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I don’t have much tea at all for you. Yesterday, I was sent lots of pictures that are floating around all over the place today. Clearly, they were leaked for a reason. But never in all my years of covering the reunions has it been so quiet on the tea front. Kandi was super late for her call time and that always pisses Andy off.  I heard he was not in a particularly good move to start with. There were rumors that it was scheduled as a two part reunion in advance.  Sounds like they didn’t have much they were going to talk about.

Andy is never going to call the women out for the gay shaming. If he does, it will only be Kenya, because that is the way he rolls. Nene, Porsha, and Phaedra have been gay bashers since the beginning of time.

They will talk about the fight between Cynthia and Porsha, which earned Porsha her seat next to Andy. They probably did not talk about Porsha attacking some woman at the Christmas party.

We will get the conversation with Kim Fields about being in over her head. She may even announce she is not planning to return even in advance of the pickup letters that will not go out for a couple of weeks.  At least.


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Because it is starting to look like Nene was a no show. Not a single mention by her of going to the reunion. To be fair, she doesn’t have a peach so normally would not be invited automatically.  But we’ve had people making guest appearances appear on the show before. And people will expect to see Nene there. It looks like Nene could have tried to make another power play. Perhaps part of her ginormous meltdown over Fashion Police happened because she couldn’t get the paycheck she wanted to show up to the reunion.  It would seem a really bad time to me for Nene to be arguing over money considering she has put her own struggles to be embraced in her other endeavors on Front Street lately.  Nene had better get herself together before we see her as the next housewife with her house being repossessed by HUD .

If my speculations are true about Nene trying to start a money holdout AGAIN already, that will have to be resolved quickly.  Nene’s return or lack thereof affects the contract potential for every other girl on that stage. Especially Cynthia. Which is why the flip flopper has already started flopping back to Kenya. I can’t remember any scenes where Nene and Porsha were doing their little routine this season. Nene’s return would be bad for Porsha at this particular moment.  Frankly, not knowing either way about Nene makes everything up in the air. Would that affect who Andy gives the most shade to in the reunion?

The bottom line is I am hearing not one interesting thing that happens at this reunion. All hopes are being pinned on Kenya. It would not surprise me to see an engagement on this show.  Kenya was on a short video I saw saying something about her jewelry being safe during the pre game glam squad photos. Was she worried about an engagement ring? Today she is on Instagram toying with her fans saying she has a secret. Everyone thinks she is pregnant. Unless she has been on a serious fertility treatment that is not likely. If Kenya is going to have a baby it will most likely not be carried by her. She is over 45. Matt was there at the reunion. It seems to make sense. Kenya could get her Bravo wedding. Matt seems to be practically living at the house.  I’ve got no source telling me that. It’s just speculation.

It’s a no brainer that Kenya is going to do something to keep her name in the air in the off season. Speaking of that, the word is that Kim Fields will be on DWTS for this upcoming season. That should help her financial situation.

And finally, it never ceases to amaze me how Phaedra will bring those boys to throw at Andy at any opportunity. Usually she can’t get them in to the reunion and will Facetime them with Andy during a break. She must be super worried about her contract because she had the platoon of nannies plop one of them right on his lap this year.

Browse through the photos and tell me what you think.


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13 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Tea

  1. JoJoFLL

    I started watching when they got rid of Sheree a couple of years ago then Phaedra and Porsha caused me to stop watching. Just trash.

    I love the recaps and the tea. Lots of fun!

  2. Sylvia

    Thanks, TT, for endeavoring to make us interested in this crap……….I am beyond caring about any of them except Kenya and I just wish for her to be happy which it seems she just might be. The rest of them are a train wreck that needs to be stopped. There are no interesting story lines because there are no interesting people. I would watch a show with Claudia and Kenya, but now I just rely on the recaps to show me what I did not miss.

    I would love to see Andy in a position like he was when Teresa shoved him back in his chair – now that was fun to watch and I would love for someone to just tell him to STFU…just once, knowing they would not be asked back, but by that time they wouldn’t care.

  3. nadege

    SO nothing interesting happen

  4. PaganChick

    So, TT, is there some truth to the idea that Kim Fields is having financial trouble? I had never heard that prior to her joining the show. I think someone said it in comment here once, but until Kenya said something on the show about it, it was completely new to me. Do you have any intel on that?

  5. Spilledperfume

    I love DWTS, I wonder how Kim will do.

  6. Hey TT !! You had mentioned that Porsha had the set next to Andy on the couch, awith Kenya in the first set on the other side. It’s odd that Porsha has that seat. Do you think it’s possible She’s the seat warmer for Nene should she make an appearance?

  7. Iprefermyteaunsweetened

    Cant wait to see this only for the possibility of Kenya reading those girls for filth! Say what you want about Kenya but she owns what she says and does. Hopefully this is the last time we see boring Kim, with her passive aggressive self, like butter don’t melt in her mouth. It’s no wonder she gravitated toward Phaedra because they both have a tendency to try to hide their snide remarks and shade behind the name of the Lord. If Kim is so holier than thou why’d she have her first son out of wedlock? Bet she doesn’t want to speak on that. But she can hold everyone else to a higher standard. She was never right for the show and its obvious she needed the paycheck. Hence DWTS. And Kenya was right- for someone who has been in the business as long as she has (sand places herself on a pedestal) those directing credits are awfully thin.

    • tamaratattles

      Wow. Really? Is it the 1950s where you have to be married to have kids these days? She’s been in a relationship with Chris for many years. Welcome to this century where people are allowed to have children regardless of marital status and not be told they are not good Christians. Well, most of the time.

  8. I don’t look at this show anymore. I believe Kandi and Todd are trying for a spinoff, bringing more money to the family since Miocene loves Todd one and the new baby Ace.

    Don’t forget the old lady gang.

  9. The Show is progressive moving along. I feel too much too soon will only be more booring than it alredy is. SHADE at the age of these women is ignorant on all levels. The best thing the show did was add KIM, a taste of class. She is a passave aggressive BOSS that gets things done the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA does and thats a peach fact . GO KIM FILEDS YOU ROCK!!

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