Teresa Is Losing Her Handy Man


For my thoughts on this go here…  I’m on housewives overload, not to mention #FelonsByBravo Overload.

Talk amongst yourselves…

I mean, are we really supposed to feel sorry for Tre  because she won’t have anyone being “handy around the house?” or having someone to cuddle with at night?

This is as infuriating to me as  military wives who get so much support because their husbands are off to war. REALLY?  I mean I am all for supporting veterans but THERE ARE PLENTY OF WOMEN WHOSE HUSBANDS ARE NOT AT WAR who manage to deal with the day to day issues of fucking life! 

Joe and Tre RHONJ

Is it me or are we in hot water? It’s fine Joe, just smile, smile, smile!


Yet let’s all bake cookies and throw a gay parade as Nene Leakes would say.  Iif  you have a husband and then they go to jail or war, you obviously need a host of people to come help you! …. because GOD FORBID you learn how to deal with your own handyman issues in your multimillionfuckingdollarhouse, Teresa.

Joe is pissed he can’t get any pussy in prison. Please, don’t worry about Juicy Joe, I’m sure he will get his dick sucked several times.

We are apparently going to see Tre and Joe doing Yoga on the upcoming season.

And Joe clearly knows he is getting deported.


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77 responses to “Teresa Is Losing Her Handy Man

  1. Margarett

    I will have to watch just to see Joe doing yoga. Lord love a duck!

  2. marywanna

    As a military widow, I disagree with you that military wives get so much support when their husbands are away. Actually they might get some support from their friends, but nothing from the military. It’s no fun raising kids alone when your family is thousands of miles away. Being a military wife is difficult and can be very lonely.

    • Dee

      I’m not sure why this happened. Of course military spouses have a hard time. Living in fear of losing their partner the spouses ban together to give love and support to each Never knowing where their spouse is and if they are safe has to be hard.

      • Moon Beam

        I’m with you, yes they have all “volunteered” to serve none were forced. That said thankfully we have those selfless men and women who serve everyone single one of us!! I come from a long line of retired military as well as my husband who served and a son currently serving overseas at this time. I totally agree the dependents of our active duty military certainly aren’t handed anything!! Thanks to all who have served and are currently serving as well as their families. Thanks never seems enough!

    • Pam

      Tamara, you should never, ever compare our members of the military, especially their spouses to ANYONE. My daughter and son inlaw were both active duty when he deployed to Iraq. Came home by arriving is a casket at Dover AFB leaving my daughter to raise her baby by herself. They are the less than 1% of Americans who say, yes I will lay down my life for you. I will defend my country. We are proud of them both. The military DOES NOTHING to support the family who stay behind when their man or woman is deployed, they depend on other military family members for support. Just don’t use our military or veterans ever in anything related to these trashy Bravo felons. Sorry, but I get highly defensive on this subject. Unless you’ve suffered a loss like this, no one will ever understand.

      • tamaratattles

        AGAIN, you are missing the point. I have military wives in my FAMILY. It’s not that they “get support” it’s that they are treated like fragile flowers who can’t wheel their own trash to the corner. The news homecomings make it look like the wives are some weak creatures who could not possibily run their own homes. They can. They do. And the support from other military wives is amazing. But if you watch the returns in a pine box, or perfectly fine, you will see a long introduction about the wives. I really don’t care if you get it or not. I see what I see. It has nothing to do with disparaging military wives, quite the opposite actually.

  3. Matzah60

    Totally, 100% agree with you, TT. What is so horrible about living alone and taking care of your kids without nannies and running your own house. Frankly, I love coming home to my house that no longer houses that ruthless, lying, serial cheater I used to call my husband.

  4. Minky

    Yeah, I totally know what you’re saying Tamara. How many single mothers get any help? It seems that the military wives and wives of felons are being rewarded simply because they’re married. If you’re single and have kids and a job and other various responsibilities, well then fuck you. You’re not socially acceptable because you’re an unwed mother. A floozie! It’s all so unfair and hypocritical.

    • It seems that the military wives and wives of felons are being rewarded simply because they’re married.

      Huh? I’m just curious as to what you are calling a “reward”.

      What “rewards” do wives of felons get? I’m not referring to the Giudices. They are a rare exception due to their reality-TV infamy. I’m thinking of the wives of the population of our overcrowded prisons who recieve scorn from society for standing by a criminal and when (if) he is released, an unemployable husband.

      • Minky

        Just look up scholarships and/or other loans for both former convicts and their children. That’s not wives specifically, but it is help that is offered to people who have committed crimes and their families. In addition to a lot of social and governmental programs geared for helping that same population. I’m not saying they couldn’t use the help or shouldn’t ever get any help. But where was the help before they broke the law?

      • I think it’s a good thing that those programs are out there, and yes, I agree that there should be more of those sorts of things for people before they commit crimes. The effect would only be a positive one both for the specific people and for society as a whole.

        I guess my main reaction to the discussion here (and is not directed at you specifically) is that “support” is not a zero-sum game. Giving support to one demographic does not equal taking away from another. It’s possible to support BOTH single mothers and married women.

    • Sliceo'pie

      The fact that seemingly place, ‘Military wives” and, “Wives of felons” on par is disturbing, to say the least. There is no comparison-At All.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually the was not about military wives and felon wives. It was about how in both instances women are considered to be in need of rescue. Because men are not around to protect them. I’m a big fan of the military, My father, uncles and brother were all in the war during wartime. I don’t need the lecture. I just find it incredulous that people feel like a woman can’t maintain the homefront when there man is gone for ANY reason. It has nothing to do with the support within the military family. However, living in an area with a lot of military ( I can actually hear the base blaring the star spangled banner twice a day from my ghetto shack. I find it rather offensive, as a woman, that when people speak about military wives having to function when their husbands are deployed as if they are wounded birds that can’t manage their lives in exactly the way that single mothers do. Your average single mother doesn’t have that sort of support.

      • DrAmy

        Well said TT. As a strong career woman, who’s married and lucky to have my husband help me run our lives and home, I find such insinuations horribly insulting.

      • microop

        Interesting. I more or less agree with you. While I don’t think Military wives have it harder than single moms I do think the challenges are unique. One unique challenge for a military mom might be the stress of worrying about her husbands safety.

    • Pam

      Exactly what REWARD does a wife or husband of a military service member get? You must have been greatly misinformed by someone. What reward do they get when their spouse dies while serving our country? A folded flag and a grateful nation thank you? I wasn’t under the impression those are REWARDS. You should be so lucky!

  5. Gia

    WTF? Those men go into terrifying situations to defend the freedom you so grossly take for granted. They get paid peanuts and most come back with physical and mental scars. Their wives receive support because of the sacrifices their family makes so assholes like you can continue to sit on their ass all day and watch tv in peace. Jesus Christ.

    • Minky

      Nobody’s raggin on soldiers or veterans Gia. God bless them all. I personally am talking about double standards concerning the way married women are treated very differently and much better than single women in the same situation.

      Soldiers do go into harm’s way. But so do a lot of other professions. Police, fire fighters, paramedics/EMTs, fishermen, coal miners, oil rig workers, pilots, dock workers, etc. Even doctors and teachers nowadays. Schools and churches get shot up too! What happens to any of their families/spouses if they god forbid die on the job?

      • Minky

        You go Matzah! Tell it sister!

      • alex1986

        I’ve always been under the impression that housing is paid for if you’re in the military whether you live on base or off. Because of this I’ve never understood why there is a need to financially contribute to the spouses that are left behind. I also thought when the spouses are deployed in a war zone they get hazard pay on top of their normal salaries.

    • Matzah60

      @Gia, Just for the record, I don’t sit around on my ass all day watching TV. No one here ever said they didn’t appreciate the Vets or the military that go overseas. If you think that wars are all about defending our freedom, you should read some history books on capitalism and imperialism. More than half of discretionary federal spending goes to fund our military and its war making or war preparations. The military-industrial complex is a well-oiled, extremely profitable machine. When men and women go off to foreign countries to fight wars, the unemployment numbers drop significantly. Wars have much less to do with ‘freedom’ than they do with flexing our global power.

      • Minky

        Aaaargh! My comment ended up in the wrong place. Because I’m sloppy and I watch TV all day. ?

      • Cat

        Um….my TV is on all day. But, I don’t always watch it. Really. Honest. :)

      • Matzah60

        When I am home, Cat, my TV is also on all day. Now that my sons are grown and gone, I like to hear a human voice when I’m home alone. I totally understand that!

      • Miguel

        Amazing, Matzah60… extremely profound & eloquent!!! Unfortunately, most of what you’ve espoused will be lost on those whom lack the ability to think critically.

      • Matzah60


    • jen

      You are missing the point Gia. No one said Military men and women do not sacrifice for our country.

  6. ZenJen55

    Caroline Manzo called it a long time ago. Tre will divorce Juicy, write a tell- all and marry up.

    • Matzah60

      Minky, Love your comments wherever they end up!! :)

    • Matzah60

      ZenJen, I remember Manzo saying that too. As to marrying up, well, that won’t be a big stretch now, will it??!!! Who’s going to marry this illiterate fool with four young girls.

      • Word on the curb is that her attorney really, really likes her. But would a lawyer be a step up from a felon? Hmmm, I’ll have to ponder that one :)

      • Matzah60

        Lol!!! Great line, Gingersnap!

      • jen

        I think someone would marry her. Absolutely. I do not see many great qualities now but she is attractive and famous so yea someone will marry her no doubt.

  7. Allison

    I hope he really does get deported. I actually just went thru the deportation process with an ex that I wanted outta here more than anything, so I was “helpful” to ICE. Went to the hearings. Educated myself and can tell you all about crimes of moral turpitude (one of those is a surefire-do not pass go way to get deported) and from what has been publicized about Juicy’s convictions, he qualifies.

  8. Spilledperfume

    I’ll be curious to see if he gets deported. Since I don’t keep up with the Guidices I will have to read about it here.

  9. Weirdiskate

    Trust me as a women who’s husband went and did three deployments you don’t get too much help, more I am sure than a single mother but definitely not enough, childcare costs so much, even in the military and I work so that sucked

  10. Weirdiskate

    But aside from my comment above (wasn’t wanting to start a war) ((see what I did there :p) Teresa is a dumb hoe and needs to realize how badly her and her husband fucked up, she will be lucky if he doesn’t get deported (although I bet RH will help him out) but gosh darn these people are dumb as rocks, so over them

  11. WestCoastFeed

    The Federal case involved two aggravated felonies. Just one is grounds for deportation. That was topped of by the State case involved DMV fraud. Arrivederci, Giuseppe!

  12. Cat

    Women have been fighting for “equality” for decades. Yet some women only want the perks that come with “equality”. To be fair, you have to be able to take the bad with the good. Man up, Teresa!

  13. 25

    Errrr. By “support,” do you mean financial assistance or emotional support? Military spouses garner emotional support not just because they’re alone, but because their deployed spouses are in daily danger & sometimes out of contact. So military spouses have their own support system with each other, especially those living in/around bases. Military families are a tight knit community with much respect & compassion for their own. I can’t accept equating that to felonious spouses taking shifts in fed prison.

    • Mrs. R

      As the daughter/sister/Aunt//spouse of someone who served in the military, AND a first responder, I can assure you there is not enough pay in any of those jobs to make the heartache and fear over losing that loved one fair game for criticism. Most spouses of military are female, but there is a growing percentage of males, who stay home with the children and worry just as much. For those people, I am forever grateful, and if you get some extra help, you deserve it. Thank you for supporting your loved one while they defend the rights of some people to make ignorant effed-up comments. I understand the loneliness of not hearing from a Submariner for 6 months, not a peep, or a Soldier in a war zone, or fear when a family member dons a uniform that makes them targets for assholes who should save us all some time and money and shoot themselves instead. Everyone should say thanks to those family members and lend a hand, whether they are married or not. And people should get their heads out of their asses and help others who could use a helpful hand, burst, lay off the military. Without them, what you write and say could get YOU killed, just look overseas at what is happening now, and the past few years. 25, you seem to understand, THANKS……..

      • Mrs. R

        I hate trying to correct stuff when I am on the iPad, my last sentence should say “without them, AND THE FREEDOM YOU HAVE FROM THEIR SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY, what you write and say could get YOU killed” ………

    • Katherine 2.0

      Well stated. I agree.

  14. KatherineNola

    TT! Best line ever: “Please, don’t worry about Juicy Joe, I’m sure he will get his dick sucked several times.” Sure it’s the middle
    Of the night, can’t sleep because, menopause. And this line made my night! Thanks for taking the bullet but for us while watching and recapping . I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile and havev to thank you!

  15. hannahkingrose

    TT you stated Joe clearly knows he is getting deported. Has he been told that already or do you think he just knows deep down that it is going to happen? I’ve wondered when the decision would be officially made.

  16. Allison

    The way it works is, once he checks into Fort Dix, ICE will put a detainer on him. That means upon his release, the prison can hold him for 48 hours for ICE to come get him. Once he is in their custody, he will be held in either a local prison that is contracted to hold ICE detainees or a federal facility to await his removal hearings. It takes about 3-6 months. Crimes of moral turpitude and aggravated felonies are guaranteed to initiate removal proceedings.

  17. I’m also of the opinion that he knows he will be deported. He’s not as dumb as Teresa and has to have been told this already by his legal team. Unlike Teresa, he doesn’t live with his head in the sand so I don’t think he’s living in denial about it. I’m also of the opinion that he will disappear in the middle of the night just prior to his surrender date. He’s most likely going to make a run for the border. It’s not all that far to the canadian border and armed with his brothers passport he could easily pass for him at a border crossing if they don’t look too closely. They resemble each other anyway. Pete just looks like a slightly younger thinner Joe. Then he could hop an international flight out of a canadian airport and be gone before the feds even realize he’s gone. He’ll end up in one of the properties the family still owns in the village they came from and Teresa will deny any knowledge of knowing he planned on skipping the country as long as Housewives continues to employ her. Then once the show inevitably ends she’ll hop over to Italy and join him. I mean as obsessed with money and things as they both are they still are very “old country” in the way they live their day to day lives. Even Carolyn pointed out that they still behaved like they were living in Italy more than once. Just my two cents.

    • Jim

      And there are FAR worse places to live than Italy! Deportation (or fleeing the country) probably sounds like a gift to Joe. He can escape that stupid bitch of a wife, drink gallons of great wine and screw a bunch of random Italian women.

      • Lady Nancy Astor: Winston, if you were my husband, I’d poison your tea.
        Churchill: Nancy, if I were your husband, I’d drink it.”
        ― Winston S. Churchill

  18. Anonymousboo

    Boo hoo… No sympathy for these two. My husband went to prison for 18 months when we were in our early 20s and it sucked big time. However, I would have been so ashamed if I had tried to garner sympathy like these two shamelessly do at every trashy chance they get. Do the crime, do the time, and take it like a man instead of crying all over the place. Joe better hope the inmates he’s about to become very close neighbors with don’t see him crying in this interview.
    As for Teresa, she has no idea what the less fortunate go through when a loved one is incarcerated. She has the privilege of visiting him every week because she has the resources! I was making about $14 an hour when my now-husband was incarcerated which isn’t awful, but it was tough to visit for sure. Most people don’t get visitors. It’s not something to tell many people or garner sympathy about. Most of the time the person is certainly in prison for a damn good reason. Hopefully it will change Joe for the better as it did for my husband.

  19. jen

    I am now a single mother and it is very hard but you just do it. We are women we just find a way. You get through it day by day then somehow you realize you don’t need anyone. She is a real piece of work.

  20. Tulsateacher

    I think Joe will be “gay for the stay” while he’s locked up. He’s gotta stick it in somewhere.

  21. JoJoFLL

    I just can’t with Teresa. I used to give her a pass on some of the dumb shit she said because English is not her first language but maybe she is just that dumb. So is Joe.

    Y’all do understand even if Joe flees, we have an extradition treaty with Italy right? They will just send him right back to do his time.

    • Just Saying

      I use to believe her English excuse also until I realized her brother speaks quite well so she’s just using the dumb card, I think she’s smart but plays dumb

    • Well, maybe one of the hidden assets is an island somewhere? :-)

    • Their home village is up in the hills deep in mafioso controlled territory. Teresa’s father even stated as much in a conversation he had with Carolyn’s husband on one of the episodes where the whole bunch traveled to meet Teresa and Joe’s family. If he manages to flee and gets as far as that village the Italian government won’t attempt to take him into custody extradition treaty or not.

      • JoJoFLL

        It’s right outside Salerno and the heavily trafficked Amalfi Coast. It isn’t 1531, they’ll turn him over to the authorities.

    • I know that’s true in the case of a US citizen; they would extradite him back to serve his sentence here. But would Italy send an Italian citizen back to the US? Would they perhaps incarcerate him there? Regardless, he could certainly put up a hell of a fight and drag out the process in court…probably interminably.

  22. Housewivedout

    I love to hate Joe and Teresa. Part of me wants him to get deported so they can build their McMansion in Santa Casualina and start a new show. Can you imagine a teenage Milania and her young Italian suitors? Teresa going up the hill in heels riding on a donkey bitching about how much she misses Jersey…nobody understanding their broken up Italian…that would be must see t.v.

  23. Allison

    Joe isnt going to run. I’m pretty sure, as he is high profile, the feds have their eye on him, and they know his history of using his brothers ID. Good luck getting through TSA and customs. He knows its a wrap. He’ll show up at Ft Dix.

  24. Sara

    Have to disagree with TT on military wives and how much support they receive. Our soldiers and their families sacrifice so much to keep this country safe. They deserve any and all support they receive. Our veterans and their families should be taken care of. I understand there are plenty of single mothers (and single fathers) out there that do it all and they deserve support too. As for Teresa, no sympathy for her. She is living beyond her means on stolen money. I feel like the military wives comparison is way off though.

  25. Mark

    Just gonna throw this out there… I’m mixing up my days due to lack of RHOBH recap. My morning coffee en route to work feels empty, and full of sadness and broken dreams. I’m not holding you DIRECTLY responsible for my morning happiness, but… You know. *looks around in dispair and anxiety*

    • Dee

      I’m a little anxious too Mark, missing Tamara.

    • Miguel

      Ditto, Mark – missing u something awful, TT (sniff)!!!

    • iloveearlgrey

      Same here. I keep coming on the site looking for posts. Tamara, you are sorely missed. My days are miserable without you. :*( Wahhhhhh.

      • Dee

        I’ve missed Tamara so much I started going into history, I found Yolanda singing; If dis plane were mine. There is a lot of good history here. Thank you Tamara, we love you!

    • Queen of the Nile

      Mark, I’m suffering too. Come back TT!

    • crampina

      Mark, you are not the only one who has been anxiously awaiting that RHOBH recap!
      As for the felons from New Jersey, I don’t watch anything Teresa or Joe is on. I do read recaps and posts here. I am done with them. Disgusted. I will enjoy hearing about Teresa’s descent into poverty and possibly prison once again when the show is gone and she has no income. I like to see criminals get what they deserve.

  26. Jane

    OK, I quit the show a couple of years ago and could care less about these theives.

    I am just here to SPOIL ANOTHER SHOW ENTIRELY FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET Because I Really WANT to be a window licker.

    Apologies for the idiot.

  27. T D

    In a twist of fate Joe will be gaining one.

  28. microop

    Oh goodness, now Teresa’s in charge. She’ll be back in jail for not paying anything off or for stealing purses.

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