Yolanda Says Gigi Rushed Her To Hospital For Severe Brain Inflammation!

Gigi had to rush me to the hospital BECAUSE I HAD SUCH SEVERE BRAIN INFLAMATION!!!!

Great and convenient self-diagnosis.

Under California Family Code 1612(c) prenuptial agreements THE WAIVING OF SPOUSAL SUPPORT is not enforced where doing so would be “unconscionable.” There is a pre-existing case where a court ruled that leaving a spouse who was BRAIN DAMAGED ruled that leaving someone in such a state would be considered UNCONSCIONABLE. And thus the spouse, even though she agreed in the prenuptial to forgo spousal support, would then be entitled to it. Example of BRAIN DAMAGE may or my not include being unable to read, write or drive a car within the past three years of a four year marriage someone wanted to bail on , after year one. I USE THAT AS A HYPOTHETICAL. Please see here. “Courts cannot permit one spouse to discard his or her disabled spouse without providing spousal support, even when a spousal support waiver in a premarital agreement would permit the same, if it would be unconscionable to do so at the time enforcement of the waiver is sought.”

RHOBH Yolanda


Trust and believe I will be recapping this entire shit show tomorrow.

Also, the commercials on this video are for DM and not me. But don’t let that stop you from letting the one after the Dr. Oz one from playing out. It’s WWHL with Yolanda from, I believe, 2012.

I am so over this woman.


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143 responses to “Yolanda Says Gigi Rushed Her To Hospital For Severe Brain Inflammation!

  1. JustJenn

    There were nights that Gigi had to drive me to the hospital at 3:00 am. Not A night, but nights. She is such a liar I can’t stand watching her.

    My BFF had viral meningitis..she had to learn how to walk and talk all over again, and she recovered faster than this bitch.

    • peachteachr

      My 6 week old infant had a seizure and was diagnosed with viral encephalitis, an infection of the lining of the brain. She was in isolation for 9 days and had 6 spinal taps. Where are Yolanda’s comments about her spinal taps because any, ANY, brain inflammation requires a spinal tap before it can be diagnosed. Cause you know if Yo had a spinal tap she would have told us.
      BTW, the doctors told me because she was so young they couldn’t tell if she would be normal; she might be learning impaired or physically impaired. She was a competitive gymnast from age 5 to 13 and graduated college with a double major.
      Give it up, Yolanda. We’re not as dumb as you think we are.

      • lump off

        When we start hearing about the spinal taps we all know who gave her the idea.

      • Peachreachr, thank you for REAL information. Those early months he’d to be a nightmare for you, Happy outcome!

      • JustJenn

        Wow that’s a tough start…I hope your daughter is doing better now!

        My friend also had to have a spinal tap when she was diagnosed and again when she thought it came back. It is a horrible thing for anyone to ever have to experience and something Yo has never stated she’s had done on her journey.

      • JustJenn

        Sorry I meant to say that I’m glad that she’s doing better now. Lol I think I’m half crazy most of the time.

    • marehoop

      Agreed….I had it twice before they figured out lyme disease was the cause and I too recovered a lot faster.

  2. VioletBlue

    Wouldn’t she have to prove all her medical issues with Dr. reports (Not quack reports) that a court appointed Dr. would look at?

    • Gabriella

      Good point.

      • Sweet T

        If David protests yes but I don’t think he will because it will make him look like an ass for not supporting her and ruin his rep.

    • Suzanne D

      That is 100% correct. And given the fact that the CDC and AMA do not recognize Chronic Lyme as existing, she is not going to win. Let’s forget that her net worth is approx $15 million more than David’s for a moment, she would have to prove that she had a positive Lyme titer, have MRIs that show changes to the brain, and real clinical evidence that her treatments work. She can’t just show a clinical study done by the quack who is treating her with vitamins. It has to be peer reviewed and accepted as standard by the American Medical Association. There has to be real evidence that shows test results and treatments are reproducible time and time again and not just anecdotal stories from one or two people that were ‘cured’.

      Inflammation of the brain is easily detected by blood tests, a spinal tap, and radiology studies. Unless she has this evidence and real doctors that are willing to testify, Yolanda is in a world of hurt. The difference between Yolanda and Brooks that Yolanda has actually had work ups and treatments done. Brooks just Googled bills and lab results to create fake documents. But they are similar in the fact that neither had what they claim to have. Whereas Brooks just faked the whole thing, I do believe Yolanda has something going on. I don’t believe she is faking being ill, but I believe she is making herself worse with all those outrageous and off the wall ‘treatments’ she is subjecting herself to.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        That celebrity net worth site is not reliable

      • Gemma

        Reply to @TheArtist…

        That’s absolutely correct. They (the site) base it on earnings – casting, endorsements, professional affiliations, etc., but don’t take into account most expenditure … in some cases they might note property values but they obviously don’t know about big purchases such as cars, boats, planes, etc., plus they don’t consider payouts to business managers, PR people, PAs, make-up artists, etc., etc., etc., … and gambling addictions or any other expenses that they might not be privy to.

  3. Allison

    I guess it makes some sort of twisted sense to have a thing happen that isnt really a thing from your thing that isnt really a thing. “Brain Inflammation”? like acute have to go to the ER right now? Mmhmm.

    • Recently watched “Soapdish” a movie about wacky soap operas. There’s a wonderful scene in which Kevin Kline tells Sally Field that he has to operate on her daughter immediately, because she has “brain fever” and her head could “blow at any minute!” Maybe Yo can say that if Gigi not driven her to the hospital, her brain would have blown all over the PCH.

  4. Allison

    Wait-is she claiming encephalopathy? Because that, I have experience with. Not so sure that’s a Lyme effect-or chronic perpetual Lyme, or whatever it is she says it is. Then again, 2 foot parasites in your butt arent a Lyme thing either, so. YolandaLyme.

  5. Spilledperfume

    I can’t stand her.

  6. Psylocke

    Jesus Christ why do you do this to us?!

    First we have Yolanda bragging about how systematically abusive by proxy she is to her children, and how she must always keep them on the brink of panic because a headache in the Foster household means your brain is rapidly expanding which can cause permanent spinal damage, which will further exasperate her broken back from giving birth to a morbidly obese 7 lb baby – which is a legitimate medical condition Yolanda read about online – and the only cure is to spastically roll around on the floor while you wake up your entire family to drive you to the hospital for the third time that week.

    Then we have Yolanda rewriting history again by telling us the catalyst for her Lyme disease wasn’t actually horseflies, or even a supposed ranch she once lived on, but calling a human embodiment of malleable plastic an asshole. If you see a horrible hoofed Demi-demon creature prancing around Beverly Hills, calling out to the Ford fortune like a banshee in the night, DONT call her an asshole because you WILL get Lyme disease.

    And finally Avril Lavene – someone that I haven’t bothered to think post 2002, and would never have considered to be one of the dumbest fucking people in the world, is now making me question life itself because I just can’t process the totality Of what I just watched.

    • Well get ready, ’cause Crystal Hefner is even dumber & she is now claiming she is suffering from Lyme disease! Methinks her Crystal’s lurking’s have led her to our dear TT & she has decided to attempt a Yolanda in order to circumvent her prenup with Hef – who is apparently close to kicking the bucket – and get a bigger slice of his cash.

      You can’t say that Yolanda isn’t inspiring for the Gold Diggers of Beverly Hills!!! Can I get Lyme Brayne from reading all of her rantings? TT can I sue her for emotional distress and loss of brain function?

    • Dracla Dunning

      Oh Psylocke, I just love you and look so forward to your opinions. You are a favorite of mine. This comment amused the hell out of me and I keep reading it over and over just to get the visual and have a laugh. There is something to be said about a lighthearted spirit right before bedtime.

    • tbk

      This is one genius comment!

  7. Swizzle

    Brain inflammation? Really!? Did she have surgery? Did they put a shunt in? An inflamed/swollen brain is serious business. This woman needs th STFU.

  8. Watching a Trainwreak

    How fortunate that Gigi wasn’t on a runway when #proudmommy needed a ride to the emergency room…did she have time to wash her hair? Apparently, she did for the interview; but then again it wasn’t a dinner party.

  9. Margarett

    I’m glad you posted that photo of Yolanda hiding her smile/laughter at the luncheon. The tiny bit of sympathy I had for her was destroyed when she appeared so pleased that she was able to start that fiasco.

    You caught onto her motivation early on, Tamara. Kadooz to you! (Ramona cracks me up and she expanded my vocabulary with that one.). I hope you and Banjo enjoyed the extra day.

    • Spilledperfume

      I feel bad for all three kids. In the video she mentions that while Gigi is driving Anwar and Bella are in the back seat so she’s involving everyone.

  10. Sari

    I fully believe she’s laying the foundation for spousal support. But, how can she play fast and loose with the children’s welfare?
    What does My King, My Love, David Foster have to say?
    Who’s tending to the lemons?
    Where have all her white pants gone?
    What means goad?

    I have so many questions.

    • *Smacks forehead* Of course! Establish the White pants wearing monochromatic look – white and yellow are so draining on a complexion and help enhance that pale & sickly look along with the brown eye shadow! Sari, those White pants are going NOWHERE! She’ll need them – when she gets out of bed for the lawyers/court.

      • Minky

        The funny thing about Yolanda’s behavior here is that she’s acting a lot like Victorian women did with regard to her health and wellness regime. Being/looking ill was all the rage, from what my research uncovered. Back then only “loose” women wore makeup, so it was highly frowned upon by polite society (i.e. the middle and upper classes). So in order to achieve that sickly look sans makeup women would try to catch some sort of bug deliberately. They would also avoid sunlight at all costs, for to enhance the sickly pallor. And they’d stay up all night reading by candlelight in order to get that sunken in, red-rimmed look in the eyes that Yolanda’s been trying for with the brown eyeshadow and such.

        Women who weren’t totally against makeup would actually use yellow colored grease paint to look seriously ill, or as much like a reasonably fresh corpse as they could. And, if I’m not mistaken, they’d starve themselves too. The use of laudanum (an opiate) also contributed to the cultivation of that aesthetic. It was the original heroin chic! In addition to all of this a lot of women back then engaged in all sorts of torture treatment quackery for nonexistent diseases. Snake oil and the like. And yes, this was also the era of doctors who would treat hysteria by masturbating housewives. So, there was that too.

  11. Yolanda is stupid for not choosing to live her life well.
    She chose to play a game that might work if David decides not fight her claims.
    Many men in Hadids and Fosters circle decide to pay rather than appearing in a negative light.
    Reputation means everything to them and David’s is quite good.

    Yolanda left David, will that help him?
    I don’t see him fighting Yo in court, hope I’m wrong.

  12. Carl

    TT, do you think she’d get spousal support with all the inconsistencies on camera or do you think they’ll settle in private? This whole storyline makes me sick. I can’t imagine holding my tongue like the rest of the housewives must be doing!

  13. Renee

    Is it me, or are her face and lips looking much fuller in the clip? Do Botox and Restalyne have pharmaceutical benefits for Lyme, Chronic Lyme, Silicone poisoning, etc?

  14. Sara

    Damn she is cunning. She had to of been planning and playing this game for years. She probably wanted out years ago but had to let her “chronic lyme” battle play out long enough to have a shot at voiding the prenup. I wonder if this was her plan all along with David. Get him to marry her, have a year or two of decent health and then get “sick” to void the prenup. Creepy. She’s a predator.

    • Sara, yes. Yo’s first season she repeatedly said how she wanted love notes not expensive jewelry or gifts. She was all about the love not money. I call bullshit, setting up David.

      • Librarygirl

        I agree with both of you above. I have even thought that she married him to secure a spot on BH. At some point shortly thereafter she started in with the illness, which she admits started the moment that she married Foster. So shady…

  15. CoBe

    Perplexing. I’d have thought an ambulance would have been better at 3 in the morning with school age children in the house.

    Unless . . . of course . . . this was a drama play.

    I wonder what the hospital did to treat her. Was she admitted? How long was she there?

  16. More Tea Please!

    Brain inflammation = Menopause Migraine…otherwise I suspect she would have been hospitalized and gotten a serious neurologist and then neurosurgeon workup. Total BS!

    • Lime Brain

      It could also be cluster headaches, also known as suicide headaches.

      My brother was rushed to the emergency room in the middle of the night when he first got them. He told the er nurse that he felt like he could kill himself from the pain. The nurse asked him if he was serious because then they would have to lock him up for 24 hours because people have killed themselves because of it.

      His headaches were caused by extreme stress of dealing with rebuilding his house after Sandy and the place he was staying during the rebuild.

      Anyway, just throwing it out there for another reason to be rushed to the ER.

      • CoBe

        My brother gets cluster headaches as well.

        But if it was a cluster headache, wouldn’t she say “I was rushed to the hospital with a CLUSTER HEADACHE”?

        I mean, that’s just me, I guess.

        Somewhere someone called Yolanda “Gone Girl” and that is the most accurate description of her I’ve seen yet.

      • Spilledperfume

        Lime Brain, your mention of Hurricane Sandy I’m guessing you must live close to my parents or sisters. (Please don’t say where as that’s too personal.) My parents have been back in their home for almost two years so hopefully you are as well.

  17. More Tea Please!

    Sorry to make two posts back to back, but it occurred to me that Yolanda is falling down on the hypochondriac job. She has yet to acquire Zika, or even worse Chikungunya!

    Oh the world is just full of possibilities for the Executive Producer of this Medical Drama.

    • CoBe

      Zika and Chikungunya have objective tests.

      So does Lyme.

      But Yolanda claims to have “Chronic Lyme” which shows up negative for Lyme. I guess she could have tried “Chronic Zika”, but quack science has not yet caught up with that self-diagnosis.

      Maybe after David dumps another $5 mil into “research”, hard working quack doctors will be able to say with certainty that it “could exist”.

  18. Judilu

    Really, brain inflammation?.,I have brain lesions, had chemo on Friday, had a seizure at the grocery store on Sunday,and one at the doctors yesterday..it has earned me 3 days of 1,0000 solumedrol IV infusions ..I am not whining about inflammation..just the fact that I am wired off my ass from the steroids..I will work tomorrow and be grateful for every moment..and that is what I totally hate about Yolanda..the lack of gratitude!.. Doesn’t her mother have cancer? Why can’t that be her crusade..ugh..I just can’t.. And I totally think she has had Botox!

    • Lime Brain

      Judith, I’m so sorry you are going through this. I hope the chemo will work. You amaze me that you can even think about going back to work let alone that you actually are. (((Gentle hugs))).

      • Judilu

        Thanks bunches!!!……. I have a lot of anxiety and don’t leave the house much ( I work from home) and My job gives me some normalcy

  19. Lime Brain

    Does anyone think it’s odd that she’s not tweeting about her appearance on Oz to promote awareness of Lyme? I thought that was her mission in life. Hmmm…..

    • Sweet T

      Maybe the divorce papers are signed and the alimony is set up so now she doesn’t need to bother anymore

    • CoBe

      Maybe Oz actually asked her some tough questions. One can hope . . .

      • Cat

        Oz will sternly tell her to eat a handful of almonds. That seems to be his “medical” advice for everything.

      • justanothermary

        Dr. Oz was on WWHL recently and Andy asked him if the cleanses and colonics that these women are doing is good for them and Dr. Oz gave an absolute NO. He said you’re system knows what it’s doing so let it handle waste on it’s own. (Not in those words but that was gist of it.) I would be interested in knowing if the topic comes up during his interview with Yolanda.

  20. Gracious

    Gross! I can’t watch her anymore. Thanks TT for making the sacrifice for your readers.

  21. TAMARA

    What exactly is “brain inflammation” and how do you know you javi it if you’re not a doctor?!?

    And I still want to know how the hell she “broke” her back giving birth? Why don’t people question her more?

  22. natalie

    #Poorlittlerichgirl #whoaisyo
    Can someone please publically denounce her, please.

  23. AshK

    I hope someone calls her out on the reunion!! I wish we could get this info into Andy’s questions!!

  24. I thought it was interesting that she said she would wait for her children to come home. Whats the fun of being sick without an audience? Its impossible to be a martyr without someone to recognize you as such. Then she joins RHOBH so she can have an audience on a national scale….hmmm. I have an autoimmune “invisible illness” (I would never, ever call it that by the way). It’s pretty advanced. I’m also pre-menopausal. I work full time, raise two children, play tennis and and volunteer. The reason I can do that is b/c I follow mainstream medicine directives for this condition AND I take good care of myself. I eat healthy, keep my weight in check, exercise regularly. There are days I feel 10-15 years older than I am, but I just go to bed early and avoid putting junk in my body. What I do NOT do is pump my body full of dozens of different vitamins or glorify my condition into a crusade and use it as an excuse for everything I dont like about myself or my life. On message boards and FB pages related to my condition, I recognize the junk science and self pity that is very similar to what YO engages in. I cant tell you how many times someone has tried to sell me vitamins or a book about clean eating/paleo, etc. It’s fine, clean eating is great, everyone should take a few vitamins, but there are so many charlatans out there trying to make a buck off this “invisible illness” concept. It enrages me.

  25. this is a damn shame, she has 3 kids with promising futures and she is by default ruining their credibility. I just hope one day ONE of those 3 exposes her, yeah it’s coming. grab yo popcorn bitches, lol

    • Suzanne D

      I’m waiting for the non-GiGis to write the Dutch Mommy Dearest. I figure it has to come from one of the Hausen-Mausen kids whom Yolanda is proxying with all her snake oil treatments. “No More Metal Fillings! EVER!!!!”

  26. Cat

    Her Master Cleanse was probably too cold, and gave her “brain freeze”.

    I can’t take her crap, anymore. Is it a coincidence that Big Ang was on Dr. Oz, talking about a terminal brain tumor? And now, suddenly, Yolanda is rushed to the hospital with “brain inflammation”? Is she now patterning her “illness” after a reality star who has recently died? Are we supposed to fear for her life? Am I horrible for not being sympathetic?

    She is making ME sick. Seriously..

  27. justanothermary

    If Yolanda is doing all of this to gain a waiver in regard to spousal support (and I believe she is), what is her motivation for involving two of her kids in her diagnosis? It is possible that such an illness could extend child support obligations (at least here in Minnesota) beyond the age of 18 for a child not going to school, but her kids don’t live with her. I’m not getting her reasoning on that one.

    • Suzanne D

      Her child support issues wouldn’t have anything to do with her divorce from David Foster. She would have to take up that with their father, Mohammed. And I can’t see Mohammed not making sure his kids are taken care of and get what they need.

      • justanothermary

        I don’t think Mohammad would neglect his kids in any way, I’m just wonder if she gets a monthly sum from him. If so, she may be looking for a way to extend that into the future since the kids are getting older. As long as she’s driving the scam train, might as well take it all the way.

    • More Tea Please!

      Possibly an extension of child support?

    • Matzah60

      She is using her kids to garnish sympathy. Yo has been attacked by many haters on Twitter. In her twisted mind, I think she believes that her children’s involvement in her ‘illness’ will give her credibility in court.

      Dr Oz is a media whore, but he is still a brilliant man who went to Harvard, Univ of Penn for medical school where he also earned his MBA at the Wharton School and did his residency at Columbia-Presbyterian which is one, if not the most prestigious cardio thoracic medical centers in the country. If you look at his face during this interview with Oz, it is clear that he doesn’t believe her bullshit. Still, I find the fact that Oz gave her a forum on his show is completely irresponsible and reprehensible.

      • redbluegreen

        Dr. Oz may be well educated, but he sold his soul and integrity long ago. He should be pulled off of tv and should have his medical license revoked.

      • Matzah60

        What an egregious statement to make about Dr. Oz. There are specific statutes for revoking a doctor’s license. Professional incompetence, bad character, immorality, professional misconduct, dishonorable conduct, conviction of criminal offense, and gross negligence form valid grounds for revocation of license. Dr. Oz is not guilty on any of these grounds. You can’t revoke ones license because you dislike them.

        He’s not only highly educated, but is and was a renowned surgeon. Do you realize that the average Doctor attend 4 years of pre-med, 4 years of medical school, a 5 year residency and a two year fellowship. That is 15 years of schooling before he makes a salary. As TT would say, you are an idiot!

      • tamaratattles

        The years of schooling are irrelevant. I’d say a congressional hearing for fraudulent endorsement of snake oil products would be cause for at the very least a ding on your license if not a complete revocation of his license. When you are called before the Senate to answer to charges of fraud, I’d say that shows bad character, dishonorable conduct, and immorality.

      • Cat

        I agree. You can have a gazillion degrees, and still be a greedy jerk.

      • Librarygirl

        Oz was letting her ramble on, allowing her to dig her hole even deeper. At least that is what I saw.

      • Matzah60

        I observed the same thing, Librarygirl. She dug her own grave when she opened her mouth.

  28. I am waiting for her selfie while getting a spinal tap.

  29. ChrissyFactChecker

    There is No such the as inflammation of the brain from Lyme Disease! http://www.columbia-lyme.org/patients/ld_spinal_fluid.html
    Another fabrication to sensationalize her story and another classic sign of Munchhousens!

  30. Matzah60

    Yolanda is a lying sack of shit. I apologize for the profanity in advance. She has used her children as weapons in her quest for more money. The kids are already victims of a divorce and now she is using them as pawns in a pathological game to get more money than she needs to live a more than comfortable life. She just moved in to a condo that cost @4 million bucks which happens to be in the same complex where David owns his condo. Yo is an egotistical, selfish bitch who puts her own life ahead of her children. When her kids marry and move on, she will be a lonely, aging woman with nothing to show for her journey through life except a big bank account.

  31. Yo, I’m all about taking Davd Foster to the cleaners, along with the just-as-creepy Mohammad Adid – just leave the kids out of it.

    Yolanda is extremely damaged goods, much like the other “saved the family too young” Kim Richards, I think.

    • Matzah60

      What right does Yolanda have to take David Foster to the cleaners??? He’s paid millions of dollars for her quick medical care across the globe. He physically cared for her and traveled around the world with her for her questionable treatments. She has sullied his reputation on a housewife show he didn’t want to be on just to make her happy. She’s a parasite who lives off the money of successful men.

      Women want equality in the workplace and at home, yet feel it’s their G-d given right to live off a man for the rest of their life via alimony. Foster isn’t the father of her children and they were only married for 4 years. Foster already gave Yo a chunk of the profit from the sale of his house. He wasn’t legally obliged to do so.

      • Minky

        Matzah! Amen and Hallelujah to everything you just said.

        Yolanda gives descent married women and good mothers a bad name. I didn’t spend years and years in school so I could leach off of anybody. I did it so I could have a career/profession and be able to look after myself no matter what, and so I could truly love the man I I decide to spend my life with. Not just view him as a meal ticket. I’m not against marriage or motherhood. I’m against black-hearted gold diggers and women who use their children as a human shield. Period.

    • Cuz the whole “My King” thing was worth several mill lol :)

  32. Matzah60

    Another thing…..that pulled back greasy hair-do in a miniature ponytail is just gross. Daisy is her live-in caretaker so Daisy can at least wash and blow dry her hair even if Yo is brain dead.

  33. So where was David for all these hospital visits? Surely there are records? Man Dr. Oz must have some serious blackmail material to let this nut on his show! This is the worst!

  34. Cat

    And, there it is. She’s writing a book. “Thank you, Bravo, for giving me this platform.”

    Yolanda has become political. Her goal, besides the book she is writing, is to “find a cure that is affordable to everyone”.

    Who is she trying to be? Obama? Oprah?

    • Lime Brain

      Cat, she’s not writing a book. If you go to the bravo web page, there’s an article there about her doing a photography book about her journey because nobody reads anymore. (What a way to insult your audience).

      I guess that’s why all the sick selfies. We just might get pictures of spinal taps and 2 foot worms. She’s been saving the best for last!

      • Cat

        Good grief. And I didn’t think it could get any worse after K. Kardashian’s “selfie book”.

        As an artist and writer, I am completely disgusted. Why did I go to school?

  35. Isn’t a headache technically a brain inflammation? I am DVRing this. Dr. Oz is a quack. Yolanda loves quackery. I love dissonance.

    • Once in a while, I suffer from migraines, which cause blood vessels in the surface of your brain to constrict and then dilate. I don’t think that there is any brain inflammation involved. That happens with viral infections, which Yo probably suffers from, as well.

  36. Why can’t someone of repute just shut this woman down? Why must we all be subject to her game?

    • Minky

      Because this is TT’s site I respect her rules as strictly as I possibly can. I’ve read an article by an actual, real, honest-to-goodness doctor about Lyme that references Yolanda’s shenanigans with chronic lyme directly. He doesn’t take her down, but he strongly gives the impression that Yolanda’s story should be doubted.

      Sweet Jesus, I hope I don’t end up licking windows for this!

    • Margarett

      I agree,Tootsie. And, I keep asking myself why I continue to watch and read about someone whom I’d like to just, “shake until her teeth rattled” as my Mama would have said.

  37. BeckyMay

    This Cunt’s fucked.

  38. Aunt Sassy

    Wonder if the less-than-ethical Mohammed was also in on the long con to fleece money from David Foster thus reducing his financial obligations to Yolanda? He did introduce Yolanda to David. They got engaged at Mohammed’s home. He had to have known how she operates, what with the “broken back while birthing Anwar” story. Hmmm…

  39. tbk

    Um… at ages 12, 18, 30, and 41 Yolanda had “problems” . So yeah, total whack job.

    • Cat

      Exactly. How did they “cure” her “Epstein-Barr”? That has the same symptoms, doesn’t it?

      And the “night sweats”? That sounds like a symptom of menopause, to me. Heck, I must have “Chronic Lemon-Lyme Disease”, too. I had to sleep with the fan on last night.

      • Minky

        Jebus! So she’s claiming to have had mono in the past too? Caramba!

        I’ve been avoiding watching the video because she make’s me ill, but I might just have to so I can hear first hand all of her nutty claims.

      • I’m not watching it either, Minky.

    • Sweet T

      Didn’t her dad die when she was 12? So her emotional reaction to protect herself was to get sick? That would explain a lot

  40. Cat

    I’m taking a poll:

    Raise your hand if you have a doctor’s exam room IN YOUR HOUSE.

    Yeah, I don’t, either.

  41. LisaPat

    Wow if she were Pinnochio… she would have tipped over and face planted. How did Gigi know her brain was inflamed? Gi is a model with a grade school education.

    • Minky

      Ha! Does she wear glasses? I know I’ve seen Yolanda wearing them. In L.A. that’s more than enough to make all kinds of diagnoses.

    • LisaPat

      What would happen if Yo REALLY got stricken with a REAL disease? The LOUD and VISIBLE kind? God forbid, but she’s cried wolf so much .

  42. Sylvia

    I forced myself to watch the show. IF ANYONE SAYS THE PHRASE ‘YOU KNOW’ TO ME EVER AGAIN I SWEAR I WILL BE TEMPTED TO KILL THEM………..or ‘you know what I mean’ was her other favorite to which Dr Oz really never responded.

    No, he asked her nothing hard-hitting, but he did let her yammer on, even when she ran out of things to say and would look at him for help and he did not respond. Twice he went to break.

    I felt like the audience was being told to clap at the times they did.

    She got a major dig in to Rinna when she said ‘I don’t need to sell bags on QVC’ where Rinna sells her own clothing line.

    If you take what she said as truthful, then why did David marry her? She says she was sick BEFORE the marriage, but it continued to worsen. She makes it sound as though she was bedridden most days………okay, those first seasons of RHOBH she was doing yoga, cooking, running, riding horses so when was she in bed????????????She was often seen all dolled up with him at concerts or charity events and then there were all the housewife stuff she participated in.

    She did say she was writing a book – audience applause – to help other chronically ill people, ‘help us, Jesus’ as Phaedra would say………..

    It was obvious the audience was hand picked because Oz did say something about them suffering from various chronic illnesses and the several questions asked, if real, were sad, asking her for help and suggestions….scary that anyone might listen to her. And the last woman with a question talked about how the housewives were mean to her……….gag, gag, gag…………..

    She put Anwar and Bella right out there as suffering and needing a cure, which he will spend her lifetime finding…………

    An hour I will never get back :(.

    • Cat

      The most telling part, for me, was when he asked how it affected the KIDS. Her answer, as usual was all “I, I, I”, and ” Me, me, me.” He even repeated the question, but there seemed to be a weird edit, then, they moved on

      That, and the doctor’s exam room IN HER HOUSE. Who does that?.

      • Sylvia

        I know! I had to laugh at that and a male nurse who comes several times a week to do IV treatments – she must have the veins of an Olympian for them to hold up thru all these years of IV’s.

        I find that Daisy beyond creepy and I was surprised she wasn’t on the stage with her. I’ll bet she wishes now she was to help her when she had trouble with her sentences. Or, maybe that was intentional to show us, the viewers, that she really has brain trouble.

        I did notice the trouble she was having talking about the kids..you would think Mohammed would have cautioned her about what she said knowing this isn’t a LVP moment, but a worldwide television moment where she is affecting their futures with her ramblings about their illness. if the ‘disease’ follows suit with them as it supposedly has with her, their brains will get sluggish and they will not be reliable for jobs, and on and on and on……what a terrible, terrible thing she has done to them instead of keeping her mouth shut as 99.9% of other mothers would have done.

      • Daisy reminds me of Frau Blucher from Young Frankenstein.

  43. Gemma

    Yolanda has missed her calling – she would’ve been a fantastic character in Melrose Place circa 1996.

    • Sylvia

      Or, her very own Soap Opera, i.e., a version of Days of our Lives….and, wait for it….her very own talk show that she would have to finance because no reputable network would….oh wait…Oprah………….

  44. Josie

    Yolanda also said she hasnt had pizza in 5 years and there is a pic of her eating pizza with Erika a few months ago.

    The petty part of me wants to send her divorce judge all the stuff that TT and the other blogs have posted about her.

    • Sylvia

      I don’t think it is petty – we are all just sick of the lies. I would imagine David’s attorneys have reams of her antics just in case she decides to get stupid and want his last breath in the divorce. If she behaves he will probably just walk away and let her have whatever she wants just to get rid of her, but if she gets even more greedy there is all ‘that’ information on her craziness to take to a judge.

    • tamaratattles

      If you replace “petty” with “batshit crazy” that makes perfect sense. I just don’t get the people on the Internet who watch reality shows and feel the need to intervene in the lives of others because of shit they read on the Internet. I really think these people have some sort of superiority complex that makes them feel like they are the only ones that know the truth and need to call judges and child protective services, and probation officers as if they alone KNOW THE TRUTH and all of those agencies are just going to be so grateful when some random on the Internet contacts them. It’s the same way I feel about people who Tweet or Instagram to Yolanda or anyone else directly to inform them that they have Munchhausen, or a drinking problem or that they are embarrassing their children with their dangling tampon strings. I firmly believe these people will get their own diagnosis when the DSM catches up to the Internet Age. Something Like Narcissistic Social Media Disorder (NSMD) wherein people have delusions that they have discovered something so important on Entertainment websites, that only they can fix, and are compelled to share with agencies or reality participants to serve some sense of justice they have conjured in their own minds.

      • Well, I’ll be the first to confess I must have NSMD. Why else would I believe my opinion on these so called reality “stars” is important enough to share? :-)

      • tamaratattles

        Toots, to the best of my knowledge, your desire to share is limited to the new version of “water cooler conversation” that is the entertainment websites comment section. That is a far cry from wanting to insert yourself into what appears to be an amicable divorce proceeding in order to attempt to make it less so because you know more than the parties involved based on reading my brilliant commentary. :)

      • Margarett


  45. TT: Whew! I’m safe for now, since I only feel compelled to voice my opinion here on your site. However, based on the last couple of days, I’m a few comments away from needing an intervention!

  46. RL

    I just watched the WWHL with Taylor Armstrong and she mentioned something that I can’t stop thinking about. She said she was concerned about Yo because she has several family members that were continually misdiagnosed and it turned out they had MS. My best friend has MS and now that it’s been put out there, MS combined with perimenopause seems like it could be an option if Yo is indeed sick. My friend has good and bad days. Some days she can’t walk, some days she seems just fine. She has the brain fogginess, and depending on what lesion is acting up on her brain, can lose function of several areas that can either clear up or become “black holes”, where she can never regain the function of that area. At times she has had to cath herself because she can’t go to the bathroom and at other times she can’t see, her eyesight being 600/20. She also has the resistant to drugs kind of MS. New lesions can develop at any time and the long term prognosis is not good for people with MS.

    Sorry TT, I know you hate it when we try to be experts bc we have/know someone that has something, but I can’t help it. Please don’t banish me. I just found Taylor’s statement interesting. MS is terrible and also an “invisible disease” that people don’t really understand and that leads a lot of people to think the sufferer is “faking”.

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