Project Runway All Stars Tea and Catch Up

Project Runway Allstars

The past few weeks have been super busy. So much so that I wasn’t always able to check my DVR each day to make sure it was doing what I told it to. For that reason, I missed and episode of Project Runway All Stars. I’ve had  a lot of things sent to me lately I just haven’t had time to share, so before we get started, here is the AllStars tea.  On the episode before the most recent won. This apparently started some drama. Here is what I was told about that episode.

When Sam won and Vanessa Hudgens wanted to wear his winning dress to a premier, Sam would have had to completely make another dress because Vanessa is so short and so tiny. He couldn’t make the dress because he can’t sew so he offered Kini $150 to make it and when Kini turned him down, he tried to get anyone to do it.  No one would do it so Vanessa never wore the dress.
Apparently, we are missing all of the good stuff that is going on behind the scenes with the designers. Something tells me that would be a better show.  How is it possible that there is a designer who allegedly can’t sew? How did he make it so far on Under the Gunn?

Both of Kini's looks

Both of Kini’s looks

Then there was some tea about the current episode….
Last night when Kini kept saying he was pissed having to finish Sam’s pant suit, it was because he literally made the entire thing.  The entire cast AND production was calling Sam “Kini’s Intern” but it never came up on TV.  If you check out twitter, you can see where some of the cast was ragging on Sam.
Note to source, please put SPOILER in your email subject line so that I know not to open it until I’ve watched the show. I usually don’t have time for Project Runway until the weekend when things slow down a bit.
Anyway, Alexander said this in a talking head right on the show. Kini made both looks for the last episode. I’m not going to recap the episode because I accidentally watched it in the middle of the night thinking it was the one I missed. I have way to many things to watch to spend another hour watching this.
But can we talk about Alexander?  I can’t stop looking at him. I am loving the white hair and the sort of vampirey thing. I just keep looking at him like he is going to implode into billions of tiny diamonds that pool on the floor.  Is it just me? He doesn’t look quite human.  His odd eyebrows or lack thereof  just sort of make me turn my head trying to make it all make sense.  I do wish he would shave more often. I just don’t know what to make of him. I’m trying to remember if I liked him on his last season. I tried to find a recap but since I tend to vacillate between “Allstars” and “All Stars”  I wasn’t able to find anything. I think I liked him and hated Ken.
I  am rewatching the end of the show now and noticing Kini’s face as they compliment “Sam’s piece” that Kini made. And Sam’s face. It is all very interesting in this context.  Kini and well …. Kini came in second. Asha and Alexander took the win.
Daniel Franco from seasons one and two was eliminated. When it is announced Daniel says, “I’m eliminated tonight? Oh wow…” And he seems sort of out of it. His partner, Mitchell  lives to see another day. Speaking of Mitchell, when he was called on during judging to explain his team effort, he immediately tossed to Daniel basically saying, “this shit show was all his idea.”
Next Week:  It’s the unconventional challenge using medical supplies. Why do they always advertise this as a “fan favorite”?  Does anyone really like these challenges?
Are y’all watching this?  Bueller?   Bueller?  Bueller?


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17 responses to “Project Runway All Stars Tea and Catch Up

  1. Lisa

    That is some satisfying tea. I love that Sam wasn’t able to make that outfit for Vanessa. I hated how he didn’t acknowledge Kini’s work.

    • Queen of the Nile

      I agree! Sam was so obnoxious to stand there, accepting the judges’ praise for his outfit and knowing that Kini created the top — which was the best part of the look. He does realize they’ll all be able to watch the film to see that at some point …. right?

      What justice that Sam wasn’t competent enough to create a smaller outfit for Vanessa to wear. Love it!

  2. Ricky Lee Jones

    Not to defend Sam because I loathe the little twit but when I worked in fashion back in the day, you would be surprised as to how many top “designers” (some pretty well-known names) don’t actually sketch or sew. A lot of them have teams and they make these “vision boards” which is basically ripping off other designers. You say “vision”, I say “theft” but alas Kini is a great seamstress but Sam may ultimately be a great “designer”.

    • Lawstangel

      Kini is just as good a designer as Sam ever wished he could be. I remember Kini’s season, he started a little slow but 3 or 4 episodes in he just hit his stride winning the last 4 challenges and showing at NYFW. I predict he will continue to do well. #teamkini

    • Xanadude

      No offense, but at that point don’t you stop being able to call yourself a designer and become a “creative director.”
      It seems to me a designer should be able to sketch and sew, like a chef should be able to chop and cook -and add something to the mix to substantially change a design (or recipe) so as for it to be original.

      • We would all like that Xanadude, but that is NOT how it is. That’s why She by Sheree could be seen as a designer. It’s a very common practice.

  3. SwimMom

    I’m convinced Daniel Franco is/was on something. He never seemed to be on the same planet as anyone else.

    I really liked Kini’s looks. I was disappointed in Sam for not at least throwing Kini a bone after all he did for Sam.

    Stella seemed rather bitchy. When the underside of your garment looks like the backside of a car floor mat, it makes me think you don’t know anything about finishing a garment.

  4. Spilledperfume

    I’ve never seen the show.

  5. CoBe

    I think Daniel is just shy and was really surprised to be sent home.

    I agree with Georgina–the look could have been salvaged with a liner.

    There is something wrong with that Stella though. Scary. I loved Valerie’s design.

    As to the Sam/Kini thing, totally TeamKini. I get it.

    Alexander is the spitting image of Jacobo Mugatu. I almost wonder if he did it purposefully.

    I LOVE the unconventional challenges. It gives real insight as to which designers are really able to think creatively.

  6. Jim

    Alexander is definitely channelling an early Bowie persona (or two)… Ziggy meets the Thin White Duke.

  7. Alexander’s look reminds me of will Ferrell’s character in zoolander (only seen the first). If I had the opportunity Sam had I would have bloody well figured it out.

  8. lauraannb

    I don’t get it. How could Sam make that dress for the runway, but not be able to recreate it again in a smaller version? Plus, he should have given Kini credit for that top. Talk about making enemies.

    • Lime Brain

      Maybe he stapled or taped his outfit together for the runway.

      Not only can’t Sam sew, but he’s also cheap! Only $150 to sew the outfit?

  9. Great tea! I loved Sam’s dress for Vanessa Hudgens. Too bad she didn’t get to wear it. And I loved Kini’s blouse for Sam. I was shocked he didn’t give Kini any credit. Who is this kid? Why is he on Allstars. Boo!

  10. I’m watching TT and I love that you recap any version of Project Runway.

  11. I’m so glad you are recapping this show, it’s one of my fav’s.

    I keep waiting for Ken to explode on someone (if he hasn’t already) like he did on his season.

    And Daniel & Fäde zu grau, IMO, should have been the first out….they both seemed to not be able to rise to the challenge(s) this season.

  12. GirlMe

    Why did Kini agree to sew if he wasn’t ok with it. Then i remembered he could’ve wound up in the bottom with Sam &possibly sent home. So it was worth it.

    Kini is super talented except when he goes home he turns out old lady fashions. Valerie is super good now. Dont remember her being so good.

    Emily still sucks doing that same cowel neckline. She or Stella are next. Dom hasn’t sewn like a winner yet.

    Thx for tea. Sam makes great tv and thats why fashion people lost respect for PR. Ratings getters over true fashion peeps.

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