Dance Moms Recap: Nia Saves The Day!


Dance Moms Maddie and brynn
We start with batshit crazy Abby screaming at production telling them to leave and calling the police on them. It’s hard to say if she is on something or just literally losing her mind over the potential of going to jail. I wonder if she has negotiated a plea deal yet.  To top it all off she fired her front desk employee.  This gives Ashlee a chance to step into that position and suck up to Abby. It’s not like all the other moms haven’t done this before. Especially Melissa.

Abby puts Brynn on the bottom so obviously this is going to be one of those fantasyland pyramids where Abby just bases it off how she feels about the moms.  Maddie is next. Then Kendall, Kalani, Nia, JoJo and Mackenzie on top. She is really mad at Maddie. And by mad I mean jealous.

The girls are doing a group dance in heels for the first time. I never realized before that they didn’t wear heels. There are two duets. Kendall and Kalani will do a jazz duet called Grifters. Kalani has an injured back. The second duet is Maddie and Brynn. They are doing a lyrical called Together as One. Abby is pissy with all the moms. The moms are pissed that Kira doesn’t want to participate in the show anymore. Jill’s mom is super pissed that Brynn is in the duet with Maddie.

The moms are thrilled that the Bob Fosse tribute group dance is more mature choreography.  It’s about time. Kalani has a bad back, so they they give her a jazz dance with lots of choreography where that requires her partner to hit her back. It’s ridiculous. They call Kira and she pulls Kalani from the competition this week. Nia has been chosen to take Kalani’s place in the duet.

Dance moms abby

Abby shows up to the competition sick and looking like a hot mess. Ashlee gets stuck doing Abby’s hair. Jill is a complete and total bitch to Ashlee. Don’t they ever get tired of screaming the same old things?

Abby has been talking about a rash all over her face this whole episode, it is not until I see it at the competition that I realize how bad it is!  What is that? Is it hives from the stress?

Nia and Kendall’s Solo

It was bad. Of course it was bad. It was comical choreography that was clunky on it’s own. Nia learned the routine hours before. The costumes were atrocious and it was one of the worst performances in ALDC history. Nia and Kendall are both in tears. Backstage Kendall says they were set up for failure and humiliation. Jill and Abby have a huge fight.

Brynn and Maddie’s Solo

Very quickly into their routine the music stopped and never returned. They did their entire routine without missing a beat. It was a pretty little lyrical number and they will probably score well.  Brynn held her own dancing next to Maddie.

The Group Dance

The girls are not only wearing heels for the first time, a lot of them are wearing wigs.  The dance was good. Abby loved it. I guess it will probably win. Frankly, I was a little bored. But that is probably just because I’m in sort of a funk this weekend.

Maddie and Brynn won first place. Somehow Nia and Kendall came in second place overall. I have a feeling there were only three duets in the competition.  The group dance came in first.

Back stage, Melissa is furious with Ashlee who is worming her way into Abby’s good graces.


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8 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Nia Saves The Day!

  1. T D

    Abby must have heat rash from dancing, like a bead of sweat,d across the hot, federal skillet

  2. VioletBlue

    Thanks for recapping, but to be honest, even with all the Abby drama, I am starting to lose interest!

  3. I watched this for quite a few years with my younger daughter. Brooke was my girl and she loved Kenzie. The pic accompanying your blog post, reminded me of what my daughter coined back then as “Maddie’s bowel movement face” Thanks for the giggling memory TT! :)

  4. Amy

    I swear they wore heels years ago as all the moms were crazy about how hard it would be. It’s like they forget we pay attention. Jill just gets worse every week.

  5. BeetsWhy

    and can the moms…Jill and Melissa and sometimes even Holly…PLEASE lose the mile long hair clip ins??? They look so five years ago and they don’t make you look younger, just desperate.

  6. Cheychey

    Nia and Kendal’s dance was awful. The group dance with the kinda sexual under tones makes me wonder what the moms are thinking. Is this the kind of mature dance you want your little Girls doing. Their like 10-14.

  7. Suzanne D

    I am done with both Jill and Kendall this season. Jill is beyond bitch to Ashlee. Granted, Ashlee is as annoying as a cloud of gnats at a picnic, but Jill is constantly bashing Brynn. She knows Brynn can out-dance Kendall on her worst day. Hearing whiny Kendall cry about being set up to fail made me sprain an eye muscle from hyper-rolling. It doesn’t matter what choreography a dancer is given. It’s what the dancer does with it and how she projects to her audience. Lately, Kendall goes out there and performs like she’s got a raging yeast infection. With all her complaining, she’s sounding just like her mother.

    The scripting is getting more obvious. Kalani’s back is hurting and finally they decide to pull her out the day before the competition? They were all afraid of what Abby was going to say, and she was fine. Abby should have been angry that they finally told her at the last minute.

    As far as that rash….yikes! It kind of looked like Impetigo. That shit is contagious.

  8. Miguel

    Thanks for the post: I’ve been reading your recaps (which are far more entertaining than the shows) before I watch quite a few shows, lately.

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