Lisa Vanderpump Says Yolanda Has Undeniable Aggression Towards Her

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As much as I wish that Pinky would explore her thoughts on Yolanda’s aggression toward her more deeply, I’m grateful to have a #RHOBH that is not completely Yolandacentric!  I’m also most grateful that Pinky and all the RHOBH are literate and don’t have to be giving questionnaires this week to help them outline their thoughts. cough RHOA cough

Here are Pinky’s Bravo Blog thoughts this week, and as usual I’m responding with my purple pen.

Welcome back…OK so we open with SoulCycle. Geez it was a lot of work, but I always see the funny side and it was for a good cause, so mission accomplished. Now ideally that is a world I would like to live in, a world where every moment is enhanced with playful banter, where people aren’t searching for negativity in a time that is already laden with difficulties. My days, as many of you know, are often challenging. When you have a staff of of 250 and a business that is open 16 hours a day, you cherish moments of down time.

Ah! Where have I heard this before? Oh yes, from 90% of the commenters here who claim this is exactly the sort of thing they would lie more of as well. We too have lives with varying degrees of difficulties. If only…

Let’s cast our minds back…In the Hamptons I was reticent to chastise them for leaving abruptly, never sought to challenge Rinna when I believed it was her who told Yolanda, then also gave Erika a pass when it was revealed that it was she who instigated the debate over Lyme Gate and kids. I don’t look for problematic situations or dwell on contentious scenarios…some do.

Oh, not Pinky. She would never do such a thing. Or plant the idea for Kyle to. Not our angelic Pinky!  Look at the swans! She’s got puppies!


GIF BY RealityTVGIFs a blog by T. Kyle MacMahon

We decide to go for lunch. It was my birthday, I had plans later, and I wasn’t really in a mood to invest in any negative conversation.
Yolanda showed up with pink roses (excellent choice), and I was pleased as the last meeting had been littered with angry accusations, her berating me for attempting to explain Rinna’s stance and her actions… Kyle and I were curious as to what had transpired between Yolanda and Rinna, of course. Each and every scenario and discussion that is brought to the forefront is discussed at length. That is the premise of this world we live in.

Clever substitution of “this world we live in ” for “this ridiculous reality show I do to publicize my businesses.”  So we get it. When you bring it up, it’s production. When Eileen brings things up..well… I’m sure we’ll get to that.

Sometimes things are not captured, and that leads to confusion. Our thoughts and opinions are what many are invested in as people relate to varied points of view.

Again, what a clever way to say that we don’t see everything, and therefore don’t really know all the underlying dynamics between the ladies that are more evident when the cameras are not rolling. We might not know everything. But we are wise enough to pick up on things. At least those of us not distracted by miniature ponies in tutus. And one thing that is clear as a bell is that you and Yolanda hate each other. And pink roses are not going to change that fact.

RHOBH  LVP, Kyle Yolanda

I believe Yolanda had fired back a hypothetical diagnosis of Rinna’s bizarre behavior, calling her bipolar as a response to her initiating the Munchausen story. Tit for tat, so to speak, but the accusation resonated, although unsubstantiated her erratic actions that made no sense to many of us.

I’m sure Rinna will appreciate you following Yolanda’s lead and perpetuating the discussion on her erratic behavior.  I really haven’t seen any erratic behavior. I’ve seen a pretty strong track record of Rinna identifying the white elephant in the room. Last year it was Kim’s alcoholism. This year it is Yolanda’s Munchausen Syndrome. I’d say she is batting a thousand. I think the problem is that she later in the season identifies your manipulative behavior. So it’s best to try to begin the discrediting stance now. I see what you did there. Clever indeed.

I see clearly that Yolanda has an undeniable aggression toward me, and I am sorry for that,

The question is, where is this undeniable aggression coming from?  I presume it is a jealousy issue over your relationship with Mohammed. Why would you feel guilt about that?

but I was resolute in the fact that Yolanda had misinterpreted a conversation that had been relayed to her. I was steadfast in my resolve to communicate that my intention was to keep as distanced as possible, to refrain from any discussion regarding Lyme out of loyalty to the family. I vehemently defended Bella previously (quite rightly so, all three of them are lovely beings), so I stated my case and left, thankful to continue my birthday in a more celebratory atmosphere…

Yes. You did all of that. But just as Yolanda has aggression toward you, you have passive aggression toward her. And I can’t help but wonder if you suggested to Kyle, (rather than production) to ask you about Mohammed’s thoughts on the kids’ “Lyme Disease?”  It’s just a thought in the back of my head. “Keep asking Kyle, so I can show how much I don’t want to talk about Mohammed saying the kids don’t have Lyme.” Does that ring a bell?

Twas the day after my birthday, and I wanted to have a small dinner. I invited everybody, but some couldn’t make it. The subject matter of Eileen and the Hamptons I believed was closed. Little did I know, round three…I intended a cosy dinner, yes I do live in a bit of a zoo, but it’s our sanctuary. I strive for a surreal existence away from the constant challenges that life demands.

That sounds like your active striving would be more likely to result in a surreal existence away from constant challenges if you were not on a reality show that pivots around the concept of a bunch of brawling bitches. Have you considered this?
It really surprised and dismayed me that Eileen felt compelled to reignite the subject matter of our misunderstanding in the Hamptons. She was here at my house, I believed all was well, they were all mimicking me–which gets old really quickly–but I always ignore it! And then back we went, round and round the same old sh–, beating the life out of a dead horse. I have said “sorry” three times, sorry for inadvertently touching on a subject that had already been brought out in the open a couple of times, sorry for asking her questions about her life–I was actually sorry, sorry for ever engaging in any conversation with her whatsoever as this seems to be the catalyst for what is about to transpire.

See, those things you say you are sorry for, are cunty dismissive comments. Not genuine apologies. It makes one wonder if you are capable of empathy. That would require noticing that you hurt someone’s feeling and feeling badly about it and apologizing for causing someone hurt. And the fact we have never seen that in any season of RHOBH is the thing Eileen brought up.  She was drawing a comparison to what Erika identified about you and attempted to explain with her own example. She did this calmly and without aggression in an effort to help you understand how others see you as lacking empathy and self-absorbed.  Eventually, she realized you were not capable of empathy and you save your emotions for other species.  Then she dropped it. Politely.

RHOBH Brandi Slaps Lisa

Maybe I should’ve throw a glass of wine in her face, and we could’ve hugged it out, LOL.

You actually did a lot better with Brandi, because she too, can only communicate through sarcasm. She a very superficial person as well. It made for a nice buffer between you that you both respected and appreciated.

Kathryn relayed her conversation with Erika with, I believe, good intention. She has been critiqued immensely for this, as if she was creating drama, but no, she was absolutely cognizant of the fact that I was enjoying my friendship with Erika and was blissfully unaware of the antagonism that Erika was spewing. She was well aware that I would hear it later, so she repeated the statement Erika had made. She was looking after my welfare, so she repeated the statement Erika had made.

RHOBH Kathryn

You’re repeating yourself. It seem important to you that we believe that you believe that Kathryn has good intentions. That is interesting to note. She also gets a pass because reporting back to you is the expected response for your minions. We get it. Gold star for Kathryn. Perhaps Erika sees it differently.

I don’t know why it hurt me so much. Maybe because I had hopes of a friendship with her, but obviously she thought otherwise. Perhaps I envisioned a repeat of an ugly experience I endured before, an experience that cut to the quick. I think Kathryn was baffled why she was so negative in her attitude toward me, and I felt the same. I couldn’t understand it, because at the initial dinner with Erika and her husband Tom, I took it in good humor–his assertion that I was akin to an alligator. I never met him before that dinner, complimented him and was gracious. Now my perception is different. I understand now how I misinterpreted that…

It would seem that someone would have to be quite conceited not to get that calling someone an alligator refers to the gator’s practice of hanging out just below the murky swamp waters and lying in wait in order to unexpectedly clamp their steel trap jaws on some unsuspecting victim.

To hear Erika state something so detrimental was extremely hurtful to say the least, and this is where it starts…

Um, you didn’t hear Erika state a damn thing.

How can one make such a vicious comment about someone they barely know? Also someone that has welcomed them into their group. I have little understanding of where this comes from. She was introduced by Yolanda, and all of us were totally supportive. Confused as to why she would level such a negative analogy toward me, I suppose we will have a better understanding as the story unfolds…

If by “as the story unfolds” you mean hearing it straight from Erika, then yes. Yes we will.

Okay Pinky fans, let me have it. Tell me how I am all wrong. I can take it.


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83 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Says Yolanda Has Undeniable Aggression Towards Her

  1. T D

    Farty Arty had a party, all us kids was there. Mrs. Pinky laid a stinky, we ran out for air. Forgive me for being nine.

  2. microop

    Naw girl, I’m 100% on board. Pinky is fun to watch but she is manipulative and doesn’t have empathy. Eileen didn’t do a damn thing wrong and she wasn’t being petty. Just from now on she knows that pinky is an arms length friend. Thank goodness for Eileen as she’s the only sane, classy, tactful, kind one in the bunch and thank goodness for Rinna because she’s also sane and kind but instead of classy and tactful she’s refreshingly honest.

    What Katherine did was wack, but I’m not writing her off yet. Erika has also been wack but I’m not writing her off yet either. I like Kyle and she’s getting smarter each season.

    Can we just see the blood bath once and for all between Pinky and Yolanda?

    Also Pinky over uses the word reticent. Every damn blog.

  3. T D

    What’s pink with a soft, yellow, underbelly?

  4. It’s your opinion that’s fine but I disagree with making assumptions about someone’s character when we have seen no evidence of it on camera. Lisa must be using some serious mind controlling techniques to be able to manipulate so many people and the only reason we can attempt to state such is because someone brings it up every season! I’m not interested in speculating what is production driven or not; the cameras are rolling all the time where is the evidence of it all? The one thing the audience has seen for sure is that Lisa is not capable of apologizing like most people would or expect! There is a clear lack of emotional involvement and I guess that’s how she gets through these seasons because I would have cussed all of them at some point! I understand Eileen’s frustration about the apology that she deserves! Rinna being the new truth cannon? Ok…but again with unsubstantiated manipulation! I swear these newbies watched all the seasons and came in with preconceived notions! I think people gave Lisa way too much credit for being a master manipulator!

    • tamaratattles

      I believe you haven’t seen Lisa’s manipulations on camera, but many of us have. It’s strange how someone says it every season. Lisa is still pissed at the morally corrupt Faye Resnick for saying it to her face a few seasons ago. And if anyone can recognize a manipulator with questionable motives, it’s the moraly corrupt Faye Resnick.

      • Do you think we could get Connie Britton to play Faye Resnick on RHOBH? That would be fun!!! I’d like her then.

      • That may be true but it’s not strange for people to take a piece of information and run with it! People keep saying it but I wish they would back it up! Seriously I would study that crap so I can make people do my bidding too!

    • Sari

      There’s been evidence on camera. Sort of. For me, the biggest indications of Mrs. Todd’s manipulations were when Brandi and Kyle were at each other’s throats. Brandi would throw out some information about LVP towards the end, and you sort of had to pay attention to how Kyle reacted. I’d mentioned this recently in another post, but LVP does make her morning phone calls to discuss how the filming should go later in the day. She snips at her rose bushes with one hand, and plants seeds for conflict/storyline with the other via phone. But, Brandi had no game as a skillful minion. She’d just regurgitate speculation and was messy. That was when LVP switched gears back to Kyle, who’d been on her shit list for a few seasons. Subsequently, Brandi flipped, more sloppiness ensued on her part, and then #byebrandi.

      And, Yolanda? Yolanda never sat well with me. I never understood why until Tamara’s post, in which she’d done the work to create a time line of Yolanda’s medical claims (the flip flopping in diagnoses/symptoms, as well as juxtaposing her activities being those of a woman who was not as ill as she’d claimed). It was a brilliant post, albeit disturbing. As was tying it all in to the prenup and California law. Yolanda’s got a streak of Gone Girl in her. Somewhere in a swampy bayou, Brooks Ayers is kicking himself for not going with an invisible disease instead of cancer.

      These people are all lunatics. But, I’ll continue to watch. If I’m having a rough day, they certainly make me feel better about myself. #perspective

      • What???? Ok can someone explain this with some concrete proof and not speculation or the words of Brandi who lies as much as she breathes?? Are you kidding me?? Do these people have piss for brains? What does she use? Hypnosis? How exactly can you make someone do something? In that case Kim manipulated Brandi into being at odds with Kyle, Yolanda is manipulating Eryka and yeah Lisa is manipulating Lisa and maybe Eileen! Lmao, certifiable!

      • Yveline

        Here goes. This is a very twisted version of the show and I guess I am not supposed to believe what I see and hear. Lisa is supposed to be the manipulative one, but she is the one that they gang up on and backstab every single season.

        Lisa was a loyal friend who defended Kyle at every turn until she realized she had been lied to about game night and Brandi warned her of a plan to gang up on her. She befriended Brandi as a result. Then while LVP was off doing Dancing with the Stars, the gang-up started to take down LVP and Brandi was part of that plan.

        The main problem is that LVP is not emotionally invested in these people and has no fucks to give. She walks away and that pisses them off, because the cameras follow LVP right out of the room. This happened in Puerto Rico and at the close-out party last season. Everyone who comes on that show and does not want to take down LVP does not survive more than a season (Joyce warned LVP of the plan and she was gone).

        These women are vipers, but if I had to pick one to be in my life it would be LVP.

      • ash44

        i’m with you too Yveline…… LVP is the only one with a shred of sanity. yes, she’s a bit cool, but that’s an english thing. we, americans, are all either golden retreivers or pit bulls. she’s refined….. love her.

  5. I love Pinky to death – doesn’t mean I don’t see her faults. I think she’s one of those people who have empathy for the world, (animals, children with alopecia etc..) but has difficulty seeing it outside her own reference. I also think add being English (I’m married to one!) with the built in reserve, add the attempted take down of a few years of a few years ago & Adrienne & Brandi’s betrayal and what we get is Pinky the Alligator exploiting the housewives to publicize her businesses, but with no intention of going deep with any of these women.

    I also thing she play’s the game much better than Yolanda, but may have met her match in Erica who I like very much. I truly doubt she & Yolanda are any more than holiday friends – I assume they traded something with David re her music for her allegiance to the Lemon Kool aid.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree, Rufus. I actually like her too. I don’t really think she has a lot of introspective abilities, that’s all. We all make mistakes in life, I just don’t see her owning ANY of them.

      WordPress, my blogging system, also makes mistakes. And putting this comment in moderation was one. Not sure what is going on. Apologies on behalf of WP who isn’t very introspective either. Because, wordprocessing program. :)

      • Oh, thank goodness – I thought I was being considered for the window lickers section & couldn’t work out why!

        Pinky’s refusal to admit being wrong actually reminds me of my mum!!! (Only she has to use my cats as a distraction, as we don’t have ponies.) I don’t necessarily believe she has no introspection, but she is unlikely to share any self revelations about her own behaviour to anyone, except maybe Ken.

        I don’t believe she is a shallow person but very defensive about getting hurt – this the game with Yolanda being played oh so carefully despite her continued aggression, as obviously Mohammad’s opinion means the world to her.

        Anyway, I’d behave myself at a Villa Rosa dinner party – happy to talk Poms, Ponies, Swans & swings!!! Just ask me!!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @rufus I agree about LVP. I don’t think her apology to Eileen (the first time) was insincere, I think that’s just the best that LVP can do. She has trouble admitting she’s wrong; a LOT of people do. I give her a pass.

        As for Erika, I don’t think she’s a match for LVP. She’s far too sloppy (what she said to Kathryn re: LVP) and lacks self-control (shouting at Rinna). I see her self-destructing shortly.

    • cc101

      Well I wasn’t going to say it, but as you brought it up…..

      I am English. I lived there for 26 years and have lived here for 12. Suffice to say I know both cultures very well and I see a lot of interactions with LVP and Ken where there is just a cultural disconnect (e.g. I see the Brit way of looking at the situation and the US way of looking at the situation). Remember Ken’s comments about therapy and how upsetting they were to Taylor….therapy is just thought of so differently over there. I could get both reactions.

      I know I will be slammed for making generalizations, but I will say that I struggle to think of a single Brit I know who is comfortable putting their emotions out there. We would much rather brush contentious situations under the carpet and keep it moving. LVP is far from perfect (who is?) but I think I interpret a lot of things differently (e.g. her humor, her desire to keep things moving……and the reaction that invokes in others) because culturally I can think in both mindsets.

    • Totally on the same page, rufustheragdoll.

  6. Miguel

    Does this mean that LVP is the HW that Tom asks to leave, in the preview for this week?

  7. Sequoia

    “Okay Pinky fans, let me have it. Tell me how I am all wrong. I can take it.”

    Said the spider to the fly…

  8. Spilledperfume

    I always appreciate your view on things.

  9. Margarett

    Tamara Darling, I don’t think you’re wrong. I would still love to live in a “sanctuary ” with lots of critters. I believe LVP has tried to put a good face on her behavior. (The darling is meant as a nod to LVP and not meant to be hateful.)

    I do believe that she incorrectly interpreted Girardi’s put down as (at the least) a neutral observation. Living in gator country, there’s no way that I would see the comparison as anything but an insult. This is only the beginning of sugar wrapped insults which are bound to follow. Maybe the Girardis will have an epiphany about Yolanda and that may lead to a genuine friendship with the two couples. It should be fun to watch in any case.

  10. BKSweetheart

    All hail Queen LVP!! In all seriousness though, Lisa has flaws and I thought she was very insensitive and dismissive towards Eileen. But as someone said upthread, Lisa is a businesswoman and has a brand to maintain so she’s never going to get in too deep with any of these women. All her moves are carefully thought out and curated so as to not besmirch her name/reputation/brand.

    • Minky

      I am not a Pinky fan. As I’ve said before, totally neutral. However, since the clash of that titans in BH this season centers around Pinky and Yolanda, I’ll root for Pinky. No reason other than I find Yolanda detestable at this point. That’s it and that’s all, for me. I still think Eileen and Rinna are the most relatable.

      • This season I’m feeling Eileen and Lisa R the most. I think Lisa R is really getting a bum rap.

      • Dracla Dunning

        When it comes to my opinion about LVP I am in total agreement with you, Minky. I have never been fond of either LVP or Yolanda but since I find Yolanda to be totally evil and disgusting, the horse I will back is LVP.

      • Queen of the Nile

        I agree about about Eileen and Lisa R … they’re very likable. I don’t understand why Rinna gets so much flap.

    • BK … and nothing wrong there.

  11. I’m just not that interested in these women sharing their real feelings, real shortcomings, or real apologies. What in the world is entertaining about that? LVP plays a manipulative bitch who bathes in rose and romps around with her animals when she isn’t working. Whether or not that is her real persona doesn’t concern me. All of the RHOBH women play a role on the show, and I think LVP plays her role very, very well.

    • tootsie yes yes yes.
      I’m not invested in these women either. Brandi and Kims departure hopefully ended the trashy actions.

      I definitely appreciate LVP not screaming at her cast mate, tossing wine, and fighting. LVP walking out of her b’day lunch was a good move. Ive no interest in another restaurant brawl.

  12. Dracla Dunning

    Lisa’s commentary should begin, “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called Beverly Hills…” because she can spin a story. Unfortunately for her most of us are not new to her game and know she is anything but the damsel in distress. Great BS interpretation, TT.

    • Hmm. I don’t really see LVP playing the damsel in distress. That’s really more a Yolanda role.

      • I was actually surprised at how she was playing the victim role with Eileen. While she was was disparaging Eileen’s feeling with her ‘oh darling, I just can’t do anything right’ bullshittery, she went into victim mode. I was really glad Eileen pointed that out.

      • Minky

        Ooh! That just gave me a marvelous idea. Imma go around calling everybody “daaaaaaaling”. I’ll let you guys know if it gets me out of any trouble. I remember Tallulah Bankhead talking like that on an episode of the Lucy show. But then again, that was Tallulah.

  13. Frosty

    Love your recaps TT, they are the best, insightful and damn funny :) Of course I can’t know what all is behind Yo and LVP’s past relationship, but it does seem they go way back, and were in at least the same circles often. In fact in Yo’s first season, when she invited them all to her place, they made a reference to the Todds coming to christmas dinner or something. I may be misremembering though.

    Re: LVP Usually people compete to get close to someone who is charismatic, witty, good looking successful, connected and wealthy. They vie to get into that person’s inner, charmed circle. To win their attention and admiration. Yet instead, here we see over and over that, after an initial love fest, other cast mates become a mite put off LVP. Now why would that be? 😉 Not buying that “they’re just jealous” thingy.

  14. JustJenn

    I still love LVP and think she is the embodiment of Beverly Hills. Do I think Eileen was rude bringing up her affair that she doesn’t want to talk about for a third time at LVP’s home? Yes. I like Eileen, but she’s really vying for a spot on Team Lemons.

    And I can’t wait for to see what happens between Lisa and LVP. Lisa does seem to call it how it is and doesn’t lie so things are about to get interesting.

  15. TT, your purple pen was RIGHT ON!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  16. Lisaj

    LVP knows how to play the housewives game. I wouldn’t trust anyone either after encountering the town drunk either.
    She’s happily married, successful business woman, philanthropist, advocate, I don’t mind her snarky comments personally and if she keeps her hands clean, all the better for her.
    Yolanda is jealous and Lisa is just too polite to say so.

    • Mark

      Lisa is a fun game player. Manipulating situations so you look better? Kinda comes naturally to the British. Also she like a real life cartoon character, if little gay boys had cartoons made especially for them! She’s still got my vote, until she compares Hanky’s diarrhea to the AIDS epidemic like fucking Yolanda, I’m in board with her.

  17. Queen of the Nile

    I don’t have LVP on a pedestal — she can definitely be thin-skinned and arrogant — but I do appreciate her wicked sense of humor and work ethic. I also like Eileen and thought LVP was too dismissive of her. But I still think bringing up the situation while a guest at LVP’s dinner party was rude behavior. Wrong venue …

    • Minky

      Again, not a Pinky fan, but she’s definitely got a good, working brain in that perfectly coiffured head of hers. A lot of her comments go over most of the other housewives heads. She’s a bit like Hannibal Lecter. I’d be terrified of him but I’d still really want him to like me.

  18. Flo

    Pinky didn’t accept the alligator comment was a sweet sentiment, she just knows her place with the Girardis – watch that scene again – Ken’s face is priceless.

  19. Judilu

    I am a big animal volunteer and have a lot of them in my home and I foster kittens when I can so I like her for her animal advocacy. However, when she said something along the lines of nothing keeping her up at night, I snorted… So your unlined forehead is due to lack of worry and not Botox?… Maybe I will un-worry my lines away.

  20. Sammie

    I admit I love Pinky and her fabulous life, seems to take care of her family, pets, business etc. I get her sense of humor (even though I’m not British) however I do see some of the things TT points out in her purple pen. My feeling is she is flawed, has bad moments and can seem aloof but in spite of that she is still overall an interesting and caring woman. He love for animals is proof of her caring.
    I’m so incredibly over and sick of Yolanda, but don’t understand why she would antagonize Lisa. With the long history between Lisa and Mohammed (and his children) she must have enough of the real dirt to bury Yolanda. I don’t think Lisa would tell allfor the children’s sake. But Yo keeps pushing…maybe Lisa needs to give her some threats about what is keep in her vault.

  21. Lime Brain

    With all this talk about LVP being a manipulator, I started rewatching season 2 to see where it all started. The season where Kyle called Lisa “Bobby Fisher” at the reunion.

    Ah, the good old days. Where I felt bad for Brandi, believed Kim was sober, Lisa was planning Pandoras wedding, Mauricio was still hot…

    Anyway, I’m only half way through the series. I just finished the episode where Camille outed Taylor on being abused by her husband and left. Right after that, Lisa gave Taylor a sincere apology to Taylor for how she had been treating her. She apologized quite a few times. And Taylor accepted it.

    So, Lisa can apologize if she wants too. I think as time has gone by and getting ganged up on every year, Ken’s health and the law suit, she just doesn’t invest in any of these women any more and is just phoning it in for a pay check and publicity for her restaurants.

    I’ve seen twice this season when one of the housewives want to bring something up, she’s told them not to, to just leave it alone. Of course they don’t listen.

  22. jb44

    I know my view will be unpopular. I believe Lisa when she says she thought the issue with Eileen was over. She apologized in her own way. Is it the way some of us would have apologized? Probably not. Is it the apology Eileen wanted? No, but it is all she is going to get from Lisa. She should have realized this after their second discussion about it. This whole thing could have been avoided when Lisa first asked about the infamous affair. Eileen should have told her she didn’t want to talk about it. Lisa is not unreasonable. I believe she have acquiesced. Maybe it is not the “question” about the affair, but the “guilt” over the affair that is really bothering Eileen.

    • jb44

      s/b would have acquiesced

    • I agree, jb44. Eileen should have said that she was not comfortable talking about it and changed the subject. End of story.

      • Of course she should have. But where is the fun in that? If she had shut down the conversation as you suggest (and as most people would in “real life”), what would her story line be?

      • And that’s been the problem with Eileen. She does not have a story line. I hope she has some time to heal from all of her tragedies this year.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t really believe Eileen is repeatedly bringing it up because she is so hurt by LVP either. It’s for a storyline. And LVP sees that clearly, and treats Eileen accordingly.

    • Meredo

      Bingo! I totally agree with your take on LVP. I don’t adhere to the ” Lisa can do no wrong ” way of thinking as some do, however it gets tiring watching the women back stab and trying to take her down every season. I know she wants the exposure for her businesses, but I would have quit the show by now if I were her. Even Kyle, who’s her strongest ally this season can’t resist putting LVP down at almost every given opportunity. It’s frustrating to watch this happen over and over again.

  23. CoBe

    I have a sad feeling this is LVP’s last season. She doesn’t need this crap.

    I don’t like the character assassination or the constant allegations of “manipulation” with no actual specific complaints.

    And, no, just because “everyone” has said it doesn’t make it true. Scapegoating and bullying are all about choosing one person for everyone to dump their garbage on.

    Do I think LVP plays a smart game? Sure. That is not the same as the negative connotation of “manipulative”.

  24. Rose

    Spot on analysis of the Eileen situation. Unless it’s about her Lisa has no empathy. Gator lurking in the murky water. …best line ever! Oh look, the ponies….

  25. LVP is so manipulative. Thank you for the purple pen and helping the less literate read between the lines. :)

    What makes her a better game player than the other wives is her subtly and ability to get others to do her fighting for her. This however might be the season where she’s finally run out of people to do that for her besides Kathryn.

  26. T D

    Lisa appears quite happy on that elephant. Did it come from Kandi? Does she ride it often? Does she stroke it as if it were a swan?

  27. Tinalee971

    What I don’t understand is why what Erica said to Kathryn it being relevant to Eileen and the Hamptons!? Get over it! That’s not about that. I do like Pinky personally, she’s not perfect but who is! They all have their fault for sure! And I do really like Eileen however, I just didn’t understand why the conversation turned to being about Eileen and Lisa in the Hamptons. It made no sense to me!

  28. Petunia

    Wow! If Reality bloggers had Oscars- this would sweep the HW category!!!!! A revelation regarding this sad woman couldn’t have been more succinctly explained. Of course she should be celebrated for her charitable contributions to gay rights, animal rights, third rate actor/ waiter rights (see gay rights .. ).
    If only she didn’t blatantly use the tax write offs and what should be genuine acts of good will to push her fame. To pull passionate and caring reality fans in with her hot button endeavors only to recruit them into her ridiculous and so desperate need for fame and favor.
    Is it lost on her followers who are fellow animal lovers that the last episode was basically a living Sears catalog of her animals on display? That dinner at her home served to reclaim fabulosity from the episode with Erikas home and was a Bravo sponsored “How great is Lisa with all these animals? “Commercial. They literally walked out every animal in the Arsenal. Oh look, here come the retrievers just in from their”long” walk with the help?!?! Trusty new Taylor/Kathryn solely existing to kiss ass and be a minion but too stupid to realize it walks into Villa Blah… Making a point to say hello to the swans. Llamas from years past are featured. The ponies are once again highlighted. The new dang is trotted in by Ken who was just there serving drinks but like magic, produced one of the hundreds of animals , the new puppy, on the sprawling magnificent grounds, within seconds…. So gag inducing!!!
    If you really love the good you do for the causes you support, why must you shove it in everyone’s face constantly? To take away from the ahole you can’t help but be?
    This parade wasn’t one of pushing viewers to support animals. It was a egotistic “look at all I’ve done” display that is the absolute opposite of altruism.

    • Absolutely! How dare production allow LVP to film a scene for her reality show at her home. The public good would be much better served by taking a tour of Yolanda’s in home exam room, or following her to one of her treatment sessions for her invisible disease, or sitting with her front row at NY Fashion week. The nerve of Bravo!

    • tamaratattles

      Hush now Petunia. No one wants to hear that, or the fact that the fat donkeylike unattractive mini pony was from a rescue shelter (one of many) and the pretty princess mini ponies were from a breeder. Or that thousands of mini horses are slaughtered every year and breeders are as frowned upon as pet stores selling dogs in the liberal SAVE THE ANIMALS! crowd. Or that they live for as long as 35 years….or that…

      See? no one wants to know about any of this.

    • tbk

      Now now Brandi, calm down.

  29. Karen

    O.K. so clearly you’re seeing LVP as the villian here, but I don’t get why? I do recall preseason notes saying Rinna and Kyle were on LVPs side. Maybe that turns out to ge wrong?

    • Nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just time for another LVP smackdown. They happen every even numbered season. I wonder if Dubai will top Puerto Rico?

    • Yveline

      I enjoyed Tamara’s website but she has had a real hard-on for LVP for quite a while. They show everything so if LVP was pulling everyone’s strings, they would show it. Funny how these women are stupid enough to allow that to happen off-camera and complain on-camera. They make themselves look pathetic.

      • Karen

        Agreed! If they’re all as smart as they want us to believe they are then how could LVP manipulate them?

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