Catfish Jeanette & Derick Recap: Grandma Gets Catfished

Catfish Jeanette


It’s been kind of a rough week and there are a lot of things left over to recap this weekend, but I’m struggling to stay out of full blown crazyland and not do excited about recapping. I normally like to recap Catfish live because it usually trends and brings in a different kind of crowd. I’d like to see more new blood in here.  Catfish has long since been exposed for all the production manipulations and fakery, but I still feel like a lot of the time, a few of the people on the show are sincerely clueless.  Max seems to have gone on to movie production and Nev is trying a new show called Suspect that airs right after this which is kind of Catfishy in itself. I hope Nev finds a successful show to move on to, because his bromance with Max has been a long fun ride to be on.  Sadly, I think we have reached the end of possibilities now that everyone know how to Google people and find out if the online LTR is the person they say they are

Tonight “Shuntay” writes in concerned about her mother Jeanette’s online relationship with a guy named Derick.  Shuntay. Really? I wonder what she was called in middle school? Why do parents do this?  Jeannette seems to be a cougar.  Jeannette (and Shuntay) live in Orlando and Derick lives in Atlanta.  Shuntay is cute and has a baby.

The boys head down to Orlando to me Shuntay and Jeanette. Jeanette says she is forty. Derick loves her and her daughter and a baby. Derick wants to go to Zales for a ring. He’s 27 and drives a forklift. I think Derick might be Erica.

Catfish Derica

When the boys do their search Max says that he has an Atlanta area code. The area code I saw was 890 which is not only an Atlanta area  code, it’s not an area code at all.  And the person in the picture is a high school football player.  But probably not the guy in the picture. They run the phone number and discover is it Derica, with the same last name.  So I was right, it was Erica (Derica) whatever. And the phone number was 678 this time, so they must have mocked up that 890 area code for some reason. Luckily, for Jeanette, gay marriage is legal now so…#SilverLining

I’m have trouble suspending disbelief the whole, no one every went on this kid’s Facebook or his Twitter or his Instagram. The kid in the picture looks 12, so I have no idea why she would be shocked her “boyfriend” is 17. Jeanette is not a good actress. They really should audition these people.

Nev calls Derick, and he comes clean and says that he is not Derick and he is 31 and in love with Jeanette. NotDerick also sounds female.

Whoever made Jeanette’s shirt forgot to include side panels. That is unfortunate. Shuntay makes up for her mother’s limited fabric supply by wearing a leather jacket all the time.

Apparently, they have agreed to not disclose the town that NotDerick lives in. Also it seems that her house was just too much for them to clean so we have the confrontation in the yard.  Derica comes out. She is a good 300 pounds. Both Jeanette or Shuntay seem fairly unbothered by this.  Again, that is disappointing. They need to coach these people to hoot and holler when their fiancé turns out to be a woman.  Jeanette is at least trying to cry. She has on bigger eyelashes than Scheana Marie so it kind of hard to tell if she is producing tears.

Wait, apparently they are in Rome.  In Atlanta we call ourselves living in Atlanta if we are in one of several surrounding counties. It’s just easier. If  you are local you live either ITP or OTP based on whether you live inside the perimeter loop. Rome is far and beyond being considered OTP.  It’s a good two hours north of the airport.

We return to the house, this time in the backyard, and I am kind of sad that Derica didn’t at least get the Catfish house cleaning. I also think that if Derica shaved her head and bought a strap on…. #ImJustSaying.  Derica has a hard luck story that I will spare you. Derica really wants to make things up to Jeanette. I find myself kind of pulling for Derica.  Jeanette very kindly dumps Derica.

Two months later, Jeanette still talks to Derica from time to time. Derica is glad they are still friends.

That was a boring episode. But I recapped it, so  I’ll put it up.


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10 responses to “Catfish Jeanette & Derick Recap: Grandma Gets Catfished

  1. Cat

    Why are they always going to Orlando? Seems like they go there a lot.

  2. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    I can’t,??!!! Too funny. You had me at “Shuntay”. I’m done.

  3. JustJenn

    I think you’re right TT..the show has run its course. I skip watching and only read your recaps now.

  4. As soon as I heard the catfish’s voice at the opener of an episode – I knew it was going to be a big lass. Surely grandma has been around the block enough times to know Derick was a child. Older people are the new untapped catfish market (hence Dr phil doing a Nigerian catfish episode each month). THANK YOU for the non HW recaps TT xoxox

  5. This was one of my favorite recaps you’ve ever done. You always make my day better!

  6. The background history they shared about Derica was a sad, but familiar, story, and she seemed to be a lonely person who found a love connection even though she admitted to initially just playing around on the POF dating site. Jeannette seemed nice enough, but I found it hard to believe she was so duped by “Derrick”.

    I thought the daughter was a smart young woman, and she seemed capable of exposing all of the fraud without the help of the show.

  7. Bee

    “They need to coach these people to hoot and holler when their fiancé turns out to be a woman.”

    Hilarious ?

  8. Arielle

    This was the first episode of Catfish I’ve ever watched (at the urging of my sister, who says it’s her guilty pleasure), and I actually found it way more compelling than I expected. If this was “a boring episode,” maybe I should give this show more of a chance! Or just read your blog. 😉

    This recap (and the one you did about LeUH) made me LOL, you are hilarious! I am really glad I found your blog, can’t wait to read your Project Runway recaps! :)

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