Yolanda Foster Takes Down Her Incredibly Offensive Blog Post! And More…

#OneDayAtATime #BeautyBehindTheMadness #3WeeksPostExplant #MyHealthJourney (August 2015)

#OneDayAtATime #BeautyBehindTheMadness #3WeeksPostExplant #MyHealthJourney (August 2015)

Someone on Twitter alerted me to the fact that Yolanda Foster took down her lengthy manifesto that offended pretty much everyone in the world for one reason or another.  Then lots of interesting stuff happened. First, someone mentioned a photo that People magazine reposted in an article here.  This is Yolanda’s selfie from August of 2015 she says is three weeks after her explant surgery.  Wouldn’t that make it before her “first walk” with Erika?  I find a Stairmaster damn near impossible on a good day and certainly more difficult than a brief walk on the beach.  It looks like the undereye makeup during this period was a brown eye pencil, personally I prefer the eye shadow triangles. What do you think? Kind of puts a new light on all of her “too sick to film” scenes, no?

Also, can we address the hashtag “Beauty Behind the Madness?”  That seems very telling to me.

The next thing that happened was some idiot on Twitter dashed in two seconds after I tweeted about the deleting to say, “Shannie  Ontario @TamaraTattles shame, shame on you for picking on Yolanda! You make me sick! Lisa R behaviour was pathetic, and that’s ok with U?”  Which is troubling. Clearly people are buying Yolanda’s bullshit and this means they will be buying her book. Now this one is one of our neighbors to the north who we like to stereotype as being “too nice” so maybe there aren’t that many around here.   But for everyone you see….

RHOBH Yolanda and Daisy with Whackdoodle Doctor

In other news, Yolanda has been back in Seattle, with Anwar and Daisy.  She posted the above photo (probably taken by Anwar)  with the above, “yolandahfoster ️Optimisn allows us to look at the bright side of our circumstances, even when we struggle with the ignorance and doubt of the misinformed. We not only learn to recognize the strength deep within us but we also learn to recognize the GIFT of those equipped to give us aid…….. Thank you Dr.Klinghardt for sharing your 40 years of knowledge and being a guiding light in the maze of Chronic Disease…….. #RoadToRecovery #LymeDiseaseAwareness #WorldWidePandemic #WeMustFindACure #SophiaHealthInstitute #seattle”

There are a lot of things that are disturbing about the above picture. But the most disturbing thing about this whole trip is the fact that Anwar is likely getting dosed with his snake oil. Those meds look like they might be injectables. I can’t believe Mohammed let Anwar go on this little trip.  It’s also amusing that she is still screaming “Worldwide Pandemic!”  Dr. Klinghardt seems thrilled to have this idiot fish on the hook.  I think he is the one who broke the camel’s back when it came to David’s wallet. I guess Mohammed is paying now? Or perhaps she is shelling out her own euros for this trip to show the judge. “See? I had to spend my own money on snake oil! And it’s very expensive!”

If you missed the full blog Yolanda posted on her website,  read all 2200 words (& another 2000 of mine) here.

The next thing to report is that Yolanda will be on Dr. Oz on Tuesday.  Here is how the listing reads on one TamaraTattles.com reader’s local listing,  “Tuesday, 3/01/16 -Oz Exclusive: Yolanda Foster Speaks Out About Her Fight Against an Invisible Disease– All New:  In her first interview, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster opens up about the invisible disease that’s plagued her for years. Her desperate search for a cure that took her to over 10 countries and more than 100 doctors, and her response to her critics who say she’s making it all up. Yolanda sets the record straight.”

Here is the thing, Yolanda included Dr. Oz on a random tweet just last week. So clearly his people noticed and saw all the drama. That said, she was just on his show in April of 2015.  So I’m not sure this will be a new show despite being listed that way. I expect them to play footage from the first interview and maybe have her Skype in or show up for a five minute segment. Dr. Oz is the perfect choice because he is almost as whackadoodle as her other doctors. He is however a legitimate western doctor. I doubt he will question her too much though. We shall see.

And that is most of the “thee” !


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160 responses to “Yolanda Foster Takes Down Her Incredibly Offensive Blog Post! And More…

  1. Cat

    Oh, goodie. That means we can expect more trolls.

    Get ready for the “TT Cult” accusations. I wonder if “someone” is sending them here?

  2. ahem..as an awesome Canadian..I speak only for myself and do not lay claim to that bad apple..geez..what a douche tweet!

    Yeah Yolanda is dragging herself all over the world…even though her own dr. klinghardt has many don’ts…one is don’ t fly!

    I can’t stand how Yolanda treats people that follow her..she speaks to them as if they are without IQ’s…geez..

    • Suse

      All followers, or Lisa Rinna ftans? Am I the only one that sees that this is just the Kim Richards shit for this season?? She called KIM a rabid dog(!!!). That, after SHE lunged across the table and through wine and then the glass at Kim?? LR is a bitch, plain and simple. Those that have fallen for her gossiping, bragging, violent self are living in the dark. The end.

      • Yolanda has lied her face off ..and promotes dr. that have sanctions against them..Yolanda and her children are on the “starvation diet..and you make this about LisaR because……….

      • KatherineNola

        @Suse, FYI “through a glass of wine” do you perhaps mean threw? Did you even watch last season and Kim’s behavior towards everyone except Brandi? Calling Kim a rabid dog was nice considering she had one that attacked at least 3 people we know about at this point. I’m confused as to your hatred of Lisa Rinna, although of course you are entitled to your opinion. Would you be willing to enlighten me to your extreme feelings regarding Lisa Rinna? Do you know her personally? Are you suffering from Yolanda’s “chronic Lyme disease aka made up bullshit?” I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

        P.S. TT, et al, I want in on the cult. We need t-shirts and coffee tumblers! Personalized wine glasses with a a TT slogan…..

      • Spilledperfume

        I want wine glasses that say The Party Starts Now! This way whenever there’s wine in the glass it’s Happy Hour!

      • Minky

        Samael? Since you’re Canadian you can do like Rick Moranis and say to people “Take off, eh. Don’t be such a hoser.” For me that’s reason enough to visit Canada and eat up all your wonderful bacon and maple syrup, eh.

        Katherine, I love coffee tumblers. That would be so cute!

  3. Meg

    So we will get photo of Anwar with needle in his arm in 3…2…1… Somebody stop this woman. She is crazy. It’s not even funny anymore.

  4. You can now find “the lengthy manifesto that offended just about everyone” on Bravo’s site. They posted it in total, minus the email to Kyle (which as you recall mentioned production). The picture above that Yolanda tweeted out back in August is just one of many, many, many inconsistencies in the story of Yolanda’s “journey” that we are supposed to ignore.

  5. Natalie

    Ummmm, I thought she was to sick to listen to music, especially through the headphones. As for setting the record straight, me thinks we will be even more confused and offended after her oz appearance.

    • Minky

      I’ve spent the last couple of days cleaning like a mad woman. Refrigerator, stove, laundry room, doing laundry, cooking and prepping food for three days in advance, as well as taking care of a sick relative. I’m pooped! And I have fucking work tomorrow at my job.

      I wonder how Yolanda would feel if she had to do actual work? When I say “actual” I mean the kind of work that doesn’t require preparation by a glam squad before you start. My feet hurt, my hands hurt and I need a shower badly. Aaaaaaargh!

      • Cat

        I’ve been cleaning off and on all day, too. I have to break it down into small spurts (during commercials), but slowly, it’s getting done.

  6. Spilledperfume

    At least we don’t have to see her feet this visit.

    I hope Mohammed puts a stop to her dragging Bella and Anwar into this nonsense. It kills me that she may have dragged him on this latest trip. She’s lucky to have 3 beautiful children with modeling contracts she shouldn’t be dragging any of them into her invisible disease bs.

    • Gia

      I don’t think Mohammed would dare challenge Yolanda about ‘treating’ the children. Yo knows all his dirty little secrets and probably more than enough about his sketchy “business” dealings. They seem to have worked out a good arrangement for keeping quiet and looking supportive in the process. The Beverly Hills sharade rolls on…

  7. Hmmmm…….why am I so compelled to scream Shut Up to a woman who is suffering in “silence”?

  8. CoBe

    I wonder if Dr Oz will get a wormy surprise while he is kissing Yolanda’s ass.

  9. The Glutins

    The worst thing is how many people will suck that Dr Oz right up through their glass pseudoscience straws. He has time and time again endorsed nonsense proven to be nonsense. I mean I suppose it is fitting that she be supported by that quack, but majority will not see past the bullshit.

  10. Rubbishhousewife

    Dr Oz is becoming infamous for supporting quackery and woo, so it doesn’t surprise me. It drives me potty – I understand why people fall for this bollicks, especially those with untreatable problems, but the people marketing the “miracle” cures (I’m looking at you, Yolanda evil deranged eyes Foster sorry Hadid) know they are selling snake oil. I try to look at such stuff with a rational view but…..she’s fecking unhinged, those eyes bother me.

    • Minky

      Tell me about it. I fell for the raspberry ketones a while ago. And the green coffee bean extract. The worst thing about Oz is that he’s actually a cardiologist who’s pretty highly regarded in his field, or so I’ve heard. I suppose money talks and it’s multilingual.

      • Sue

        Actually, according to my daughter whom is graduating from med school soon, she says that Dr Oz has not passed his boards and could not officially practice.
        It seems that Yolanda might be having an actuall breakdown
        However, I would like a TT T-shirt and a cocktail, sounds like a fun cult.
        Just my thoughts…..

      • Minky

        WHAT??? So the cardiologist thing is a lie?! Noooooo!!!

        That being said, I’m not surprised. He’s had some questionable people on that show. What physician in their right mind would endanger people’s lives like that.? And now, Yolanda! SMH. ?

      • Rain

        WHAT, Sue? I’ve seen him on tv documentaries doing surgery, how can he not have passed his boards? He practices at a major hospital in NY. (I’m not a Dr. Oz supporter and I can’t tolerate the hogwash he promotes on his tv program.)

      • Leelee

        @sue Dr Oz is 100% a cardiologist– or at least he used to be one.

      • tamaratattles

        I haven’t had time lately to correct bogus info from commenter’s junkman’s daughter’s brothers. Obvi Dr Oz is a cardiologist.

  11. V

    Why is Mohammed allowing Yolanda to put his kids through this, is he really that removed ? Also Yolanda keeps stating that she is searching for an affordable treatment, when? at what point in her journey has she ever been seen having any type of affordable treatment ?

  12. Lime Brain

    I find this woman completely fascinating. Albeit, in a car crashing kind of way.
    I don’t want to look, but I can’t stop myself because I have to see what happens next.

    • I agree the psychosis is intriguing – I just wish she wouldn’t hijack the show with her nonsense and hypocritically attack the others for judgment, being “Hollywood Friends” etc when she is the worst of all – if she was sidelined to twitter etc we could continue to gleefully dissect her flawed psyche while watching ponies, pole dancing, pink puppies, Paris etc as Kyle twirls her hair & does the splits, Erica Pats the Puss, Lisa get’s her foot stuck in her mouth, Eileen cries, Kathryn blabs and Pinky pontificates.

      And what about this “I want my kids to be financially independent by 21 like I was” nonsense – the kids look to have great careers ahead of them, no one will question that. But how dependent are you if your “broken back” voids the prenup in your first marriage” and it looks like “Lyme Brayne” will in your second? Is anyone else questioning about what happens with the Lyme Charity funds?

      Does anyone else feel after reading all her crap that they might have “Lyme Brayne”? Cause I do ……

  13. Toni Lee Gildea

    I find the numbers of hashtags Yolanda uses embarrassing. Isn’t there a limit ?

  14. tamaratattles

    If you people would be quiet with all the cult planning and GO OUT AND RECRUIT MEMBERS like good little minions, I could sit here and listen to the ones with the accents say cute things like quackery and woo .. and thrust and parry. Even without the accents they still talk prettier than you.

    • Spilledperfume

      Good one.

    • thrust __ reminders me, I think we should rent a few “boy toys” as servers in the TT cult treehouse.

      • Minky

        Boy toys? I say equal parts cute European soccer players (mostly Spanish and Italian) and hockey players who still have most of their own teeth. What can I say? I have a thing for lean and toned men with stubble, scars, and good looking legs. Who’s with me?!!!

      • Spilledperfume

        Oooh calipatti, I like the way you think. Boy Toys sound like fun. 😉 Can they bring us wine?

    • Miguel

      TT, you organize the propaganda& merchandise & I’ll do my part to spread the ideology!!! Who’s with me? I mean, US…US, O Merciful & Great leader!

    • Cat

      *bowing* I must comply.

      Where’s my cupcake?

      • hannahkingrose

        Cat, cupcake? Did you notice they said wine? And they said wine being brought by good looking boy toys. Beefcake Cat, Beefcake lol. I’m too old to do anything but enjoy looking but hey just because I’m on a diet doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu.

      • Cat

        Ha! Wine is a topic I am avoiding, at the moment. The last comment I made about wine was not well received.

        Not that the insults bothered me. I can handle those. But I do prefer the “bear” when it ignores me. :)

  15. Oh, for f’s sake – now Crystal Hefner is claiming to be a victim of Lyme disease!!

    It’s not Lyme that’s a plague but bloody Yolanda!

    I suppose “Lyme Brayne” could be a good excuse for marrying an octogenarian, but with a Zoo license I’d imagine they’d be very careful of ticks in Holmby Hills – are ticks ALLOWED in Holmby Hills? I suppose they let Crystal in …..

    I very much doubt that that will break your prenup Crystal, you need to play the long game, like YO 😉

    • Donna

      Her information is false about Lyme disease causing other illnesses. Why would anyone give her credit for being able to dispense reliable info about such a debilitating disease? For those who have it this is just insult to injury.

  16. VioletBlue

    LMAO! Do we get cool cult names?

  17. Allison

    I can’t, with the “pandemic” and her non-Oscar worthy drama. I’ll just have to hope the Oz show is recapped here, and sympathize with TT and whoever else has to watch it, because I just can’t with Yolanda anymore.

  18. Dracla Dunning

    I don’t get the snuggling type photo she takes with this man (I do but I don’t). When I first saw the picture I felt it was not an appropriate way to pose with one’s physician. As much as one may like their doctor, there is a line of professionalism that does not get crossed. I think there may be more than a doctor/patient relationship going on. Just a feeling. Maybe it is that sleazy look he has that is throwing me off.

  19. Frosty

    Yoland #PrizzisHonor

  20. peachteachr

    Yolanda took down her personal blog. She’s not very good at introspection no matter how many times she says “My journey.” I think she has been on the receiving end of a lot of anger and ridicule concerning her words about Big Ang’s death and likening ‘her journey’ to Elton and AIDS. I am just surprised to see her admission which is what taking down the blog must mean.

    • Rain

      I’d love to hear her ‘official’ reason for taking down the blog – would she actually admit she was wrong and that she offended so many people or would she try to spin it in some BS direction that absolves her of any and all errors.

  21. Allison

    The cult of personality? There’s a lot of personality here…thats a good thing. And make it a cult, why not. I wonder how Gigi escaped being Lyme-ified. Maybe because at the time Yolanda thought she had the highest earning potential? Be that as it may, the “Lyme” doesnt seem to be stopping Bella at all. Good for her too.

    • Spilledperfume

      I don’t think it’s stopping Anwar either. Yolanda already admitted that he’s doing well in sports. Plus he just signed with the same agency as the girls so I’m guessing/hoping that between Mohammed and his sisters he’ll be OK.

  22. hannahkingrose

    So is Yolanda in remission running all over and now feeling well enough to tape Dr. Oz? I thought she hasn’t been able to read, write, think or even watch t.v. for the past 4 years. I mean I was amazed that with her Chronic Lyme/Post Chronic Lyme/Whatever the fuck Lyme Brain she is calling it this week Disease would allow her to write a 2,200 word blog. TT says she was even aware enough to blog it in her own and not give it to Bravo so they couldn’t edit it. Hmmm now she deletes it. Any reason given yet why she decided to do it?

    Doesn’t that kind of conflict with her story of being so debilitated that the prenup with David Foster needed to be reversed? Wonder if he’s paying attention or if it’s too late now?

    TT, remember when you kept up with all of the conflicting lies that Caleb told on Big Brother? I bet Yolanda’s list would triple his lmao.

    • amisteree

      Hannahkingrose: what a fabulous idea! I would love for TT to chronicle Yo’s inconsistencies. But then again, that would be a full-time job in and of itself.

  23. OMG Anwar looks exactly like Yolanda. He is all I see in this picture of her.

  24. Yikes, this went from crazy Yolanda to crazy Tom Cuise and holier than thou Ted Cruz…..I don’t know about cults and tee shirts and Kool Aid but I do know a fake when I see one and Yolanda Hadid-Foster-Munchausen fits the title to a tee (not shirt). I am sick of hearing about this creepy woman with her sick make-up and quack doctors.Why is anyone bothering to follow her or even more puzzling…defend her? I feel sorry for her children. She is a mess and a liar and I have stopped watching the show because of her. Go away Yolanda and stop misrepresenting real sick people with your lies and made up illness. If you are so sick and chronically ill than stay home and rest instead of running around the globe promoting yourself (ie).

  25. So Yolanda posts her lengthy discourse on a separate site. It’s up long enough to be generally mocked and ridiculed by several internet blogs. She then takes it down, and Bravo posts an excerpt on their site. She probably sees it as a victory – she got them to post what she wanted to say. She doesn’t seem aware of just how much she continues to insult the truly chronically and/or terminally ill and how pathetically silly she looks.
    On the other hand, her “journey” would make a fascinating case study for someone studying psychology. Her twitter and instagram sites hold much evidence of her fabrication and outright deception. It’s such a shame that she continues to convince Bravo and the media to provide a platform to “raise awareness” for her “illness”.

  26. tamaratattles


  27. Allison

    I wonder why Lyme whatever they allegedly have didnt interfere with Bella having plastic surgery. Because boy, did she. Maybe Yolanda made an exception for that, earning potential and all. But as sicksicksick as she claims they all are, elective surgery probably wouldnt be a great idea. Not picking on Bella for that at all-she’s a beautiful girl. A little young for all of that, maybe, but whatever. Just another contradiction from Yolanda. It seems.

  28. T D

    Yolanda forgot #I’m Bodhisattva You’re Not.

  29. VioletBlue

    Maybe those rushing in to say “shame on you” are none other than Daisy & her friends.

  30. cc101

    I have a question because I don’t know anything about the housewives contracts . Is it possible that Bravo had her take the blog down? I just wondered given how much she discussed production whether this violated her contract in anyway. Just a thought.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, they are not allowed to do what Yolanda did. Bravo caught her and she had to take down the blog and they put up an edited version at Bravo. Thankfully, I saved it. :) She’s not allowed to talk about production like that on social media. She will be able to blame Lyme Brain and nothing will happen, but I’m sure Bravo is pissed off.

  31. Allison

    bella’s apparently had rhinoplasty. Possibly other procedures, but def nose job.

  32. Heidi

    Thanks TT for the heads up about Yolanda’s appearance on Dr. Oz. I have my DVR set, and plan on watching in the evening with some red wine. I would drink to every time she says journey, but I’m pretty sure I would pass out before the end of her segment.
    I have Dish, and the guide description is “Yolanda Foster (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) discusses her search for a cure for her hidden disease”. Hmm… It’s been called silent, invisible and hidden. I really hope the next word used is nonexistent.

  33. T D

    Book Titled “Journey to the Center of my Earth” Yolanda #

  34. Lyme is real. What she’s dealing with is real and until you are dealing with I would suggest you stop blogging about something you know nothing about. I am fighting Late Stage Lyme and find people who question what we are dealing with highly offensive!!

    • tamaratattles

      ROFLMAO “Late stage Lyme?” Dead god. Do you really want to show up here and pretend your imaginary..er I mean invisible disease is like cancer? Go fuck yourself and find out what is really wrong with you.

      • Al

        You are a horrid excuse for a human being. Just disgusting. If you think Lyme is such a joke, maybe YOU should go fuck yourself in a bed of Lyme-infected ticks. Maybe the only way for your head to find its way out of your ass is to be infected with this miserable disease and experience it first hand. It’s worse than cancer. Cancer comes with respect, with health coverage and respect from the medical community. It even comes with the known: either you get better or you die. Far too many Lyme patients are just as sick as cancer patients, and far too many commit suicide because of douche bag idiots like yourself perpetuating misinformation and stereotypes and passing judgment on things you know nothing about. You should be ashamed of yourself, but I’m sure your callousness won’t allow it.

      • tamaratattles

        Cancer comes with health coverage now? Is that an Obama thing? I don’t think the guy I used to date whose wife died of cancer leaving him bankrupt and penniless got that memo. When did this great health coverage for cancer start?

        Lyme disease is not “worse than cancer.” You have been brainwashed by an idiot with false information about Lyme disease. A disease she has never been diagnosed with, by the way. You also seem very overly invested in the con. Why is that I wonder?

      • Al

        My stepmom had cancer, she didn’t have health coverage and either the state or county where she lived offered emergency “cancer coverage” to pay for only things related to cancer. I know of several other people that had similar insurance in similar situations. So yes, it’s a thing. Similar programs are in place for HIV/AIDS patients in some areas.

      • Al

        By the way, I haven’t been brainwashed. I have Lyme disease, the chronic late stage kind you think is horse shit. I was infected at 10, bedridden at 27, and have been to dozens of doctors and paid thousands upon thousands of dollars out of pocket for things not covered by insurance. 16 months on antibiotics got me functional enough to get out of bed but my every day health sucks. Before I got too sick to live life, I worked full time, bought my own home at 23, remodeled it, and had an active social life, traveled, etc etc. Now at 35, I am on SSDI (which I obtained with no lawyer, just my medical records and my testimony, by the way–so much for made up disease, huh?), my friends mostly took off to live their healthy lives, I can’t drive, I can’t use my muscles for longer than 5 minutes, and I have any number of symptoms I shape my daily life around. So yes, Lyme is as bad if not worse than cancer.
        And your friend that ended up broke due to his wife’s cancer–kudos to him for paying for anything that had a chance of saving her. Insurance, as I’m sure you know, doesn’t cover everything, nor does it cover every treatment option your oncologist suggests. If there’s a shot in the dark that would save your loved one, wouldn’t you at least try, covered or not?

      • Margarett

        WLS…table for one (at least) !!

      • Al..apparently when you get your panties in a knot ..it leaves you kinda disgusting ..wow..as a reminder..this story is about yolanda …who has lied her designer face off..to us the vieweand .her husband

        and is now giving this lie to her children..awesome parenting..

        while falling off your lemontree of indignation..perhaps the pickle will be displaced..wow

      • Heidi

        Yes, you can now get insurance if you have a pre existing condition. The Affordable Care Act is the only good thing Obama has done during his administration (IMO).

        To the two assholes, today marks the 12 year anniversary of the death of my sister from breast cancer. Please, share all the loved ones you lost to Lyme disease.

      • Al

        Samael–this is indeed a blog post about this Yolanda woman, you are a correct. It’s a rude, disrespectful blog about how all you on your high horses have deemed her full of shit and making up her illness. My nasty panties-in-a-bunch comment was in response to the WRITER OF THIS BLOG who was a rude asshole to a previous commenter who stated that she herself has Lyme and it is real. If you read that persons comment, which was not in any way rude or malicious, and tamaratattles response, it’s pretty uncalled for.
        I find it hard to believe that any of you have ever attempted to learn anything about this subject, but perhaps you should. Or do you enjoy armchair bullying too much to risk learning you’re wrong?

      • Al..your brains are showing..impressive that you slap and punch tamara ..and eagerly justify it..abuse much?

      • Al, no one is forcing you to read this blog. If it makes you that upset don’t come here. I am sure that much anger can’t be good for your late stage lyme disorder.

      • Al

        Heidi, I’m curious–when your sister was first diagnosed and still looked healthy on the outside, did you call her an asshole and accuse her of making it all up? Maybe even demand that she prove to you that she really had cancer? I’m sure your sister would be SO PROUD of you for being such a narrow minded fool.

      • hey al…FYI…try getting over yourself…you have expectations/demands of people and bitchslap them…is this how you treat family as well?….spend 5 minutes reading ABOUT yolanda..Tamra has various fact based information…oh..ok..so you just want to bitch..complain and crap on people….bully + ignorance = are you going through MENopause?..you kinda have that stench..

      • Al

        Our definitions of abuse are very different. This blog writer you apparently love so much attacked a commenter. Vanessa L. simply said Lyme is real and that she is fighting the disease. Tamara responded with, among other gems, go fuck your self and find out what’s really wrong with you.
        She has Lyme. That’s what’s wrong with her. She said that, pretty clearly.
        I wouldn’t wish this disease on any of my worst enemies, not even on any of you ignorant fucks. You couldn’t handle it anyway.
        My soul hurts from reading the hateful words you all spew out to and about strangers, but it’s offset by learning new slang (cunt satchel) with the perfect example of how to be one. So thank you, all of you!
        Vanessa L., much love from one Lyme warrior to another. Keep up the good fight.

      • Al …dude..seriously ..you have zero clue what is happening..you are patting yourself on the back for verbally trashing/smasing ..oh…abusing..people you have never met…You have given yourself permission to be a douche..Tamara’s site is chock full of people that have shred their medical struggles with us..and you stomp in and apply boots to the head..and pat yourself on the back..pure douche behavior..real nice dude

      • Heidi

        Hey Al, waiting on the list of loved ones who have passed from Lyme disease.

      • Al

        Oh Samael, I’m swooning in my twisted-in-a-knot panties. Talk like that to me more.

      • al..you couldn’t afford me babe ?

      • Al

        Samael, whoa there dude. This is the only time I have read this masterpiece of a blog, but it seems to me to be full of wild assumptions and somehow, because it’s on the Internet, simple minded people read it and think if Tamara said it, it must be true. “Those meds look like they might be injectables” and what’s this about brown eye pencil instead of triangles somehow proving she is making it all up?
        I don’t need to spend 5 minutes reading about Yolanda. I know her story because I live it too, every day. I didn’t see a single FACT BASED bit of information about Lyme anywhere on this blog. Can you help point me in the right direction? This pesky Lyme brain, I tell you! All I can find is just a lot of hasty generalizations and lots of jumping to conclusions based on ridiculous things. If she’s wearing brown eye pencil, instead of eyeshadow triangles, she MUST be into some tomfoolery about being too sick to film. WTF?! If this blog post is anything like the rest on this site, I can’t imagine anyone sharing their medical dilemmas with you all unless they’re looking to be shat upon with piles of incredulous disrespect. Or are you all nicer to people that share medical info with you, as long as it’s a diagnosis you believe in?

      • Al…educate yourself..or remain ignorant..clearly you enjoy the “ignorance is bliss” ..at least now we know what a coward you are..to scared to check facts that Tamara and people on this site provide..you would rather moan/groan/bitch/slap/stomp…putrid steaming pile..aka “al”

      • Margarett

        Exactly right, Samael. If this person hasn’t seen facts on this site she simply hasn’t looked.

        There are those folks who won’t accept the truth. Obviously, there is secondary gain for them.

      • Too true …”Al’ had to troll..oops I mean scroll through many stories to reach this one…eager to bash seems to be “Al’s” goal

      • Al

        Samael, help a girl out! I’ll ask again–where are these factual references located on this blog, so I can read them? I love reading all sides of a story (that’s what brought me to this blog in the first place) but a quick look around for Lyme facts and I’m not seeing any.
        You are right, ignorance is bliss. But what does that make knowledge? Misery?

      • “Al” last time I checked …I am not your slave/staff..Tamara’s site rocks with major facts! …FYI..for some reason..”white noise” comes to mind..yawn..

      • Al

        Hahaha you guys are funny. I don’t have any secondary gain or secret goal. I didn’t troll through a bunch of posts to find this one. I clicked on a link directly to THIS POST about Yolanda posting, and deleting said post, about Lyme disease. I’ve scrolled up and down this page from top to bottom and am still not seeing these facts you’re talking about. I asked nicely for help but I guess you’d rather call me dumb and assign me some conspiratorial ulterior motive rather than point me in the right direction. So, thanks for that.

      • Margarett

        Oh good grief! Go to the home page and “search”, Miss Rocket Scientist.

      • Al

        Seriously, Samael. That’s the equivalent of “I’m mad at you but you should know why so I’m not telling you”. Grow the fuck up.

      • Al

        Thanks Margarett! I did just what you said and there are indeed some actual facts in previous posts about Lyme. You didn’t have to be such a rude motherfucker about it though. We can’t all be Internet and tamaratattles blog geniuses like you.

        Some of the information she cites in the blog posts seems outdated (God bless science and it’s ever changing ways!), especially in regards to the chronic Lyme and the treatment guidelines. Hopefully since Lyme seems to be a favorite subject of this site, the research and fact sharing is kept up to date. I’m sure Tamara wouldn’t want to fill all you wise readers’ heads with misinformation and top off your cunt satchels with more horse excrement. That’s not the point of this blog AT ALL.

      • you are a douche wrapped in a bully covered by wimp sauce…buh bye…yawn..

      • Cat

        Wow, I never knew cancer was such a status thing. It comes with respect? I feel so lucky now. Even though all of my friends have abandoned me. I guess they missed the memo.

        But I didn’t know it was a competition, either. This fight about “my disease is better than your disease” is stupid. I would rather be healthy, and not compete.

    • Margarett

      Is this yet another diagnosis…”late stage Lyme”?

      • Allison

        Hey-Late Stage Lyme is VERY real. I heard Bigfoot is battling it, and it’s hitting chupacabras VERY hard. The tooth fairy has almost recovered though. Unicorn urine is the next big thing, cure-wise.

      • Margarett

        Thanks, Allison. I’m clear now. Besides I needed a good laugh!

        It seems to me that at least some of these folks need a second opinion from a reputable doctor. Assuming, of course that they had a first opinion.

      • Allison

        Yes-the all-important but seemingly elusive first opinion. 😉

      • Cat

        Correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure you all will have no problem doing so), but I think the difference here is between Lyme Disease, and Yolanda’s CHRONIC Lyme Disease?

        The first is real, and has 3 stages? The other is a “catch all” diagnosis, like Chronic Fatigue?

        So…..what I’m trying to say is….you are ALL correct. :)

  35. Heidi

    Heidi, I’m curious–when your sister was first diagnosed and still looked healthy on the outside, did you call her an asshole and accuse her of making it all up? Maybe even demand that she prove to you that she really had cancer? I’m sure your sister would be SO PROUD of you for being such a narrow minded fool.

    No. Because CANCER is a real disease recognized by the NiH (National Insititute of Health)
    Chronic Lyme is NOT RECOGNIZED by the NIH.
    Good lord, you fools. My father practiced internal medicine for almost fifty years! I get great info from him.

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