Who Wants Some Friday Night Exclusive RHOA Reunion Tea?

RHOA 7 Reunion cynthia kandi

You do!

I’ve got some more EXCLUSIVE TEA  on why Porsha was sitting where she was, and why Kandi was sitting where she was.  First of all, Kandi almost always sits on the end, because she doesn’t normally have a lot of drama to discuss. But this time, Kandi was breastfeeding so there were quite a few breaks for that.

Porsha on the other hand was involved in TWO fights on set this season. So there was a lot to discuss…

RHOA Reunion Porsha Phaedra


TamaraTattles.com exclusive sources are now reporting that Porsha’s violent attack on her “friend” Jami Zeilger was in fact recorded and the altercation was shown on the reunion. I’m a bit surprised by this because Porsha’s violence could be bad for her career, and she does have one, perhaps better than Nene’s with her combined income from RHOA and Dish Nation and now The Apprentice. Kind of makes me wonder who Porsha beat on while on The Apprentice. I guess I should look into that.

Anyway, the big news is that Porsha was forced to attend anger management therapy by Bravo.  I guess this was a decision made by their legal team. But to me, this only shows that Bravo is aware that Porsha is a violent person who represents a danger to others and only makes them more culpable for the injuries suffered by the next victim.

I expect that the contracts for next year will attempt to have the ladies  sign away their rights to sue for damages from a violent thug. That would only protect Bravo and not Porsha though.

Overall,  I am hearing that Bravo wants Nene back, and Nene has exhausted her 15 minutes of fame elsewhere, so she will be back.  I don’t think Kim Fields will be returning. Will Porsha? That is still up for debate.  I would not be surprised if Sheree got that peach next season.

Did anyone else notice the lack of photos of Porsha with the other housewives after the reunion?  I mean, I guess Phaedra would have taken one with her? But who else likes her?


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64 responses to “Who Wants Some Friday Night Exclusive RHOA Reunion Tea?

  1. hannahkingrose

    Talk about covering your ass Bravo. When Porsha hurts the next person Bravo will be like…”Well we made her go to ANGER MANAGEMENT THERAPY and she told us she was cured. She even got the certificate saying she attended and participated.” So now they are in the clear if Porsha gets violent again? If I was a housewives I wouldn’t want to sign anything saying I wouldn’t sue Porsha if she put hands on me. She has a history. She’s now doing it to “friends”. Damn.

  2. Kim Fields had no business coming on RHOA to begin with. She tried to act clueless about the drama on the show, but I see she had no problem coming for Kenya during the season. I’ll be glad when Porsha leaves because Bravo knows what viewers have been saying all along, she’s too quick to snap.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh I dunno if they will cut Porsha. They should. but RHOA is becoming Love and Hip Hop…. so…

      • Andy is dirty for the direction he’s taking the show. It’s just a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt. I mean, Porsha’s been arrested twice and has a mugshot, so I guess RHOA needs another Evelyn Lozada.

      • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

        Thank you, I feel the exact same way! Let’s see.. Fights- check
        Feuds- check
        Momma drama- check
        Fraud- check
        Prison bids- check
        Infidelity- check
        Resident T&A always on display THOT- check
        Limited or no talent pseudo celebs no one has checked for for years that are only doing this so they can avoid the tax/repo/mortgage lender- check
        TT, you’re right. Same show.
        BTW, Did I miss anything?

      • Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

        @Richard, totally agree with all your points.
        .May I add that the direction that RHOA is taking is a big mistake . Confusing the fans with the Love & Hip Hop and Bad Girls Club fans is going to result in a blackberry line boycott and killed the show such as when d when Basketball Wives of Miami decided to go wretched. Maybe Andy & Co needs to stop blocking social media opinions and listen to their fans and distinguish the difference between RHOA and Bad Girls Club fans. Drop the focus groups and FOCUS on what the fans are saying on every blog, instagram, and twitter about the decline of RHOA due to VIOLENCE and its ACCEPTANCE for $. The exploitation of Porsha’s on tv undoes someone else’s hard work so no..the violence is not ok for MANY reasons.

      • TT yes plus I think Andy enjoys watching women fight scratch and roll on the floor.

    • TD

      Thank you. Everybody says Kenya was coming for Kim but they seem to forget that first scene where Kenya and Kim met. Kenya was nice, warm and even praising Kim and yet Kim was throwing side-eye very unnecessarily. Kim should not be back on RHOA, what a bore.

    • toya

      I agree with you that Kim fields had no business coming on the show

  3. Allison

    Looks like Kim Fields is doing Dancing With the Stars-if RHOA gave her career a little kick than she got something out of it. She is so out of place with these ladies for many reasons. I’m wondering if she really knew what she was getting in to.

    • Trust, Kim knew what she signed up for. Thing is, she’s being messy just like the other ladies by coming for Kenya.

      • Gia

        “Coming for Kenya”. Lol, right. Kim saw first hand how messy Kenya was and decided she was having none of it. Kenya makes Kenya look bad…no one else.

  4. Miguel

    Can barely wait for your recaps of all the HW Reunions, TT; and, thanks, as ever, for your generous, and varied, servings of tea!!!

  5. Spilledperfume

    I love these posts.

  6. RHOA seems to be the place to be. I liked this season, it was more calm than most. They’ve had a lot of seasons and hopefully will have many more seasons. I want to see what’s up with the reunion this year since it was a pretty calm season. Thanks for the tea Tamara, it was tasty and right on time. Sip sip

  7. peachteachr

    Me, me, me! Now, I’ll go back up to the article and read your tidbits with glee, T.

  8. Would be nice if anger management were also offered to Kenya but we know they are just covering their behinds! All the best to Kim if she doesn’t return she was a nice addition but I would not return! I still don’t know what she initially did to offend Kenya so much and after watching the First Look tonight I remain impressed by her calm resolve and professionalism! I hope Nene really has changed and brings positivity to this group! These women really need to sit and evaluate their life choices!

    • Miguel

      Why Kenya, janshell? She’s used her words ONLY, not her hands – unlike Porsha (recall Kenya); Cynthia (recall Porsha); and Sheree (recall Kim), to name a few.

      • Yes she used her words only but she still was necessarily angry with Kim for some reason that I’ve not seen! She’s had a rough season and I can’t help but wonder what the root cause is for her lashing out like that but this season has been her worst behavior! I like Kenya and want to see her succeed in all areas! Anger management is not only for those who partake in physical violence

      • From what I recall, Cynthia was defending herself from an enraged Porsha who was trying to straddle Cynthia and probably was going to beat on her. Who in their right mind wouldn’t kick her off.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Um maybe because Kim was an absolute koont for no reason?

    • I don’t know of course, but I always thought that Kenya’s anger towards Kim was borne out of hurt that Kim did not jump on the bandwagon and help Kenya with “Life Twirls On”. Even that first meeting with between them, Kim seemed dismissive beyond offering to view the video.

    • titilaya

      You don’t have to do anything to Kenya for her to act like a sociopath.

    • I like u couldn’t understand the immediate kenya, kim thing. So i had to reach way n2 the beginning of the season. If i remember correctly kenya came to kim to get her to direct or produce her ‘ life twirls on’ sitcom and kim declined after viewing it w her husband. Now i didnt see her decline it but nothing was ever mentioned again after she viewed the reel. So that’s my guess. But imo ( worth abt a $) lol but kim does come off arrogant and full of herself. When she said w superiority IM KIM FIELDS! I was like and? She is boring for sure. What grown woman cries bc the women she’s w are having a good time? Neway that’s my 2 cents.

    • Nene changing, janshell, keep that hope alive. Teasing you ❣

    • I agree. I don’t know what Kim did to inspire Kenya’s wrath either.
      But then I don’t know why Kenya hated Porsha so much from the start either. What did Porsha do? Call her Miss America instead of Miss USA? We all know what a twit Porsha is. lol. Obviously it was just a dippy mistake. She wasn’t coming for Kenya and at no point was Kim coming for Kenya either. I seriously doubt Kim cares. Her life seems to be all about her family – not silly dramas with women she barely knows.
      So yes Kenya needs some sort of therapy to work out her issues. She’s paranoid and overly defensive. She’s probably insecure due to her completely effed up childhood too Just a guess on my part.

      I think Kenya wanted to provoke Kim the same way she provoked Porsha. But Kim isn’t dumb,immature and (it’s becoming increasingly clear) prone to violence like Porsha is. She didn’t take the bait.
      1. Porsha should be gone because she’s voilent.
      2. Kim should be gone because she doesn’t fit into this shit show. (I love her husband though)
      3. Kenya needs therapy for a myriad of reasons.

      1. and 3. probably won’t happen because like Tamara said, this show is becoming more Love & Hip Hop

  9. bria

    Great recap. In regards to who’s returning next season, the cast can return with the exception of Phaedra. Phaedra needs to take a break and return in 5 years when Apollo gets release from penitentiary.

    • And when apollo gets out she should go in

      • Matzah60

        Ah, yes. Wouldn’t that be lovely! I am itching to find out what crimes Phaedra took part in and the result of her suit against Angela Stanton.

    • Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

      @Bria…exactly..as the season played out I realized why she married Apollo..she is so lackluster and boring with NO tv personality or appeal whatsoever without Apollo.

  10. Sheree…yes. Marlo….yes. Kim Fields…..no. Fakedra…..jail. Porsha…..a stripper pole

  11. Jen

    Where is Iyanla Van Zant. She needs to fix Porshas Damon life. Also, who else’s? Line em ALL up. They ALL have damned issues! But, Porsha First!!!

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      Oh Jen, from your mouth to God’s ears! ?? I would love to see Iyanla analyze these ladies!! I can just hear Sheree warning the others that they will be “misrepresented”. Lol. On the other hand, Miss Iyanla must have gotten something right because “the Whitfields” were in Jamaica together… Either that or Bravo wouldn’t cut a check unless they both agreed to film together.

  12. Kathy McDaniel

    The only reason you feel like Porsha should be cut is because she’s pretty. I seems to be more of a thing to root for the strange looking town misfit.

  13. Wanda

    Its amazing how far some of these women have gone on so little talent and authenticity. Including Kim Fields, you wouldn’t be on this show unless your career was going down, at the bottom, or non-existent. Although I give them credit for doing whatever it takes to make money, the pretentiousness and fakeness is just crazy.

  14. the shadiest grove

    LOL. Poor Tink Tink (Porsha) must’ve thought she was the bomb diggidy sitting next to Andy. We all know that seat belongs to Kandi, drama or no drama because take Kandi there and she will drag you up in this bitch. I really hope Kandi gave Phaedra’s low down dirty soul a piece of her mind about all the comments about Todd being “a little man and peddling for coins in couches and comments about Don Juan etc. Something tells me that friendship is beyond repair. If anything none of Kandi Koated will ever feature or see if for Phaedra or Porsha. All hail Queen Kenya and her hand maiden Cynthia. Love you TT. Apologies re: my last post about Christopher Morgan. It was uncalled for, I just hate that for some reason every new person introduced has to take issue with Kenya and what she says but the other ladies are exempt from ever being checked. He even did an interview and only addressed her, he basically brushed off the comments made by Porsha and Phaedra and NeNe. Let’s pray Tootie roller skates onto DWTS and will not be present for Season 9. I used to love Kim F.

  15. Oh for crying out loud. Blame everyone but you trashy self ladies. I think this garbage just about nails it for me. I don’t want to watch another show where Andy puts them all on display backs one dog in the fight and they all fight each other. The best would be if they all turned on and nailed the crap out of him

  16. Cheychey

    I liked Kim before and still do now. She brought a different vibe to the show. Not all the women in Atlanta are thugs in cocktail dresses. She could have a disagreement with another women without popping off personal insults or boxing gloves. She loved her husband and spending time with her kids. If this helps her career and she moves on from it great she deserves it.

  17. lump off

    You would think these women of color would want to act more civilized to inspire the young generation. But no, they act like hood rats that just got their first hundred dollar bill.

  18. Sandra

    Bravo has made hating Kenya a brand. How is it they salivate at showing Kenya pulling out a chair but, can’t show Porsha physically attacking someone especially since it happened during filming? Why are they protecting her? Hopefully they are airing Porsha’s fight at the reunion to highlight the reason they are giving her peach to someone else. I’m sick of her.

  19. Cat

    Every time I turn on Dish Nation, Phaedra is there. What happened to Porsha?

  20. toya

    Porsha is quick to snap on kenya but one day she is going to snap on some one twice her size and they are going to kick her Behind

    • They should let Tiffany Pollard fro Miss New York get in the ring with Porsha. Talk about a cat fight. Porsha will probably never raise her hand again after that beating. Lol

  21. Porsha has a career bigger than Nene’s? What a joke that is. The hate for Nene is real #Smh

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