Project Runway All Stars Recap: Where Your Hose At?

Project Runway allstars  sam

This is Sam’s look. How the FUCK was this not on the bottom?

Weekends can be great for me because there is not a lot of  housewives drama going on and I get to catch up on the shows that only a few of us are watching together. It harkens back to the days when this was a much smaller site.  Then Sunday night comes and the madness begins again.  So let’s hit the highlights (and lowlights) of this week.

I forgot it was an unconventional materials challenge. These can be really hit or miss. This week, it’s medical supplies. So yuck. Maybe Kini will do a Herve Leger type bandage dress out of ace bandages. That is what I would do. You know, if I could design, or sew. Speaking of people who can’t sew, I hope Sam gets his comeuppance this episode.

I have to be honest. I don’t really remember most of these people’s names, so it is hard to recap the madness in the workroom. Sam won the unconventional challenge on his season. He feels confident.

I kind of love Ken and not just because he could go all insane in the membrane at any moment.  He is doing a hose dress and so is Sam. I really need for Ken to pull this off. He can be the villain again later, but for now, he will be my hero if he takes Sam down.

Alexander is going to make the word “surreal” the drinking word, or maybe the glue sniffing word, for this week’s episode. Valerie is trying to make a dress out of cotton swabs.  She’s in danger of being to artsy.  I sort of remember Stella from previous shows, and what I sort of remember is that she is on the wrong show. I am not sure what the right show is, but this is not it.

Sam is becoming a bitchy queen on this show who seems to think he is doing well on his own merits. It will be hard for anyone to do worse than Stella, but I really hope he pulls that off.  Asha is doing the same dress as someone else. NotTimGunn pretty much tells everyone not to be too crafty. Like artsy crafty.

Dom is struggling and Sam and Ken apparently have nothing better to do than stand around and watch her.  Stella abandons her alien coat and seems to have nothing.Kini is making a piñata.

Did Layana just tell her model her crotch stinks? Because that is what I got from it. I hope she meant the materials.

This is Ken's look. COME ON...

This is Ken’s look. COME ON…

The Runway

Emily’s black and white dress is amazing. I don’t really remember her from her season, and honestly don’t remember seeing this dress. But it’s beautiful. I am very big on black and white though so I may be a bit prejudiced. I would have like it to be more black than white but she puts the black in all the most flattering places.

Mitch is probably going home. His dress looks like what a stripper in Dallas would wear on the pole. All fringe and I don’t even know what those are…stars? He’s totally in the bottom.

Layana is also in the bottom with her weird shorts ensemble. I can’t even explain this to those of you not watching. It’s bad.

Asha insisted on using pink, which I hate but her dress is pretty amazing. The judges might put her in the top, but I don’t know if I will. Surely there is something better.

Kini didn’t impress me either. His dress is made of gloves. I might have liked it if it wasn’t a reverse mullet dress. I’m a conventional hemline kind of girl.

Sam’s outfit is pretty bad. I hate it. He loves it. I could see it going either way with the judges.

Dom. Oh Dom. WTF has happened to you? That is all.

I love Alexander’s dress. He is having regrets and thinks it is to simple. The fit is bad but the concept is good. He should be fine.

Valerie’s Qtip dress is fine. It shouldn’t get her sent home. But really? Cotton swabs?  There were worse things.

Stella is unhappy with her dress. I kind of like it. Love the NYC skyline and the bandage skirt. It’s wearable. It’s not high fashion. It’s let me look cute as I hit up TJMaxx.

I love Ken’s dress. I hate is mode and the way she crossed her arms. Why did she do that?

I’d give Ken and Emily the top two and send either Mitchel or Sam home.

The judges send Kini, Dom, Mitchell !!!!!, EMILY!!!!!! and Layana off as safe.  Thus eliminating both one of my favorites and my least favorites from the top and bottom.  I’m also worried Alexander was not in the middle!

They love Ken though! YAY!  They hate Asha’s look. And I hate it more as I see it. Alexander is also in the top. Stella is in the bottom. They love the Q-tip dress. I hate it.  Dear God. Some of them love Sam’s dress. OMG. They really love Sam. UGH.

Ken deserves to win this.  I hope Stella doesn’t go home just yet, she’s interesting! But I fear she is doomed. Once they found out they couldn’t do avant garde, Stella s fucked.

I hate how much they like Sam. Oh Alexander is on the bottom. OH HELL NO. I will die if Alexander goes home and Sam wins.


At least Alexander is safe. Stella goes home. So sad. I like her weird and funky designs. She should have done her hose coat.

Next week: Alexander points out that Sam was flirting with the guest judge. He was, it was something I didn’t bother to tell you but now seems important.  Everyone hates Sam. Not just me. Clearly he is sucking some dick. Allegedly. To stay on the show. How good do you need to suck to get a win with that bullshit?


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19 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Recap: Where Your Hose At?

  1. Deb in SF

    I really dislike Sam too! Can’t wait until the rest of the designers make their dislike for him known on the runway! Not sorry to see Stella go. This show is so much less interesting than Project Runway Junior, but still watchable. Thank you, TT, for recapping it!

  2. KidsRkids

    Ok, so who in their right mind is going to wear Sam’s dress? And he won? Definitely something is going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of. The flirting with the guest judge had me ROTFLMAO!

    • Margarett

      Oh gosh. I hate to say that I really liked Sam’s dress. I do though. I don’t like Sam at all. He thinks he’s way cuter and more talented than I do. I did like his answer last week when asked why he chose Kini. He answered, “…because l’m not stupid.”

      I like Kini a lot. I loved his dip dye dress and even liked the glove dress. I agree about them hemline, and wondered if that was intentional.

      This is one of my favorite shows. Thanks for recapping it, Tamara.

  3. lauraannb

    Ken WAS robbed. I thought Dom’s dress & coat should have been in the top 3.
    I don’t know what they saw in Sam’s design.
    Still missing Tim Gunn. I wish he was on this show too!

  4. Queen of the Nile

    Tim would have hated Sam’s look … what were the judges thinking?? I thought Ken’s was the best — so beautifully designed and executed!

  5. cece

    That pink country dress with the sheriff badges by Mitchell was hideous!

  6. Cat

    I’m glad you posted some pictures, so I can comment.

    Sam’s dress….

    Remember the movie “The Trouble With Angels”? The scene where the girl stays up all night, sewing a cocktail dress for a contest? And one sleeve is long, one is short, and the whole thing is awkwardly off kilter?

    That’s what Sam’s dress made me think of. It’s weird. And ugly.

    Even I could sew better than that. And I flunked Home Ec.

  7. I knew in the first 10 minutes that Stella would be going home; she got the loser edit. The one with all the talking heads saying how much they’re struggling and can’t think of an idea = goner. I hate that. I wish they didn’t make it so obvious and that there was some measure of suspense about it.

    I’m sorry to see Stella go. I have a soft spot for contestants from when PR was still good (i.e. when it was on Bravo) like her and Daniel Franco.

  8. Demeter

    I’m so glad you’re recapping this show. I watch it but I don’t think I could describe the insanity in a logical way. This show is so fixed. Sam should be gone.

    Ken’s dress was amazing and Kini is probably wondering why he signed up for this show.

    Sam’s blatant flirting with the judge was so fawning and the judge flirting back was so inappropriate.

  9. JoJoFLL

    Sam should be thanking God for glue this episode.

    Loved Alexander and Kuni’s dresses. I really thought Stella’s dress was cool.

  10. Pitypat

    I SO want to see Sam fail in a spectacular way, he evokes hatred in me and I am usually such a wuss. The top stitching and matching seams on Ken’s dress was wonderful.

  11. Spaghetti Kitten

    I can’t keep the names straight – had to binge watch DVR to get up to date. Stella was doomed the moment she mentioned “Not Tim Gunn” (love that description!)…I have a zoft spot for craggy older gals! Sheriff Barbie def way worse than her TJ Maxx skyline!!! Grrrrrr. Emily is my girl and yes fellatio trading dude on my last nerve. His look was stupid and def not FASHION FORWARD, lol. I wanted Ken’s hem in the back not front – either way – he was the clear winner. Sorry for the run on paragraph…cant see from phone. Stella would understand.

  12. Cheychey

    The sheriff badge dress looked like something my kids would do when playing dress up. I can’t see how that was possibly safe. I thought Stella’s shirt was cute. It was expressed many times it should be wearable and that shirt really was.

  13. Sam reminds me of the little twit on the last season who pretended he couldn’t tell time. The sheriff badge dress just defies all logic. We are all obviously not chic enough to understand.

  14. T D

    If Sam was going for Prometheus unbound better to put on a winding sheet and call it a day.

  15. Jim

    Lol, I don’t know… I thought Sam’s coat was quite cool and edgy. He used his unconventional materials in an unusual way. And that is always appreciated by the judges on these types of challenges. Plus he had a simple but stylish dress underneath that coat. That simple dress was better than 75% of the other looks that walked the runway.

    Ken’s dress was far more wearable though and beautifully made… except for the uni-boob. If he had sorted that out, he would have won. I have a suspicion that Ken might not be well liked by the production staff and judges because of his bad behavior from his previous season. And apparently he throws another hissy fit this season.

    Alexander’s bitching about Sam’s flirting with the judges next week makes him look petty and jealous. And that’s never a good look! I don’t think the judges were swayed by Sam’s flirting this week. The judges mentioned it because they thought it silly and harmless.

    And WHAT the F was Alissa wearing for the runway?! That had to be the ugliest, tackiest, most shapeless thing I’ve ever seen! Seriously, what was that? Who let her walk out there like that? Whoever it was, pack your knives and go. Oops, wrong show,

  16. I loved Dom’s look! I couldn’t believe she was only safe. Ken was my 2nd favorite & he really should have won (since Dom couldn’t). His dress was gorgeous & so technically perfect. He was robbed. Sam is annoying but I usually like his designs. This week not so much. And I’m still upset he didn’t give Kini credit for last week. Not cool.

    And can we please discuss Mitchel? All of his looks have been hideous (hideous!) but this week’s catheter fringe & sheriff badge monstrosity was the worst. How is he still there? Why was he included in Allstars at all? Sorry to be so harsh but his looks make me emotional (and not in the way he wants them to). Ridiculous.

    • Lime Brain

      Lady Cocotte, I just came here also, to ask why Mitchell is still there.

      They should have sent him home the first week when he lost. Instead, they kept him and Fade and Stella both ended up leaving before him. They both had an off week, while Mitchell has been in the bottom every week. I really liked both Fade and Stella and enjoyed waiting to see what they could come up with. Even though I know they wouldn’t win, I’d like them to stay longer. Mitchell has yet to do one decent thing.

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