Oh Look! the “Mercial” is Up!

Is Cynthia standing in front of artwork of her in sunglasses at Art Basel wearing a t-shirt of herself? LOL you go girl!

Is Cynthia standing in front of artwork of her in sunglasses at Art Basel wearing a t-shirt of herself? LOL you go girl!

Interesting there doesn’t seem to be a Kenya or a Nene in site.

Also, apparently one of Peter’s kids got married this week. Noticeably absent was Cynthia.  When your husband moves to another city… I’d take that as a sign.

HOWEVER, Peter so very much craves a peach. So will they fake it for the show until it is mercifully over?

I’m  going to drop the video on the other side, otherwise it shows up on Twitter.


So here it is..


Tell me what you think?  So very THOTful and selfiefilled. … Peter might have been in there for a split second at the bar.



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60 responses to “Oh Look! the “Mercial” is Up!

  1. JentheAUfan

    Excuse me while I run out in my pjs to find a pair!

  2. Gracious

    The commercial is corny and it’s too bad because I really like Cynthia.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      That was pretty rough. We really didn’t need her to take off and on the glasses the third time…we got it the second.

      • Dee

        I was thinking the same, too many head turns. The concept was good.

      • lori

        Exactly what I felt the THIRD time around. Geesh. At the very least, they could have switched it up and had a different person do the glasses thing. The production quality was weak as hell too. I agree with others… Bob was the highlight here. That said, it’s exactly what I’d from something called a ‘mercial?

    • Miss sunshine

      It really is almost looks like a ski t for Saturday Night live

  3. Undine

    I thought the eyewear commercial was pretty good. The voiceover at the end was unnecessary though.

  4. Margarett

    Cynthia looks good. I think the black and white to color is clever. I didn’t see Peter at all. Portia should never raise her arm…bless her heart!

  5. Wallace

    Surprisingly, I like it.

  6. Mzjulesaz

    I like it.

  7. Dee

    I love it! It s funny and witty, not boring at all. Makes a point.

  8. What was that godawful, endless “I feel myself” video? Is that a separate ‘mercial’ or is it part of the beach video? It went on forfuckingever! Cynthia was playing director/photographer with a phone. Is her target consumer totally rachet Atlanta? Cynthia is always gorgeous, and I hold her to a higher standard as a former professional person. Yikes!

  9. Cat

    Meh. I was waiting for someone to be kicked in the stomach.

  10. Tasha

    Bob cracked me up in this and on the “set “. I’m probably alone here!

  11. Glow

    I like the “Mercial” and the video of Cynthia doing her work. I’d love to see more of this behind the drama, daily work life and less Dinners With Dramatics.

  12. Kari

    I though it was super cheesy. Too bad

  13. Psylocke

    I can legitimately say with no nuanced hyperbole that my high school’s media production classes regularly churned out various comedic skits/announcements/ and news items of higher caliber than this.

    It really blows my mind that Kim Fields watched the finalized version of this, patted herself on the back, and released it as a testament to her professional acumen.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I would be embarrassed to have this represent my product if I were Cynthia.

    • iloveearlgrey

      100% agree. That British accent at the end was totally out of place with the concept, characters, colors, everything. Did Kim Fields really help with this commercial? :::cringe:::

  14. Tayone

    It’s kinda cute!?

  15. SB

    It’s low budget as hell, but could be worse I suppose.

  16. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Meh, I don’t get it. The way Kim was talking I thought it would be much more. Wasn’t there supposed to be a red carpet or something? If I were supposedly maybe possibly ending my relationship, I don’t think I’d have my boo thing in the ‘mercial either. Just saying.

    • Miele

      Yes! The whole “couple walking the beach/red carpet” idea she pitched was soooo much better. I wonder if that is the commercial Kim Fields would have made, but it was nixed by Bravo (for being either too expensive or not ratchet enough).

      • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

        Maybe Kenya had a point after all. I can’t say I blame her for not wanting to have anything to do with it after seeing the final cut.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @miele I didn’t think that idea was very good. Kim seems like an amateur.

  17. SB

    So I just went over to the CB eyewear website, the prices, even with 40% off, are ridiculous! I saw a pair of cute aviators, but not for 235$, still over 135$ with the discount. I can buy actual Ray Bans at that price. BTW, there are about 6 pairs of glasses available on the site.

  18. rainidaze

    I guess it was OK, but I was expecting more, you know, since it had been directed by someone with the directing/producing experience that Kim Fields professes to have, I thought it would be slicker. Ack, who am I kidding; what should I have expected, really – smh, it was filmed on Bravo’s dime, on Bravo’s time, and by someone with unsubstantiated commercial making experience doing it as a favor to Cynthia. I wonder where / if she’s planning on running it anywhere other than Youtube or online.

    The voice-over at the end was difficult to understand because of the accent.

  19. Amy

    The logo is cute? That’s all I got.

  20. Sunshine

    I like it. It’s watchable.

  21. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    So hubby just watched the “mercial”.. His thoughts? Phaedra should stick to law, why is Porsha taking selfies in a boat on dry land, what the hell kinda posturing is Cynthia doing, why does Mal look like she smells ish, and who is Bob’s agent because he’s clearly the breakout star and should look into doing more acting. I agree. Bob pretty much made the “mercial”.

  22. sarcasatire

    This, ladies and gentleman, is why you should hire real actors, and not friends who can only give one version of “surprised” which results in unnatural, over the top facial expressions. It looks campy, but the lack of humor shows that camp wasn’t the intent. It’s just silly, and no “classy-based” British voice is going to be enough help her elevate her brand if this is the type of quality her commercials continue to be.

    Most sunglasses shoots end with a tight shot on the model to show off the frames. Or better yet, a still life shot of the sunglasses on a solid background, reminding our viewer of three product we’re selling. Cynthia’s ‘mercial has none of that. Amateur hour, indeed.

  23. It looked a bit cheesy with inexperienced actors. It also looked like it could have been recorded on an iPad or phone. Low budget at its best. Not impressed.

  24. Heartland

    Hahahaaaa I don’t know WHYYY, but I LOVE Bob!! He got all the camera time! Lmao!

  25. More Tea Please!

    That was bad…how about hiring professionals in the field of advertising to do your next commercia, unless the product line flops before that.

  26. the shadiest grove

    Dreadful. Lol, Kenya is somewhere letting #MeetMatt break her back out LOL at this mess. Hehehe. Oh Kim, such high hopes we had. We Were rooting for you !

  27. Espi

    It wouldn’t be as bad, and could be funny, even, with all the horrible acting… If the intro was a lot shorter. The first 15 seconds are trash. It could be spinned as a spoof of the housewives to promote the eye wear and be kind of funny. I agree that the voice over was unnecessary though.

  28. cavex2

    It reminded me of a spoof type commercial. T, thanks for sharing it.

  29. JoJoFLL

    Horrible and trashy. Whomever she paid to shoot and direct that commercial should refund her money. She only showed ONE pair of sunglasses? That works (I have a marketing background) if you are Prada, Persol, Rayban, etc with and established brand.

    She established her brand as THOTful, trashy, and low rent.

  30. LisaPat

    I like it.. but if theres one negative critique just for the sake of it.. she popped the CBs on one too many times.

  31. Jessica White

    Give Bob a peach!

  32. Jaded

    Not very good for Hollywood royalty.

  33. Cheychey

    I liked it ok but when it went to color I think everyone should have had her sunglasses on when it went to color. Showing just one pair just doesn’t seem like a good way to advertise a new product.

  34. Could someone pass the crackers for this cheese? Better yet, the butter for this corn.

  35. Cat

    If the sunglasses are that good, why would she keep taking them off?

  36. Wampascat

    I thought it was cute. Who knows what the budget was that Kim had to work with?

  37. Sandra

    Why did they need Jamaica for this? They could have filmed this in one of their back yards.

  38. French

    I think it’s a cute Merical! Bob is truly a star, yep he needs a peach!

  39. Rose

    It was cute. We all know it was low budget since the housewives were in it and not real actors. Mal sure looks stink faced. Bob was funny! I looked at her website. ..not a lot to choose from, only 9 pairs.

  40. OPA

    I thought it was cute for a low budget commercial

  41. bria

    I could write an entire paragraph about this hot mess but I can hear my grand mother’s voice saying “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all”. So am just going to groan because high school kids can do better commercial .

  42. Bless her heart (that was terrible).

  43. Horrible marketing. Awkward throughout-ACTING, PRODUCING, LOCALE ! Very amateurish but again proving they are only reality folks, not stars.

  44. Miguel

    I won’t be buying – I’ve supported Ms. Bailey sufficiently by watching rhoa!!!

  45. Lolagyrl

    Horrible. Terrible shot composition, barely adequate editing, no camera movement. As several others have said,many high school students can, and have, made commercials with higher production values.

    After looking up Kim’s resume, it makes a little more sense. She has an extremely solid background in directing multi-camera television. In other words, tv shows shot on a set, usually in front of an audience. Not only does directing a tv show mean that the director has less creative control (the show runner is responsible for ensuring that the aesthetic, character development & story are consistent as directors come & go), this style of television is rarely shot on location. Location shoots with a single camera (even those with a, b & c cameras) are a different part of the field & require a somewhat different skill set. Perhaps with more practice she’ll improve. In the meantime, I hope she doesn’t put this in her reel. It’s god awful.

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