The People v OJ Simpson: “The Race Card”

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This week we final get to the trial. The guy playing Fuhrman looks nothing like him and is way more attractive, and yet I knew exactly who he was when he was standing silently in the elevator.  Something about the tension in his face. I was blown away that the actor could pull him off without saying a word.

The giant circus outside the courthouse was the first time that had ever happened to that degree.

I am continuously amazed  at the Ito edit. This trial was before social media when we all had to form our opinions on our own without being influenced by the masses. I am pretty sure I thought Ito was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Though it’s really hard to remember that long ago. The way he is being portrayed  is startling to me. I do remember Dominick Dunne getting his own seat and thinking that was weird. The scene with Ito and Dunne was just odd. I had no idea Ito was starstruck. Arsenio Hall, really?  Arsenio was on fire back then though.

Bill Hodgman was not really up for the task.  But I think that his weaknesses were way overplayed. And the big dramatic falling out during trial never happened. He did have some chest pains from the stress and was taken in for testing, but he never had a heart attack. The whole scene was ridiculous and unnecessary. There was plenty of drama in the courtroom without making more up. And it’s really unfair to Bill Hodgman.

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The dynamics between Darden and Cochran  were the focus of this episode. But the amount of liberties taken on this episode were greater than in previous ones. Bill Hodgman did not have a dramatic heart attack. And I really doubt that Cochran turned to Darden in open court and said, “Nigga please..” Cochran’s daughter is probably losing her mind about that. Darden claims he is not watching the show. I read  Darden’s book and he seemed really hurt by the black communities disowning of him.

The dialogue about Affirmative Action was one we don’t hear often.

The Cochran Law Firm commercials seem…insensitive and unwise.

Just seeing the words, ‘Opening Statements’ on the screen brought me back to the excitement of this trial. We were all hanging on every word. I was teaching at a little University in S.C.  and around that time the Susan Smith trial was also going on. It seemed for a while that everyone had suddenly become a trial watcher like me.  I remember getting in trouble for staying logged into the Internet all day. We were using telnet to log in to the Clemson servers. I would stay logged in all day rather than logging in and out like I guess you were supposed to. I had used the Internet considerably more than the rest of the faculty. This was suspicious and concerning. This was where my Internet addiction began. I was also the first time that random people would stalk me.  In a friendly, yet creepy, way.

The staging of OJ’s house to make it more “black.” Was one of the most underhanded ploys by the defense in the entire trial. And there were many underhanded ploys. No one ever thought to look to see if they would take down all the photos of white people and fill the house with photos of black people and African art.  Once the jurors were in, there wasn’t much to be done. Meanwhile, Nicole’s house was empty.

And we end with a dramatic scene with Mark Fuhrman’s Nazi memorabilia.


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29 responses to “The People v OJ Simpson: “The Race Card”

  1. Jaded

    Ironic the black community disowned Darden but embraced OJ when OJ distanced himself from them.

    • TareksWife

      @Jaded, the disdain for Darden had more to do with his relationship with Marcia Clark than anything else. He paraded her regularly around the Bay Area and the word got back on the streets in LA. I lived in Oakland at the time and worked with 3 of Chris’ sisters. It was an interesting topic at the time.

      Hi TT – we haven’t chatted since last year this time. I hope you and Banjo are well.

  2. Jaded

    Ironic the community disowned Darden but embraced OJ who didn’t have anything to do with them.

  3. I felt bad for Darden too. He saw the handwriting on the wall about Fuhrman, but nobody listened to him. I never trusted Fuhmman either, he seemed shady to me from the get-go, and if memory serves, he was tore up on the witness stand because of using the “N” word, years earlier. This trial was all about race, and smoke and mirrors. The way they staged OJ’s house was a criminal act in itself…lies, lies, lies. How did they get away with that? Thinking about it now, it still makes me sick. What a travesty.

    • Laila

      Yes, I liked Darden. But he made a big mistake when he insisted on OJ putting on those gloves that killed his ex wife. Evidently, Marcia was very much against OJ putting on the gloves. Well, there is strange justice after all for OJ he is on prison now!!

  4. redbluegreen

    the actor playing darden is sexy.

  5. Xanadude

    at least we didn’t have to put up with Ross Kardashian saying “Juice” over and over. That creeps me out.

  6. redbluegreen

    Hey TT, I was 13 during the trial so I wasn’t reading the paper and watching the news every night. What was the purpose of bringing the jury to OJ’s house? I can understand bringing them to Nicole’s condo because that was the scene of the crime, but what were jurors supposed to learn from walking around a murder suspects house?

    • redbluegreen

      Just remembered that blood evidence was found there, so I guess it is part of the crime scene.

    • steve

      I was living in LA during this and remember it all too well. The ourpose for the jury going to rockingham was to see where the bronco was parked, where the limo driver saw “a person”, where oj dropped his glove behind katos condo…to get a “feel” for how oj lived, where blood was found, that kind of stuff, and it got the jury out of the hotel and courthouse for a day

  7. JoJoFLL

    Cochran did lean over to Darden and say, “Nigga, please”. It was witnessed by multiple people.

    I think it is staying pretty true to eyewitness accounts and court records.

    I didn’t realize that this was the first murder case Marsha Clark ever lost.

    Judge Ito to me at the time, looked like a bumbling fool.

    • Mel

      I had to see if that really happened and found it was mentioned in the book that the series is based on, the run of his life…the things I think couldnt be true turn out to be true every week!

    • HonAGilmore

      I agree. My evidence professor in law school was on OJ’s defense team. He taught the legal principles as demonstrated by the OJ Simpson trial. Aside from the stuff with the Kardasian kids, most everything I’ve seen goes along with stories my professor told in class.

  8. Courtney B. Vance deserves every acting award that he qualifies for. He has truly captured Cochran!

  9. 7Hills49miles

    Cochran did say it. I got the vibe Darden & Clark began “a thing”. Mark Furhman was torn to shreds and anyone watching knew his words were blown way out of proportion. For OJ,
    The murderer Othello. The trial was amazing, each witness was some kind of character. Before this trial, Lance Ito sentenced my friend on a cocaine conviction. During the trial he became self aware of the camera which influenced his decisions (imo). It was a travesty that he got off. I think the face Kardashian made (in real life) at verdict was honest shock.
    OJ looked stunned too.

  10. Espi

    Did antoje else’s DVR cut off with 10 minutes left? Why?!?

  11. Ito was a genuine fame ho. Remember The Dancing Itos on The Tonight Show?

  12. Rose

    I didn’t watch the trials until the Furhman thing blew up and still didn’t go out of my way to watch them then. What fascinated me was the media and late night coverage (the norm today but unlike anything we’d ever scene back then). I’m waiting to see the dancing Ito’s! Courtney B. Vance is playing the heck out of his role. The actor Darden is kinda handsome. Cuba is actually growing on me as OJ.

  13. TT, I hope I’m not out of line mentioning this, but I’m watching the news about the knife being found by the construction worker on OJ’s Rockingham estate that was demolished. This is fascinating and WTF????

    • tamaratattles

      Clearly, it’s a slow news day. Why is this such a big deal? OJ skated on two murders. This is all extremely odd to suddenly be brought up during the airing of this TV show.

  14. sarcasatire

    This show has twisted and distorted facts to for its agenda. Hilarious that people take it as gospel when so many facts (and a ‘not guilty’ verdict) disputes it’s entire storyline. But hey, let’s make OJ undoubtedly guilty by having him murder Nicole on screen, then call every racist injustice he encountered “pulling the race card”, although it’s documented fact that Furhman and many others on the case were quite racist.

    Don’t be mislead by this made-for-TV drivel. But definitely, be entertained. ?

    • Arielle

      That that happen? Did I miss that? Did OJ kill Nicole on screen in the show?

      Now I’m confused.

      I know I’m late to the party- just discovered this fabulous blog today.

  15. Jen

    Don’t you find that ‘finding the supposed knife,’ is too convienent , I mean here we are during the Primaries, I find it rather odds and suspicious timing . So….. Him yeah.

    To me idk who and for what…purpose, why they would arrange for this info to come out at this time. I mean why now? I wouldn’t let it bother any one. But, tensions are high with the Crazies. They don’t need any help acting up. Everyone , just be extra cautious. This happened what, 20 yrs ago? And….here we go again. During a time we should not be fighting this much…they time the announcement now???? It stinks and seems very fishy to me. Create more hate…and horrible behavior. Hmmm? Allegedly!
    ANYWAY, EVERYONE JUST BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS. Don’t let it keep you from voting. That would be the worst thing to do.

    Tamara you can banish me to the WLS section for this concerned comment. Sorry. I will do better next time. I just want everyone to be okay. ?

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