Yolanda on Dr. Oz: Her Journey To The Center of The Lyme

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The most interesting thing about this show before I even hit the play button is the word “Lyme” is not mentioned in any of the advertisements or in the show description.  It just Yolanda fighting “invisible disease” which is actually quite a funny visual. More apt might be “Yolanda fighting imaginary disease”  or “Let’s talk about Munchausen Syndrome.” But “invisible disease” is close enough. Also, I don’t understand why they keep saying this was her first interview. She was just there last April. It hasn’t even been a year since her last visit!

LOL Dr. Oz says it’s a side of Yolanda we’ve never seen before. Um, Mehmet, trust and believe we have seen every single solitary side of Yolanda. This is nothing new.

Dr. Oz plays an informational piece about Lyme Disease. Something that Yolanda does not have. Yolanda shakes her head through the entire piece and says the CDC estimate of the number of Lyme Disease cases in this country is 300,000. She says that is not correct and the number hasn’t been updated properly. Here we good….can the phrase “worldwide pandemic” be far away?  Dr Oz ignores her comment and goes on with his interview.

When was the first time you realized something was wrong?  In 2011 she always felt like she had the flu. Perimenopause symptom number 1. Join pains “cycles” under her eyes. I think she means circles  They would come back every three or four weeks. in 2011 it started attacking her brain, y’all. A month before her wedding she was in the gym and “I was trying to do my pushups and my burpees and I looked at my husband to be and I was like ‘I can’t do it anymore…’ I felt like a light switch went off. ”  Sucks getting old doesn’t it?

Yolanda a few months after breaking her back and having spinal fusion, and spending the year in bed. This is a cute bed!

Yolanda a few months after breaking her back and having spinal fusion, and spending the year in bed. This is a cute bed!

The night before her wedding (she only had a hundred guests) she couldn’t “put tables together.”  She only had to do ten tables of ten, couldn’t remember who was friends with who, who was sitting with who! Perimenopause symptom number 2. Usually, the more thing you would throw at me the more I would thrive. Um, I’ve never been married, so I may be crazy, but I would think that the seating chart would be done prior to the night before the wedding.

Dr. Oz has a huge stack of records that he reviewed. Yolanda says that is only about 10% of her documentation. Dr. Oz says that when Yolanda was 12 she was hospitalized for some weirdness that sounds like chronic fatigue. She was also hospitalized (?) at 18, 30 and 41.  She wants to start from birth. She was born to a mother who suffered from invisible chronic disease! She would get migraines and be in bed with the curtains closed for days. The first time she got sick it was Epstein-Barr, When she was in Asia getting acupuncture as a model, she got Hepatitis B from dirty acupuncture needles. She says that she has been suffering her whole life. Dr. Oz talks about a hospitalization in 2012. Was that on the show? He says those doctors diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  A syndrome really isn’t a diagnosis of a disease, it’s simply a way of grouping people with similar symptoms of unknown origin into a group. Any woman with difficult perimenopausal issue could just as easily be labeled with Chronic Fatigue.

Yolanda knows this and she was not accepting of that diagnosis. She had circles!  It was clearly a brain infection! She knew this because she had been living with it for a year. Again, it is called perimenopause. I went to a therapist, several actually, with the same complaint.  There is something wrong with my brain! I didn’t call it an infection, I called it the crazy. I had anxiety that was crazy. I would shake like a leaf in the grocery store. I could not remember anything. I could no longer recognize faces. It was scary. It was perimenopause. I’m actually coming out the other side now, many, many years later. Yolanda was in the hospital for two weeks, and yet the doctors saw no brain infection. They show a sick selfie of Yolanda smiling her sick smile in the hospital bed.  Yolanda says that the doctors would write, “Beautiful 48 year old young woman…” in their medical records. Beautiful? Young woman? She is insane in the membrane. She is tired for being judged as healthy because she is so damn beautiful. It’s just so hard being Yolanda!  “I would look at David and tell him that if one more person tells me I look beautiful I might just jump out of my skin!”  Which is probably when she began buying lots of light brown eyeshadow.

My friends, family and coworkers judge me.

My friends, family and coworkers judge me.

Then she went to Belgium and a doctor there told her she had ” Severe Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease.” SEVERE! y’all. Not the plain old regular kind. It was severe! So she did IV antibiotics for three months.  That will really fuck up an immune system.  A that was the beginning of the journey.

Dr. Oz asks if she was relieved by the diagnosis. She says yes, because people (I’m guessing David) started thinking she was mentally ill. They were right.

Dr Oz asks if she knows when she was bitten. She gives the raising her children on a horse farm where she was bitten by a horsefly story. There are a lot of issues with that story, mainly that horseflies to no transmit Lyme disease.

The three months of antibiotics was like hell. Then we go to a piece taped in Yolanda’s new apartment where she has her poster boards of symptoms and co-infections proudly displayed for all who enter.  She calls her work, “Uncovering the Mystery of Chronic Lyme.” I just have to say if that is her book title, I’m disappointed.  I was hoping for something like, Who Put Dis Lyme in my Coconut? Then there is a costume change out of sweats and into her white bathrobe.  HOLY SHIT! She has a medical treatment room in her apartment! With an examination bed, and a huge pantry of medications and IV stands and rolling blood pressure cuffs. This is insane! How does she not see how insane this is? She has a nurse who works four days a week to give her IV treatments AND TREATMENTS FOR THE TWO NOT GIGIS!  BY FUCKING PROXY! The dude is giving her what looks to be a blood transfusion while they film it all. He has a GIANT syringe full of what looks like blood he is injecting. What is that?

Here I am in bed with my swimsuit on after Anwar broke my back.

Here I am in bed with my swimsuit on after Anwar broke my back.

This is so deranged I don’t know how to explain it all. As the guy is shooting her full of whatever, she is rambling on about parasites and viral overloads and “all the chapters” that she’s been through.  Then we meet Daisy the full time live in “health advocate.”  Next we have ionic foot baths. Then she goes to she the Clipper’s physical therapist because she has spent so much of her life in bed that she has muscle atrophy. Her hips and knees bother her. Getting old is a bitch, ain’t it?

Then she goes to see a doctor in Koreatown for some more supplements. She goes there once a week. She complains of night sweats. Because, perimenopause. He has her hold her fingers in a certain position, then diagnoses liver toxicity.  You know what causes liver toxicity? Taking fistfuls of whackadoodle supplements multiple times a day. The liver can’t deal with all of that. Meanwhile, Yolanda and Daisy have been out and about visiting whackdoodle doctors all day. It’s dark as night outside at this point. She reassures us that this whackadoodle is aware of all of her medications. Then, she hugs him when she leaves saying, “See you next week!”  Notices she is often hugging her doctors. He seems a bit uncomfortable with it.

We come back from all of those medical scenes to Yolanda smiling with pride. She loves this. Dr. Oz asks if she ever regrets any of her whackadoodle treatments. She says now that some of her brain is coming back, (because she is 52 now and things start to get better with menopause) she looks back at some things and wonders if she was crazy. Like the time she put on a baseball cap and dark glasses and waited at the border with the great unwashed to get fetal stem cell shots in Tijuana. THE FUCK?

Yolanda refused to answer the question about how much money she has spent.

Next they show Eileen and Rinna being shown the drug pantry by Daisy. This is a completely separate pantry from the one in her medical treatment room. Then Yolanda tells the implant story. But this time it is different. Remember the backlash she received because she said she had all of this silicone leakage but we saw the breast implants with very little silicone leaked out? Well now the story is that the silicone didn’t leak out for the breast she had removed, it leaked from breast ten years ago when she ruptured one in a waterskiing accident and the doctor who did that replacement didn’t remove all of the silicone. Then Doctor OZ puts up her breast scans and the explant surgery on the big screen. Yolanda basically takes over for Dr. Oz saying how fascinating it is and point to “a drop of silicone.”  Now her story gets confusing because she is showing the (minimal) silicone leakage and says it is from a breast implant ten years prior. So the silicone from the busted implant attached to the new implant? She is making ZERO sense talking about the implants and saying, ” I mean how fascinating is this (pointing to a bloody implant) the pocket that the body creates for the implant…”  If this paragraph makes less sense than usual it is because she is basically speaking gibberish. Then she oddly turns to face Dr. Oz and grabs his arms and randomly says, ” I mean who ever said big fake boobs are sexy anyway?” Well that would be a lot of people. Especially ones like Jax Taylor.

Yolanda said the explant surgery made a huge difference and saved her life. But she is still dealing with all of the viral overloads. (BTW, viral overloads is her new phrase. It is most commonly heard when HIV patients are discussing their HIV. Because that V is for VIRUS. Yolanda has never mention a virus. Is she still saying she has Hepatitis B from when she was 18? because that is the only virus on her co-infection poster board.) What viral overloads do you have, Yolanda?  Actually? Just shut the fuck up, Yolanda. She struts back over to the chair, sits down, and pops her collar.

We come back from a break, to Yolanda crying for the cameras in her medical treatment room about how she has to find a cure for her children. They put up the sick selfie with Bella.  Bella’s Lyme began in her spine. She was a big horseback rider training for the Olympics and all of the sudden she started making mistakes and bad accidents started happening (on the horses? or is this a DUI excuse?)  “She you know has Lyme disease as well, it’s not as severe as mine.”  About Bella’s symptoms “It’s brain fog and you know, like I said it showed up in her riding.”

Yolanda cries about her mother’s struggle with Chronic Lyme. Then she gives the whole story about not wanting to live anymore but she had to for her children.  The nights with “such inflammation in her brain” that she would be bawling on the floor begging to go to the hospital. When did this happen? Gigi has been out of the house for a couple years now.

Dr. Oz brings up the Munchausen allegations. They play a RHOBH clip. She says that family, friends and coworkers have all accused her faking it. She says don’t you think if she could she would be front row in Paris watching her girls in a fashion show? The audience applauds. I should also point out that some idiot in the audience was crying earlier. “If you didn’t lose your hair, if you can’t say I have cancer, then they judge you!” More applause.” It’s unconscionable! Because no one fakes disease.”

Next the divorce is discussed. Or that is where Dr. Oz wants to go. Yolanda says she can’t talk about it. And rambles on about an “affordable cure for all.” Dr. Oz has a note from David. ” I have always had and continue to have  the utmost love and respect for Yolanda. I’m incredibly  proud of  Yolanda’s determination and mission to find a cure, and how brave and open she has been by sharing her story in the hopes of changing the future of others.”  Yolanda mentions again she can barely listen to the radio.

Yolanda just signed up for a half marathon.  Because, I give up.

She is going to take questions from the audience.  She says she doesn’t regret being on RHOBH because she wants to write a book. These idiots in the audience are delusional. Yolanda says she “shares a little bit on social media.”  She says that this is her job now, she doesn’t need to sell handbags on QVC!

Dr. Oz gives her a very long poster that is a spreadsheet of her tests from this year. She can hang that on the wall with her poster boards.

That was two hours and twenty minutes of my life I will never get back.


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150 responses to “Yolanda on Dr. Oz: Her Journey To The Center of The Lyme

  1. Well, you left out the part where she talked about how depression often goes hand in hand with chronic illness, how difficult it is to suffer from a chronic disease during menopause, what types of resources are available for people suffering from chronic disease, and how her tireless efforts have resulted in raising megabucks for “her invisible disease”. Oh wait, none of that happened because Yolanda is only interested in raising awareness for herself and her now famous model offspring.

  2. TT: great job in outing the “I was in bed for a year after breaking my back in 3 places giving birth to Anwar in spite of my C-section” deception. Must have been some sort of delayed reaction.

  3. Spilledperfume

    I am being very sincere when I say you have my sympathy for having to watch that nonsense.

  4. loriflack

    Yarda, yada, yada…same tired out old story.
    Thanks, TT for watching it, instead of me having to.

  5. CoBe

    The Great and Powerful Dr Oz had a chance to win my respect and passed it right up.

    I guess he’ll have to live with that.

    • Heidi

      I completely agree. He stated at the beginning of his show that Lyme is caused when bitten by an infected deer tick. yolanda said that she thinks that she was bitten by an infected horsefly. Horseflys don’t carry Lyme. If I know this, I’m sure Dr. Oz knows this. Yet, he didn’t say anything to contradict her. My feeling is David or Mohammed is friends with the good doctor.

    • He is pretty thick-skinned. He went to testify in front of congress and he was all puffed up because they invited him, what he didn’t know was that they congress to accuse him of being a bad doctor who endorses products and supplements that don’t work and that he has sold his soul to the Devil.
      Yolanda is flying past Michael Jackson in the crazier than a loon department. Starting with her first words about getting it from a horsefly. You have to get it from the tick. She is like Tom Cruise.. She is Dr. Klinghart’s worldly ambassador. The thing that bothers me is that Mohammed and David support her crazy-ass over the welfare of their children. Bella has been brainwashed. It started in her spine? Are you insane? I’m surprised she isn’t on dialysis with all of the garbage she has put in her body, and all the IV’s and dirty needles and scam artists who see her coming from a mile away. Somebody needs to Baker act her. But no she is divorced, so there is nobody who can do the deed.

  6. Lolajanegyrl

    This sounds completely and utterly crazy. Way crazier than I expected.

    I’m wondering if the Chronic Fatigue is the correct diagnosis (now called systemic exertion intolerance disease). According to the NY Times (2/10/15) “The new diagnostic criteria include six months of profound, unexplained fatigue and postexertional malaise, as well as a third key symptom: unrefreshing sleep. Patients must also exhibit cognitive problems or “orthostatic intolerance,” an inability to stand upright for more than a short period.” Mix that with perimenopause symptoms and/or depression and you’ve got something that makes sense.

  7. I am very sorry for the suffering you had to endure TT of the “visible disease” of having to watch Yolanda make an apparent mockery of true sufferers of any disease, virus, or illness.

  8. Minky

    I think Yolanda’s illness is contagious. And I think I caught some of it just by reading her story here. As I read, I could feel myself coming down with a touch of brain fog and malaise.

    Oh my GOD!!! I’ve got it! Now what?! Somebody get me some shit from a shack in Koreatown! Double quick! I need an IV drip! Something! Anything! I don’t care what they put in there. Just so long as it takes away this horrible FEELING!

    Demerol would be choice. I loved that shit when I ended up in the ER because I was passing a kidney stone and couldn’t speak from the pain. Yes. Demerol. And about a pound of Norco in a pretty take-away bag. And a prescription for medical weed. Mmm hmm. That should about cover it. Oh! And a private nurse/gopher. Okay, that’s it. That’s all I need.

    ? Oh the malaise, though! This malaise is just so not okay. ?

    • Don’t forget – you are now required to post staged selfies – don’t forget the white robe!!

      • Minky

        Welp, okay. I just hope my health insurance covers glam squadding. Now I have to go shopping for some nerd glasses, organic hair bleach and some organic light brown eyeshadow all from Whole Foods.

        Goddamit no! This malaise of mine is already more trouble than it’s worth. And I haven’t even found a man to fleece yet! Sheesh!

      • Ah yes, the dingy white robe that some people steal from the hotel , nice and scratchy. Yolanda the Mistress of malady and madness does not want to wear any of the 400 robes she has from Saks and Neimans, she must wear the robe of doom. Shocking that she didn’t wear it on the Dr. Oz show. I am also surprised that Dr. Oz didn’t tell her about his many products that cure everything! I guess there wasn’t time. Her mother had the Lyme’s disease, too! And her mother before her! She had migraines! Migraines, people! Everybody who suffers from migraines has the Lyme’s disease. In fact we are all born with it! It takes over our frontal lobes and manifests itself in a journey of hell, suicidal thoughts. It is the root of all evil.

  9. Liver toxicity.


    Makes sense. Eye roll.

    Mad as a box of frogs.

  10. CoBe

    I think everyone is tiptoeing around her, including her doctors, because she is seriously mentally ill. She threatens suicide quite a bit and talks about how she wants to die “except for her children” (emotional manipulation).

    Nobody wants to be the person to confront her and find her dead the next day.

    This is why everyone has faces that obviously don’t believe her but words that “support her journey”.

    • Maybe instead of David forcing her to have a total body scan before he would pay for anymore treatment, he should have required a mental health evaluation.

      • CoBe

        I guarantee he has suggested it as well as doctors and anyone who has seen this.

        If she were authentic, she’d go just to get screened.

  11. whyowhy

    I have it recording now. Maaaan, she is cray cray!

  12. Kelly

    Ok so after watching the show I googled “Yolanda Foster’s brain inflammation” (as I just KNEW I couldn’t be the only one who found this to be bull crappity-crap) and happened upon your lovely post. Love it, love it! I just wish I’d grabbed a glass of wine to enjoy while reading!

  13. hannahkingrose

    Well TT, I was asleep today finally because insomnia and was dreaming. Everything was fine and all of a sudden I look up in the dream and this huge, hairy spider was crawling up the bed toward me. It scared me so bad because the only 2 things that I am truly afraid of are a spider and a rat. As I start to wake up I realize I am actually sitting up in my bed I guess attempting to get away from the spider in my dream.

    Lo and behold, what is on my t.v. but Yolanda and her ridiculousness on Dr. Oz. I was scared all over again just in a different way lol. Two traumatic incidents in one day are more than an old woman should have to endure. In my frenzy to escape the spider in my dream, I somehow managed to misplace the remote so I ended up watching her spout off her bullshit facts. Finally found the remote to change the channel and came here to find out what else she had to say. Thanks for the recap.

    • Minky

      There, there dear. It’s all over now. You poor thing. You woke up to a waking nightmare. That Yolanda!

      Re: the insomnia. Have you tried melatonin? It works wonders for me. And I’m also a hard-core insomniac. I get the chocolate flavored lozenges at CVS.

      • hannahkingrose

        Minky, honey I’ve tried Melatonin, Ambien, the other one like Ambien, Trazodone and a rubber mallet. Unfortunately nothing works well for me. Even in an operating room they have a hard time putting me to sleep. They told me to count backwards from 100 and I got to 68 before it worked lol. So I sleep whenever I finally get sleepy. Thanks for the suggestion though.

      • Cat

        The only thing that has worked for me is…wait for it….catnip tea.

        Seriously. I use one teabag of catnip tea, and one teabag of peppermint tea (because catnip has a really funky flavor).

      • Spilledperfume

        I’ve heard about catnip tea but I don’t know if I could actually drink it.

      • tamaratattles

        Cat, do I really need to make a new rule about pushing “medical remedies” Here? Stop that! Here is a ball of yarn for you to play with! (insert many smiley faces and xo here…but really)

        P.S.Yes I know “everyone else is doing it!!” I chose you because you know you’re my favorite and won’t dash off screaming “I’m leaving this place forever!!”

      • Spilledperfume

        I wish melatonin worked for my insomnia. I desperately need a good night’s sleep.

        On a separate note, I can’t read about this woman anymore. It’s just too much.

      • More Tea Please!

        Bioidentical hormone replacement fixed my insomnia.

      • Cat

        That’s IT! I’m leaving….FOREVER!!!! *sniff, sniff* :)

      • tamaratattles

        :) shall I give you a parting lemon? because I hear they are good for…

        thanks for understanding.

      • Cat

        No problem. *smooch* :)

        I actually prefer Lyme over lemon. With tequila. *HIC* :)

    • Sweet T

      Once I had a giant spider on my bed. The next thing I knew I was standing in the living room. I dreamt about the spider and was so scared sleep-ran out of the room.

    • Sweet T

      Sometimes I wish I was a psychopath. I would be incredibly rich because people will trust anything if it validates their belief system

  14. Wait what kind of doctor is Oz? he didn’t question any of this nonsense? Not even the horsefly story? I need to go watch this!

    • margroc

      What about how she found out about the liver thing. Diagnosed after spreading her fingers. eye roll
      Those foot baths are one of the biggest rip offs around. Did it sound like she diagnosed the kids? Well, I always thought Dr. Oz was a p.o.s snake oils salesman, now this show just confirmed that. How could any worthwhile physician not at least ask a soft ball question about something as he had so many things to choose from.
      My theory is that she was not very energetic due to eating 3 almonds a day and drinking lemon water with pepper, add the peri-menopause and she’s got cld. What a joke.

      • Exactly I can’t tell whether someone is allowing her to dig her own grave or if she thinks she really building her own defense! I’m really surprised! Oz has stooped low! He is dangerous!

  15. swizzle

    Thank you for watching and recapping…I’d never make the time to watch this BS. She’s really doing an injustice to all of us women going through perimenopause/menopause. We’re tired, it’s foggy sometimes, migraines suck, my knees and feet hurt. If only she’d fess up to what’s really going on, but that will never happen. And Bella probably had a hormonal issue as well or was just a teenager losing focus. Or maybe Bella’s dreams of riding in the Olympics was Yo’s dream, and Bella found a way out. It’s all too much. I just hope Mohammed takes control of those kids and makes them stop shooting shit up in their veins. At least Anwar is a minor still.

    • Minky

      Bella’s behavior with the DUI and the substance abuse was a classic episode of acting out. I can’t say I blame her. Could you imagine being under Yolanda’s narcissistic thumb? I shudder to think. And now she has to go along with this lyme nonsense. I pity that poor kid.

    • kendrawm

      Was it Bella who just wanted to just play volleyball and Yo was not having it because it would make her too big (muscular) and she would get a reputation of being a lesbian, or some other crazy BS like that? That is where I pretty much stopped liking Yolanda.

  16. Cat

    Wow, I want a doctor’s exam room in MY apartment!

    Wait…no, I don’t. I HATE going to the doctor.

  17. lmp

    Came here with a mental list of inconsistencies from what she has said publically and what she told Dr. Oz…but the “i didn’t want to live anymore” statement brings such an irrational rage in me that the rest doesn’t matter. Yolanda should tell a cancer patient who has no choice about continuing life that she wanted to give up, and I’d bet she’d get a slap upside that menopausal, implant leaking moron’s head. Then I’d pray her foggy brain can clear up long enough to remember it! Brain fog….any menopausal woman can tell you she spends a great part of her day looking for her reading glasses THAT ARE ON HER FACE and then wondering why she is dizzy taking the dog out because she forgot to take the suckers off! She infuriates me. Time to back away from RHOBh. Yelling at the tv set should have been my first clue.

    • tamaratattles

      I buy a few pairs of reading glasses every time I see cheap ones. I can never find them. I never thought about looking on my face. Thanks for the help!

      • lmp

        Thanks for the laugh…I do the same…can never find the buggers…

      • tamaratattles

        I swear there must be 38 pair somewhere in this house. And never a single one in my pocketbook in the grocery store when I am trying to read ingredientses.

      • justanothermary

        I drove to work one day last week telling myself that I had to clean the windshield TODAY. I got to the office and realized that I hadn’t put my glasses on. I’ve worn glasses every day of my life since I was 6 years old. Thankfully work is only 2 miles away down a seldom travelled gravel road. I must have Lyme.

    • Iloveearlgrey

      Based on this interview, I really think she has Munchausen’s. She’s an insane hypochondriac and I think she enjoys the attention she gets by claiming to be sick. How many freaking times did she mention people saying that she is beautiful? She posts half naked selfless 24/7, and she exaggerates her stories and experiences. She’s obviously an attention fiend. Now, if there really is a possibility that she and her entire family are sick, then maybe they have food allergies. Maybe it’s their posture or TMJ. The wrong alignment of bones actually causes a lot of the problems she touches on. I don’t freaking know, but geez louise, she’s unlikeable and delusional. It’s sad because on the off chance that she is really sick, she’s lost all credibility and she’s doing more damage than good.

      • DejaBlue53

        I just wish she would die already. She obviously has a death wish. Why we are all sucked into her narcissitic conversation about her is just as sick as it gets in my opinion. I M SO OVER HER. Die and do us all a favor.

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah because wishing death on someone is not sick at all. Where the fuck did you come from?

      • tamaratattles

        You forgot “beautiful young woman” of 48. :)

  18. beth

    wait, Yolanda’s mother has lyme too?

    • Swizzle

      Her grandchildren too. They’re not born yet, but I think the Lyme infection has taken up residence in her kids’ reproductive organs.

  19. Oh Well

    Yolanda may be batsheet crazy but she sure did have some beautiful children.

  20. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I don’t believe it’s a new twist, her saying the leakage was from an old implant that was removed prior. This was my understanding, after being very confused about why a rich lady who cared about her looks would have “20 year old leaking implants”, I pieced together that she had had the ruptured one replaced at some point and was unaware that there was silicone still remaining in her body until recently.

  21. Xanadude

    Hmm…so she was exhibiting symptoms prior to her marriage to David. Interesting.
    Also – her drug board. Ritalin? Anti psychotics?
    It seems she’s basically following the pattern her mother set.
    She’s basically a medical dilletante, floating from treatment to treatment without sticking with anything long enough to see if it’s actually working.

    • Dee

      I saw hydrocodone, codeine, so she’s using some Western meds

    • tamaratattles

      Hey! You try having menopause! :) Seriously, it is a very weird thing and your brain does lose a lot of function and your life suddenly CHANGES. I never really grasped the whole meaning of THE CHANGE. I forgive people like Brandi and the new chick on RHONY for making menopausal jokes, because I never got why it was such a big deal. Until it was. Lady Gaga will probably write a song called “Until it Happens to You…” again in 2031. It will be almost as triggering as her Oscar performance.

      • Xanadude

        I had to stop watching it last night so when i crank it back up im going to have to freeze frame on the drug usage poster board and see what all she is on.

  22. Frosty

    Holy shit. Thank you for recapping this bizarro world crazyness. At the risk of getting flamed, I do feel bad for her inasmuch as she’s really very ill, mentally. Her poor family.

    • tamaratattles

      I feel bad for her too if she is really Munchhausen as I sort of believe and not just a huge con artist which a part of me doesn’t want to believe because she’s pretty. Shut up. I know. I’m just being honest. I’d much rather believe Munchausen.

      • Frosty

        Ha! I’ve wondered if that’s the reason I resist seeing Yolanda as a simple grifter too. ‘Cause the pretty. That’ didn’t make a dfference with Brandi though. If Yolanda is just on the grift, I’d be judgey as hell about it. Instead, I just think she’s, well, bananas.

  23. redbluegreen

    “She says yes, because people (I’m guessing David) started thinking she was mentally ill. They were right.”

    this comment gave me lyme.

    oops. I mean life. and maybe lyme.

  24. T D

    Yolanda, please, cura te ipsum.

  25. Onawin

    It sounds like witchcraft she have been bewitched there’s a spell on her.

  26. peachteachr

    Yolanda is a big ole ball of crazy. That’s all.

  27. Angie

    So when she went to the Dr that diagnosed her with hepatitis b he asked if she did drugs and her response was “I’m from Holland, I don’t do drugs.”
    Wtf does that mean? Does no one in Holland do drugs??

    • Sylvia

      I seem to remember when she took the girls to meet her mom and brother and visit the homeland they all enjoyed cake and brownies in that little tea shop and those who weren;t eating laced food items were smoking it in the shop – not the girls, they were too busy eating :)

      So, that comment she made on the Dr Oz show was just outright stupid, even for her.

      Wow, thinking about that show – she was riding her bike and feeling pretty good for a bedridden gal….

      • Jim

        Oh c’mon now! Marijuana is not a drug. They weren’t eating Heroin brownies in that cafe. Lol.

    • Megsca67

      Last I checked Amsterdam is in the Netherlands along with Holland and is famous for drugs. Shut up Yolanda.

      • tamaratattles

        Amsterdam is a city in Holland which is a region in the Netherlands. Americans tend to use Holland and The Netherlands interchangeably. Which is wrong. But we don’t care because it pisses off Dutch people. :)

  28. Angie

    So when the Dr diagnosed her with hepatitis B he asked her if she did drugs and she responded
    “I’m from Holland, I don’t do drugs.”
    Wtf does that mean? Do people in Holland not do drugs??

    • tamaratattles

      The actually do have a very low incidence of drug use. Even pot which is legal there is less prevalent than in the US. Which is one of the things pot advocated use to advance their legalizing pot agendas.

  29. Who Put Dis Lyme in the Coconut? is probably the best book title ever.

    I’ll be laughing about this one for days.

  30. T D

    Come and listen to a story, only in Yo’s head,
    She’s convinced herself that she’s half dead.
    For all who truly suffer she’s not just rude
    Behavior like her’s is downright crude.

    Well the first thing you know Yo’s head is full of air
    Kin folk said her pandemic is a scare.

    Californi Is the place she ougtha be
    We all say WTF when watchin’ Beverly…
    Hills that is, swimming stools, burned out stars….

    Musical interlude.

    • Minky

      Aaaaah! Love it! I know a good number of commenters here are from Southern California, but I also know many are not. Hypochondria is a thing here. Nobody ever calls it that, but you guys know what I mean. Women get together over coffee and discuss various medical troubles, both real and imaginary. And it’s totally socially acceptable. Nobody frowns upon it.

      And then we discuss all of our various “treatments” for our self-diagnosed maladies. Herbal preparations, teas, elixirs, tonics and various other “healing” beverages. Vitamins, supplements, and the like, in pill, powder and drop form. I myself have tried a bunch of them. Vitamin C, B, D, E. Licorice, valerian and many other teas. And don’t even get me started on all of the different salves and skin treatments.

      I would never spend any serious money on any of this or do unnecessary IV drips or medical procedures. Not just because of the cost, but also fear of something going terribly wrong.

      My question: Is this behavior unique to Californians or is this also a thing all over the US, thanks to people like Oz and many others? I know Californians perhaps have a reputation for being a bit nutty when it comes to “natural” and “organic” foods, but it can’t be just us. Can it?

      • tamaratattles

        Have you read the comments here? We are all at death’s door! Remember when Nene had clots in her lung and 47% of commenters here had the same exact thing?

        From the immortal words of Danielle Staub, PAY ATTENTION PLEASE!

      • Sequoia

        We Californians reputation for nutty, goes way beyond “natural” and “organic”. Way beyond it…

  31. Rose

    I don’t even know where to begin! She certainly walked out very strong and then caught herself. She can’t put tables together for her wedding but designed and furnished every aspect of her Malibu home. Now her Mom had invisible disease too. She had chronic fatigue syndrome and is trying to school Dr. Oz. Billing data is always 3-4 years behind current data for health. WTF, what normal person has a medical treatment room in their house? She sure began squirming when Dr. Oz mentioned note from David. Does he know them as friends. ..said he was at their home? Mixed on his interview..I wanted him to go in on her. ..he started doubtful but then believing but the poster was hysterical and I’m sure she was thinking of where to place it. The medical team was laughing reviewing her records. What hurt me was seeing the real people struggling with her sitting on stage smirking, fake tears and pandering for a book deal. Shameful. Who the heck was she looking at during the whole interview?

    • kendrawm

      And don’t forget her first season she had no problem prancing up and down her lemon groove to collect lemons for her 8 millions cleanses she did a week. This “sick” women gets more done in a day than I do.

      • tamaratattles

        EVEN THIS SEASON, we see Yolanda traipsing up the lemon grove steps while her teenaged kids and the healthy housewives complain about the exertion of the workout.

  32. Well, she is fucking crazy, and I wish I could give you back those two hours. She got hep B from dirty acupuncture needles, and yet she is letting someone shoot her and her kids up multiple times a week in her personal hospital suite, where there is no over site on anything.

    • Dee

      Lisa, I thought the same she is sticking needles in her and her kids. There are many things they could be exposing themselves to. I wonder if she treated her Hep B.

      • There is no treatment for hep B. Usually the person is surprised by blood work results as there are no specific symptoms, at least I didn’t have any. Just being tired. The family members testing followed immediately. Anyone with no virus got a series of 3 shots – that’s how they are protected from me. As far as I know, all medical personnel gets those shots too.

      • Dee

        Ooopsi, thank you. I thought there was a treatment.

  33. Dandy Lion

    “Who Put Dis Lyme in My Coconut”? You are hilarious! Thank you for watching this farce for us

  34. Toddy

    I wonder why she hasn’t promoted awareness, prevention, diagnosis of Hepatitis B. It’s closer to being a global epidemic than lyme.

  35. Larry

    So, did she at any point clarify what she wants from us, now that we’re aware?

    Thus far all I’m getting is that you should never compliment someone by saying they look good because they might actually have a disease. And, it’s acceptable to mock others by acting like you can’t say the name of their illness, if you deem that illness beneath you or otherwise offensive.

    But as far as action to find a cure, or whatever, I’m not clear. What exactly is her message? Do I have to buy the book to find out?

    • sandra

      Yes, for lyme awareness she wants everybody to suck a lime. It makes me think of Kristen with her suck a dick. There is a joke in there some how.

  36. Carl

    Jesus! When you have to go to BELGIUM to get the diagnosis you crave there is a serious problem. I’ve lost all respect for Dr. Oz–how the hell did he not point out the inconsistencies? How can she say these ridiculous things when there are PICTURES to discredit it? I’m no dr but this whole interview sounds like classic Munchausen. TT, do you think she’ll actually use that CA legal case to get alimony? And WHY is Moh & David letting the kids get involved in this?! Craaaazy.

  37. T D

    Beautiful Hail Mary. Thanks David and Andre, alas Yolanda is beyond prayer.

  38. Kathy

    How can you know what’s working or not with that wall of treatments? Seriously, I believe she’s sick but how can you seriously say this doesn’t work when you are combining it with other stuff, you COULD NOT HAVE REALLY GIVEN ALL THAT A REAL TRY NO WAY! NO WAY… There’s no way…

  39. @immelza

    The thing that really bothered me was the use of the handicapped license plate. This woman is planning on walking a 13 mile marathon and can’t walk 100 feet into the store? Wtf? Those spots are for truly disabled folks that rely on those spaces to get their chairs out and ect. Also if she keeps it up with all the unregulated supplements and crap she will need a liver transplant and she will truly know what it’s like to be at the mercy of Drs. But knowing her she would look forward to it. I’m over this emotional blackmailing, attention seeking, no one is as sick as I, mommy journey illness storyline.

    • tamaratattles

      HOLY SHIT! She has a handicapped plate? I didn’t notice that!

    • Minky

      A lot of able bodied people have handicapped plates or tags for the rearview mirror. The put them up when they park and immediately take them down when they start their cars to leave. It’s truly disgusting.

      Also, my dermatologist once prescribed me some anti-fungal meds to see if they would work to clear up my skin. Well, in order to take them I had to have blood tests to measure my liver function every couple of weeks. I had a blood test right before I started taking it. Liver function was great! Then the next test after I had started taking it for maybe 2 or 3 weeks showed problems with my liver. That’s just from one prescription! What I’m saying is that with all of the crap and IVs and god only knows what else Yolanda takes for her various ailments, her liver might just be a mess by now. She needs to cool it. It’s not safe to take all kinds of shit.

    • Lime Brain

      Why would she need handicap plates? She hasn’t driven a car in five years.

  40. @immelza

    Oh and TT you deserve to treat yourself after watching and recapping this!

  41. ingrid

    So thankful you watched it so I dont have to. Did anyone count how often she said “journey”?

    • tamaratattles

      At one point, Dr. Oz subtly tried to suggest she go with ‘vogage’ which made me think of the song, come along with me on my fantastic voyage….replete with psychedelic imagery. ISWYDT, Mehmet.

  42. whyowhy

    Oh my hell! I’m 5 minutes into this shit show. Why isn’t Dr. Oz calling her on her bullshit? She’s got to be making this shit up!

    I burst out laughing when she said “no, I don’t do drugs. I’m from Holland.” She must have forgotten about the Marijuana industry in Amsterdam. Oh wait, it must be because of her brain inflammation.

  43. tbk

    “I’m running a marathon.”
    “A marathon??”
    “Well, a half. A half marathon.”

  44. Queen of the Nile

    TT, you’ve watched a lot of crap for us but this one might be over the line … omg — she’s certifiable and Oz is competing for the morally corrupt title.

  45. Sylvia

    Maybe it’s all part of her ‘plan’, but for a former top model, she is now wearing the most ill-fitting and ugly clothing she can find. And, gray makes her look really bad which I guess is what she wants because it seems to be her color of choice lately.

    I doubt seriously that doctors are lined up to tell her how beautiful she is as she stated on the show. My god, she is totally delusional. At one time, yes, she was classy and beautiful, but now her inner self is what shows and it is anything but pretty.

  46. CanadaCat

    This woman be cray-cray.
    Acupuncture is a valid field, around many years longer than western medicine, but darling Yo is forgetting that the needles are used once, then thrown away. They’re extremely thin and don’t puncture the skin, much less touch or draw blood.
    The mental health issues are what scare me. I fear for her children, Bella the most, after that poseur pic of them in bed. Bella also seems to have classic middle child syndrome- big sis is a much more successful model, younger sib is a boy and therefore special too (and extremely handsome). She is needy of her kids in a way that’s unsettling. I don’t begrudge her kids their career choices of modelling, but I should think she’d be much more proud of them if they were earning post-secondary degrees, not modelling and schmoozing other famous kids. Wtf are this woman’s priorities? ATTENTION! And David Foster is the real deal- a solid guy, despite his big ego. Can’t see that meshing.
    Thanks for watching this, TT, so I don’t have too. Two hours? Isn’t Dr. Oz a one-hr show? She’s really getting some serious attention if she got an extra-long show, which is kind of her goal.

    • tamaratattles

      “They’re extremely thin and don’t puncture the skin,” You really need to get this knowledge out there! They must change the name to acunotreallypuncturinganythingandtheneedlesarejustforshow!

      • iloveearlgrey

        Even if those needles aren’t puncturing skin, they’re doing something right because I do acupuncture for my endometriosis symptoms. It’s the only thing that has worked for me.

    • Mel

      I have bled a little from acupuncture, the needles certainly puncture your skin.

  47. LisaPat

    I ROLFLMAO WHEN Yo said she didnt need to sell bags on QVC! But, what I noticed about her in this interview for the 1st time is how completely, totally, utterly ORGASMIC she gets about the idea of being chronically ill , along with the attention she gets specifically from being ill. She doesnt like attention from her looks or beauty, but she CRAVES the attention over her sickness. It is the most bizarre thing I ever saw!! I have never witnessed something so weird, such an odd affliction. She is in ecstasy when she is pitied for being ill. I dont get it.

  48. Xanadude

    Yo repurposed her old “The Secret” image board into her disease journey board.

  49. DejaBlue53

    Practice before the mirror. Je suis malade. LOL

  50. DejaBlue53

    If the controversy is pick a side between Yolanda and Pinky…I pick the one who has made her fortune by working instead of the one working on her back. Anyone can whore herself out to find a wealthy husband IF you are blessed with looks. Pinky isn’t ugly, BUT she didn’t whore herself out, she made a good marriage (albiet with a queen, but so what? She doesn’t have to give blow jobs? Who would want to?…but I digress. I’m still with Pinky so far. And not only because Kyle is such a back-stabbing-cross-eyed-shit-stirrer who stole her sister’s house.

  51. Wait a minute, didn’t Yolanda said she had a normal life before Lyme Disease and that Lyme Disease took that away from her? This woman is sick and a terrible liar. She cannot keep up with her own lies. Perhaps the other 90% of her documentation should be the lies she told so she could keep up with them.

    • DejaBlue53

      If her pre-nup lawer can snow the judge in her case…aka blow jobs…convince him also known as paying him off that she has brain damage it will make her pre nup null and void. This bitch plays the long game.

    • DejaBlue53

      Look at how many times a woman has to sell her soul to even think about getting justice. Just sayin.

  52. LisaPat

    You know, many people believe that this whole Lyme saga is an angle to get around the prenup and get at David Foster’s music money. If she is brain damaged, it changes things under the law. I read this brilliant theory here for the first time. It was a hypothetical scenario, but it all made sense. But, after seeing that interview today, I think there is a much deeper sickness going on with Yolanda. She is chronic alright – CHRONIC MENTAL ILLNESS! I’m telling you, I saw a woman who was loving every minute of being perceived as ill and with ill children. She was eating it up !! It wasn’t just for the money. She wanted to be pitied. It was written all over her. I saw a dying woman on Dr. Oz a few short weeks ago who did not try to evoke the pity of the public the way Yolanda did today. She is going through something.. she is a very very sick woman. Mentally sick.

  53. Stephanie

    Longtime reader but rarely comment… Does anyone remember the reality show Yolanda did before RHOBH? It was a show about Dutch women in Hollywood and I am not sure it even aired in U.S. Anyway, I vaguely recall an episode dedicated to Yolanda preparing for her wedding day… They shot her running around the venue day of (or day before?) the big day and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong w her Lyme brain as she ordered workers around and jumped up and down about marrying DaveedMyLove! Just another inconsistency I thought I would point out. It’s been a few years, so I might be wrong, but I’ve got rain man style talent for remembering housewives bullshit.

    • CoBe

      Yes, Stephanie. I saw it. You can find YouTube clips if you search under Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen. She was positively glowing.

  54. Lindsay

    The way she contracted the disease, or so called disease, in her case, by a Horse FLY? That is horse shit, she should know that, but what’s more, Dr. Oz should have stopped her then and there, dead in her tracks, what a misinformed , dangerous thing to say on national TV. Why didn’t he say something, that is NOT HOW YOU CONTRACT LYME DISEASE, and her kids could not have been infected that way either. You have to be bit by a tick with lyme disease, most likely a deer tick.

    CROCK OF SHIT. And such as for her running a marathon, and wanting to commit suicide , I mean which is it, Yo? Serious mental health issues, serious self esteem issues, and I feel horrible for her children. Run, far away from this maniac.

    Oh, and Yo, we lost a real beloved person last week, Angela, and she was one hundred times the woman you are, just by reading these recaps, shows you money cannot buy class.

  55. Judilu

    How the hell did she remember the lyrics to If Dis Plane Were Mine…let’s not forget that gem and a thank you to TT for that link :0)

  56. Cat

    Just so you know, the video doesn’t work.

    And, um, you do know we aren’t supposed to post links here, right? It’s in the commenting rules. If you find something you think we need to see, send it to TT in an email. :)

  57. beauxblue

    she’s one step away from being renamed howard hughes

  58. Lindsay

    Very interesting about all of the hospitalizations throughout her life. Also her mother’s “chronic illness”…

  59. Josie

    Would someone even be alive with this number of ailments and symptoms? Is this even humanly possible?
    Chronic Lyme
    Post Lyme
    Q Fever
    Metal toxicity
    Silicon toxicity
    Eppstein Barr
    Hepatitis B
    Brain inflamation
    Parasitic 2 foot assworms

    I thought the type of silicon in breast implants does not cause silicon toxicity. Does anyone know?

    • tamaratattles

      You forgot “Chronic Fatigue” the fact that the parasite the snake oil salesman pushes is of the MALARIA parasite. And he is one of the only places that hawks that parasitic treatment online. To LYMIES. :)

      I think that coming up for cute names with people with the same disease as you purport to have is a symptom of malingering in and of itself. #Lymies #Spoonies #LymeLiteratDoctors (as opposed to sane doctors who follow protocol based on scientific evidence)

  60. Jen

    Can’t we all just send her a dollar on gofundme. If she promises to go away. She’ll have to never ever post sick selfies again or talk about her viral overload from her horseflies pandemic ever, ever again. She can sell handbags but not books and she will always have to wear clothes and shoes….please! Pretty please!!!!! Smh

  61. CoBe

    Because I love a good conspiracy theory, I’ve developed one and I’m just going to leave it here:

    Fact: We know that David and Yo are getting divorced and assume she is using her Lyme to stick it to him

    Fact: We know that David and Dr Phil are friends

    Fact: We know that Dr Phil and Dr Oz have mutual production ties

    Strong supposition: We can easily assume that David knows that Yolanda is a dipshit that just can’t keep her mouth shut or lies straight. Just put a camera on her and let her yap.

    Theory: I wonder if David urged Dr Oz to have her on the show knowing they would ask for a complete history of medical files. Yolanda seemed pretty upset when Dr Oz brought up how she had been sick and fatigued at ages 12, 18, 31, and again at 52. In order to get David on the hook for her future care, wouldn’t the “neurological disease” have had to have started AFTER the marriage?

    Thus, she may claim “Neurological Lyme”, but it seems like she disproved herself on Dr Oz. I can only believe that her interview was a huge blow to her attorney’s case.

    Disclaimer: I believe in both aliens and Area 51

    • Minky

      CoBe! That’s pretty good. Yolanda’s medical records are part of the X-Files! She was infected with alien bacteria in the womb that laid dormant and was only fully activated after she’d married David.

      Living with him was a nightmare, what with all that “my king” nonsense. He was abusive because he questioned her sanity when she waited at the border incognito for those illegal Mexican stem cells. That was sooooo traumatic when he started questioning her about that. Only a monster would treat his wife that way! So…it’s still his fault. Whew! Close call, Yolanda.

      For the record I believe in all those conspiracy theories too. From Area 51 to Bigfoot (aka Yolanda).

  62. PaganChick

    I saw a picture of her poster board, did she have Chlamydia listed as one of her co-infections or did I read that wrong? It looked to be on the post it right next to Candida. Did anyone else see that? If it was Chlamydia, isn’t that treatable with antibiotics and didn’t she do 3 months of antibiotics?

    • Dee

      You saw it right, she posted on a a couple of her accounts. I appreciate Dr Oz saying she was hospitalized at 12, 18, 30 and 41

  63. Ellie

    Poor Yolanda. Not one of her friends even thought to make her a casserole.

  64. When I saw her symptom board on Dr. Oz, I thought holy crap, I haven’t been going through menopause for the past 2 years, I have Lyme disease…and not just the regular, run of the mill Lyme, but Chronic Neurological Lyme!! She is certifiable, and I would pay money to see proof of the statement that several doctors described her in their reports as a beautiful young woman…she very well might have been bitten by a horsefly, because everything she says is horse shit.

  65. T D

    Yet, she tiptoes through the tulips in the valley of the shadow of death, remaining unscathed?

  66. Andrea

    I thought her implant had ruptured because she fell. Not once has she mentioned a skiing accident before.

  67. Alice

    I wanted to watch this and missed it, thank you so much for taking the time to do this…I agree with you on every point 100% and btw the title of the book you came up with? I died. ?

  68. Her story sounds just like mine, I started having hormone changes, which no doctor could diagnose at that time, and what started to come forward was my repressed history of childhood sexual abuse and violence. It took me 10 years to finally realize that it was unresolved trauma. When I addressed the emotional pain that I had suppressed, my physical issues resolved.

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