And Now A Word About Dr. Oz…


First of all,  Dr. Oz has a clip up on his website with Yolanda Foster. Sorry, Yolanda Hadid.  So first go here and watch that. It is only 30 seconds, long, but she manages to get her suicidal ideations in there before whining that some people think she has mental issues.  She clearly has mental issues.  But if you are expecting Dr. Oz to be the voice of reason, I have the above video for you to watch. It’s informative, but it’s also funny. That is how John Oliver gets resistant learners to, well you know, learn stuff. If you make it to the end there is even a real housewives reenactment! I’m serious!

So if you are expecting Dr. Oz to say something like, “gulping fistfuls of supplements three times a day and sacking them up for your children to ingest is not a good idea”  Think again.


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44 responses to “And Now A Word About Dr. Oz…

  1. spilledperfume

    I love the John Oliver video.

    I fell for some of those weight loss supplements after a friend swore that they worked. Then I found out she took the supplements and then starved herself. She used to have an eating disorder & I had no idea so starving herself was easy for her.

  2. Yolanda, no one is insinuating. You are effing crazy.
    I love John Oliver. I miss Jon Stewart. Samantha Bee just started her new show. It’s pretty good too.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Samantha Bee’s show is hilarious! I miss J Stew too. Stephen Colbert’s new show is proving a disappointment.

  3. I cannot for the life of me understand why the dr oz video is blocked in AUS, we are pretty much up to date on the episodes. The John Oliver video was great. I actually bought that supplement when dr oz plugged it on Oprah. Because…. Oprah.

    • Spilledperfume

      I had trouble viewing the video on my phone but once I logged in on the laptop I could see it just fine. It’s only 30 seconds as TT mentioned. The John Oliver video was much better.

      • tamaratattles

        While our borders are wide open and we will feed, clothe and educate all illegal aliens (but ship back folks who overstay a visa while visiting their loved ones) we will absolutely NOT TOLERATE any damn foreigners viewing advertisements for our TV programs or any other US Internet videos! Take our jobs, Take our factories, take our billions in loans and gifts, BUT DO NOT PEEP OUR FREE ONLINE VIDEOS!

        THAT’S MERIKA!

      • tamaratattles

        Yes dear, do you have something to share with the class?

      • Tara

        TT, you forgot the part about free health care! Maybe that is just in NC? Come one, come all!
        I so need to get my ass in church in the morning. Instead, I am out drinking and trying to wipe a **Yankee out of my mind.

        **No offence to the ones on the “other side” of the Mason Dixon line.

    • Me too :-( I think I knew it was really crap, but still ….. could have had a couple of Long Island Iced Tea’s instead!!

    • The Glutins

      I have the same problem. I decided to wander off to his website and have a peek anyway… oh the headlines, the headlines!!

      Dr. Oz investigates: Can you actually catch mental illness?

      Flatter by Friday: One week to shrink your stomach.

      The truth about Greek yogurt: what are you really eating?

      The Truth Behind America’s Biggest Foods: Is the World Running Out of Chocolate?

      Food Truth Series: Should You Stop Eating Salad?


  4. StubbyG

    Absolutely hilarious! I had no idea this man existed!

    TT, if only my dogs and I could spend some time on the shade of your porch with you and Banjo shooting the breeze…

  5. amisteree

    I love John Oliver. And tap-dancing Steve Buscemi, and wine throwing housewives!

  6. Dracla Dunning

    The Jon Oliver video was a hoot. In contrast the short clip of Yolanda is sickening and does not entice me to watch her sing her sad song to Dr. Oz. That woman is full of shit. What’s up with all the innuendos about suicide? I would not want to be on the same road as her if one of those thoughts pass through her head as she is tooling down the road and she decides to off herself and take me out at the same time. I like living, even with my problems and handicaps. Yolanda is unbalanced. I feel her depression is more related to the failure of her crusade to make a people adore her than about the affects of the disease. She is feeling the public’s enormous rejection and I don’t think she bargained for such backlash.

    • StubbyG

      I have a hard time believing that Yolanda considers/considered suicide at anytime during her journey with this invisible disease of hers. Suicide sounds like a new spin to gain sympathy.

    • Scatty

      Yolanda was nauseating with her claptrap of saying people thought it’s all in her head. From the time she first started blogging for the show, she herself has changed the name of what she claims ailed her till she finally stuck with CLD. First it was complications from breaking her back in three places giving birth to Anwar, then it was Epstein Barr or fibromyalgia or something like that (too lazy and not masochistic enough to check back on her ancient blogs for the right ailment), then it was something transmitted from the poor baby cow, then it was CLD. Turns out it was leaky implants, but she’s in too deep to admit it. So to make herself seem less of a liar, she’s embracing all of the above as co-infections. People were just doubting that it was CLD this time, as she’s now claiming. The fact that she translates that to mean “all in her head” makes me think it very well may be a psych issue as her main problem.

      • FarFromPerfekt

        And, she had the nerve to bring two of her children into her lyme spinning web. ? She is absolutely horrid! My parents raised me to never utter the word ‘hate’ …I REALLY, REALLY dislike this woman A LOT!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I think she knows it was just the implants/menopause but is too embarrassed to back down at this point.

      • amisteree

        and she has said many times that “it’s not JUST DEPRESSION” – she obviously knows nothing about DEPRESSION. It can block the light and stifle the senses, it can suffocate, overwhelm and distort reality.

  7. Cat

    Great video. But I couldn’t get the Dr. Oz/Yolanda one to play. Maybe that’s a good thing?

    I watch Dr. Oz, because his show is such a train wreck. It’s my Bravo substitute. All he does is push product, and is constantly contradicting his own advice.

    My sister swears by him. All I can do is shake my head. But then, she’s also the one who suggested I rub WD-40 on my sore knee.

    Not sure if she got that tip from Oz, or not. It does sound like something the Tin Man might do.

    • Miranda Aldridge

      My grandfather was spraying WD-40 on his arthritic hands in the 80s. He would talk about the cooling effect it would give. Maybe that’s what works.

      Also, I used to be a store manager for a large national health food/supplement chain and I am here to confirm that Dr. Oz has ZERO credibility. We would get advance notice from our supplement vendors letting us know which of their products were being featured on the show. Turns out, the supplement companies PAY for the slot on the show and give the producers the talking points, which were the same talking points we had in the store in our training materials.

  8. microop

    While part of me would tip my hat to Yolanda if she were just this isolatedly manipulative person who’s only goal was to con David out of more money come the divorce, I just can’t with the way she’s done this. There’s too much collateral damage when she includes her kids in this, uses “the illness” to manipulate others, and creates some ridiculous spectacle for maximum attention and exposure. Yolanda is out of control, and I think, very mentally ill.

  9. Dee

    The John Oliver clip was hysterical. He is good. I thought Dr Oz was too, not so much now. He was somehow attached to the Twitter rant against Yo. Probably figured it would be good for ratings to have her back

  10. 2 of my friends took supplements (one for weight loss the other took it for sleep) and they had liver transplants! Ps i met them via my liver transplant which was not supplement related (it was autoimmune). Do not take supplements people! The funny thing is I had my transplant At Columbia where wacko dr oz works. He needs to stop pushing all this bs

  11. Sylvia

    I almost…………almost…….had a warm and fuzzy moment towards Dr Oz when I saw how he treated Big Ang on his show. Almost. I have not watched him in years, but I did read about the show here and saw excerpts online.

    BUT, there is nothing warm and fuzzy about him having YH on the show and if he does fall all over her, which no doubt he will, then he solidifies my belief he is as wacko as she is.

  12. Kim

    I used to work at NY Presbyterian (Columbia campus) & worked closely with Dr. Oz’s staff & met him on a number of occasions with the Cardiac Surgery office. Other than his lack of let’s say, underarm hygiene, he was a pleasant man with a brilliant mind. That being said, this is now a different Dr. Oz we see so often on TV. He’s a sell out with little mindfulness about the repercussions of alternative medication he supports for his paychecks, although he was bringing in a hefty salary as a board certified surgeon (7 figures I believe). However, even that lofty salary pales in comparison to his now fame & fortune. It’s a shame such a brilliant cardiac surgeon has fallen so far from grace. It’s sad to think he’s traded his Hippocratic Oath to be a snake oil salesman on TV & how low he sinks for ratings. I wouldn’t believe him if he told me water was wet at this point. Sigh.

    • Sylvia

      I read where he is a brilliant heart surgeon and I agree, he really has become a carnival barker. I also remember reading that he was a big advocate of animal testing and that turned me off way back when.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh I agree, we should definitely test medical treatments on people first. SAVE THE BUNNIES AND PIGS! You know, for eating…

      • Kim

        Yeah, Dr. Oz is a far cry from the prestigious surgeon he once was. To address the unpopular subject of animal testing: Most animal testing, as sad as it is, is a necessary evil. As an animal lover & “guardian” as its called now, I don’t agree with testing things such as cosmetics (science basically knows by now what is harmful in cosmetics & personal hygiene products). However, testing treatments for disease on animals is done prior to human testing (although I can think of a few human “volunteers” I wouldn’t mind being used as lab rats). Having worked at Columbia, as in most all major teaching hospitals, they must test on animals. (I always tried to avoid the floors they were on though!) We wouldn’t have most major medical breakthrough techniques, medications, & vaccines without it. Unfortunately there is no other alternative as much as I wish there was.

      • The Glutins

        What/who should we test on Sylvia??

      • The Glutins

        Lol just noticed that ^^ …save the bunnies… snort

    • Sylvia

      Thanks, Kim, for going into detail on the animal testing. I have a problem with cosmetic and household product testing. I made a blanket statement about Dr Oz and the testing. I tried to find the controversy before posting, but couldn’t. It was when he first went on Oprah and people either liked him or didn’t. and now it doesn’t matter. ugh on the hygiene comment – i’m sure Oprah schooled him on being a more pleasant person to be around :)

  13. Cherry Bomb

    If Yolanda kills herself they can put her body in her empty and vacated glass refrigerator for a Bravo viewing…. Hosted by AC himself, and Kim and Brandi can be the compassionate friends in black sitting on either side of him. And Ericka Jane can do her “Pat the puss ” routine to entertain the masses. I’d watch.

  14. T D

    Yolanda hasn’t been in Kansas for a long, long time.

  15. T D

    Why hasn’t she contacted Dr. Mumbago?

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