Joe Giudice Will Discuss His Upcoming Incarceration on ET Tonight!


Joe is headed off to join fellow #FelonByBravo,  Apollo Nida at Fort Dix just three weeks from today on Wednesday,  March 23rd.  And so now that Teresa’s book tour is winding down, it’s time for the incarceration tour to begin!  Here is a teaser for tonight’s show.

I will probably put up another post when and if the entire interview is posted on their Youtube channel.
Jailbird Juicy


In the clip above, Joe talks about deportation, not being able to drink and he finally admits that the girls all know their parents are felons. This is something that Teresa has continuously tried to play off.

Joe’s struggles with the thought of deportation are real.  As I mentioned in this post,  there are many similar situations in which deportation was indeed carried out despite the lack of criminal record in many cases.  Joe actually has a criminal record which is why his plea deal  got him much more time that Teresa’s did.  Despite the Tre Huggers thoughts that Teresa was less culpable in the crimes they committed, the large majority of the difference in their sentences was based on prior criminal history.

Joe has been sentenced to 41 months.  Good time would bring him down to around 35 months.  I believe that Joe was also enrolled in a substance abuse program which could reduce his time by another year though that figure seems to vary. Depending on several variables, Joe could have a shot at getting out in just over two years. Maybe. And then be deported. Maybe. There are a lot of variables at play.  I expect the release date on his BOP listing to be somewhere around February 23, 2019, but that is before any deduction he might receive in a substance abuse program.

But for now he has three weeks of hookers and blow… Oh wait. That was Apollo. Allegedly.


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20 responses to “Joe Giudice Will Discuss His Upcoming Incarceration on ET Tonight!

  1. Sylvia

    There are some people we care about (Big Ang) and there are those who fall through the grates and no one cares….this guy would be one of the latter.

    Thanks for the update. Whether I care or not, he’s part of Bravo’s felon team :)

  2. Joe seriously fucked up trying to make Teresa happy with all the material things she coveted. I think Joe would be happy living in a pig sty as long as he had a bottle of wine and a cigar. I can’t bring myself to really ‘hate’ (I use that word loosely) Joe, because he puts off this teddy bear persona, that I can almost buy in to, but not quite. He did the crime, he has to do the time. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but for some, probably irrational reason, I hold Teresa more accountable than Joe.

  3. I will miss Joe’s contributions to the Felons By Bravo team. I’ve always found him way more entertaining than Teresa. If deportation is likely, why not send him now? Wouldn’t that be punishment enough? Either way, Teresa has her guaranteed story line for several seasons to come. She’ll have to keep her hustle on to earn the $45 million she seeks.

  4. Sylvia

    I bust out laughing every time I look at this picture of him holding the cigar and showing off the tat with that little smirk on his face BECAUSE chances are there are guys at Fort Dix checking out the same picture thinking ‘hmmmmmmm”.

  5. Lindsay

    I mean, I really feel for this guy, whether he was ignorant to the law, and the tax ramifications of his behavior, or just plain stupid, he was definitely trying to keep up with the Jones’, and for that I cannot really fault the guy. he is a great dad, husband, son, brother in law, etc, and a huge family man, and I wish him the best. Hope it goes by fast for you , Joe, and hoping that you don’t get into any trouble in there! Sorry to see this happen, I mean we have got drug felons and rapist that get less time than he did. The time seemed overtly too much in my humble opinion.

  6. Cat

    No sympathy. At. All. For him, or his felon of a wife.

    The kids? Yes. Hopefully, this will not scar them for life.

    • It’s so easy (and yes, entertaining) to voice an opinion on the Felons by Bravo, but I think we all know the true victims here are the children. How can they not be negatively impacted by the behavior of the parents – behavior that all of them decide to act out in front of television cameras for fame and $$?

  7. Queen of the Nile

    Can we deport Teresa instead? (And throw in an extended trip to Holland for Yolanda? I’ll pack her a couple of kilos of lemons).

  8. Just want to say how much fun this blog is.

  9. Jen

    He won’t get deported – he should be, but he won’t. They are deporting people who were unfortunate enough to have a helpful DMV employee check the voter registration box for them when they got their license renewed. This buffoon gets to continue escaping the consequences of his own deliberate actions.

  10. Matzah60

    Without Joe around, Teresa will be less entertaining than she already was/was not. These two buffoons are kind of comical to watch together. Joe is a felon and he deserves his sentence, but he is definitely more likable than Teresa. Once Joe goes off to prison, I expect the show to plummet. The Lauritas are thieves. They literally pilfered all the money from their business LLC to support their grandiose lifestyle. They owe $345 grand in back taxes to the state of NJ. The Gorgas are in pre foreclosure. Once one of my most enjoyable HW shows, it now has absolutely no redeeming plot lines or people on the show. I hope it’s axed.

  11. Toddy

    So we get the honor of footing Joe’s college, and THEN we’ll deport him?!?

  12. Years later I am still struggling with her low hair line, lack of a forehead. I understand it’s a petty thought, undignified, without class to comment negatively on a woman’s appearance.
    Ive no excuse and can’t justify my comment. It’s just ugly.
    I never noticed it on other women even when it is there.
    If that makes sense?

  13. T D

    Eastern State is a private owned college. Joe and Apollo could fix it up during their scholastic journey.

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