling. I am also looking into Buddhism and Tao. Looking for Balance.

      • KatherineNola

        Cat, I’m with you 100% perecent and feel your post is really on point. I have always been a huge reader (of books) and recently, after slacking off reading with my move, I’ve gotten back into it. I too do not understand the hatred and spiteful comments directed to others on social media. This includes celebrities and regular people. My FB feed has gotten especially ugly during political races and I have had to step away from it and these are my friends. Personally, I would be hurt if attacked on social media but that’s just how I am built. Over talas few years I have tweeted bravo ladies nice items re and episode,etc. nothing mean.

        TT, great post as always.

      • Cat and KatherineNola, books good. I am in the middle of John Le Carre’s The Night Manager. Want to try and finish it before the series begins.

      • Books, I’ve returned to my books also.
        So many to read, such short time.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @lisamia, some sites will say anything for a click. I’ve been weaning off the other gossip site I frequent. They outright put words in people’s mouths and since it’s “hated” housewives like Kenya and Bethenny, the commenters run with it and don’t even care if it’s true. It disgusts me. Talk about bearing false witness. And this riles people up, who then go on social media feeling “empowered” to make nasty hateful comments to these people. TT I can appreciate because she does seek out the truth, even if it’s about a HW she likes.

      • Exactly, Artist. I sometimes have to agree to disagree with TT, but I always am grateful for her integrity.

      • microop

        I’m in graduate school, so reading is my life. And I do genuinely go to this site to stop thinking about things like post-moderist and post-stucturalist theory. The reason this site actually is an escape is because its not mean. Meanness is not exactly how I wind down or what I find funny and relaxing. I am really glad TT will be back escaping RHOBH. I liked Ben too! I just really missed not having a space to chat so I’m pumped!

      • Karina

        Nice Cat, I agree, I love my books. This is the only place I ever go to read on social media. Fabulous smart recaps. I miss the RHOBH recaps, that’s what brought me here and I can’t wait to have TT back recapping.

    • Margarett

      I don’t understand the “mean tweeting” about Nancy Reagan. Were these folks even around when she was First Lady? Do they have a red wool coat?

      • Cat

        I agree. Like I told my friends on Facebook, even if you hated the person, that doesn’t mean you have to disrespect the dead on social media. (Or the living, for that matter.) We all DO have the right to remain silent.

      • hannahkingrose

        Cat, just because people have the right to remain silent doesn’t mean they will or that they have the common decency to do so. Sometimes it’s better to be thought a fool (or jackass for that matter) than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. What amazes me is that people think they have the right to mean tweet a person just because they are in the public. Sure we have a right to our own opinion but what is the point of being ugly to anyone on social media. Are we so self important that we think that person needs our nasty opinion to make the proper choices in life. If their family and friends have been unsuccessful in helping them make changes, what good will a mean tweet do from someone they don’t know? It can only hurt them or make them angry.

      • Margarett

        Exactly right, Hannahkingrose. Well said!

  4. FarFromPerfekt

    TT,Lovely wishes to a lovely person on a lovely day. Tis all.

  5. pfffttt

    Do you think Kathryn is going to be the Claudia Jordan of #RHOBH? She came in very strong, but introduced mid season. Like CJ.

    Is Kathryn getting a lot of hate on social media? People hate. I mean REALLY hate Faye Resnick and when she first appeared the feedback was mostly positive.

  6. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    It made me sad that she felt it necessary to do this. I heard she was receiving death threats! I take comfort in the fact that slowly, the authorities are learning that threats made on the internet are indeed “real” and a few arrests and charges have been made for online bullying.

  7. Kevin

    Is Camille Grammer the former housewife that was all up in your DM’s?? Not that this was a blind item, but from the way you described the former housewife, I think those descriptions fit Camille to a T.

    • microop

      Camille didn’t seem that kind of sensitive to me. Jill Zarin, I know really struggled with the negativity. Also Jaqueline, and I think Kyle gets affected to a lesser degree.

      • Kevin

        I don’t think Jill Zarin was ever a fan favorite and I don’t think Jacqueline Laurita was ever seen as a villain. Camille Grammer is the only one that comes to mind that was seen as both a villain and a fan favorite concurrently. Maybe Kyle Richards, but I don’t think people ever saw her as an out and out villain. Although I could be wrong.

  8. Kim

    I consider most cyber bullies “telephone tough guys”. They’re all tough & full of opinions when they’re not in someone’s face. I generally stick to the rule that if I’m going to tweet to a celeb, it would be something I would say to their face. It’s easy to judge watching someone else’s life publicly while the viewers’ lives are kept private. However, I believe these same people could dish it but not take it. I know I’m not perfect & glad that I was a young adult before the age of social media. I don’t even want to think about how much damage control I would’ve had to do if I had to worry about any of my extra curricular shenanigans being posted anywhere on line! Drunk dialing was bad enough to give me the “hate me’s”.

  9. Dee

    Thank you!! This was really good. I enjoyed it.

  10. Well said, TT, and a wise move on Kathryn’s part. I can relate to wanting to have a name for what ever is ailing us. My son’s doctors still can’t agree on his diagnosis. One says he is schizophrenic with depression, another says it’s depression with psychotic features or schizoid affect, and another said he didn’t like giving diagnoses, only treated the symptoms. It’s really frustrating not to be able to say, this is the illness, this is the treatment, but sometimes medicine can’t be that precise. Fortunately, whatever the heck he has, the meds he’s on are still working beautifully and he’s back in college, composing music, and happy. So MY current diagnosis for him is he’s happy. That’s good enough for me.

    • Meredo

      @lisamia, That is great news. So happy as well, for your son and you! Thanks for sharing. XO

    • amisteree

      Lisamia, thank you for sharing about your son, including both the difficulties and the triumphs. As a mother of college aged kids with depression and anxiety, I worry incessantly about them and their well-being. I simply want them to have the best lives that they can have.

  11. Spilledperfume

    I’m not on Twitter or instagram and I would never go on someone’s twitter and bully them. I’m shocked people even do that.

    I do have one question – what’s a DM?

  12. I’ve felt the exact same way about Kim Richards, I thought mainly cuz I was driving around as a child too – and also lived, loved, drugged and survived the fun of being a teen in the 1970’s. But then I also found myself feeling the same way about Teresa Giudice, who is not in my age group and I have nothing in common with, lol. All the bs “Ape” stuff/her forehead etc. I don’t particularly “like” either HW, it’s just the relentless meanness for the sake of meanness that gets old.

  13. keight34

    Great post. I think for the post part social media can be very harmful. I deleted my own Facebook a few years ago & it was the best thing I ever did. I was in an awful relationship, was struggling to find work & was constantly comparing myself to acquaintances who were constantly posting about their job promotions, engagements, kids, etc. I realized what it was doing to my self esteem & how unhealthy it had become. While it can be a great way to stay in touch I’ve realized that if anyone from my past would like to get in touch with me well whats meant to be will be. I don’t have twitter & I like instagram because its not just about people; I follow fashion/makeup/animals/travel and its pretty rare that I actually catch a person I know post because of the never ending stream. I think its great that Kathryn got rid of her social media, I’m sure she’s been getting a lot of flack for the Erika Jayne thing and is rising above the hate; many housewives should follow suit.

  14. BKSweetheart

    That’s odd. I wonder why people would be harassing her so much. She’s been pretty much a non MF factor thus far. The worst thing she’s done so far is tell LVP what Erika said about her. Which is pretty standard for reality TV. Wonder if they’re all Erika fans??

  15. microop

    I’m not really into ass kissing, but this is exactly why I like your site. I found you thru another site which is well written and funny but takes snarky a bit too far for my taste. I like that you can be critical and empathetic at once. And Katherine is making the right choice.

  16. Gia

    One minute you’re writing perfect sense, rational, insightful and empathetic. The next you’re defending Kenya and calling people window lickers. You’re two ends of the spectrum lady.

    • tamaratattles

      Gia, there are two situations here, one is for people who come to my social media or my website with some sort of pissy attitude about me. Those people I give the respect they deserve. WHICH IS NONE.

      In the same vein I have no respect for people who feel the need to go impart their great wisdom to reality folks on their social media or websites and think they can do it with impunity. I’ve never gone on Yolanda’s social media and said that there are a lot of inconsistencies in her story. I never went on to Brooks site and said that either. In fact, I was supportive toward Brooks a lot longer than I gave the benefit of the doubt to Yolanda. I find people who come here, simply to tell me that I am wrong in all of the opinions I hold about the shows I cover to be a bit unhinged. I get that some of us who have been HERE ON THIS SITE TOGETHER for quite awhile will disagree. I’ll argue with them, and life goes on for us to agree about something another day. You can deal with me, or move the fuck on to a place that agrees with you.

      You on the other hand continue to show up to proclaim things like Kenya is satan, Phaedra is a good mother, I hate the military, Claudia pays me to say nice things about The Next :15…. those are things from just your last page of comments.

      I think you are prime candidate to be a window licker. You can just mouth your shit from the other side of the glass, because you are a nuisance. And god knows you are never going away. Lord know you can start a site and talk about me and drive even more traffic here so you can all wring your hands about things you disagree with. But I think I’ve had just about enough of you. Toodles.

  17. I personally hate social media. I could never get into it. I use Instagram for family photos and some interests but I don’t use it to say negative things to anybody. I’ve seen it do so many negative things to peoples’ lives. I agree with the others who said most likely she is getting some flack about the obvious backstabbing she did to Erica. She may not survive a reunion, perhaps not even show up.

  18. JustJenn

    When I first joined Twitter I thought these housewives would never see my tweets since they had hundreds of thousands of followers, then I got a few replies from Housewives and quickly learned not to tag them. I love Twitter for the live tweeting of tv shows and events, but like with everything in the world there will always be a few asshole who try to ruin it if you let them.

  19. Travis

    Tamara..you so correct. Something wrong with Yolanda..and I stopped watching that show and already stopped Atlanta this season.

    These ladies are just too messed up..OC actually did me in after that Brook mess. I am guilty of reading your blog’s on the shows but I cannot watch anymore. Bring on Melbourne! I want rich women who argue about silly things..smile.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Melbourne is airing right now and it’s fabulous. Rich women arguing about petty things – I’m in absolute heaven! The first epi seemed really scripted (very obvious that certain ladies were told to bring up certain topics), but after that – they were off!

  20. k-slay

    I think she probably did this as a preemptive effort to not read all of the hate/backlash because she knows shes going to look like an idiot on tonight’s episode.

  21. YoMomma

    Sometime ago, a blogger referred to people like Kim as “sad” gossip and choose not to snark on them as much. Kim is not headed for anything near a happy ending. While I do not enjoy her sober or not, I do wish her well finding her path to sobriety and staying on it.

    Yo on the other hand – is fair game at this time IMO. Her behavior, whether it be physical or mental illness, menopause, empty nest syndrome or??, is about attention. No way she’ll fatally harm herself unless there is an unknown substance issue. The narcissist harm others and that is how I see yo.

  22. Ruby

    Thanks to TT and to all you thoughtful, fellow readers (and HUMANS!!) I have only commented here 2 or 3 times, but read religiously. Today’s comments really helped me sort out my feelings on my own fascination with the housewives, my seemingly strong feelings about their actions and about TT’s opinions. I find myself disagreeing with TT more often than not, but it’s her/your integrity that keeps me here and enjoying all you have to say. I am happy to respectfully disagree because your approach is not to demean, humiliate or attack (no matter how easy they can make it, at times.) Like many of my fellow commenters, I don’t read many blog/gossip sites anymore As I find them mean and dirty…and IG is the only social media platform I visit, I find it a very positive place and have even developed (real life!!!) friendships through. Sorry for the ramble, but I just want to give thanks for a safe and happy place to visit throughout my days while dealing with real life, heavy shit everyday, as most of us do. Aaaaand kudos to all the book talk going on here….thanks guys and gals! As a thank you, I offer you a book rec – Chuck Kloatermans ‘Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs ….check it out and enjoy my friends:))

  23. CanadaCat

    I loathe everything I’ve seen of Katbryn so far. She’s narcissistic, entitled, loud, obnoxious, and not aging well, to be honest. Donny is NOT hot so I don’t know what she’s flapping on about. He has zero sex appeal just like she has zero tact or class. Ugh, just no. So far she’s like the Meghan Edwards of the group. Bravo should avoid hiring Edwards!

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