Top Chef Recap: No, You Shut Up, Marjorie!

TOP CHEF -- "Stop the Presses" Episode 1301 -- Pictured: Amar Santana -- (Photo by: Dale Berman/Bravo)

TOP CHEF  Pictured: Amar Santana — (Photo by: Dale Berman/Bravo)

We are back just after Carl’s Top Chef win last week. I like Carl but I was surprised that he won. I was also surprised they liked Pasta Mama as much as they did.  You just never know what you are going to get. I was not surprised that Kwame went home. He checked out many episodes ago and you will never convince me that he did not intentionally get sent home.

I’m getting tired of Isaac’s phone call home scenes. But the fact they keep pulling at our heartstrings bodes well for his future. And he’s totally my favorite.

The quickfire is making toast. I’m not kidding. The winner gets a $16,000 oven. Really? Who needs a $16,000 oven? And someone is going to be eliminated over toast. So it looks like we lose two chefs this week.  Amar seems like he is going to overcomplicate things. Marjorie has the right idea using sourdough and Dungeness crab.  Carl seems to not be making the toast the star of the plate. That could be a problem.

Jeremey won. I thought Marjorie would have won this round for sure. I don’t even remember what Jeremy made. I think his toast was covered with stuff though.  Carl and Amar are on the bottom and will face off in a sudden death.

Carl and Amar can make any dish they want. No restrictions. They have 30 minutes to beat the other guy. I’m pulling for Amar, but I like Carl too. HOLY CRAP! Carl is making ANOTHER crudo. That will send him home. I have a red snapper fillet in my fridge. I wish I could toss it to Amar and let him cook it.  Marjorie tells Isaac to shut up. Because, Marjorie.  Oh man, Amar was sent packing.  I really liked him.

Top Chef Isaac


The remaining chefs have to do a tribute meal for Hubert Keller’s restaurant Fleur de Lys.  I’m worried about Isaac. He’s not really a traditional French cuisine kind of guy.  But first, Chef Keller will cook for them.  The chefs are in heaven.  Emeril is there. I hope he is a judge this week. I feel like he will support Isaac.  Everyone seems fairly confident in their menu.

Carl is doing a fois gras torchon.  It’s a gutsy move. I think he will either win or go home with that. It’s just a matter if he can get it done. I have sort of been counting out Jeremy and Carl, but they both seem to be attempting  a comeback. Isaac is nervous. He is attempting to do several duck ballantines. Marjorie is super nervous.

Isaac serves first. They like Isaac’s Ballantine okay, but felt like it needed more sauce. It was a bit dry. I’m worried, and hoping that Carl’s torchon is a bust.

Marjorie is next. She was quite bitchy in the kitchen and super nervous. Tom seems pissed that she didn’t roast lamb with the bone in. Tom usually hates most of the female chefs. However, they usually leave one in for the finals. I don’t think she will go home.  Hubert said her lamb was not properly rested. Chef Keller did not say anything negative about Isaac’s Ballantine that we heard.

Jeremy made a Branzino (loup de mer). They loved it. He is the winner so far.

Carl is nervous about his torchon. The judges hate it. I hope this saves Isaac.

Jeremy won and he cannot contain himself. He is going to the finals.  Marjorie is crying when asked to explain her dish. She really melted down in the kitchen. They are giving Isaac, Marjorie and Carl a hard time. They make them all sweat it out in the kitchen.  They are making a case for any of them to go home.  Tom is going after Isaac.  It’s either Carl or Isaac. The judges are not in agreement. Emeril is not advocating for Isaac.

OMG! They send Carl home and Isaac goes into the finals. Isaac barely eeked out a spot in the finals. The finals will be held in Las Vegas. Time for Isaac to bring this home!


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17 responses to “Top Chef Recap: No, You Shut Up, Marjorie!

  1. Bridgett

    The phone calls home always worry me, usually that is a kiss of death.

  2. DarkThoughts

    Oh Maj. I am a bit tired this week of hysterical women on TV. We have this one crying, Sam over at Married at first sight losing her poo over getting rejected, and any show on Bravo who invented cray car women.

    I held my breath at the end as I feared Isaac would be sent packing. Thank you, Jesus! We have Isaac in the finale. Carl again, letting his HUGE ego get in the way of his cooking. Where are all the bros? That’s right, at home with each other. watching the finale from the couch with the rest of us regular kitchen chefs.

    Go Isacac, shut that Majorie up with a win.

    • Jim

      Where are the bros? The biggest bro dude is in the finale… Jeremy. I’m glad he finally started to use heat for cooking, lol.

  3. Cjbomb

    You cannot make a TORCHON in 3 hours. It is impossible. Don’t know why Carl would make such a dumb move.

  4. A Little Birdie

    Marjorie annoys me. She really just can’t believe that Isaac is a good chef. I want Isaac to win. I had hoped his dish was perfect this week but glad he made it through

  5. Margarett

    Like you, I want Isaac to “bring it home”. I

  6. Not only did Marjorie tell Isaac to shut up, later on she told Jeremy to shut up too. This really pissed me off. YOU shut up Malorie and quit telling people to shut up. It’s offensive and you don’t get tell people what to do.

    Thank goodness Isaac squeaked by. Whew. Isaac is a fan favorite, so at least I know I’m in good company. I hope he gets a little more ‘refined’. Come on Isaac, you can do it, just get a little more refined. PLEASE!

    Of course, Jeremy made fish. So what else is new? It was really good fish dish though, and it saved his bacon. I don’t think the judges had a bad thing to say about it. I want Jeremy to make some kind of kick ass red meat dish, and then I will be convinced.

    Female or not, I don’t want Marjorie to win, and I don’t care if she can bake. I don’t like her bitchy attitude.

    (Comment snipped)

    It’s getting down to the nut cuttin’ folks!

  7. Frosty

    This is the first season I’ve watched in about 3 or 4 years, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I feel like Kwame got rattled during the 10th Anniversary challenge and never got his head back in the game. I like everyone actually, but pulling for Isaac.

  8. rebecca

    I would be happy with a win either Isaac or Jeremy. I really enjoyed watching his delighted response to his win.

  9. Skeeter

    I’m pulling for Isaac to win also.

  10. Wanda

    I’m waiting to see who will be the fourth person. I like Isaac, but for some reason the chefs don’t seem so creative and consistently strong this season. There were several episodes where the judges were blase about the meals, and were picking the best out of a lot of mediocre dishes.

  11. Jane

    I wanted to reach through the screen and choke Marjorie when she told Isaac to shut up. She seems to have a chip on her shoulder. To his credit, he stays on task. I was shocked he’s going to the finals. Much as I love Isaac, he hasn’t had the training others have, but he knows flavor.

    Surprised Carl got canned. I thought he’d win it all. I remember a test on a subject I loved. I basically vomited pages and tangents of arcane facts. I guess Carl did the same, got too enthusiastic.

    Still love the show. The chefs are talented and creative. Padma could take a hike and I don’t like challenges that are more entertainment than cooking.

  12. SwimMom

    Is anyone else bothered when those judging don’t like a dish simply because they have a ‘pet peeve’ about something? It seems unfair to not like a dish if the chefs don’t get a head’s up about what not to do.

    Maybe I’m in left field since I am not a culinary chef.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t feel that way exactly (unless it is about Isaac! :) ) But I do feel that way about crudos. COOK SOME FISH!

  13. So relieved that Isaac is on the finale! When he didn’t admit that he cooked his ballantine on too high of a heat, I feared that he’d be packin’ his knives… I like to think that during deliberations, Emeril fought hard for his N’awlins buddy.
    Win it all, Isaac!
    AND: “Shut up” to you, Marjorie. Your teasing humor is not appealing, it’s irritating.
    AND: I hate to say this, cuz I’m a chick, but I dislike the way Top Chef always seems to force a female in the finale; It diminishes the achievements of the women that actually deserved to make it in the top three. Obviously
    I can’t taste the food on the show, do I can’t judge the talents of the chefs, but it seems too convenient that the finale is often 2 guys and 1 gal. Does anyone else notice/think this?

  14. Maybe because my career has also been in a “fraternal”/”bro” world, that Marjorie doesn’t annoy me as much as I can see that she has most everyone here> With that said, I don’t really care for her or her dishes, lol. I’ve been rooting for Isaac all Season, but found myself sad about Amar too. (Couldn’t stand Carl.) This has been a great Season! Is there any tea on why Hubert’s fleur de lys closing before the 30 year mark? :(

  15. I thought it was funny how in the kitchen when Marjorie snapped at Jeremy that she was coming behind, he made a sarcastic comment about her pleasantness, and then later when celebrating, Jeremy and Isaac totally hugged it out and were like oops we forgot Marjorie. Then they pulled her into the hug.

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