Dance Moms Recap: Seven Deadly Sins

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Why is there an ALDC step and repeat at a competition?


This week, Maddie is back from filming her latest movie. She’s glad to see the girls, but not looking forward to the Abby drama. The moms are hopeful that having her favorite back will perk Abby up. At least she showed up and is ready to do the pyramid. But first the moms need to get her good and riled up. Instead rolling with things, Ashlee and Holly (what has happened to Holly?) start bitching about last week when Abby refused to participate instead of just getting on with the damn pyramid.

Abby talks about all of the stress she is under emotionally and financially. No matter how you feel about Abby, it really is a miracle she shows up at all. The threat of prison is real. She tell Maddie that all of her outside engagements are negatively impacting her dance. Which is true, but I don’t think Maddie cares, she’s currently enjoying a pretty decent acting career and enjoying her life. Abby is going to be critical of Maddie this week to get her back on track.

JoJo, Nia, Maddie and Mackenzie are all on the bottom. Abby says all for of them underperformed in the group dance last week. Ashlee (Brynn’s mom) is thrilled that Maddie is on the bottom.  Kendall is next. Abby compliments her. Brynn is next, Abby was pleased with her performance as well. On top is Kalani. Abby takes a jab a Kira who is not even there. Kira told Abby that it is either her or Brynn. So Kira isn’t there. Brynn is “on probation” because Abby can’t stand Ashlee, and neither can the other moms.

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Nia gets a solo. It’s a musical theatre piece called “Money Makes the World Go Down.” Mackenzie gets a solo called, “Don’t take my fire.”  Jojo gets a solo where she will be a homicidal nurse. The name of her solo is, “Mercy.”  These three were all on the bottom. Apparently, she wants to push them to do better. Usually, being on the bottom excludes you from a solo. But this is the new, batshit, Abby and all bets are off. The group routine is “The Severn Deadly Sins.” It’s a recycled routine they have done before.  Mackenzie is sloth. Brynn is envy. Nia is Pride. Abby tells Nia she is always proud of her. It’s definitely opposite day.  Maddie is gluttony. Kalani is lust. Kendall is wrath. Jo Jo is greed.  The moms all give examples of Abby exhibiting all the deadly sins.

Abby is pissed that she wasn’t invited to be on Ellen with Maddie and Melissa. Holly is pissed with Abby over Nia’s choreography again. This time she is pissed that Abby wanted to put two steps of the Charleston in Nia’s routine.  Holly doesn’t know when to shut up anymore. If it were a regular season where Abby was barely holding on to her sanity, then critique the choreography all you want. But this is not the time and no good will come of it. Abby was actually spending a lot of time with Nia on her solo. She’s the teacher.

The Competition

It looks like a real competition. At least there seem to be a reasonable number of other teams this week.

Jo Jo’s Solo was great. I have really come around to enjoying Jo Jo. She’s grown out of her speech impediment and matured as a dancer.  We didn’t see Abby applaud at all. Could be editing, or could be Abby’s foul mood.

Mackenzie’s solo  is competing in the same age bracket as Jo Jo.  I liked Jo Jo’s  better. Mackenzie’s solo seemed spastic to me. That said, it was crammed full of tumbling that I suppose could bring a lot of points. It seemed kind of like a gymnastics routine more than a dance. Abby applauded.

Nia’s solo was … I mean I guess it was fine.  I used to really love Nia’s performances and thing they were discounted by Abby. Now she just looks clunky to me. Her choreography is for a young child. I think if she danced more mature routines she would do better. I hate to say it because I used to complain about her doing all ethnic dances, but she’s really better at them after all the practice. Abby seemed fine with it. We didn’t see if  she clapped or not.

In between solos and group, the moms all bitch at Ashlee again.  Meanwhile, they have actually gone all out for costumes this week. Last week they practically dressed in street clothes.

The group dance, was phenomenal. Absolutely my favorite dance they have ever done. The choreography was amazing and the executed as well as the could have possibly done. I can’t imagine them not taking first. I have no idea what Abby will pick on. Jo Jo was particularly good.

Jo Jo got third. I’m pissed. her mom is fine with it. I’m not.  I loved it. Mackenzie took first. She’s excited to win for the first time in a long time.  Nia took fourth. This didn’t surprise me. It just wasn’t that good. The group took a well deserved first place.

Abby cries after the competition because of al the stress.  I can’t help it. I feel sorry for her.

Next week: It’s a hot mess. Abby throws the girls into routines they are not ready for and it doesn’t go well.


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8 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Ellie

    I wish Abby would at least try to act professional and applaud every one of her dancers at the competitions. I am so disappointed with her. Don’t bring your personal problems to work.

  2. Miguel

    Ha – loved “the new batch it Abby” and “opposite day” comments!

  3. VioletBlue

    I agree with Nia looking “clunky.” I thought Brooke was sloth-like and clunky towards the end too. Maybe it’s the body changes?

  4. Cheychey

    I hate the way Abby acts towards Nia so I’m always routing for her, but she has never been the strongest dancer and your right the older she gets the more noticeable it is. She does do better with ethnic dances. Stay in your wheelhouse, if ballet or jazz was her thing do more of that. Whatever takes the trophy home.
    I have to say Abby is not my favorite but I do think the moms need a little practice what you preach. She is going thru some major stuff and not that it is not her own fault but listening to the moms mouths would be the last thing I’d want to do. I’m surprised she held it together as much as she has honestly. But I’m sure her lawyers want a lot less of the Abby we know shown leading up to her trail. A bit of a softer side would hurt things at all.

  5. peachteachr

    When Holly complained, again, after Nia’s dance, Abby said that what she was learning would land Nia a job on Broadway. Abby has tried to explain this to Holly from day one. Afterall, there are just a limited number of jobs for dancers that will pay the bills once they are adults.
    TT, I feel sorry for Abby, too. No one has commented on Abby’s weight loss. She has lost a lot of weight despite the producers showing her eating during each show.

  6. Nia did look clunky, but she is much more a performer dancer than a technical dancer. I think Abby always realized that and Holly didn’t like it.

    I hate how Abby is again going through it, but unlike her mother’s death, the other mom’s are just capitalizing on it.

    I’ve always liked Abby and felt that people who didn’t like her either never had tough performance teachers/coaches or didn’t do well under the guidance of such teachers/coaches.

  7. Gabi

    Does anyone know where Ashlee’s gray printed wrap top is from? I love it!

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