Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Turning Over A New Peach

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I can’t remember the last episode of RHOA and I actually had to click the link remember why. Last Sunday was the Oscars and we didn’t have any Bravo nonsense to discuss. This week we finally get back to Atlanta and hopefully can keep some of the ladies separate for this episode. Like Kim and Kenya. Kim will be on WWHL tonight. I’ll recap it for you either tonight or tomorrow.

I guess we will see Phaedra take the boys to college to see their daddy.  I’m really surprised that Bravo was able to force her to do that. I’m also not sure if it will be the best thing for the boys.  They are awfully young.


Todd and Mama Joyce got with Kandi for a pregnancy checkup. The doctor gives Todd and Kandi some suggestions on sexual positions during this stage of our pregnancy. Isn’t this one of the doctors from that other Bravo show? Clearly the storyline is in full effect. Kandi announces the baby name she wants, Ace Wells Tucker.  Mama Joyce seems to love Todd these days.  Todd actually paid attention to the doctor visit this time and didn’t get on his phone.

Phaedra stops over to Kandi’s house dressed to the nines. Kandi says she is so ready to have the baby. Phaedra gives Kandi some nipple cream. Phaedra catches her up on the Jamaica trip. This scene is starting to seem like an episode of the people’s couch. Phaedra and Kandi are on the couch talking about the last episode.

RHOA Kim Fields be like...


Kim is looking for a new project to direct. In case your missed her latest directorial work, here is the commercial for Cynthia’s Eyewear. Although she tells her mentor via Skype that she will send the latest cut of that project to him, I seriously doubt she would submit that to Nabisco or Advil as her work.  Kim seems very confused as to why Kenya has such an issue with her.

I’m going to miss Kim’s hair.


We see Kenya and Matt at Moore Manor. Kenya said on her Instagram recently that she will be moving in within a few days. Aunt Lori shows up at the house to see the progress. Kenya explains she had a setback when one of her contractors installed a beam improperly. Aunt Lori had a bit of concerns over Matt’s finances. Kenya has some about his age, but she seems to really be falling for him. Later, Matt takes Kenya to The Melting Pot. I love that place. But I thought they closed in the 1980s. Kenya says she has never been to a fondue restaurant before? Really Kenya? I love fondue. Matt and Kenya talk about marriage.


Her sister Lauren shows up and updates Porsha on all the work that she has done for Porsha’s company. Later Cynthia shoots a photo shoot with Porsha for her Thotware line.

RHOA Kenya's Birthday, Cynthia, nene, sheree


Kim meets with Cynthia to show her the commercial they shot in Jamaica. They try the voiceover with Kim Fields voice which I liked. Then Cynthia wants to record one in her voice.


Phaedra’s lawyer shows up to discuss her divorce. She claims that she has filed for divorce from Apollo. I’ll be leave that when I see some court records to support the claim. She also says that the new prison Apollo is at, Fort Dix is much more child friendly than his previous residence. They seem to be foreshadowing that the visit might not actually take place.

In the hotel room in Philadelphia, Phaedra drones on to the cameras about the trials of “her pilgrimage.” Dylan is a little kissing bandit!  Ayden is the reluctant recipient. Those boys are adorable.  The reason this recap is so brief is because there is a awful lot of flashbacks to previous episodes. We are treated to many flashbacks of Apollo.

So Phaedra and the boys went in the prison at 8:15 a.m. They stayed there for two and a half hours. Apparently, Apollo is sporting a mohawk in prison. The boys seem unaffected. They wanted to leave before they were able to. Apollo was shocked about how big Dylan was. Apollo told Phaedra he is not going to sign the divorce papers.

Next Week:  It’s the season finale. I’m happy about that. We have the Christmas party.  It doesn’t look like they are going to show Porsha beating down that girl on the finale. So if they don’t, I doubt anything that came up about it at the reunion, like the anger management will be on the reunion. We’ll have to see.


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48 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Turning Over A New Peach

  1. nadege

    I hope things work out between Matt and Kenya. Of course, Kim is only mad at kenya about the gay comment, but still friends with NeNe,Porsha,and Phaedra when they was talking about her husband being gay too.

    • Sunshine

      Nadege, Kim and Kenya’s issues are not just about the husband bashing. There’s a clash everytime they see each other with Kenya starting all the mess.


        Sunshine, Why the Kenya bash? Kim is BORING! If it were for Kenya bringing life to her she probably would not have gotten a peach. Do you not get it tho? THIS IS REALITY TV..

      • Sunshine

        ILOVEKENYA, some of us don’t find Kim boring at all. It’s just a matter of opinion. Just like you saying Kenya is bringing life when I may see her behavior as starting shit.

      • nadege

        I already know that they have problems with each other, but my problem is why she only mad at Kenya and not NeNe,porsha, and phaedra when they was calling him gay too. Phaedra who is suppose to be her friend was wrong for calling him sassy.

      • Sunshine

        Once again nadege her issue with Kenya is not just about the Living Single gay lie. She has grabbed at Kim’s chair and been rude to her almost every episode.

      • nadege

        Again,i already know that they have problems, but i will like to know why she is not going after NeNe, Porsha,and phaedra about the gay comment that is what i care about not them having beef in Jamaica. I would have come for all of them not only Kenya because of the chair incident and all that other bullshit.

      • nadege

        And she is mostly mad at Kenya about the gay comment not the other agruments ,because that’s all they was talking about at the reunion and her husband came at her last week about the gay comment too in one of his interview.

      • I agree with Sunshine. There has been a lot of tension between these two almost from the beginning but Kenya has taken things to a very nasty low. I don’t think Phaedra calling Chris “sassy” is anywhere near the level that Kenya stooped too. Also, Kenya was lying since Chris and Kim weren’t even together during Kim’s “Living Single” days, there is no way Kenya heard the rumors when she was on that show. That, along with all the issues Kim and Kenya have had in the past, is why Kim is focused on Kenya.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Kim should be angry with all of them, especially Phaedra who knew exactly what she was doing when she baited them by referring to Chris as sassy. She knew they’d bite and the shading was on. Kenya walked into the convo, but in their classic ish stirring fashion nene and Phaedra made it seem like it was all Kenya… Messiest one of all though? Sheree. For carrying tales as my granny would say. She couldn’t wait to run back to Kim or even Kenya for that matter. Somebody call Iyanla, Sheree needs more fixing!

  2. Mrs Smith

    It seems Phaedra cannot properly buckle her “churren” into a carseat. “Everybody knows” the shoulder straps should connect at shoulder height, not waist height.
    I guess it is asking too much for production to correct this safety issue in their attempt to make Phaedra appear motherly.

    • nadege

      Right, she is too busy focusing on her dead image by playing the victim.

    • nadege

      Right, she is too busy focusing on her already dead image by playing the victim. She was in with Apollo stealing money because she still refuse to prove that Angela’s book about her is false.

    • LA_in_KY

      That made me so mad. I have young kids and I try not to judge other moms, but there is no excuse for not buckling your kids in their car seats correctly.It is a safety issue. And why did the driver put the boys in their seats? I wouldn’t let someone that I don’t really know handle my kids when clearly I am able to do so. Also the boys shouldn’t be in their coats in the car seat.

  3. loriflack

    Those boys are soooooo adorbs. I remember when Apollo,Phaedra and Ayden walked into the barbershop for his very first haircut…precious.

  4. Minky

    This show just isn’t worth it anymore. At this point a show about the Old Lady Gang would be much more entertaining.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Now that would be entertaining. Plus Momma Joyce has been putting in time for years to get her peach!?

      • Minky

        Exactly! And it’s about damn time too! They need to do a reality show about Mama Joyce and her sisters bossing the staff around at their restaurant. Like Vanderpump Rules, but the OLG soul food version. I would totally watch that. Mama Joyce and Bertha and Nora draggin’ bitches. Now that’s a show! You hear me Andy?!

  5. Toddy

    I know a prison isn’t the optimal setting for a reunion, but it was still probably good for the boys to see Apollo. They’re so young, they might have otherwise thought he was gone forever.

  6. More Tea Please!

    Did you pick up on the previews what sounded like Porsha being asked when she had her last cycle and she did not know? Storyline?

  7. Shannon

    Tamara what do you think about the fact that the kids and Phaedra were all wearing completely different clothes after their visit? I know they edit these shows all over the place, but that just seemed glaringly obvious to me. Do you think that she actually didn’t go and they just edited it to look like she did? Or maybe the kids were to upset right after the visit so they shot the prison departure after they left the hotel?

    I just thought it was interesting bc you know there’s no way Phaedra is changing her kids clothes inside a prison, if she actually did go.

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t notice that. I did have a lot of questions about the whole “visit” since they can’t film the “visit” anything could have happened.

      • Spilledperfume

        I still haven’t seen the full episode but I’ve just seen the coming attractions – is that Tammy standing with Bob Whitfield at the Christmas party?

      • Shannon

        Agreed! I only noticed because I liked what she was putting the kids in before they left, and I wondered where she bought (I also have 2 boys) and then suddenly they were back in the car and their pants were bright blue! ?

    • FGF

      I’m unsure of the regulations for boys but I know that when I visited my dad I was asked to change clothes a couple of visita. During my 1st visit I wore a skirt and they asked me if I had pants so we had to leave and find a store to purchase a pair. I was given some line about enticing the male inmates who usually only see other men all day. I was 14 years old and visiting a prison for the first time. I didn’t imagine there’d be a dress code.

  8. Lurker

    Phaedra’s lawyer giving her a menorah as a holiday/Christmas/Hanukkah gift was very weird. Also, why did she light all of the lamps at once?

    I worked for a Jewish owned company with mezuzah’s on the doors and we lit each lamp on every successive night of Hanukkah. Just seemed weird.

  9. JentheAUBURNfan

    I’m so sick of hearing Phaedra talk about young African American boys and prison and her sons and statistics and relating it to Apollo. I hope the only statistic they become when they get older is being smarter than their parents. Fix it Jesus

    • nadege

      Right, she knew what Apollo was about when she married him.

      • JentheAUBURNfan

        And was in it thicker than her thighs

      • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

        Exactly. She married a “statistic”. I guess when the save our husbands charity didn’t quite work out (pro trainer, mortician and part-time contractor), she had to adjust focus to saving our sons.

  10. Cat

    A kid friendly prison? I’m imagining walls painted in bright primary colors, with maybe a mural of Disney characters…as a chain gang.

    • Minky

      Because she’s a legend. Duh! And to show us how a “normal” person would act around this bunch. Ha haaaaaa! ?

  11. Miguel

    I haven’t completely read/seen the recap/show; but had to pause as I see Aunt Lori! WTF is she doing on my screen? I get that Kenya loves her aunt, but I DON’T (can’t forget her bullshit with her sister, daughter & Kenya)!!! I already have to suffer through some terrible peach holders (pee pee-poo poo, Phaedra-Porsha & Kim)! Must I now endure a neverending parade of irksome side characters?

  12. Miguel

    Does Porsha’s idea of “slow and steady,” with respect to Oliver, mean small amounts of money at regular intervals, for her services? She can’t get the word cement isn’t semen… just saying!

  13. susan

    Nene looks awful in this photo

  14. Miguel

    Kandi wouldn’t be cool with Nene, if she was Sheree; yet,she has no issue with Phaedra? Apparently, if you talk about her money you’re out; but, her husband’s money isn’t off limits? Okey, dokey…

  15. beauxblue

    yeah, I don’t get Kenya’s dislike of kim, unless it’s jealousy. as kim said, it’s not like she dragged her across a stage by her hair or calls her a whore every chance she gets.

    • In the first meeting between Kenya and Kim, Kenya presented Kim with a tape of “Life Twirls On” and suggested that Kim get involved. I think Kenya was miffed when Kim didn’t get all excited and gush over how wonderful Kenya is. Kim even hesitated a little and refused to commit. She just agreed to view the tape. That was dismissive of Kenya and I think that’s were it all began.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Right, innocent Kim only tried to act like Kenya was the one starting ish in Miami by tossing out the man with the abusive personality and anger issues.

  16. Bria

    Please can some one explain to me what’s up with Aunt Lori talking to Kenya like a 18yrs teenager. Aunt Lori used to represent a voice of reasoning but she’s fast becoming Mama Joyce’s assistance. Outright embarrassment questioning a grown woman’s relationship.

  17. Cheychey

    Comment of the night Porsha and her sister being called dumb as paper cups. I rolled.

  18. Maybe I am just old fashioned, but I have doubts about taking such small children into a federal prison. Phaedra probably just did not want to take them because she does not want to deal with Apollo, but I don’t think its such a good idea.

    Kim is soooo boring. Really.

  19. Deb

    Ummmm….. Car seat safety. Phadra, smarten up. Death trap in waiting.

    • tamaratattles

      She’s not used to doing it. I’m sure the sitters and nannies know how. Grandma was in the front, wasn’t she? I’m sure she didn’t realize.

  20. Karen

    The Melting Pot is very popular in the Seattle area.

  21. Rose

    Best line of the night was when that guy called Porsha and Lauren “dumb as a paper cup! “

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