Watch What Happens Live With Kim Fields and Michael Rapaport

WWHL Kim Fields
We start with Michael talking about what heartwarming storyline it was for Phaedra to take the boys to prison. He feels that #FelonsByBravo elevate the show about the usual table flipping and weave pulling. Who knew prison visits were so classy?  They show a bit of Kim’s commercial. I wish I had a photo of Kim’s look. She’s wearing jeans with a top and a jacket. I like it. I’ve always like all of Kim’s looks. Well except for that boxy silver dress that Bravo made her wear.  Kim is really pretty.

Michael is really going in on Kenya tonight. He has always been a big Kim fan. Kim apparently can’t admit she is on Dancing With The Stars yet so she gave a nonanswer that meant yes.  Kim says she is looking forward to many opportunities in the upcoming year as she celebrates her 40th year in the business.

John Legend just randomly showed up.  Oh Chrissy Teagan gave Andy one of John’s Grammy’s the other night and he has shown up to retrieve it. He left a photo of himself holding some Grammys in its place. I cannot believe Chrissy really left that there. That was a few nights ago!

RHOA 7 reunion kim chris fields

A caller asks what advice Mrs. Garrett would give Kenya. She says one episode Mrs. Garett had to explain to the girls that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

Michael says his favorite housewife is Porsha. Really Michael?

The callers all want to rehash all of Kenya’s worst moments.  I guess I should not be surprised at the point. Dorinda just called in and we discover that the finale was filmed just last week.

The Poll Question was whose side are you on, Kim or Kenya.  Kim won with 84%.

This was the shortest recap ever of WWHL. I feel like I must have missed a section. But there were a lot of clips.


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40 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Kim Fields and Michael Rapaport

  1. ShyGuy

    3 dusty @$$ people couldn’t even keep Kenya’s name out there mouth. I think this is Kenya’s last season.

    • I’d be very surprised if Kenya left. She needs the income and I think she likes the fame.

      • ShyGuy

        Kenya doesn’t even tweet about the show anymore or mention it, either bravo released her or she walked away. I could be wrong but with the house, matt and that secret that she’s holding onto for dear life I think she’s finally at a place were she doesn’t need the show and Kenya has never had any financial problems so I think she’ll be fine.

  2. Lurker

    I like Kim and Kenya.

    I respected Kim more from memories of Good Times, Facts of Life and Living Single. Also, her mother is the legendary actress/acting coach Chip Fields. With saying that, she should have never done this show and should not come back.

    I’ve put Kenya on my ignore list. Although she didn’t originate the gay allegations against Kim’s husband, she kept the mess going. I understand her confusion with production trickery: Cynthia denies friendship, NeNe pops up all of a sudden, Can she trust Sheree?? She behaved less than smart.

    Why didn’t the poll ask “Should Kim Return Next Season?”

    • Tasha

      Who did Kim play on Good Times?

      • Lurker

        Kim played in the episode of Good Times when Florida Evans was the bus driver stranded with the kids in a snow storm in a auto body shop. I’m too lazy to look up the other episode I believe she appeared.

        Kim’s mother played the mother abusing Penny (Janet Jackson). Classic TV.

      • Kim wasn’t on Good Times. Kim’s mother, Chip Fields, played the abusive mother of Penny, (Janet Jackson) who Willona rescued by adopting.

      • Miele

        She was a friend of Penny’s on a couple of episodes of Good Times. I think the other episode was when Mrs. Evans needed to get checked out in order to keep her job…

    • Rakely

      I feel the same way about Kenya. I really like her, but I would love to know the secrets behind production. It seems like she does what they want, but Bravo (Andy) will always make her the villain.

      • Lurker

        @Erickzu: Yes, she did appear on Good Times. Google “Kim Fields Good Times.”

        I didn’t say she was a series regular. However, she was a guest star. Google is your friend.

      • @Lurker:

        Nice attitude. Perhaps you should stay a lurker.

        I bow to your superior knowledge of both an insipid 40 year-old sitcom and this “Google” contraption that you are so proud of mastering.

        Happy now?

  3. Rakely

    Really Michael? Porsha is your favorite? Bless your heart. She beats on people. She would attack you as well if your words frustrated her enough. Kenya plays a role. And she does it very well.

  4. Wampascat

    I thought Kim looked great. Loved the “Marilyn” hair style on her.

    • Dee

      I love Kim’s look! I agree that silver dress does nothing for her. I thought that was her hair, does everyone on RHOA wear a wig or hairpiece? I tried to wear one after hair loss from chemo, too hot for me :) I decided to go with the dandelion hair also known as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Zeus book

  5. Oh well

    I never knew Pennys mother in Good Times, was Kims mom. I can see why Michael s favorite housewive is Porsha. Theres not many of the RHOA that are relatable or even likable so the one with the hypersexed “Jezebel ” “hoodrat” spirit would be a fan favorite.

    • Aunt Sassy

      Porsha is my bf’s favorite too. He simply thinks she is the prettiest of the ATL women and he likes her rather large booty. The husbands have said as much too.

  6. Seems to me that Kim can’t stop talking about Kenya. Kenya Kenya Kenya…talk about ‘keeping someone’s name out of their mouth’. From the beginning, she jumped on the “I hate Kenya bandwagon”. Kenya helped her boring/weak storyline. It’s obvious I am not a Kim fan. I used to be ! She arrived on a show that she insinuated she knew nothing about. (whatever) It was not a good fit for her. She used it as a stepping stone for publicity, and more than likely a paycheck.

    Hopefully, this big-time accomplished A-list actress will not return to Reality TV next season. ;0)

    • bria

      I second that

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      I don’t get it either. Why did she do this show? You know with her being this big time celebrity. I think all Kenya’s issues with Kim started in pre-production and just spilled over into filming. Kim seems likeable enough, but I’d probably get sick of her constant throwing around of her “credentials” too. Even Kandi, who certainly has the most to brag about in this group doesn’t do that. It comes off as a sort of fake humility. I think all the crying she did in those first few episodes this season was because she couldn’t believe her career had come to this level. She had to know what she was signing up for-being a seasoned industry veteran and all.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She seemed REALLY put off by the idea that Kenya or anyone might think Kenya’s career was on the level of her career. From the start she didn’t want to touch Kenya with a ten foot pole in that regard, and it was very obvious. Kim honey I’m sorry but you’re broke and your “career” is all but done. You currently ARE on the same celebrity level as someone like Kenya.

      • Minky

        At the beginning of this season I liked Kim. Quirkiness and all. I still like her hair. However, as the shows wore on, I started to not like the way she seemed to talk down to people. I was also suspicious of her friendship with Phaedra from the get-go. Why? Because it’s fucking Phaedra!

        All of the ladies were wrong for mentioning Chris at all. If they had a problem with Kim, they should have talked to her. That behavior was not okay in any way, shape or form. But Chris is not Kim. I’m focusing on Kim here.

        She started being insufferable during the Miami trip. Why was she mad at Kenya for having a word with psycho Glen? And it seemed that she insinuated that Kenya would have deserved a smack from him. That’s not okay.

        And then came the DC trip, where she used her kids as an excuse to duck out. She uses her kids as an excuse to get out of anything she doesn’t want to do. BTW, shouldn’t those kids be in school and not globetrotting with with a cast of wild, oversexed women? And then there was that beat-less brunch. Everything she says/does with the cast reads like condescending shade.

        So yeah. I began to dislike Kim well before the Jamaica trip.

  7. susan

    Kim is very pretty. I wondered why she was dressed in that unflattering boxy silver dress too. Each time I see it I ask ‘why?’

  8. shelight

    Why is no one addressing the other ladies comments about her husband. Kenya was wrong for repeating the gossip, however, who started that conversation?

    I like Kim, but I hate 80% of her style and 95% of her hairstyles.

    The blond is too brash for her. A honey blond would work better.

    I do hope she comes back but not if her entire storyline is Kenya vs Kim. I’m over the mother earth routine as well. She is very uptight.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Kenya was wrong for sure for engaging at all in the conversation about Kim’s husband. However the rest of the ladies were acting like there was something WRONG with being gay, like this is an insult to Chris. Kenya at least wasn’t saying it that way; seemed like she was more trashing their marriage which of course is awful, but I think what the others were saying was far worse.

  9. Miguel

    TT, you probably missed a section when you dozed off during this snoozefest! Who could blame you with all the Kim-Porsha love? I couldn’t endure it – koodos to you for being able to recap!!!

  10. JustJenn

    Michael is so obnoxious..why do they have him on so often?

    My Mom likes Porsha, too. I guess some people find her lack of brain cells endearing.

    • OMG you just summed it up. Yes, Michael is looking super-pervy.

      • Minky

        Porsha is very pretty. She was prettier before she got the breast and booty implants, IMO. I suppose some men go for that sort of thing. Coming from a woman who has a big booty and has had one all of her life, trust me it’s not the kind of attention you really want. But whatever.

        Porsha’s not nearly a dumb as she acts. She plays to her audience, which consists of women who would enjoy getting bosom and booty-centric attention, and the men who would give her that attention. No, she’s no learned scholar, but she’s not that stupid.

  11. kym

    I wonder why Andy didn’t have Kim plead the 5th?

  12. Rose

    Kim looked really nice. This hair color suits her better than that color she’s previously sported. Michael called Porsche most improved. ..what was in his drink?

  13. WWHL has its own script and agenda, altho’ I’ve never understood it. I agreed with Jill Xarin of all things, lol that the polls are def rigged and just like the BRAVO comenting site and calls to show – heavily screened. (I think I’ve read Comments are disabled there now – begging the question from an earlier TT blog post about a Phaedra FOCUS group, really??? Wouldn’t the comment section of your own (&^&%% web site be way more of a sampling ad way more inexpensive? But yeah, whaddIknow?)

    Porsha has had some success, as TT points out and maybe they think she’s worth rehabbing. I haven’t a clue the interest in Phaedra and her image. Kenya is their ratings cash cow, so gotta keep her name in everyones mouth. I don’t agree that it was “wrong” of her to bring up the rumors on Kim’s hub. (And for the kabajillionth time she didn’t say they were on whatever the show at the same time – is that so hard to grasp?) Kim came for her and Kenya is twirling!

  14. Gia

    Kenya is the worst thing to ever happen the RHOA. How many times can she blatantly act up just for the screen time…so obv for the screen time. Her messy antics don’t even make sense most of the time. She just comes out of know where with her whack-a-doo attitude. Please let this be her last season. She’s weird.

  15. claire

    Kim’s hair in the first pic needs to be that way always! Love! It!!!

  16. Kim looked beyootiful!! I hope she keeps her hair in that Marilyn Monroe kind of vibe.
    That poll was interesting! In spite of Kim being “boring”, a lot of folks don’t dig Kenya–and I don’t think it’s as much a ‘Bravo-edit’ as she needs to keep her anger and jealousy in check. I hope Kenya gets therapy to heal her wounds, so she can stop being so petty. She has many good qualities beneath her anger. It would be nice if Matt is good to her, she could use the love and support.
    Kim, keep dressing like you did on WWHL!
    And ignore judgemental folks: you enjoy your hubby, your marriage, your kids and your blessed life.

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