Mob Wives Catch UP: To Watch Or Not To Watch…A Very Sad Question

mob wives last stand

Since I am already in a funk today, I’m going to finally peek at the two Mob Wives episodes sitting on my DVR. I’m not sure if I will continue to recap Mob Wives after this. We’ll see.  I’ll be ignoring the two little new morons in my recaps regardless.  I prefer to stick with the morons I know, thank you very much.

We begin with humor!  Karen, Renee and Carla are at a baseball game where the national anthem is being played. Or the Star Spangled Banner.  They are not sure. Because, idiots.  They are also not sure whether or not they are supposed to put their hand over their hearts. Which is a bit trickier. It used to be that you simply stood at attention.  I just looked up the changes in etiquette (like a real housewife of Potomac) and it seems this change occurred in 1998. This is why young people do it and old people don’t always. #TheMoreYouKnow #Rainbow  But either way, Renee was adamant it was the Nation Anthem and Karen was adamant it was the Star Spangled Banner.  Then, when the anthem got to words “star spangled banner” it seems as though Renee admits she was wrong, it was not the National Anthem.

Anyway, Big Ang shows up in the owners box of the Cyclones follow by Drita and the blond moron. Big Ang is going through some anxious waiting for testing and is looking forward to having a good time.  There is indoor and outdoor seating. This looks like a great way watch a game.

Mob Wives Drita and big ang


In this episode, we see Big Ang being told she has very early stage lung cancer in her left lung. It all progressed from there and at some point the doctors seem to miss what is happening in the right lung. The scene with this doctor and the image up on the screen could be valuable in a malpractice suit. This is also why you would request copies of all of your lab work and imagery for your own records.

Big Ang goes to tell Drita she has lung cancer. Big Ang doesn’t want to burden her family. She is just telling Drita. Ang is so mad at Neil. Drita points out that Ang has issues asking for support and that was likely why Neil wasn’t at the doctor’s appointment. She probably didn’t ask him to come, or let him know the seriousness of it.

Carla’s kids turned 13!  That seems so odd. She is having co-parenting problems and has been ever since her ex remarried. But when she calls him on the phone, he seems really nice and willing to accommodate her demands.

Remember when everyone sat down in a warehouse and swore to be BFFs and stop shit talking each other? Yeah well that never happened. And Karen is talking about Drita again. Things like this are why she is persona nongrata at a lot of places.

Mob Wives big ang cancer

Big Ang hasn’t seen Neil since her doctor’s appointment. Apparently, Neil is never home and always claims he is working. Big Ang has never seen him with any income, so she is suspicious. They have a big fight where she throws out she had to go to the doctor by herself. He says she doesn’t tell him when her appointments are, he works from six in the morning until midnight. I think on Couples Therapy they talked about Neil going out drinking and not coming home.  Again, I hate to make excuses for Neil, but I can see going out drinking if your spouse has cancer. You might need a place to let your feelings out.  Meanwhile Ang says she is not going to pay Neil’s insurance ( $900 a month, thanks ObamaCare! ) and he says it is not under her name, and he pays it.  Ang goes off on Neil and tells him to get out, but he is not leaving. It’s his house too. Then she says she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. She tells him to go home to his mother. This is all really sad to watch.  This is how Angela was at first on Couples Therapy but by the end they seemed to be in a great place. I am not really sure where on the timeline Couples Therapy was filmed, but I am really hoping it was after all of this. But even if it was, by the time Big Ang was on Dr. Oz, we they were right back in this spot.

On to the next episode… I hope in this episode, we see someone checking on Neil.

We start with Drita working on her book. She has finished her first draft. It looks thin for a book; but, I wouldn’t mind reading it. Her daughter wants a dog but she has to convince her dad first and Drita rehearses her to perfect her technique. All the while though, Drita is still plotting a violent encounter with Karen. Meanwhile, Renee’s kid AJ has started his criminal career with public urination. I guess even mob kids have to start somewhere.

While the new girls are on screen, I’m sitting here wondering when we can move on to other shows that are not about grown women acting like middle school girls.  All of the most popular shows that are recapped here are about women brawling. And nearly everyone complains about it and  says they are no longer going to watch it, but the proof is in the views. The shows like Top Chef, or Child Genius, or  Project Runway barely get a glance. The Walking Dead doesn’t compete with brawling women here,  even though  on Twitter it trends at #1 every Sunday night.  This is why I don’t recap any of the scripted shows I used to anymore. The reason we keep getting new franchises of the Real Housewives is because people are watching. If you weren’t watching, then they would disappear. Instead, they are multiplying like animals on Vanderpump’s Neverland Ranch.

Back on Mob Wives, Big Ang is home alone doing her laundry and taking care of herself.  Neil shows up with flowers. He says the crucial missed appointment was the first appointment he has missed. He’s sorry he wasn’t there. Ang says she  tired of doing everything for the both of them. Neil is teary eyed. He pleads with her. She needs her husband to take care of her after her surgery. She finally lets him back in. ..on the couch in the basement.

Mob Wives Big Ang takes a call from Alicia about Eddies Sentencing.

Days before Big Ang’s lung surgery, she is filming with Carla in a furniture store talking about of ridiculous rumors passed between the two little twatheads that has spilled over to Drita and Karen. This shit is ridiculous all the time, but is obscene now that Big Ang is dead.

These shows start and end with a brawl, and then for some reason they all have scenes with their children. Is the editing meant to highlight that these morons have reproduced? Is the intention to make us fear for the future of this country? Because that is what I am taking from it.

Big Ang goes to tell Drita she has a big surgery on Friday but the focus quickly changes to trying to talk Drita out of killing Karen. But you know what? Culling the herd is often a really positive thing for a species. Drita loses her fucking mind. Like she started talking to her lipsticks, crazy. I’m mostly thinking Big Ang should avail herself of some of those sample lipsticks and branch out just a few shades darker. Really, all I can focus on are Ang’s lips and the table of lipsticks. Drita’s lipstick shade is perfection though. As she screams about breaking Karen in half, or at the very least sending her back into the witness protection program, all I really care about is what shade that lipstick is. It’s really the most interesting thing about this scene. A good lipstick is hard to find, y’all.  I wonder if I walked into Lady Boss and asked Drita what color of lipstick she chooses to wear when making death threats if she could direct me to the proper shade.

Karen wants to distract Big Ang from her upcoming surgery because she is very nervous. You know what can really distract a girl from stressful thoughts? Dick.  So Karen takes Big Ang to a male bordello. Oh wait. No she doesn’t because there aren’t many of those.  Instead she take her to an “art class” where some college kid will stand there with his stuff hanging out for everyone to look at while pretending to draw. Honestly, that’s not quite as good.  But straight male prostitutes are even harder to find than the right shade of lipstick. So this is going to have to do. Renee and Carla show up too. Renee says she hasn’t seen a penis with the lights on in years. Lights out is usually best for all parties involved after a certain age. And these ladies, and I presume their partners, reached a certain age a decade ago. Angela had the best time!  And that is all that counts.

The episode ends with Neil driving a terrified Angela to the hospital for her lung surgery. Heartbreaking.


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28 responses to “Mob Wives Catch UP: To Watch Or Not To Watch…A Very Sad Question

  1. Rakely

    Thank you TT for always handling certain issues with sensitivity and integrity. I just can’t watch now that she’s gone. I’m really suprised by how her loss affected me.

  2. Cat

    That was rather hard to read. I can only imagine how hard it was to write.

    As for the housewives, I’m only here to support you and your blog. You could recap last week’s weather forecast, and I would read it.


    Drita wa wearing the shade Cotton Candy. She posted about it on Instagram because so many people asked. You can buy it through her line!

    • Spilledperfume

      I don’t watch the show so I don’t know much about Drita – is her makeup line sold online? Is it the same name as her store?

      Sorry for all the questions but I’m a lipstick, lip gloss junkie.

  4. Lisaj

    Cried the whole way through that episode, especially with my new cancer, just can’t do it. This is hilarious and I’ll have to find it, I LOVE Big Angs lipstick, it’s the color I use and she actually tweeted me back when I asked what shade it was! That makes me smile.
    Too bad Downton Abbey is over, that would be a great show to recap. Checking my DVR, other than a few Law and Orders, I’m on Roku or Bravo. I’m out of Mob Wives, just hits too close to home.

  5. LisaPat

    I still scour the web trying to find out what happened between the time they found early-stage lung cancer that the Dr. labeled “very treatable” to Ang’s death. I have a hard time grieving when there are so many unanswered questions. Sounds like you know TT, because you said something happened in the right lung? I try to put the pieces together.. in my mind, I thought it was the brain cancer that came in and ruined all the progress she was making. Is there a post that explains this? I read the other post that was linked to this story, but I couldn’t find what happened with the right lung. I am STILL sad over Ang, a woman I never met.

  6. Miguel

    Thank you, TT – I just watched the last episode, yesterday & couldn’t stop the tears from welling up. Like you, I don’t know if I can continue to watch week-by-week. (Did they re-edit to make it devastatingly heart-wrenching?) I’ll probably wait for the entire season to unfold & watch the rest successively.

    Loved, love & will always love Ang – she brought so much light and laughter to so many around the world! Sweet slumber, sweet lady.

  7. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Sad watching the last episode that I did, I have last week’s saved. Will get to it eventually.

  8. I re-watched Big Ang’s own show on the weekend – it was so light and joyous – it picked up my spirits and felt like a fitting tribute. She dances and laughs and parties – I know there was in helluva disco in heaven when Big Ang arrived.

  9. Spilledperfume

    This had to be so hard to watch. I read your recaps but I don’t watch the show.

    You would have a lot of fun at a Cyclones game. They have contests in between the innings. They have races with people dressed as hot dogs and mustard and ketchup and other silly things. Parents compete to win things for their kids.

    Like Cat said, I read to support you so if you want to recap other shows I’ll be here reading.

  10. Gapeachinsc

    I don’t think I can watch it yet, but I’ll continue to collect the episodes. Thanks for recapping for us but if you don’t want to do any more, it’s OK. We understand.

  11. Margarett

    Thank you for watching this for us. It is so sad that I couldn’t bring myself to do so. Sometimes when a person loves it seems as if they push the loved one away. I don’t have enough knowledge to explain this. I just know that it happens. I believe this is the case with Angela and Neil.

    I simply don’t know how this could be sadder. I’m sure Neil is heartbroken and so very lonely. Thanks again.

  12. I saw the national anthem debacle at the beginning of the episode and was embarrassed for them. Just…good God.

    The protocol I was taught my whole life was right-hand-over-heart and stand at attention. To do otherwise would be very disrepectful. I’ve never heard of that being a new thing…and I was born decades before 1998! Maybe it’s because I’m from a military family?

    As for Big Ang, yes it’s quite sad to watch these events unfold for her now that she’s gone. All I can say is that I hope the majority of the marital discord shown was exaggerated by producers for the cameras.

    • Spilledperfume

      I was taught the same thing. You stand and place your right hand over your heart and men remove their hats/baseball hats. It is so ingrained in everyone I know that it’s automatic.

  13. Sweet T

    Hey TT I too read all the posts but I only comment on RHOBH because it’s the only now one I watch. I don’t have cable and would have to pay for all these shows but they are not worth it. I buy the seasons for RHOBH because it’s worth it to see the wealth and clothes (please come back Camille as you had the best wardrobe) but didn’t buy last season because of Brandi/Kim

    I grew to really like big and because of your love for her and enjoyed all your recaps. I’m even sad about her passing though all I know about her is through you. I think I will watch all the old episodes to see for myself

  14. hannahkingrose

    I can imagine it being hard to recap Mob Wives now that Big Ang is gone. Even though it makes me sad knowing she’s no longer here, it makes me happy seeing her on my screen. It’s like for just a minute I can pretend she’s still there. No I’m not crazy. I know she’s not but it’s like looking at pictures of my family and friends that have passed on. It gives me a warm feeling seeing their faces. Maybe no one else sees it this way but it gives me a little comfort for some reason. Her death affected me more than I expected it would. I think because of my own health issues.

    • Cat

      I totally understand understand what you are saying. And, no, I do not think you are crazy.

      • hannahkingrose

        Thanks Cat. You are always so kind to me especially when I’m feeling down. That’s one of the things I admire about you when you have your own issues yourself. You make me smile and it’s appreciated. Just wanted to tell you that.

      • Cat

        Thanks! That’s so sweet. And I really needed a kind word today.

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