The Next :15 Recap: Boo Hoo Kitty

The next 15

A commenter in another post reminded me that Claudia is paying me big bucks to recap this show (and we are also best friends!) so I guess I better get on this recap!  I missed last week’s episode, but you can see my terribly biased recaps on The Next :15 here where I say things like, “I’m not sure I am going to stick with this show.”  Clearly, I was just angling for a raise.

I’m also going to try to make this one much faster as I have tons of other shows to recap and I’d like to not miss the weekend entirely. I missed the last episode entirely so I really am not sure what is going on other than New York drama. OMG!  They started with a funny as hell scene with New York and Claudia and now we have to rewind all the way to the beginning! DAYUM!

So we start with a recap anyway. Claudia meets with the rest of the team to tell them about New York’s crazy assed behavior. Have these people not seen New York before? This is just her normal Tuesday demeanor.  Laura and Jennifer both threaten to leave because they have done enough ratchet. Claudia talks everyone down. She wants to give New York one more chance.  Benzino seems to be halfway out the door as well.

LOL Laura is going to meet with her “anger management” teacher. She says she doesn’t have anger issues. The judge saw things otherwise. She tells the dude, “I went to beat him up and hit on him…” #Rachet Laura wants to pretend to buy an expensive car on camera. Which is dumb for so many reasons. Karamo tries to point this out to her, but she’s not listening.

Jennifer wants to cut a demo with Benzino. Problem is, she can’t sing. Benzino is hilarious in his talking heads.  I feel sorry for him because he’s the only straight male on this show, and everyone uses him as a sounding board. Basically, Jennifer and Claudia don’t like each other.

I’ve only ever seen Benzino on Marriage Boot Camp. I have to say he is quite funny on this show. He made a surf and turf with two dinner plates one is for Althea who is joining him on Facetime.

RHOA Claudia

Messy Carlos goes to see New York at her regular job, which is apparently introducing drag queens, and tells her to show up at Claudia’s housewarming and tell her that she wants to be executive producer.

Jennifer and Claudia meet to clear the air. For some reason it turns into a very personal therapy session for Claudia about things I wish I could unhear and don’t want to discuss.

Claudia’s welcome to LA shindig is not a housewarming unless she lives in a parking lot.  I have no clue what I am watching now. New York showed up with two armed goons. Which is probably wise in this neighborhood. Benzino wants to know which side of the orange cones the VIP section is on. There are red solo cups and Styrofoam coolers. I’d say it was ghetto, but I live in the ghetto and we would do better than this.

Claudia shows in a tiara and evening gown with her head sticking out of a sunroof. Things are getting klassy now.  Apparently, it’s “homecoming” theme, not a housewarming theme. New York asks to be an executive producer. She wants the title without the work. Claudia laughs but this has worked for others on reality shows.  This time however, it’s not.

So there is a ridiculous scene in the parking lot that makes Porsha Williams look educated and civilized. I can’t even be bothered to explain. I am probably going to save these episodes for when I fall off the wagon.

Are y’all watching?


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16 responses to “The Next :15 Recap: Boo Hoo Kitty

  1. Cat

    Wouldn’t it be fun if New York became a housewife? Can you imagine her on RHONY?

  2. Spilledperfume

    I’ve only read your recaps. I refuse to watch New York on anything.

    I caught a show last night that revealed the behind the scenes secrets from Marriage Boot Camp and that’s the first time I’ve seen Benzino. Apparently he fought a lot with Althea (sp) during the show but they went from that show directly into David Tutera throwing a baby shower for him and Althea. During the baby shower show they didn’t show any fighting and he was really considerate of his girlfriend but who knows what went on behind the scenes. (I read here for behind the scenes info.)

  3. ShyGuy

    The show is ok, I honestly only watch for New York and Karamo fine ass. But other than that it’s blah. I like Claudia but Carlos should have came up with a better storyline than a talk show because the cast is obviously not on the same page.

  4. A Little Birdie

    This is a train wreck I can’t turn away from. What exactly did Claudia expect from Jennifer? They aren’t friends.

  5. Glow

    Not only am I watching but I am enjoying watching… Because I love Claudia. I can take Tiffany’s drama for what it is, Karamo is Kool, Benzino and Laura are good. But what’s up with Jennifer’s fixation on Claudia’s sluthood? I honestly don’t get that. I love this show and would love to see a talk show manifest.

  6. Monique

    I’m watching. I’m enjoying seeing Benzino away from marriage bootcamp. Karamo is a great addition to the cast.

  7. FGF

    New York is as crazy today as she was on FOL!!! I actually feel sorry for Benzino because he’s such a sweetheart and hard worker and always gets taken by gold diggers. His first season on Love and Hip Hop showed how gullible he is and that those Atlanta women were after him for money. I was also shocked to hear Althea down talk the other women because she’s a known video hoe. She even admitted on Love and Hip Hop to sleeping with Benzino’s best friend.

  8. Xanadude

    I’m watching it – going in I knew Claudia and Tiffany, casually knew the Basketball Wives chicks, and had no clue about the men. I’m digging that there’s not even a facade of realness here. Tiffany literally says take two, Claudia refers to staged scenes as such, and Carlos is obviously trying to become an on air personality himself. The whole things a hoot.

    • Spilledperfume

      Let know if they get rid of New York and then I’d be happy to watch. I’d like to see Benzino in something different.

  9. I love New York (and Claudia) but this show is starting to lose me. It’s too much screaming with short breaks for boring (Jennifer & Laura). I’m loving Karamo, tho. I’ll stick around for a little longer. Hopefully it will suck me in…

  10. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Just started watching this on demand. It’s hard to swallow. New York is as delusional as ever, and Jennifer is as boring as watching grass grow. Did poor Claudia have to resort to this to gat a talk show? If so, someone get that girl a new publicist ASAP!

  11. I can’t help but laugh at the shit coming out New York’s mouth! LOL!!! “I’M CRYING INSIDE, BITCH!!! MY HEART IS CRYING!!” I don’t know if I’d want to see her on RHOA, but I do want to put her in a room with Mrs. Leakes and see how long it takes for the wigs to start flying. Oooo even better, can we have NeNe host the reunion for THIS show??

  12. Nisha S

    I like Claudia and Karamo on this! Jennifer Brown is a No for me. I LOVE New York but she is over the top for no reason on this show

  13. Miguel

    I don’t ever advocate violence, especially against/among women and children. Notwithstanding, I keep wishing that Claudia will throw a drink in Jennifer’s face. Hopefully, like her sister in The Wizard of Oz, we could hear her say, “I’m melting…melting…melting…”

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