The Mother Daughter Experiment: Total Trainwreck


Mother Daughter

L-R Natalie Nunn, Heidi Montag, Courtney Stodden

I with through great strains to get the DVR to record the right programs in real time and save the other programs for later. But alas, for some reason this show didn’t record.  Thankfully I was pretty quick with the nine o’clock recap so I haven’t missed much. I fear I did miss the intros of everyone so it will take me a minute to figure out who everyone is. Courtney’s mom has not arrived yet and they haven’t seen each other for months so that should be interesting. In addition to Kim Richards and Daughter Kimberly, the other five mother daughter pairs are : Heidi Montag and her mother, Darlene Egelhoff; Natalie Nunn and her mom, Karen; Courtney Stodden and her mom, Krista; Moesha actress Shar Jackson and her daughter, Cassie, (famous I guess for being Kevin Federline’s kid; and Hollywood Exes’ Jessica Canseco and her daughter, Josie.

Let the train wreck begin. Courtney is crying, Heidi is shitfaced and Natlatie’s mom said she expected to be the worst pair in the house, but she now sees things could definitely be worse.  I missed whatever the drama was when they came in, but clearly it concerns Heidi and her drunkenness. After getting everyone wasted, they finally decide to feed them.

During dinner, everyone tries to explain why they are on the show. Shar’s daughter Cassie says that her mom is too clingy.  Kim says that their issue is just that they never get to spend time together alone. Um, sure, that is the issue, the elephant in the room will never be discussed by Kim.  Apparently, the Canseco kid has anger issues.  Natalie is from Bad Girls so that explains their deal, her mother seems nice.  Natalie’s mother just died a week ago. Courtney says she hasn’t spoken to her mom in six months and hasn’t seen her for a year.  Heidi, who is blind drunk jumps up from the table to run to the bathroom to puke. She doesn’t make it and we are treated to green vomit on the floor. Lovely.  This is starting to feel very Flavor of Love already. Darlene’s mom says Heidi’s drinking has escalated in the past few years.

Courtney can’t keep her story straight about how long it has been since she has seen her mom. Wow, apparently she is still married to Doug. She is telling Kim and Jessica about her marriage. Courtney’s fake boobs are saggy. How does that happen?

Mother Daughter cast

Group Therapy

This therapist is an idiot. I mean I didn’t expect Sigmund Freud but starting the first group with ” You are all here because your relationship with your mother and or daughter…” and or? How can someone be your mother and your daughter. I already hate her.  The group is after lunch and Heidi is still hungover as fuck. She is going to play their individual interviews for the whole group. Because that is what therapists do, they exploit your one on one sessions by sharing them with the world.

Kim and Kimberly

We start with Kim who talks about how the RHOBH hurt her because she was you know going through some things. Kimberly says she feels like the caregiver, physically and emotionally, almost like a spouse.  Kimberly says that her mom being on RHOBH and hearing other people talk bad about her has affected her mother a lot. Kimberly feels like she is the one that has to protect her. Would this be a good time to point out that Kim doesn’t seem um….clean and sober?  Kim pipes in to say there are other things going on at home ” that has nothing….there’s other things.”  Maybe she means Monty and not her drinking?  Natalie in a talking head says are we not going to mention her alcoholism at all?  No Natalie, no we are not. That is apparently in her contract. Kim basically says that Kimberly is her favorite kid and that “she is her other half.” The therapist points out that is a lot to put on a kid. Kim says that it is hard on her daughter to see her get beat up by someone of the people on the show. Oh for fucksake, Kim. This is sad. She is just as delusional as ever. And now she is on another reality show where she is going to he horrible feedback on social media and this time she is dragging her kid into it. Kim is not free of all mind altering substances. She’s just not.

Mother Daughter Kim Richards

Heidi and Darlene

These two are apparently still living in the days of The Hills when Heidi got 11 or so surgeries at one time. They both do a weird fake cry.

Shar and Cassie

Shar sort of mocks Cassie’s relationship of “two or three years” in her interview. Cassie talks about the breakup of her step-dad (Kevin Federline) marriage to her mom. They lost their house. He mother was really depressed. She felt like her whole family was ruined. Shar seems to be projecting her relationship with Kevin onto Cassie.

Jessica and Josie

Josie feels like her mother wasn’t there for her when she was a kid, Jose and other people came first. Jessica says they are not like mother and daughter really, more like friends. She says Josie has anger issues. She seems to have missed the blaring reason for her anger in her interview.

Sidenote: OMG Unreal is coming back for a second season this summer! I can’t wait. Best show ever!

Natalie and Karen

Poor Karen. Her mother just died and now she is the only sane woman living in this asylum. Run, Karen! RUN!  I really like Karen and want her to go far away from all of this crazy. Natalie can’t deal with her mother’s emotions. Natalie is pissed that her mother spent the last 8 years taking care of her mother rather than being there for her. That is probably the lever that Natalie used to get her poor mom on this show. Natalie screams in her interview that everyone is always saying “your poor mom!” What about Natalie?????  So Natalie may be the token malignant narcissist in the group.

Mother Daughter Courtney

Courtney and Krista

Courtney’s mom Krista has been in the house but they haven’t brought her into the group until now. Why? Why did she not get to see the other pairs issues with everyone else? Also, the drinking word is “fractured.’ Apparently, it was on Courtney’s word of the day calendar or something. They bring her mom in and she just sits down next to her. No hug or how you doin’. Nothing. Courtney has put a pillow in between them on their um, “love seat.” On their interviews, (when was Krista’s taken? I don’t understand why she was so late to be introduced?)  Courtney says her mother is a famewhore who will do anything for fame. If that is true, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Krista says that Courtney doesn’t appreciate all she has sacrificed for her. Courtney says he mother is trying to steal her husband. Krista says that when Courtney was estranged from Doug and didn’t want him anymore, she and Doug became close, and that is why they are in this mess. I presume we will get to see the third famewhore in this triad in an upcoming episode or three.

Sidenote: I am not familiar with Shar Jackson, and I get that she is probably the problem in her relationship with her kid, but she makes the best faces and has the best talking heads. I just love when they cut to her. That is all.

In real time, Krista says Doug has brainwashed Courtney. Courtney says “what mother does that? fall in love with her daughter’s husband.” Krista denies it but I’m pretty sure she has admitted this before.  Where are these reality girls getting this annoying whisper cry routine from. We don’t need Farrah on this show, Courtney has the fake whiney whisper cry down pat.

These two stay behind after the other pairs are dismissed. Though nothing happened. I was busy trying to figure out the therapists weird accent. What is it? Yankee? Foreign? Alien? I have no idea. Maybe like Northeastern?  We see more of Courtney and Krista arguing in the room. The rest of them are going to have to step it up for camera time.

Next Week: We see Kim and Kimberly at a cemetery. And everyone else is crying. Kim gets in a physical tussle with  Heidi and Natalie.

Who is watching this crap with me?


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65 responses to “The Mother Daughter Experiment: Total Trainwreck

  1. whyowhy

    I’m watching! Well, 3 hours later since I’m on the west coast and my dvr won’t record it until everything else is done recording… so, maybe even a day later.

    I’m totally going to read the recaps before even watching. Haha

    • Miguel

      Me too, whyowhy; though, I must admit, I’ve been doing that more and more lately! TT et al.’s recaps are FAR more entertaining than the actual shows!!!

  2. I am ashamed to admit that I watched this crapfest tonight. I won’t make that mistake again, but I will read your recaps. It’s downright sad that Kim decided doing this show was a good opportunity to spend time with her daughter. Guess some people really do want to live their lives in front of a camera.

  3. JentheAUBURNfan

    I watched … Iove the irony of reality TV is horrible and destroyed me and I need a check so here’s my mom/daughter

  4. caroline

    Thanks so much for recapping this. I’m in australia so haven’t seen it yet but am secretly looking forward to it (hangs head in shame). Love a good laugh & these shows always make me feel so normal…?

  5. Ummmmm something tells me I will like your recaps better! It’s sad because Kim should not be dealing with public scrutiny with her other personal battles but I guess she needs that paycheck! Nobody in her life can advise her better?

  6. Wallace

    I predict big trouble when Kim does the trademarked Richards’ sister finger pointing in the face to someone.

    Unbelievable that her substance abuse is still off limits.

    • tamaratattles

      It is really the worst news ever that Kim is not willing to own her issues on this show. It will be interesting to see if Kimberly ever outright mentions Kim’s substance abuse on camera. She probably has been told she can’t, by her mother. Kim appears to be very deeply in denial still. And for me, that is very sad, because I’m rooting for her.

      • It’s so sad to see Kim on another reality show, pretending to be above it all…again. It’s unimaginable that her daughter agreed to do it with her. How old is Kimberly? Maybe 21? I wish Kimberly would get herself into a good college on the East Coast and a great therapist and begin to make her own life. Surely, there’s money in that family somewhere to educate Kimberly.

  7. CoBe

    I think I’ll just stick to the recaps unless something major happens. I really feel for Kim Richards’ daughter. I hope she gets some real, individual therapy (if she hasn’t already) to deal with the repercussions of that terrible mother.

    But the best part of the show/recap? Finding out UnReal is coming back!!! Yay!!!

  8. JustJenn

    I watched and feel so bad for Kimberly. She’s so cute and sweet…she needs to move far away from Kim.

  9. Erica

    Oh I am watching. So when was this taped? I find it incredulous that the extended family treats Kyle like shit because she no longer wants to enable or b/c she got her sister on a reality show – but they don’t get pissed at this crapfest? Kimberly looks shut down, comatose. #maybeshestheonewithLyme

    I kinda get Natalie… I never vocalized it, but when my grandparents lived with us when my grandmother was dying from cancer, there were times I sort of resented it all. 8 years of that would have been really tough. But I never vocalized it to my mother (it was her parents)…. and I was 14.

    • tamaratattles

      Erica, I get the effect that would have on a 14 year old. But Natalie was not 14 when her mother started caretaking her dying mother. She was 23 and already out in Hollywood trying to get on Bad Girls club. She’s 31 now. I think that there were aggression issues with Natalie WAY before her grandmother became ill. I think that Natalie must have REALLY manipulated her mother’s guilt to get her to come on this show so soon after her mother’s death. I am interested in hearing more about this story. I think Natalie’s narcissism has been at play for a long while.

      • Erica

        SHIT. Natalie is a lot older than I thought. I guess I was too tired to do the math, since I remember her on Bad Girls. She’s VERY self centered. My goodness – I was more mature at 14 than she is at 31!!!!

        I doubt she would take care of her mother for a week, let alone 8 years. Hope this woman has other children who are a bit more kind. (Although I saw a clip – in terms of temper, I’m thinking Mom can hold her own)

  10. Sylvia

    I tried watching, but couldn’t. i will read the recaps instead. It just can’t turn out well for Kim being on yet another reality type show. I hope her daughter comes out of it in one piece.

    As far as her needing money, I have no idea of course, but I would think that Monty left her well taken care of after he passed.

  11. Spilledperfume

    I was going to watch but reading this was painful so I could imagine watching it was even worse.
    I’ll continue to read f you recap it.

  12. I Watched up to the group session then changed the channel.

  13. Rita

    Oh hell no. I watched this thing for 10 minutes and couldn’t take all the yelling and arguing so turned it off. I also cancelled record series on the DVR. I’ll read your recaps instead. smh

  14. Lala

    It’s interesting that Kim says the RHOBH hurt her, but she’s trying to get back on the show. The show didn’t hurt her nearly as much as her addictions hurt her, but we won’t talk about that.

  15. Suziezee

    Best. Show. Holy cow, Kim needs to separate herself from Kim Jr. And Shar’s blue contacts are disturbing. Heidi saying “Jose Cuervo?” Is everything.

  16. Toddy

    I didn’t know who Courtney was … yuck, to think her parents agreed to her marrying while she was still a kid. She was pretty prior to all the plastic surgery. Now she looks about as old as me?

  17. Cat

    “A reality show ruined my relationship with my daughter, so here I am, on a reality show with my daughter.”

    Sounds right. Go, Kim. Cleopatra, Queen of Denial.

  18. I don’t know about the other mothers, but Stodden’s mother allowing her child to marry an old man shows me what an exploitive person she is. Courtney definitely needs help and not with her relationship with her mom. If I were Courtney, I would just walk away from mom. She is waaayyyy too toxic.

  19. Kim

    They should change the name of this show to Mother Daughter Trainwrecks (or Who Is The Biggest Fame Whore Here). Wow. I started watching this expecting Kim to be the biggest mess there but she’s got some stiff competition! I almost didn’t recognize Courtney Stodden. Here’s a low blow..if she gets her face lifted will that pull her boobs up? Sorry, but that girl is 21 & so plastic looking already. Scary to think what she’ll look like at 30. Lastly on the plastic surgery front, I thought Heidi was much prettier before all that surgery to her face. She’s a walking cautionary tale. Not sure who’ll get the most air time but these ladies are experienced turning up the drama for camera time. I can’t even guess yet.

    • She’s only 21? She looks like she is a HARD living 40+ yr old. TT her fake boobs are saggy because they are so heavy and stretching her skin plus gravity plus I’ve never seen her wear a bra.

  20. ingrid

    TT, Heidi was drunk from when she got out of the limo, and proceeded to get drunker as the night wore on. Her poor mother.

  21. Billie_bee

    I mean….I’m just going to refrain from commenting on Kim because of the proverbial kicking a dog when it’s down, but I don’t feel at all sorry for Kimberly. If she really wanted therapy with her mom, then she could do it off camera, you know, like normal people. Kimberly is grasping at the famewhoreness of that whole Richards/Hilton clan. If this doesn’t work to get Kimberly some spin off reality show, the sex tape drops in 3,2,1…

    • I don’t believe it’s Kimberly that craves the spotlight. Kim literally LIVES for her ‘fandom’, always has and always will, even if it means putting her family in the middle of all of her messes. I imagine Kim did a lot of begging/manipulating (tears too for effect) in order to get Kimberly to go along with this. Sad all the way around and no one wins. :-(

      • IT’A I think participation was totally Kim’s idea. For two reasons-one, she is broke and at this point since being cut off from her sisters and Monty didn’t leave anything-second, Kim needs to be seen, her drugs and drinking will not come out on this show and her other daughters and son are done with her. Kimberly was the one who tried to get the intervention by Dr Phil. Being the youngest she was living at home with Kim and went thru everything that happened The saving grace for young Kimberly is her father is very much involved with his daughters life. Not sure I can watch this show, I did tape it but…….?

      • tamaratattles

        What the fuck is wrong with you people? “Monty didn’t leave her anything” Why would he? If Monty had anything to leave why would he leave it to his ex wife who is attached to THE FUCKING HILTONS rather than, oh I DUNNO HIS KIDS?

        And on what basis to you claim HER KIDS ARE DONE WITH HER? Shut the fuck up.

        This is such a bullshit comment I can’t even address it all! NSMD!!!

        You know about Kimberly’s relationship with her father? HAVE I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP ENOUGH TIMES?

      • TT, your reply to me doesn’t make any sense because I didn’t say any of those things. Guess I’ll just escort myself on over to the ever-dreaded WLS. Been fun!

  22. For some reason I was thinking New York & her mom were also part of this cast….seeing Tiffany again on The Next :15 has rewet (is that a word?) my appetite for her particular brand of ratchet reality TV.

    • tamaratattles

      What a brave confession…

    • lori

      Come to think of it, I thought I had seen her in the previews to. Huh!

    • lori

      Right out of the gate, Kim judging all of the other people in the house cracked me up (in a not good way). She was just oh so shocked by the drama and that THEY’RE all crazy. I really don’t know of I can watch this show with Kim on it. I agree that she does not at all appear to be clean. That everyone keeps enabling her is just too much for me to bear. These TV production companies make me sick.

      • VioletBlue

        The minute there was a voice raised, Kim was ready to leave. Before she even met everyone she was like “I don’t want to stay here” Hmph.

    • New York & her mom are going to be on a family therapy show with the blonde doctor who usually does the couples therapy show. The one who totally enabled Farrah even though her “boyfriend” refused to show up. Dina & Michael Lohan are also going to be on. I think it’s called “The Other Total Trainwreck.”

  23. claire

    *sigh* There’s no way being on this show is a good idea for Kim & Kimberly…especially Kimberly. Kim’s getting in fights?! Lovely. Not going to address the main reason her relationships with ANY of her kids suffer??! Dear God. I forgot she was even involved in this dumpster fire.

    BTW I think the plaid shirt is the same one she was wearing when she climbed over the cement barriers to meet Rinna at the ghetto picnic bench. LoL

  24. newjerzeyboy

    I guess this show is where reality stars go to die.

  25. If I was Kathy Hilton, I would pay Kim to stay off these shows.

  26. Oh, the show wasn’t THAT bad.

    Heidi is a mean drunk. She’s one of those people who are pleasant and nice until they get a couple of drinks in them; then suddenly they are angry and want to fight with everyone in their path. A VERY bad sign. Anyone whose personality changes like that with alcohol is an alcoholic. Hopefully someone will point out to her that she need look no further than Kim for a portrait of herself in 25 years. Except Heidi’ll be worse. At least Kim has some actual acting talent and a compelling screen presence.

    Conversely, I found myself liking Heidi’s mother the best. So far at least. She’s clearly the sane, intelligent, rational one in the house. She was certainly the voice of reason, especially when saying to Heidi, “You’re not being honest with me or yourself.” How did she spawn such a supercilious and vapid daughter?

    Kim and Kimberly seemed alright. Kim seemed sober enough to me. I don’t know if she’s working her program, but she wasn’t noticeably “out there”.

    I found the show to be tolerable/watchable enough. Of course, maybe that was because I kept distracting myself by imagining how if I were (a woman and a “celebrity”) in the house, we’d just troll everyone there by doing a Eunice and Mama act!

    Mama: “Are you actually considering pouring more liquor into your body?”

    Eunice: “If you value your life, you won’t start with me, old lady!”

  27. Meredo

    OMG, Erickzu, you really had me lol’ing at the Eunice and Mama comment. So damn funny!

  28. Grandmalou

    The name of this show should have been “Weeping Women”, “Wailing Women”, “Women “Whisperers”, or “Women Who Like Whine With Their Cheese”. I think I’ll pass on this one.
    BTW, Shar was entertaining but those eyes are scary?.

  29. daintyfeets

    I watched, and will continue to watch. I also read the recap and will continue to do both. I’m a reality TV hoe. I was familiar with all the daughters and mothers, and back stories (except for conseco couple (I am however familiar with his other ex-wife and daughter, Brittany gastenau (sp??)), I’ve never “met” or read about Natalies mom.)

    • Spilledperfume

      Brittny Gastineau is the daughter of Mark Gastineau who is an ex-football player. Jose Canseco is an ex-baseball player who has done a few of his own reality series.

      • daintyfeets

        Thanks for correction Spilled. I knew Gastineau didn’t sound right. Sometimes all the trashy reality shows characters meld together.

      • Spilledperfume

        I only know who Brittny is because she had a reality show with her mother years ago.

  30. I’m sorry but I didn’t see Kim slobbering drunk or slurring her words. For you or anyone to say that they think she isn’t sober, we need to see some evidence of bizarre behavior. I saw Kim as one of the more sane women in that group. Also, just because she didn’t immediately come out and say that she’s an alcoholic doesn’t mean it won’t come up later on. Kim doesn’t know these women. The topic is a hurtful one for her and it might take her more time than the nitwit that immediately screamed out to anyone that would listen that her mother had been coming on to her husband. That one sounds like she’d spill her life story to a waitress. This is the first episode. I’m pretty sure the therapist knows that Kim has a drinking problem. She also has other problems such as a backstabbing sister that put Kim down every chance she got (until recently) plus a super dysfunctional upbringing full of chaos and greed. Kim didn’t grow up in a normal environment, whatever that is. At least she’s trying to be accountable to her daughter and salvage her damaged name. This may not be the best way to go about it but has Kim ever known any other way out of the public eye? For all we know, she might have tried therapy which didn’t work. Geeze. Give her a chance to breath. This circus just began and she’s standing on the ladder up towards the tightrope. Don’t kick her off, yet.

    • tamaratattles

      um, it’s widely known she NEVER addresses her alcoholism. SO thanks for playing…and keep waiting for Kim to acknowledge she has a problem, but she will NOT on this show.

  31. Jane

    I couldn’t wait to watch the show. It just seemed so awful on so many levels and it didn’t disappoint. Kim should be so lucky to do depends ads especially since she looks like a panty wetter. And how creepy is it when she gets all kittenish while her daughter says she was the parent at home? I can’t figure out why Heidi’s mother would even try to placate her druggie daughter. Do something with your life.

    This show will convince you that your creepy uncle, unpaid bills, and sober life are really not that bad.

  32. Natalie’s mom is still alive?

  33. Whyowhy

    Why does this doctor keep saying mother and/or daughter? That’s really annoying

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