Eight Things I Didn’t Know About Jax Taylor And/or Vanderpump Rules

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I read an interesting piece over at Complex today about Jax specifically and Vanderpump Rules in general.

ONE: Jax was going to move to Florida to be a fireman just before Vanderpump Rules started filming.  Lisa Vanderpump talked him out of it.

TWO:  Jax blows off interviewers, like the one who wrote the article in Complex about him where I learned all this stuff.  When Jax blew him off  because he got invited to a Suite at the Kings game, the author wrote it off as Jax being Jax. You know, just like everyone else in Jax life.

THREE:  Not all the bartenders want to be on Vanderpump Rules. Some of them are serious actors/waiters/bartenders. At least one bartender doesn’t sign the release and has his face blurred if they catch him on camera. As a commenter said here recently, there is a reason so many actors wait tables and bartend. It’s good money. And some of those cash tips may or may not get reported. It’s not a bad gig for someone trying to audition and break into the industry.


Pump Rules Jax San Diego hungover


FOUR:  Jax’s PR person must meet you before you can meet Jax for an interview.

FIVE:  Jax is late and hungover for the makeup interviews he sets the time for after he blows off the first one with better plans arise.  And the interviewer just accepts his behavior. Because apparently, most people kind of like being Jax.

SIX:  Jax thinks that if he lives reasonably, he is set for life after his Vanderpump Rules gig.

SEVEN:  Jax wants to move to Florida, live a normal life, marry Brittany and start a family soon. He has no aspirations to act, sing, dance, rap, or become a ventriloquist in the future. Unlike, Nene Leakes who thinks being on a successful reality show makes her a star that Hollywood is clamoring for, Jax, on this issue at least is not deluded.

EIGHT:  Jax thinks Sandoval needs to stop trying to perform for the Vanderpump Rules cameras, because he is bad at it.  Remember his crying scene with Kristen? He’s right.

Read the whole fascinating article by Lucas Mann over at Complex by clicking here.


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16 responses to “Eight Things I Didn’t Know About Jax Taylor And/or Vanderpump Rules

  1. loriflack

    A fireman…mmmmmmmkay.

  2. Margarett

    I can believe the firefighter thing for Jax. Not a lot of money, but lots of women like
    men in bunker gear!

    • tamaratattles

      Well, in the past when he was in Florida, um, he had a career, ALLEGEDLY with I believe Tom Sandoval, which could have involved big hoses. So perhaps it is a euphemism.

      I’m torn on the settling down and having kids thing. I think he is super nervous about aging, particularly because he is not aging well and his looks are fading RAPIDLY. I mean just look at him three years ago compared to now, it’s a 15 year difference!! Maybe he does see himself settling down. But I’ve seen no signs of it.

      I can see him wanting to move to FL when it is all over and Britanny and her titties with the new tit smell still fresh wanting to stay in LA and end up doing porn.

      Like I said, it could go either way.

      And then there is his whole love for snow. That will be an issue that will have to be dealt with at some point as well.

  3. I believe it all except for him marrying Brittany. I still believe she is history once the reunion airs. Thanks for the tea, TT. :)

  4. LisaPat

    I 100% agree with TT about his looks. I could see Jax going out like Andrew Cunnannan in 10 years time. He and Tucky will never last.. his 15 minutes will end soon and then he will have to fall back on his other “career” and I don’t mean as a fireman.

  5. ct

    Is there an age maximum for being a new fire fighter? I think in Washington there is, so I was wondering if he’d even qualify.

  6. Xanadude

    I read this yesterday and it crystallized something in my mind: of course the 36 bartender Jax Taylor (hey – three fabrications-age/occupation/name- right in a row!) doesnt know how to make basic drinks, because hes not really a bartender. Hes an actor playing a bartender on TV. An actor whos personal life is on display.
    And why SHOULD he show up for an interview if something more interesting (or lucrative) comes along? Would you give a $25 scheduled handjob when a $150 blowjob comes along? Of course not.

  7. Can’t be a firefighter with a criminal history in most places.

    • Margarett

      Did Jax have a criminal record before VPR? He’s no doubt a bit long in the tooth for firefighting now, but maybe he thought about it way before the show.

      “…He’s an actor playing a bartender on tv”. Too good, Xanadude!

  8. Bridgett

    The interviewer was totally Jaxxed.
    You can’t up and decide to be a fireman, there are a lot of training and tests involved. Just another instance of Jax saying what he thinks will benefit him the most.

  9. KIR

    At least he’s managing his expectations – but I do think he’ll marry Brit. He’s panicking. The show hasn’t given him fame, it’s exposed him for the man he knows he really is and that is scaring the shit out of him hence the annual booho on camera conversation (this year Peter, last year Tom, year before that the Therapist). He’ll marry her – then cheat because he’ll need to be adored by more once he feels he’s conquered her with (with a couple kids). All narcissistic sociopaths are the same.

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