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Kim Richards did an interview on Entertainment Tonight that airs tonight that is kind of disturbing.  She was on the show to publicize her new show, The Mother/Daughter Experiment which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. This is the show that caused Farrah Abraham to get physical with her production team and to refuse to film Teen Mom OG.  Teen Mom would not allow her to do the show because it would cover the same storylines as Teen Mom.  Farrah lost her ever-loving mind over it so apparently it was a nice paycheck.  Kim confirms the rumors that she gets in a physical altercation with Heidi Montag on the show.

The worrisome part of this interview is that Kim refuses to say when the last time she had a drink was. I get that everyone is different, but most people, particularly in AA that I know seem to manage to drop their sobriety date into many conversations.  Especially when a milestone anniversary date comes up, and especially when they are in their first year.  The hosts of the show don’t seem to believe she is sober. The interviewer refers to her as “troubled” in the teasers.


The new show  seems like a really bad idea for many reasons. She is on there with daughter  Kimberly who has been through enough without playing it all out on TV. But they are on the show nonetheless.  Kim never ever mentions her drinking problem or her sobriety on the show. Clearly, that would have to have been mentioned in the contract for none of the therapists to bring it up directly. Kimberly seems very distraught in most clips I’ve seen. Kim seem confrontational  with both Heidi Montag and Natalie Nunn. There is just as much brawling as a housewives show  if not more.

"I am not struggling with my sobriety! "

“I am not struggling with my sobriety! “

Kim was recently back in the news for failing to meet her probation requirements in a timely manner. This could very likely have to do with her on this show and her physical confrontations. She told the judge that she had a foot injury that would keep her from doing community labor, yet seems to have no physical impairments anymore. She is scheduled to return to court for the judge to review her progress, or lack thereof. The ET host says Kim is going to weekly meetings. Those were required by the judge. I hope she is attending. I doubt once a week is enough.

As for Kim’s claims that her “recovery is going amazing!.”   We’ve heard that before.

Kim will also be guesting on RHOBH tonight for an emotional scene with Kyle.


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56 responses to “Kim Richards on Entertainment Tonight

  1. Sweet T

    At least Kim realizes that living in a hotel doesn’t make you homeless, unlike bethanny

  2. Spilledperfume

    I happened to be channel surfing and I caught the interview as well.

    I would not mess with Natalie.

  3. I really don’t see how being on this show is a good idea for Kim. Is it common for recovering addicts to not want to talk about their recovery? She states in the interview that this will be the last time she talks about it.

  4. Miguel

    I’m no expert on addiction. In fact, my familiarity with addiction is limited to: the loss of a friend to it; and lots of the American & Canadian versions of “Intervention.” Still, there is such a thing as loving an addict to death! Most of all, my heart aches for Kimberly & all of Kim’s family.

  5. peachteachr

    She’s on something in that clip. I don’t believe for one second that she was around Monty and all those good drugs without a nip here and there. She seemed just as manic on the mother’s show as when she was on BH. I can’t help but think back to TT’s post about Danielle’s daughter and her view from a child’s point of view. I feel sorry for Kyle, too. Go home, Kim, and work on yourself. Most beginners in AA, even if it’s just a “slip.” are told to change their faces and places

    • peachteachr

      I hit enter too soon. Sorry. ….and to do 90 meetings in 90 days. Does Kim look like she has done either?

      • queenmarie

        JMO but I believe that Kim feels that drinking is her problem and that it’s okay to take prescription medication so that’s probably what she’s on in the clip. But so many tend to sub one for the other—that’s why the experts tell you it’s not okay to take nerve pills or the like. I think Kim has her own rules for how it’s supposed to be done though.

      • Exactly, peachteachr. “90 in 90, do some step work, call your sponsor every day” – that’s the advice my friend in recovery got when she had a little slip. Because she’s serious about maintaining a sober life, she sucked it up and did it. And congratulations to everyone in recovery!

      • Zazu

        You are so correct. 90 in 90 is imperative. My first meeting I’d been on a three day bender and got yelled at by some old guy for where I parked my car. To this day I am amazed that I just quietly moved my car and went in. It honestly shows how ready I was to get sober. No mean guy was going to stop me from going into that meeting. I can’t say that I ever found a good sponsor, but I believe that getting clean and sober means facing the issues that got me drunk in the first place. That takes a good therapist. And I don’t believe in doing the fifth step with another member of the program or within the first couple of years. I don’t tell my stuff to someone else in the program, and I couldn’t decipher the truth for at least a couple of years sober.

  6. Oh man, I feel for Kim’s daughter. This is not going to end well.

  7. Zazu

    Don’t drop it i every conversation, but I’ve been sober since July 31, 1987. Now if I could just kick sugar!

    • Sylvia

      That’s a hellofa accomplishment Zazu. Congratulations!

    • peachteachr

      WOOT, WOOT!

    • microop

      Damn. You should drop that in every conversation. How many times did you have to try?

    • Sliceo'pie

      Congrats Zazu-My sobriety date is 9/11/92. Nice to meet another, “Old Timer”. (although I’m 52, I still feel 28 inside which is when I finally got sober) I lead a woman’s discussion meetings on Mondays and we discuss our sugar addiction ALL the time!! Chocolate, Chocolate,Chocolate…I believe it has something to do with our physiological make-up-We all carry this D2 Dopamine receptor yada yada..I don’t know much about it–all I know is I still crave sugar after 23 years and than I exercise like a maniac in order to prevent weight gain weight..not a healthy cycle but at the end of the day..better than drinking or taking drugs.

      • Shae

        Congrats to both of you! I always feel credit ought to be given in this area, as it’s so hard. I hope one day to have that much time…my sobriety date is July 13, 2012 :)

        That being said, nothing about the way Kim is behaving is indicative of someone who is sober and working a program. Nothing. It doesn’t look like she’s turned it around, it looks like more of the same :(

      • Shae

        It’s always someone else’s fault or something someone else did “to her”, not her own actions and choices. Clear addict behavior…playing victim, taking zero responsibility, controlling the situation and terms, etc.

      • Zazu

        Thanks. Back at ya! Really well done on all those years. It is a fabulous life sober, and I feel so sad for those who just don’t get that. That is why I am so adamant that taking full responsibility for ourselves is the most important lesson we can learn. I joke that sugar is my last addiction to conquer, and i’m determined to do it in this lifetime.

    • tamaratattles

      Didn’t mean to offend. But notice that Almost 20 years later you know when you had your last drink. Kim does too. But she doesn’t want to admit it. And you are not telling us it is none of our business, even though we don’t know you personally or have an investment in your life.

      And as someone who is at least trying to mostly eliminate alcohol for dietary purposes… at least that is my public declaration (innocent glance)… I’ve found that sugar has sort of become a raging obsession. It’s a brain chemical thing (as I am sure you know, not trying to tell you that, just the global YOU). SO if you get a cookie or twelve from time to time…

      heh, Zazu… have you noticed my response to you is all about me? I know that you have. :)

      • Zazu

        Hey, it can be all about you. That”s fine. Sometimes that’s what we need. I just find it so sad when someone knows what the problem is but just cannot get it. I’m just so grateful that it took with me. And the sugar thing just sucks. Addiction is addiction.

      • The sugar thing’s a BEAST. The only way I can stay away from sugar is to eliminate as many carbohydrates as possible in my diet. It seems that even healthy carbs trigger serious sugar cravings. Fuckery! Kim isn’t sober because she doesn’t want or have to be sober. One of my best friends is an addict in recovery- pills. She’s gained about 35 pounds since she joined NA, but her life with the extra weight is so much better than her life using. Her NA birthday is January 23, 2014. I know the date, and it’s not even mine. Please.

    • I know this was all because of your hard work, Kim just doesn’t have it. Good for you, love. God’s blessings to you

    • Suzanne D

      What an amazing accomplishment, Zazu!!!!! So proud of you. I hope you are enjoying all the benefits of your sobriety as your hard work really paid off.

  8. French

    Poor Kimberly, this was a horrible idea.

  9. RealChicagoHousewife

    One meeting a week is not enough. It should be the 90 in 90 as is the case with everyone who is leaving a residential rehab. It’s also not usual for someone in recovery to be so defensive about it. She still thinks she’s in control. She hasn’t made it through the first step. There’s such a thing as a dry drunk which is someone who is not using but not living the sober life. This could be the case with her but her demeanor in that clip is not that of a sober person. I’m sad for her family.

    I wish for her loved ones’ sake she could really embrace sobriety. The emotional pain is so tough to take day after day and year after year. I have dealt with several family members and their addictions. I’m dealing with one family member right now. I love them. It’s gut wrenching. But trying to help them is like throwing a life preserver to someone who is drowning and they throw it back at you and curse you for your efforts. I’m at the point now where my policy with one of them is that if you come to me for help because you’ve hit your rock bottom I’ll help you get admitted to a legit rehab facility otherwise don’t contact me. Another one I’ve had to walk away from altogether. It was hard, hurtful, and other family members judged me but I had to get off that roller coaster for the sake of my kids. Having that person around wasn’t good for my kids and my first responsibility was to them. I know other friends and family members of addicts might read this so to them I say be good to each other. Respect the boundaries each person has to set to protect themselves and don’t judge them if they have to walk away or take a break. Finally, go to Al Anon or see a legit therapist to help you learn how to set those healthy boundaries.

    • Margarett

      What a good post, Chicago Housewife. It can be hard to set healthy boundaries.

      In Kim R’s case, it just looks to me as if it’s not going to end well. I had forgotten about the show. Now, rather like a “rubber necker” at the scene of a car crash, I’ll not be able to ignore it. I hope my pessimism proves wrong.

    • Minky

      I feel for you RealChicagoHousewife. It looks like Kyle is trying to set those boundaries but the other deniers/enablers in her family are punishing her for it. Such an awful situation for everybody involved.

  10. lori

    The host looks a lot like Caitlyn Jenner to me.

  11. Jeez if it were only possible to burn the alcoholism out of her brain! I just hope she continues to fight her demons!

    • Unfortunately, it’s not “just” alcohol. It’s a whole slew of mind altering stuff. Most likely everything & anything she can get her hands on. On RHBH she appeared & couldn’t even talk properly, pretty sure it wasn’t stage fright. No way is she sober. Poor Kimberly got the short straw.

  12. Wallace

    Yikes, that interview clip did not instill a lot of comfort that she really is doing well. I hope I’m wrong.

    She looked quite good though. Better than she has in a while. But Taylor Armstrong – sweet baby Jesus – she has aged 20 years in 3. I was dumbfounded at her face tonight on WWHL. She was so uniquely pretty before, even with the lips. Now she’s a mess. I’m sad for these women who feel the need to go that far.

    • Sylvia

      Whew, I thought it was just me thinking she looked odd on WWHL. She looked downright scary, like a deformed doll. Why on earth would she do that when she already had messed up with the lips? Andy had a question from a viewer asking if she had considered lip reduction and she said she had even talked to Paul and he said it is a pretty drastic surgery so she opted not to have it. So, she had her face carved up instead??? I just sat and stared at her every time the camera was on her. I find it really sad.

  13. That Mother/Daughter show was a pile of crap. Maybe there is something in the airwaves tonight – RHOBH was the worst episode ever, and I’ve seen them all.

  14. Lawstangel

    90 Meetings in 90 days is an absolute minimum! I had to do community service for a traffic violation in lieu of a fine. The sign up office is the same for everyone. There are plenty of places that could have accommodated Kim and her “foot:” All of the jobs are not trash pick-up. I worked in the kitchen at a rehab center, they also have volunteers at the animal shelter and a couple of community theaters, as well as a thrift shop to name a few. Kim just does not want to do it. She thinks she is special. I hope she gets sent to jail.

    • tamaratattles

      When I was in college I got a ticket in a speed trap that was at the bottom of a steep hill in a residential area. If you didn’t break all the way down the hill you would roll over th 25 mph limit. The neighborhood was all college students. When I went to court it was full of female college students. The fine was a lot for a college student. like I dunno $150 bucks or something. I was not working. I was living off college loans and parents. I told the judge I could not pay the fine as I had no income. He said, “Just ask your Daddy.” I responded that my Daddy didn’t get a traffic violation and was not responsible for the payment. This pissed him off. He said I’d just have to come up with the money. I said that would not be possible, so as long as I am here, let’s move on to the next part of the process. Will I need to do some time? How about community service. He said they don’t do community service for traffic violations. I responded that it seemed like the only manner in which I could repay my debt to society for the egregious six mph violation. This was taking way too long for him so he assigned me like 20 hours community service. I went to a community center that consisted of one guy and an empty center and did my studying there. It was like having a private library. There was literally no work to be done. I’m sure this sort of “community service” is not unusual.

  15. CoBe

    Oh, yes. She is likely drunk in the clip.

    The grandiose “I was in a $400/night hotel”, the defensiveness, the lack of regret for PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING someone . . . these are all things that make her an active addict EVEN IF SHE IS NOT USING.

    But, I’m pretty sure she is.

  16. Jim

    I never take advice from a man with a ponytail. Bleah!

  17. KTina

    Kim’s issues are way more than just drinking. Opiates are extremely hard to get off of and I believe that pills are her bigger issue. There were many times on Housewives when she was just out there and it wasn’t because of alcohol. I can spot a pill popper anywhere. That’s why Brandi accused her of using meth – she knew she was on something other than alcohol. You don’t use the bathroom 6 times in one hour while hanging onto your purse.

    • Wallace

      KTina, you are so right. Alcohol is Kim’s lesser addiction but it is the only thing she is willing to admit to. Who can have success getting sober if you still aren’t honest with yourself about what your issues are.

  18. Cat

    Who is this idiot rambling in the video, and why is this video in comments?

    • Dee

      Cat I think someone needs to read the rules. I have seen several videos put up in the last couple of days. I’m figuring Tamara will take care of it. On another note, congratulations to all of you that are sober. Anyone that I know that quit drinking knows the exact date they had their last drink. While I think Kim looks much better than before, I’m concerned for her. This show can’t be good. I’m assuming she fights with the others because they bring up her sobriety. Tamara, this is a train wreck. Thank you for the recap.

    • Cat

      Yeah, I mentioned the commenting rules on the other post. I’m sure TT will take care if it.

    • tamaratattles

      Well that my dear Cat is the newest window licker! Please wave to her as she enters the pits of hell we never see. A place that they only get thirstier to comment by licking the glass that keeps them out.

  19. beauxblue

    even if she is not using, she clearly is not in any kind of program because in a program you have to work the steps, acknowledge, make amends, etc. she is doing none of this.

  20. Oh, and Kim will be on WWHL with Andy next Tuesday. What in the world will they talk about if her substance abuse issues are off limits?

  21. Matzah60

    I watched the clips. Going to try and watch the episode and those that follow.
    I have to say the interviewer did a good job. He tread cautiously, but still asked the important questions.

    Kim appeared alternately giddy, sad, excited, and laughing inappropropriately.
    It seems to me she is still drinking.
    An entertainment/rehab show is no place to be while in recovery, probably not ever.
    Kim is an alcoholic with deep psychiatric problems. I don’t know which came first, but there is not a fix for her and her daughter on this show.
    If your fix for alcohol or drugs is more important than a resolve for your relationship with your children, then it’s clear Kim needs to be in a residential rehab center for probably a year if not more.
    Depression turns to anger, rage, and sometimes physical altercations when mixed with substance abuse.
    A train wreck is going to happen at the expense of Kimberly’s emotional stability.

    Not an alcoholic, but I have always had Anxiety behaviors trading one for another. When I quit smoking, I knew the day and time and I can tell you how many years I haven’t smoked. Like TT said, everyone knows when they had their last drink. Kim is cheating herself out of any hopeful future. My heart still goes out to her.

  22. Lily

    Kimberly Jr. Is stunningly beautiful, and way too wise in the ways of addicts for a girl of 18 (?). That child is waaaay to young to have those kind of bags beneath her eyes. She’s handcuffed to an addict mother and it’s written all over her hostage face.

    Terribly sad to see. Hard to watch mother Kim claim sobriety with ZERO humility. The opposite. Kim believes she is perennially beleaguered and put upon, and her belief can’t be pried out with a crowbar.

    A prayer for that young lady.

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