Child Genius Recap: Finger Foods Are Unsanitional !

Child Genius Claire

We’re down to four kids left this week. And frankly I still haven’t gotten over Vivek’s departure last week. The first round will be Advanced Science and the second round will be a topic of each remaining kid’s choice. Sam notices that the room is practically empty now.  Arnav is not focused this week. He just wants to goof off. Adrian is very focused. I don’t think Adrian has ever goofed off in his life.

We learn that Sam is one of those people with weird food behaviors. He goes to great lengths to touch his food as little as possible.  He is not a fan of finger foods and says they are “unsanitational!”  His dad points out many culture don’t used utensils at all and eat from communal platters.  If Sam was ever in trouble, his parents could take him to an Ethiopian restaurant as a punishment! (sorry Sam!)

Round One Advanced Science

Arnav is up first. He does well, and gets 9/10 correct.

Adrian gets a 10/10.

Claire is third in this round. Just when you think her dresses can’t get any girlier, they do.  Claire got an 8/10.

Sam is up!  When Sam was studying for this round there was so much material to cover that they had to prioritize the topics. Sam’s dad did not focus on computer history and Sam had two questions about that. He missed both and got an 8/10.  Sam made ugly faces at his father after both questions. I think the pressure is getting to Sam. Sam cries in his seat and turns his back on his parents.


Halftime Breakdowns

It's a good thing Claire didn't choose diving for her specialty category...

It’s a good thing Claire didn’t choose diving for her specialty category…

Everyone’s dad except for Adrian’s hang out on the balcony to commiserate. The dads get a lot of grief and none of the glory. Adrian’s dad continues to hover over Adrian. Basically, Adrian is teaching his subject matter to his father. Both Claire and Adrian have chosen Greek Mythology.  This MENSA lady…. well.  She’s interesting.  Sam is doing astronomy, which he should excel at. If the kids pick their own categories, I would expect them all to get tens. Sam is now angry with his mother as well. He is working himself up to not do will in the next round.

Round Two Specialty Topics

Adrian is up first with Greek Mythology.  He missed one really obscure question with a 9/10.

Arnav is up next with Marine Biology. I love Arnav, but if he goes home, at least we won’t see the weird wrist clapping anymore. What is the deal with that? Arnav got a 9/10.

Sam is up with Astronomy.  Sam got a 9/10.

Claire needs to get a perfect score in Greek Mythology. Claire’s dad wanted her to choose math.  But she got a perfect score. 10/10.

Adrian won the day. And sadly, Sam goes home.

Next week, a winner will be crowned out of Homeboy, Claire and Arnav.  This whole season has edited Homeslice as the clear winner. He is in all of the commercials, when I search for photos 90% of them are of Adrian. So the question is, is it too obvious? Are they setting us up for an upset? Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win?  Thanks for watching this show with me this season. There are not many of us, but it’s been a great ride.


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  1. Jamie

    I’m still not over Vivek being eliminated. And I miss his dad!!
    TT- thanks for recapping this show!! and thanks for acknowledging how strange wrist clapping is

    • Vivek was my favorite (although Adrian is a close 2nd) and I had a big crush on his dad. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one!

      They’re definitely setting up Adrian as the winner but last year the supposed winner lost out at the last minute. I hope that doesn’t happen to homeslice, tho. He deserves to win!

    • Libby Girl

      I miss Vivek too!!!

      That said I really enjoy this show.

    • Libby Girl

      I miss Vivek too!!! But I still really enjoy this show.

      • amisteree

        Lib, I miss Vivek too! The way that his dad comforted and supported him was very sweet to observe. That said, I am attached to each of these kids, and really look forward to watching the show. The BEST part is watching the kids interact with each other. Unlike my shame-filled Bravo/housewives obsession, I just thoroughly enjoy this show. Thanks for persuading us to watch, TT. : )

  2. Now that Vivek is gone I can watch without having a heart attack. Lol Good for Claire for not letting the pressure get her and getting 10/10. It was time for Sam to go and yes I think Adrian is the winner also. He gets a lot of extra time on the show than the others. Thanks for recapping TT its nice to watch something good for the brain once in a while, even though I didn’t know much of the answers to the questions. ?
    I got some nice study tips to teach my kids. Thanks again Tamara.

    P.S. Claire’s dive is awesome ?

  3. Dee

    I’m so sorry to see Sam go….I liked him!! They are all cute, I leaned more towards him

  4. Spilledperfume

    I’ve read the last few recaps but I’ve never watched the show. It sounds good.

  5. ninjapanda1

    Thank you for recapping this show! I loved little Vivek and his family. It was Sams time to go but him mom was a great cheerleader. Claire’s mom is a nightmare as is Adrians dad. Love Arnavs dad too. Very positive show considering what reality tv has become.

  6. Deb in SF

    I was surprised to be able to answer a few of the questions last night. I also miss Vivek. Out of the kids left, it was okay with me that Sam went home. Happy to see he still thought he did awesome. Sam was the most fragile of the remaining kids. Agree that Adrian will win; he seems the most mature of the kids…he’s going to college in the fall! That kid has never gotten to be a kid. I thought it was sad when he said that was the only picnic he would probably experience. Yikes…I never noticed the wrist slapping. I’ll have to be more observant.

  7. Cheychey

    I loved when Arnav’s dad was working out with him and gave him the trick question. Joking around with him certainly could take off some of the pressure.

  8. so sad that sam went home, and that was his topic too!

  9. Hi Tamara…this is Vijay, Arnav’s Dad. We’ve been keeping off social media only because some of the stuff is really brutal to expose a 9 year old to! But came upon your blog this morning and feel I’ve missed the great recaps of the show that you have been providing (read all of them, so I’m all caught up).

    Just thought I would address the wrist clapping just because its irking a lot of people…my wife decided to carry idols of India Gods (and we have thousands of Gods to choose from) for good luck in round one. Arnav knocked the math round out of the park, and since it was the first competition he had ever been part of, it was a revelation to us as parents. As you can imagine, we got superstitious very quickly and both of us carried these idols in the palms of our hands for good luck (as parents we felt we were contributing to his success this way!). From what I understand knocking these idols together while clapping may have got the Gods pretty mad apart from of course giving them minor to severe concussions…hence the wrist clapping. Frankly, we never thought the cameras would focus on that and that it would bother you and other viewers so much. I apologize for this…

    Apart from that, Vivek’s Dad Anthony already highlighted what we all feel as parents. I wish the producers had spent more time on what makes these kids enjoy learning and what makes them special rather than focus on the family drama. But I don’t know what it takes to make good TV, so I should not opine.

    All I can say is that despite what is being portrayed, we all had a blast. The kids loved each other’s company and are continuing to stay in touch and the parents got along really well. While the kids competed hard when they were in the competition, they were also incredibly supportive of each other during and outside the competition, which also could have been showcased. While the stress that these kids has been highlighted, the fun they had during the process, unfortunately was not…and I would love to see the Producers do that next season.

    Some folks have called these kids brats for showing emotion (and Arnav has shown a fair bit of it)…my request is, do cut these kids some slack. They were working really hard and they wanted to win. Most of these kids set very high expectations of themselves and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Why is it that when Roger Federer cries on losing a match, its acceptable, but when a 9 year old cries because he is eliminated from a competition, its not? I don’t think we can expect 8 – 12 year olds to show emotional maturity especially in such circumstances. For us, these kids are all winners because they cared enough about doing well to feel emotional about winning or losing.

    And finally, for all those hating the parents, all we wanted the kids to do was for them to perform at the potential…and as parents if we give them any other message, gifted kids or not, I think we are being irresponsible parents. Not one parent in this competition chided their kid for being eliminated – every time that happened, the parents said they were proud of what their kid had accomplished during the competition. We are very proud of Arnav because he gave it all he got and more…

    Tamara – as you can see, a lot of us are immigrant families with modest middle class backgrounds. The only way we know to be successful is by working hard…I know its not palatable to a lot of folks in developed countries, but the competition as these kids grow up is global, so we cannot afford to take anything for granted. We want our kids to be prepared for the world they are going to be part of. That’s all.

    Just wanted to get this off my chest! Thank you for covering the show – enjoyed reading the updates and the responses. On to the finals…hopefully the wrist clapping will not inhibit your support for Arnav :)

    • tamaratattles

      Hi Vijay!

      I think we were all just very perplexed about the wrist clapping! I’ve searched more than once to see if this was some sort of cultural thing, but never found anything. I don’t know why I didn’t think that you had something in your hands! Speaking for myself, it was irritating because I didn’t understand it. Now that I know it is a superstition, it won’t be bothersome to me anymore. Although now I want to see the little idols! :) Thanks goodness you are not banging them together. I agree, that would probably make them unlikely to smile upon Arnav’s performance.

      I don’t think any of us have called the kids brats, here. I think they are all adorable. I especially like that Arnav likes to goof off sometimes and still excels in the competition. Some of the parents on the other hand… well… we are a bit judgmental there. :)

      It looks like anyone’s game at this point. While the editing point to a win for Adrian, I’m hoping they are tricking us and we have a surprise at the end. I can’t wait to see how it all works out! And thank you so much for uncovering the mystery of the wrist clapping. No matter how the competition goes. Arnav has a bright future ahead of him!

      • Its the kind of feeling when Sherlock Holmes uncovers how it was done…it feels so obvious when its revealed! Will post pictures of the idols :) Thank you for your comments on Arnav…

    • Dee

      Hi Vijay, I agree, all the children are winners. I was concerned about the stress they were under so thanks so much for letting us know they had fun.
      I loved that the children were very supportive of each other. I really appreciate Tamara bringing this show to our attention.

    • Jamie

      Hi Vijay! I’m sorry if my comment about the wrist clapping was insensitive or rude. I wasn’t trying to be ignorant or insulting of your family or your beliefs!

      • No offense taken Jamie…I would have gone crazy myself if I had seen something like this without context! Judging by the number of people it bothered, my only regret is not having found Tamara’s blog earlier to clarify!

    • amisteree

      Love learning about your experience, Vijay. Arnav is a delight. Thanks for sharing with us. : D

    • BeetsWhy


      “The only way we know to be successful is by working hard…I know its not palatable to a lot of folks in developed countries, but the competition as these kids grow up is global, so we cannot afford to take anything for granted. We want our kids to be prepared for the world they are going to be part of.”

      You hit the nail on the head, this country and so many entitled children expect a trophy just for being there. I have yet to hear of a company that doles out promotions and raises just for showing up. Keep doing right by your children and preparing them properly.

    • Alisha T

      I’ve been interested in the Hindi religion (I think thats the religion in which you’re referring to). If so, I’m very envious. I’d love love to learn more about it and practice it. However there isn’t much happening in Ohio that celebrates the religion. Although I did go to the Diwali celebration at my college and it was amazing :)

  10. VioletBlue

    My favorite part of this episode was Claire diving into the pool! That’s exactly how I dive, lol! No matter how hard I try! :)
    I LOVE this show!

  11. Hi Vijay! I’m so excited that you’ve read TT’s recaps and have commented here. Arnav is a delightful young man blessed with fine parents. I appreciate the explanation, too. I thought maybe you were trying to clap very quietly to create the least possible distraction; like TT, it never occurred to me that you had something in your hands! I applaud your wisdom in not engaging in social media, but maybe every once in a while you could email TT with an update on Arnav’s adventures she could share with us. We’re a very loyal group. All the best!

  12. Margarett

    Even though I was disappointed that Sam acted like a little poop to his mother, I hated to see him go.

    All of these little rascals are amazing!

  13. KidsRkids

    Well only one more episode before they crown our next Child Genius, CAN’T WAIT!

    Did they get study packages for their specialty category? That was not made clear, if they did not they all did an awesome job at showing the depth of their knowledge in their chosen subject.

    So Sam is leaving us, so concerned regarding his anger issues and lack of respect for adults. Hope his parents find the time to explore ways in which these issues can be addressed soon as this behavior will created road blocks for the Lil guy in the future if not corrected especially in the work force. I was taken back when he did not allow his medal to be presented properly to him and twirling and swinging it around like it was of no importance while walking out of the performance auditorium. This left a negative lasting impression on me.

    Best of luck to the remaining three contestants, I bet they are preparing hard for their most important battle – what precious little angels they are!

  14. mel c

    This recap was lame compared to the other ones which were insightful and entertaining. Did you just phone it in since your fave Vivek is gone? I looked forward to your recaps after watching the show and this one was disappointing.

    Arnav’s Dad – My husband and I thought the best part of the show was watching the kids group hug at the end, and when they high five and fist bump each other. They are so cute!

    • tamaratattles

      I’d like to say to you first of all that I have tried to be PG in these comments, Mel, so I suppose I will see you next Tuesday. I’ve never said that Vivek is my favorite. That is EVERYONE ELSE WHO WATCHES THE SHOW! On the other hand, It you read all of my blogs, you would know I generally support the person from my home city, Adrian, aka, HOMESLICE, aka my HOMEBOY. So don’t come in here and think I am not thinking bad words about YOU. I LOVED Sam. I was sorry that the show sort of broke him. But he was ADORABLE on Meredith Viera. If there were not children here, I would have a slew of terrible things to say about you. Don’t show up on this website and be a See you Next Tuesday kind of person. That would be a mistake. I’m really not known for being nice. And you seem like an idiot barging into my site.

  15. mel c

    Wow you have anger issues. Ok maybe you never said Vivek was your fave, but you were very upset about his unfair elimination last week and said at the beginning of this recap you were still not over it. I enjoyed your passion and perspective from previous weeks, was complimentary and supportive of your previous recaps, and genuinely wondered if you weren’t as into it now with Vivek gone. This recap was kind of dry and ladked vigor compared to past weeks. Just my two cents. Isn’t that what comments sections are for? I watch this show for the positivity of the kids and am in awe of their brightness, your words of rage are much less child friendly than my mild criticism.

    • sandra

      Yes mel c, You are a See You Next Tuesday kind of person.

    • KidsRkids

      Mel C, if you have been reading the recaps of this show as you have stated then you would have caught on that TT was being sensitive to the fact that the children were reading her blog and wanted to be respectful. My best suggestion to you would be – start your own blog on the show if your not satisfied with what you read here. To be quite honest i am in awe that TT can keep up with all the shows she recaps on and am grateful that she continues to recap Child Genius for the rest of us that look forward to it each week. Keep up the good work TT!

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks KidsRKids, because I am an actual PERSON who spends around 18 hours a day on this blog, I’m I bit sensitive when people who show up in my house to tell me my recap is lame. And wish them well on their endavors to um… take off. :)

      • KidsRkids

        I have to tell you at times you have me in stitches with your quick wit. Much needed with the stress of everyday life. It took me forever to figure out “see you next tuesday” I keep thinking what recap am I missing out on when Tuesday rolls around then it finally dawned on me. I use the words “can’t understand normal thinking” and tell the idiot it’s the long version of an acronym. .. yours is much more clever.

        But truly, I do appreciate the time you devote in recapping all the shows and current events, and please if this is not a private reply to you and somehow appears on your blog, do me a great favor and delete it. I wouldn’t want the kids to see my naughty acronym.

      • KidsRkids

        Oh my gosh … it posted. I am so sorry to anyone that this may have offended, that was not my intention. Oh please wake up fast Tamara and delete my mistake I am in tears that the little ones might see it. So so sorry. Lesson learned the hard way.

  16. Skeeter

    I don’t watch this show but I do like reading the recaps. When I saw you type Sam has weird food behaviors I just had to read on! My son is the same way about touching food. He’s 29 and to this day the same way. We were at a funeral luncheon at a restaurant and the servers bring out the salad, stacked on top of each other so they could serve an entire table at one time. He refused to eat it because the bottom of the plate was at some point sitting on a countertop (probably not a clean one according to him) and was now touching the top of someone’s salad! LOL! Just wanted to share.

    • tamaratattles

      The stacked up salad plates aversion makes perfect since to me! Sam is more one of those people who doesn’t like touching food. It’s like whenever I talk about cooking someone pipes up to say they can’t touch raw chicken or fish.

      I was raised in a a third world county where sanitation wasn’t really a thing. :) So I think I have lots of built up resistance to things. I find American’s to be way too sanitized. Don’t even get me started on letting your kids douse themselves with that “antibacterial” crap. Kids today have no germ resistance at all.

  17. Elena Farah (Sam's mom)

    Dear Tamara: thank you very much for covering the show. Many of our family members live abroad without access to full-length episodes, so reading your recaps has kept them current on the show.

    I second Vijay’s comments regarding motivations of families to participate in the show and regarding the enormous pressure they, and especially the kids themselves, were under.

    Dear readers and viewers of Child Genius:

    Imagine: you are working on a very tight deadline, no time to unwind, away from home, in a cramped hotel room.
    You want to succeed because that’s how you define yourself…and it generally has served you well up until now.
    You are also miked, and crews of folks in black (very friendly and polite) follow your every move with cameras, recording your every word.

    And you are ten or twelve years old and just met these other awesome kids that you just want to play with.
    And each episode one of you is eliminated, and it’s painful to see your buddies leave because you feel with them but you also don’t want to be eliminated yourself.
    So it kind of hurts either way…

    This description doesn’t give due credit to what our kids experienced.
    These kids are all champions for making it through the competition with style, and if and when some of them faltered, do cut them some slack.

    For most of our children, this is also their very first exposure to social media.
    Sam had his social media accounts created specifically for the show.
    The outpouring of support and encouragement you have given our kids is unbelievable, and we are sincerely grateful for such generosity.
    Nevertheless, some of the comments, especially on twitter, have been brutal and very unfortunate, especially given that #ChildGenius is a family friendly hashtag and many kids follow and read it.

    We love our kids and will shield them from harm best we can.
    We are also super proud parents of Child Geniuses – they did AMAZING!!!

    Thank you for supporting our kids.

    Elena Farah

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks Elena, so very much for posting here. Reality TV is VERY hard for most adults, I can’t imagine the toll it took on the kids. I came on to the Internet in a very antagonistic environment wow… I guess it was over 15 years ago. I still visit that not child friendly site and it is not but a lovefest for Sam. And we (I still include myself in that group of people) are not a very kind bunch. We love his true emotions, his smarts, and his “kid moments” that prove he is just a normal (albeit very smart) kid. I know you all as parents have so much you are dying to say, and I appreciate your comment here.

  18. tamaratattles

    AND ANOTHER THING. I always try to support the Atlanta contestants on competion shows. And I’ve only ever bailed on Wesley from Top Chef (and you know all of RHOA) .

    But I must admit….

    Je suis Sam. I loved him. And I’ve never outgrown the OUTRAGE! and the parental side eye.. or any of it.

    And if I hadn’t I would not be here with you all now. I’m smart, I act act out, sometimes I self sabotage, and if I had a kid, I’d be thrilled if he were just like Sam.

    Je suis Sam. And his Lebanese father.. I spent so much time in Lebanon. I truly wanted him to win. I love that his mom can deal with his difficulties. And I wish I had a partner in life that could do the same.

    • Cat

      I LOVE that the parents are posting here. It’s so interesting, to me, to read their point of view.

      Thanks for sharing! And good luck to all the kids! I’m sure they will have very bright futures!

    • Philip

      Hello Tamara, this is Philip – Sam’s Dad – reading your comments upon my return from a short trip to Lebanon. You describe yourself as ‘not a nice person’ although reading your blog postings you clearly strive to maintain a critical perspective with the added emotional boost that ‘drives the point’ as a way to add depth to the visual experience and why readers – me include – love it. So I don’t buy the bad person categorization.
      And thank you for keeping the CG color commentary age appropriate:). Finally, very curious about your time in Leb perhaps warrants further dialogue off-air. In the meantime, one more episode to go… Followed by a related TamaraTattles blog!

      • tamaratattles

        Nice to hear from you Phillip! When I was Sam’s age, and younger, I lived in Tripoli, Libya. We went to Beirut many times. Mother had a favorite jeweler there. :) I had my Easter egg hunt on the college grounds one year. Although one of the more vivid memories was going with my parents to a show that was…. um, like one might see at the Moulin Rouge in Paris! My heart is terribly sad that both Libya and Lebanon have been through so many struggles since that time. I’d love to go back.

  19. KidsRkids

    I am happy to see the parents are commenting on your recaps but i am almost positive that my comments may not be the favorites for a few of them, but then again i am only being honest from what i see, and if they are brave enough to do it on camera then it only stands to reason it is ten times worse off the camera.

    When i was a child, from the age of 11 to 17, i was blessed enough in my competitive sport to be chosen to travel our nation and abroad to participate in elite meets. We traveled without the benefit of having our parents with us, instead our coaches were responsible for us and our behavior. So our pressure was two-fold, you better perform well and behave even better, on or off the camera. Some of us got this message while others continued to disappoint. Our parents were briefed in both categories when we returned home. Although i faulted many times with my performance – as long as i gave it my all my parents were proud. I never ventured into the misbehaving realm as i knew that my heart would never recover from the disappointment i would of seen in my father’s eyes, and yes i would have been corrected appropriately for misbehaving. It never occurred to me that my parents would find excuses for my behavior because i knew that was not an option. I attribute the successes in my life to my parents for supporting me and correcting me when necessary. To honor your parents is the greastest gift a child can give.

    So when i comment, it is because i care enough to see a child succeed in all aspects of their life, not just in the area of their “gift”.

  20. Sequoia

    i love the show, the families and kids! I don’t want any of them to go home. FYI, Tamara’s a lot nicer then she lets on.

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