Married At First Sight Recap: The Final Decisions Are Made

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

I really need for these people to get out of their beds and on to the couches. I can’t believe anything we are seeing here in these produced scenes. I just want to get to the decisions. I’m pretty confident in my favorite couple, Sam and Neil making it. I’m not sure that Tres is going to say yes. I think he was really doing this for the TV show.

While we wait for the meat of the episode, I shall ponder life’s big questions.  Like why do chicks hold their mouths funny when putting on eye makeup?  I mean I do it too.  But why?

Oh God, we have Sam crying. She just wants someone to grow old with. Maybe I will meet someone in the old people home. Hey! It could happen!  Otherwise I’ll have to wait for someone to notice the smell.

Tres and Vanessa

Tres looks nervous. Like he’s going to bail. Vanessa looks like he has already told her. Neither one looks happy at all. Vanessa goes first and says that she wants to stay married. I typed that before Vanessa went on a weird rambling tangent and we went to commercial wondering if she was going to ask for a divorce.  But she doesn’t. It’s Tres’s turn.  Tres says YES!  The therapists say they were so nervous. They think they really belong together.

So we are fifty-fifty! I think this couple will do well now that Tres is all in.

Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo

Sam and Neil had the most touchy, feely promo photo

Sam and Neil

OMG! I really want this to work. I cannot stand the waiting. Sam talks about how she was, in her words, an evil bitch when she met Neil. She feels like Neil made her a better person. I hope all of you Meanie MacMeaniepants feel really bad for being so rough on her this season. It is possible for people to learn and grow and I think we saw a lot of that in Sam.  Neil says he has learned a lot about himself from Sam.

Sam goes first and of course says she wants to stay married. Sam has to stop talking because she is crying.  Sam is scared to death Neil is going to ask for a divorce. So of course we have a commercial before Neil makes his decision.

Neil says he is amazed by the journey they have been on. He’s very thankful for all that he has learned. OMG. Neil is talking about a strong gut feeling that he has that something is missing with Sam. He says he has being thinking of that all week. He also made an odd comment about their affection levels and how most of the affection has been coming from her end, but “he was open to it.” I don’t like where this is going. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!  He wants to get a divorce!  OMG! I did NOT see that coming.

Sam sits there for a few seconds with no reaction. The therapist starts to talk and Sam goes running out of the room sobbing. In one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have ever seen on a reality show, Sam is outside sobbing and saying “please, please, please…no….”  Inside, Neil says that he feels terrible. He knows that she is going to be hurt. Neil does a talking head saying that it has been more of an unhappy journey than a happy one. It seems that her behavior the first couple of weeks really had an impact on him. I guess I can understand that he might fear that Sam coming back. I just really didn’t expect this. Because his family has arranged marriages, I thought out of everyone he would be the one to stick with it no matter what.

Neil says he is confident in the decision that he has made. This is what is going to make him happy. Wait, what?  He hugs the male therapist while Sam is outside in the dark sobbing and heaving. And when we come back from commercial we are with David and Ashley? I don’ even want to see those too. Did Neil just leave Sam there?

David and Ashley This photo shows they were never in step.

David and Ashley This photo shows they were never in step.

David and Ashley

We see two very glum people return home from the decision process. David is pissed. They seem to be packing up their stuff. I think I would have taken a go bag with me and gone to a hotel rather than coming back into the house and doing this scene. I do agree with Ashley, she says David just wants to be married and the person is irrelevant. I had a relationship like that. I pretty much told him that when I broke up with him. He married someone else a very short time later. So clearly I was right. I expect David to marry the next person he goes out with. He’ll probably propose on the third date. I don’t fault Ashley for not getting married. I do fault her for not trying. She never really did put any effort into the experiment.

David finally stands up for himself and refuses to listen to Ashley. She wants to talk. The time for that has passed. He grabs a few suitcases and seems strangely to want to keep some wedding gifts and then he is gone. Personally,  I probably would have married Edi Amin to live in that house. I love it. David does this odd diary cam from his condo where he speaks to his future wife that he hasn’t met yet. You know, like we did when we were nine playing with Barbies.

I’m heartbroken for Sam, I wish we would get back to her.  And we do. She and Neil are meeting at the house a few days later to pack up their stuff. Neil says he never wanted to hurt Sam. His decision was very tough. He felt terrible. He cares about Sam, he wants her to be okay. He wants to stay friends. Sam seems perfectly fine. I’m not sure how she is pulling this off. She says she is going to Costa Rica (probably with her MAFS paycheck) and she has become a better person and she is taking nothing but the positive away from this. Well, goody for you, Sam. I’m still sad.  Sam says that she feels like she deserved him not giving him a headsup. Sam looks really pretty in this scene.

Tres and Vanessa

We see these two arriving straight from the decision filming. No packing needed here. They gladly wave goodbye to the camera crew.

Next week: We have a six month check in with the couples. And they are trying to give me hope that Neil and Sam work out. STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!  It looks like trouble in paradise for Tres and Vanessa. And David and Ashley film separately. The therapist basically tells Ashley she’s a bitch, in a nice therapeutic way of course.


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38 responses to “Married At First Sight Recap: The Final Decisions Are Made

  1. Lmao!! You recap about Sam and Neil made laugh out so loud I surprised myself! ‘Wait, what?’ I’m not surprised and I think he made the right decision but hopefully…HOPEFULLY there is a silver lining!

  2. Toddy

    Dammit, Tamara, you got me all invested in Neil and Sam!!

    • Meri

      Me too. I kind of knew that Neil would want a divorce because Sam is way too much to handle. I can’t stand stand Ashley and hope that David finds his “wife”. I agree that it will be soon. Tres and Vanessa seemed to be playing house and I don’t have a good feeling about them. I am betting that Neil and Sam are “dating” in a friendly kind of way and that there is hope for them in the long run. I really liked Neil by the end of this mess and hope for the best for him. The stalling regarding the decisions was annoying. Great recap, btw.

  3. Tara

    Please! Neil and Sam!! Who do we need to call? Write a congressman? Fuuuccck!!!

  4. BeetsWhy

    Ashley is a cold shrew! David is a bit needy but nowhere as bad as her. I, too, am hoping that Sam and Neil get back together. They are both socially awkward but they do compliment each other; they could be very good together long term. Tres and Vanessa should work despite the misleading previews and let’s face it they make a beautiful couple!

  5. Robin Johnson

    I’m devastated but not surprised about Sam and Neil — Sam threw cold water on that relationship with her nasty comments to him — Over time Neil basically checked out of it for self-preservation. Some people have said that Neil seemed to lack emotion — kind of robotic, but I think he became like that because with Sam, he never knew what kind of drama he would get with her or what would set her off — she could dish it but couldn’t take it and would attack. I actually like them both. I thought they made a great couple — or at least the potential was there. I was really only interested in these 2 — the other couples, meh!

  6. Miss Sunshine

    When David was talking to the camera to his future wife it made me think of Ted Moseby from How I met Your Mother. It made me smirk a little.

  7. lori

    As soon as Neil said that he didn’t want to stay married I gave the old side eye to my tv and told it “Bullshit. This has got to be a ploy to make the show more interesting, right? Obviously we’re going to find out that they’re back together at the reunion show. Right? RIGHT?!? (athough that would make her a pretty darn good actress)”. Then came the preview tease of someone ending up back together… I sighed with relief. Unless Tres and Vanessa broke up for a little while??? No. It’s’s got to be Neil and Sam. I WILL NOT accept anything else at this moment. They’re definitely my favorite couple from this series. Actually the only ones I’ve ever even cared, one way or the other.

    Worst case scenario… Ashley has decided that she wants 15 more minutes of fame and is going to torture us by being on the “first year” show. Could you imagine??? I’d rather watch paint dry. I am looking forward to the doctor finally truly being blunt with her

  8. My heart goes out to Sam. That was really sad to watch. But, she did some unforgivable things. I think Neil enjoyed sticking it to her at the last minute. I’m happy for Tres and Vanessa, they seem genuinely happy.

  9. CoBe


    Free Neil!!!

    Sorry, but there is only so much emotional baggage one can drop on another person before the other person checks out. I’m not sure where Sam got that it was okay to be rude, dismissive, and emasculating on national TV and then when the time came for a decision, expect HER ego to be stroked. I’m happy to see Neil make the rational decision to protect himself from an emotional leech. I get going slowly, but her goal was to humiliate him.

    I think David is adorable. He will be married to someone equally as warm within two years is my prediction.

    As predicted (by me), Tres and Vanessa remain married, but will likely always have to “work” on their marriage. This is something that 90% of therapists say is healthy, while I think if a marriage takes constant “work”, it’s better to be single. Marriages are made to enhance life and make it better, not to enslave the other with some promise of happiness “down the road, if things work out”.

    • tamaratattles


      And I don’t see Tres and Vanessa long term either but I hope I am wrong and they go on to have a fabulous marriage. Or at least the spin-off onto The First Year. Something they both seem to want.

      • CoBe

        I wish Sam all the best with her neutered eventual husband. There is always one somewhere just waiting to be the guy holding his wife’s purse while she shops.

        And Ashley? Well, I’m sure she will find someone she deems wealthy enough and can be nice for just as long as it takes to get her lazy ass married. After that, she can claim she has Lyme and hang out in bed all day.

        Am I supposed to root for Kim Richards too? Because some of these people are just assholes. Sure, good people do asshole things all the time, but assholes don’t change.

        I have a soft spot for both Tres and Vanessa. I’m just a bit pessimistic about their ability to be happy. They are both obviously kind, and, honestly, that is more important.

        Marriage is not always the answer.

      • tamaratattles

        Wow, your assessment of Neil is SO VERY far afield from what I see. And I say that as a woman who requires a dominant, man as a partner. I think Sam, who had the same sort of “type” going into to it came to realize that he wasn’t the “neutered” type male you see, and that she initially saw. She eventually saw some dominance in him. It just wasn’t of the grunting crotch grabbing variety. It was a quiet, measured, and most importantly SMART dominance that allowed room for accommodating Sam’s short comings, and also allowed him to ultimately reject her. I never saw him as weak. He never cried. He simply worked the experiment as he agreed to do, finished it out and decided to divorce. Unlike, Ashley who refused to give anything a shot under much better initial circumstances.

        And you are not supposed to do anything with anyone. But as you surely know by now, I will continue root for Kim Richards. You are not required too. I appreciate you giving your opinion without vilifying her family and being sensitive to the readership here. As you have always done.

      • CoBe

        Hey TT.

        I agree with you about Neil. We see him the same. The purse holding hubby is some random guy who I predict Sam will eventually end up with. We don’t know who he is yet, but he is not Neil.

        She claims to want a dominant man (and we both know a man with engineer brain will always need to have his guy stuff), but she doesn’t want one. She wants an emasculated man whose balls she can carry around and show to her friends.

        That is not Neil and will never be.

        I really feel for Kim’s family. I mean, I REALLY feel for them. I hope it all works out.

      • tamaratattles

        Full Disclosure: I have a serious engineer fetish. :)

  10. Jim

    My gaydar pings real loud when Neil appears on screen. Just sayin’.

    He’s doing Sam a huge favor by backing out now! And that’s coming from a (formerly closeted) gay man who was previously married to a woman. :(

    • Miss Sunshine

      Wow! Thats what my mother said when she walked and saw him in the screen. She hadn’t even been watching the show before last night.

    • Robin Johnson

      I don’t have great gaydar but when he first saw Sam at the altar (and no offense intended) I did not get the impression he was merely thinking that her gown was fab-bu-lous — watch that scene again.

    • tamaratattles

      Not to argue with a gay man over gaydar… Okay, yes, I am going to argue with a gay guy over gaydar. I’ve got a really well-tuned gaydar and I didn’t get the faintest ping. Neil is one of those engineer types with a very low EQ. I don’t think he is gay. He’s just socially awkward. So is Sam but in a polar opposite way. DISCLAIMER: While he is not a foreigner, he seems to be perhaps first generation, maybe second. My gaydar does not function very well on non-Americans so I am claiming a small percentage of error for my gaydar in this particular instance due to cultural background.

      That is all.

      • CoBe

        I totally agree with your assessment of Neil.

        He has “engineer’s brain”, something with which I am very well acquainted.

        It’s sexy as hell and you’d better damn well believe everything in Neil’s apartment works perfectly.

      • Jim

        I’ll also claim a small percentage of error for my gaydar that can be caused by an attraction to someone. And in Neil’s case… sexy beard! But that sparkle in his eyes just doesn’t lie. 😉

  11. Marianne

    My gaydar was pinging loudly too. Neil is a nice guy, but I don’t think he is man and woman marriage material. Sam and Neil never even shared a kiss, and I did not see any chemistry between the two of them – none. I watched them being friends.

    This was a good season though. I liked that it was filmed in Atlanta. The homes are much prettier and the weather was beautiful.

  12. Wendy

    I’m way too emotionally invested in this show. I could have cried for Sam last night. Then they tug at my hear strings with the previews making it seem like they are going to get back together and that Tres and Vanessa are going to split. I honestly don’t know if I can watch next week. I may need to see a therapist after this!

  13. Peter

    Thanks Tamara for the recap. As always, you do not disappoint.

    Well, I missed the show but read the spoilers and saw some clips. I went to a basketball game instead. Have to keep my man card : ). I’m not that surprised by the outcome. It is funny to read the comments on Neil. My gaydar was ringing loudly on him as well. I think he is better off being alone. He would have been absolutely miserable if he continued. I think he was getting married because he felt pressured from his family history and society. Two wrong reasons to get married. I’m actually surprised that they filmed David and Ashley’s return. If the website gets back up, I think I will watch just to see that scene. I’m leaving but want to keep the blender gift from the wedding. Makes tasty margaritas for my future parties with the new wifey. As for Tres and Vanessa, not surprised. Had to keep one couple going out of the three. However, I am not sure this one will last as well. Despite the fact that they are both nice looking and physically attracted to one another, that will wear off in time. They both have issues that they need to resolve.

  14. Um…PEOPLE- If Sam and Neil never even kissed once in 6 weeks (cheek kisses are for grandmothers) did you really think they should be married? I felt a little bit bad for Sam…but I think she knew that because she came so late to the party that Neil wasn’t sold. Oh …and Cherish”…really? …it’s a song they pump into waiting rooms to torture people! I thought Neil might turtle and accept a sexless marriage but he made the only decision that he had to make to reclaim his manhood. Ironically….Subconscious Sam is going to find that hot (eventually). Sam’s straight hair/librarian glasses/brave face (“I’m going to Costa Rica”) is indeed a good look for her- and she’ll come back from her trip all tanned with those vacation side braids with the beads…so she’ll be okay.

  15. Rose

    Sam’s emotions after Neil said divorce really surprised me, but Neil asking for divorce totally shocked me. I hope they stay together. I’m still thinking Tres and Vanessa won’t work.

  16. Ashley keeps bringing up the girl David sent a message too. She didn’t like him anyway that’s just an excuse. I do believe David as far as he messaged the girl because they had her as mutual friend. Why would he choose the one girl to want to go on a date with that was connected somehow to Ashley. I think he was wanting to get some input on her. Tres and Vanessa will probably stay together but more then likely a few bumps along the way. Probably move out for a minute and back together. Neil and Sam ??? I’m not sure I think he was disgusted in her rude comments and probably felt like it would always be like that. She’s looking for a guy she can boss around and a husband like her dad. Hunting shooting guns and fishing. Neil will make a good friend to her I’m sure. He’ll find somebody that gets his quirkiness I love it actually. Very sincere nice genuine person. I think the teaser for next week isn’t that they got back together as husband wife maybe as good friends.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t believe David and the social media thing. I think it was either producer driven or he is simply full of shit. I don’t see him as the grand prize we were presented. I think that production was pissed at Ashley for checking out and gave her a really shitty edit because of it.

  17. jelley

    I think everyone hates Ashley now. David wasn’t everything, but he deserved a better match than Ashley, who has as much personality as my favorite pen.

    I think Sam was so upset because she knows she did deserve the divorce AND it made her “look bad” (the dumped, rather than the dumper). She has an ego on her.

    I love you TT and your recaps! Thank you for maintaining this website for us reality TV junkies <3

  18. I keep thinking . . . Sam and David???? For some reason, I could totally seem them as a couple.

  19. I was gutted last night when Neil asked for a divorce. I’ve been a Neil fan from the first episode but I actually got angry at him. Yeah, Sam was a bitch at the beginning but she really grew during the experiment. I still think they would’ve made a great couple.

  20. Kara S.

    am I the only one who really can’t stand Vanessa? I hated how she would giggle everytime she spoke and was always so needy. and then the second there was conflict she ran away like a 2 year old. i couldnt stand it. and although david was a bit needy and borderline creeper, i feel like ashley was a cold bitch the whole time. she was clearly only in it for looks (which is funny to me, considering the fact that she has a mustache most of the time). I agree with wanting sam and neil together, but she was too hurtful in the beginning for him to deal with.

  21. Suzanne D

    I agree with just about all of you on Ashley. I do think she checked out immediately after NOT feeling any attraction to David. She would say nice things about him being considerate, respectful, and kind in her interviews, but when she had to say nice things during their exercises, she’d just sit there like a dumb shit! I wanted to reach through the TV and smack her or something. I can only judge her by what I could see. She really never invited us into her thoughts, but I think she made the right decision. David is too whiny and needy He was emotionally demanding and draining on her from the start.But there were a lot of red flags there with him. Ashley was in a 7 year relationship, so she is capable of being with someone long term. David’s were only a year or so. The temper tantrum on Father’s Day would have given someone the impression that his father just passed away in the last few years….not when he was a little kid. I don’t mean to discredit his loss. My father died last March, and it’s been a difficult year. But when Ashley asked him why he was so grumpy, to hiss back at her “Because my dad died” and stomp off to lock himself in the bathroom was over the top.

    Even after being in hell for the previous 6 weeks, David STILL wanted to stay married! Is David okay with being treated like shit? At least Neil’s situation improved where there may have been a chance to stay together. Neil released that if Sam was that bitchy when most people are on their best behavior when you first meet, it was obvious that she is very comfortable being bitchy. For their first few weeks, I was hoping Neil would run. I’m surprised he wanted a divorce…and kinda a little disappointed. Maybe, like TT said, they changed their minds and decided to give it a try.

    Tres and Vanessa had good chemistry from the start. I wasn’t surprised to see them decide to stay together. Vanessa was concerned that they didn’t have a concrete plan about getting a real home together as Tres wanted both of them to keep their apartments. I hope they can work it out. Looking forward to the 6 month reunion

  22. Sam was a bitch the entire first half of their marriage. I think she realized he was the best guy she ever dated too late. Why she he take a chance with someone that showed him who she was over and over again for weeks. He knew the odds were that person would be back so he cut his losses. Good for him. He recognized you don’t suddenly make a lasting change in the last couple weeks. That’s temporary change. Hopefully she sticks with her new found personality to benefit the next guy. I thought Neil was goofy and that would have worn me out but she seemed quirky enough to have been his partner. Maybe they’ll date and find their intimacy lane down the road. David and Ashley never had a shot from the wedding day. No chemistry at all. I couldn’t understand why they were matched. Tre and Vanessa have a chance but they will have a lot of bumps. The good news is they have strong family support like Doug and Jamie.

  23. I personally did not like Neil but as it takes all types (even engineers) I put my dislike aside and tried to root for them.
    Sam wasn’t ready for a relationship. The emotional maturity between them was not matched.
    Nel was boring, he seemed boring to me.
    Plus I need a little muscle in a man, he appeared undernourished.
    Sorry TT.

  24. microop

    I don’t blame Neil at all. I hope he stayed single. As much as I root for Sam to grow, you cant undo mean behavior. He will meet lots of women due to the show and his popularity.

  25. CoBe


    If you have never been loved by an engineer, you have never been truly loved.

    I’ll just keep Neil over at my house.

  26. Neil needed to speak up openly, openly being the key word. His male ego was squashed and he held onto it–it was passive aggressive to keep going as if he was committed. He encouraged Sam’s changes, and her affection, and at some passive aggressive level enjoyed saying he wanted a divorce. The “tell” was the tempered glee on his face the night before when he said “Sam doesn’t know what I’m feeling.”
    She was right when she told him he was not open, HE was a bullet to be dodged. That said, she definitely does need to work on reeling in the male bashing. Maybe if she’d asked him to forgive her he could’ve…maybe.
    Ashley is in need of some good counseling. Cold, and what? did she stay around for. They’re paid to do this?or was it David’s money? She tried …nothing. David is very nice but seemed like he was blinded for some reason–wanting (too)badly to be married–too nice and too needy. Of course he tried to talk to someone who knew her, he was the only one trying at all. That was not a “date.” She had to have known that. I think it’s likely she wanted him to share the blame for her inability to connect.
    Tres and Vanessa are cute, they could benefit from couples and individual counseling.

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