EXCLUSIVE RHOA TEA: Nene Leakes WAS At The Reunion

Nene Bringing in the Money


It never fails as soon as I post my story, no matter how long I wait, I finally get the TEA.  It’s like when you stop looking for a man and then ten of them show up on your door.  And when they do you are in your curlers with your face cream on eating a pint of Ciao Bella and watching Lifetime.

But anyway, sit yourself down because the tea is finally flowing. Read it here first, see it stolen later.  You’re welcome.

Exclusive TamaraTattles.com sources report Nene Leakes was there.  She came out for Part II  and Porsha was moved down to sit her next to Andy. Apparently, this was problematic.

But wait, there’s more…

RHOA Kenya come for me


The other big tea is that the  big “fight” of the reunion was about Kenya and the rumors about Kim Field’s husband. Chris was on his  social media recently  and was asked what he thought about Porsha, Phaedra and Nene’s role in the gay bashing.  He didn’t hold anyone accountable except Kenya.  As it turns out, when the guys came out on the reunion stage, Chris, Kim, Phaedra and Porsha all tried to come for Kenya Moore.  I am hearing that didn’t turn out to well for them.

Despite a bit of the usual back and forth, it looks like Kenya, Nene and Cynthia are already forming their team for next year.

So Nene fans can rejoice. She is always gonna be around.


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75 responses to “EXCLUSIVE RHOA TEA: Nene Leakes WAS At The Reunion

  1. nadege

    So what happen did kenya shade them

  2. Sylvia

    Nene………I just can’t anymore…….she is like something that escaped the zoo and I do not mean her looks. I mean her rudeness, her stupid attempts at being funny, finger snapping, eyes rolling, etc.

    Put her at a table with Erika and LVP and I would watch. Watch her being verbally sliced and diced from the toes up :)

    • nadege

      LoL money makes behavior that way.

      • Sylvia

        and, in Nene’s case, that horrible behavior will put her right back to square one, only in lots of debt trying to keep up with her current lifestyle. She may have found a niche on B’Way and that might be her future bread and butter………….she has to do what they tell her there or she won’t have a play to be in, not run amuck like the bravo group encourages her to do.

    • Not that Andy or anyone would care, I find it really interesting that here in Australia that Atlanta has gone from being one of the most popular franchises to be shoved back to a 10:30 slot after Cheshire, Melbourne, and a Beverly Hills repeat. I think a lot of it has to do with Nene, Phaedra etc – and Nene was originally very popular. I don’t think her full time return will have them return to prime time SUnday night.

      But as I said, I don’t think its keeping the housewives , Andy or Bravo up nights.

      • After CHESHIRE??? Good god, the situation is dire indeed.

      • LOL You’ve got to remember we have a closer sensibility to the British than the US, so its naturally going to be more popular, although the accents drive me spare. The Dutch however, may be out of fashion in many places ….

      • I’m in oz too and my informal focus group (hairdressers, nail techs, girlfriends) are not fans of Kenya and have gone off Phaedra. It’s hard to find someone to like this season.

      • I gave up on Atlanta a couple of year ago – I’m currently fast forwarding Yolanda & will be the OC if any of the Brooks crap from last year continues. I quite enjoy Pinky, Erica, Lisa, etc. And NYC can only be better with less Ramona & Sonja

      • Angelina

        Nothing is worse than Melbourne or Cheshire. Does anyone in the states even watch that? A bunch of burnt, trashy, unattractive, manly females. That wear too much makeup and outdated clothes. Atlanta was and still is the number show in the franchise regardless of what folks think in Australia.

      • tamaratattles


        Please excuse our new commenter, Aussie friends. Limited world view and all.

      • LOL, No worries about offense (Or *no Wuccers* as we would say idiomatically here 😉 I don’t think there is a worse franchise these days than Atlanta, but if we all agreed things would be boring!

      • tamaratattles

        @blondesense Remember when we could always count on Cynthia to be the likeable one? I agree it is hard to root for any of them at this point in the season. I’ve been ready for this franchise to be over.

        OTOH, it used to be the biggest draw on this site. Lately, RHOBH has taken the lead. Because, Munchausen.

      • tamaratattles

        Imagine BEING from Atlanta….and having this and other ratchet reality representing your city…

        There would be lots of wuccers. :)

      • LOL, Tamara, I’ve always wanted to go to Atlanta (probably too much Gone With the Wind & my Civil War studies), but since Phaedra etc I have less enthusiasm. Mind you I was born in Melbourne & Janet, Gina and Lydia (or Lydiot as Janet is calling her this season!) are not exactly who I want to be identified with!

        Blondesense, I’m jealous you have a discussion panel – one of the reasons I come here is because no one I know watches it – or will admit to it! 😉

    • I do include her looks like that of the baboon always showing it’s azz

  3. nadege

    Tamara this reunion better not be about Kenya and i hope Kenya told phaedra about herself.

  4. whymebaby

    Noooo. Please say just kidding about your last sentence . I may just have to read your recaps if she is going to be around. I already fast forward Nene’s parts on the show. Do they hate us? What did I do in a past life ? Go away Nene ! Thanks for the tea .

  5. I’m glad to hear Kenya may have come out on top.
    NeNe knows Kenya is the eye of the storm and siding with her will secure a spot as
    Phaedra and Kim will most likely get the axe. Without Phaedra, Porsha will become dead weight also.
    And Porsha moving for NeNe was problematic? Did they get into it? I hope so.

  6. Spilledperfume

    Thanks for the tea. This will be the first RHOA that I watch.

  7. IceColdMilk4

    Could they still be a team after the novel Nene posted on her Insta?

  8. LisaPat

    I’m not surprised this is the hot topic because Andy’s panties are in a bunch over these comments. He perceives that calling a man “gay” is an insult because he cant grasp how this type of rumor would negatively effect someone’s marriage. Andy sees the world through Andy-colored glasses.

  9. Dee

    Really good tea!! Thanks so much!! I can’t look away for a second, the hits keep on coming :)

  10. louieb2009

    Nene vs. Porsha and Phaedra will be epic. Season 9, come stat please

  11. Glow

    I love you Tamara…that’s this piping hot tea. Kenya has her faults as we all do but I look forward to her coming out on top…just wish Nene would also be on the receiving end of some of Kenya’s dishes.

  12. Patterson

    Hope they bring back Sheree full-time.

  13. More Tea Please!

    Did Nene have an Excused Tardy? Or did she sashay in at her convenience?

  14. Calisteve

    Well nene is comimg to her senses.

  15. Psylocke

    Damn Kenya can never catch a break. Porsha could stab some John right in the dick and he’d turn around a slap Kenya.

  16. Dracla Dunning

    Well Nene has finally learned to hitch her wagon to Kenya’s star. Intetesting but so sorry she is returning. Nene is hard to stomach. I wonder if one of the many diva demands Nene will have as part of her contract will be furnishings for her home? If she is ever invited back to the View she can show photos of what Bravo rented for her use.
    I am sure Kenya did fine and dandy defending herself against Chris and company. It was an unfair encounter. Their combined intelligence is about half of Kenya’s. They never stood a chance.

    • Angelina

      Kenya a star? Of what her short line of D list straight to DVD movies? She’s no star just an obnoxius twit, but obviously smarter than the people that she has manipulated though. Unwanted by men, friends and mothers alike.

      • Sammie

        Wow, regardless of your opinion on Kenya on a reality show the mother comment is screwed up. Like a newborn caused her mother’s abandonment. I hope your level of kindness is returned to you in life!

      • Dracla Dunning

        “to her star” Angelina, “to her star”. Basic reading comprehension. Comprehending may be a bit difficult for you because you seem hell bent on being nasty based on your above comment and the last sentence of this one. Nasty may be too kind. You seem fucked in the head and, even though I don’t know you, I would say you have a bad case of the uglies because the mother reference was an ugly girl comment.

      • That was a bitch thing to say, Angelina.

      • Cat

        And what have YOU accomplished, Angelina? Come on….show us your resume. We will wait.

      • KatherineNola

        @angelina WTF is wrong with you? your comment re Kenya and her mother was disgusting and mean. Fuck off. I mean that In the nicest way possible. Bless your heart, blah blah blah

  17. Bria

    I am still sipping on this tea. I don’t know how kenya deal with all the haters and still look fabulous because it’s disturbing as to why Kim & Chris decided to excuse every one’s involvement but decided to come for Kenya. what kenya did was wrong but hold every one involved accountable not pick and choose who to confront and who to embrace. The hate is real….

  18. Grandmalou

    As much as I detest Nene I would love to see her an Kenya team up and bring Phaedra down. Phaedra is crafty, cunning, and deceptive. I await patiently for the steaming hot tea that surely will be satisfying.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree, Grandmalou. At least about a Kenya/Nene alliance. It’s pretty much the only match up we haven’t had thus far. As far as Phaedra goes. I don’t see how you can bring someone down from the gutter she lives in. How would Kenya/Nene possibly make her look worse? There are people here who think she is a great mother, for fucksake. I look forward to more bonding scenes where she bakes cookies with all new pans and ingredients that perplex her. Or tries to play with a toy with Ayden while mumbling how does this thing work? Or better yet, tries to find his school…

  19. Miguel

    So, was the picture TT posted of the Fab 4 (Kenya, Nene, Cynthia & Sheree), on Kenya’s 45th birthday, a foreshadowing of this new alliance?

    This could be interesting /fascinating; as I may get my wish: the flushing of the pee pee-poo poo (Phaedra-Porsha)! Dare I hope that the next season of RHOA may make this gruelling season worthwhile?

    Thanks TT, as ever, for the abundance of piping hot tea – though, I should really learn to sip, lest I continue to burn my lips…

    • tamaratattles

      Miguel, IT WAS! But it quickly busted up after they saw Kenya call Nene a backstabber and all sorts of other things in an episode that was aired afterward. That caused a blowout where Cynthia sided with Nene (shocker) and the whole um, friends contract, was voided. Then before the reunion when they all call each other and form alliances, they reunited.

      FOR NOW. We shall see how long this lasts.

  20. Would You Like Some Tea??

    I’ve said from the beginning, I’m here for a Kenya, Sheree, NeNe and Cynthia alliance. It’s a brilliant move.The majority of the viewers don’t want to see the same fight week after week. (Side-note: after reading Danielle Staub’s daughters heart breaking post, I don’t think children over 10 should have a presence. Can you imagine being around 13 and reading negative comments about yourself and mother due to production editing?? NeNe, Cynthia, Sheree and Kandi: Leave the pre-teens/teenagers off the show.)

    It’s much more enjoyable seeing the ladies get along and throw random shade.

    Kim Fields has to go.I actually like Phaedra when she puts aside differences and participates with all of the women without the nasty talking heads. Porsha is cute also, but I’m not sure what she adds other than being Phaedra’s filming partner.

    Kandi has so much material going in her personal and business ventures that I can’t see her going anywhere anytime soon. I can already envision spin-offs regarding the restaurant (Don’t do it Kandi. It is a money pit.) and/or the baby.

    As a fan of Kenya, I can admit that I have been disappointed in her actions towards Kim Fields.I fast-forward through their interactions. Certain things should be off limits.

  21. Whether by script or true feelings, Kim Fields was coming for Kenya out the gate. How’d that go?
    Gang-ups-by-BRAVO are my least favorite – I didn’t like it with Kelly BenSimone, Teresa Giudice or Religious HW on OC (I’m a 1/2 a xanax in…I swear I can only think of her nickname “Jesus Jugs”) I do think it may be more bearable with Kenya, as she has more IQ/quick wit than any I’ve mentioned combined.

    Spell Scepter! lmao

    • Minky

      Well, Tess, according to what Tamara wrote, they tried it, and that’s about all they could do. I also hate gang-ups. Even if a person is awful like Teresa. There’s always a more civil way to deal with conflict and disagreements.

      I could totally use some Xanax right about now. Does Xanax make one happy? Le sigh.

    • Angelina

      No she wasn’t, Kenya had it in for Kim once she realized Kim had a mind of her own. Regardless of how Kim takes mess off Kenya she doesn’t blindly follow and say what Kenya thinks she should say.
      She tried to turn the gay community against NeNe for calling Brandon a queen. Then turned around and called Chris (a married man and father to 2 young children) gay to tarnish his reputation and embarrass Kim. So apparently she thinks being gay is something to snicker at and on top of that called him fruity, which is a slur. No one went in to try and turn people against her. I personally think they should have given her the same treatment she dishes.out. Kenya is low down, no one has stooped as low as her on any show.

      • It’s obvious we’re not watching the same program Angelina, lol.

        1/2 xanax just makes my inability to retain names that much worse Minky. Kind of cotton ball brained.

        (But I still could see through Kim Fields BS)

    • Kay

      The gang ups make me cringe as well, although under no certain cirsumstances would I refer to Kelly Bensimon as being “ganged up on”. She started with all of them, they were just as baffled as the viewers, they weren’t coming for her out of the gate. In fact, she was hateful to Bethenney repeatedly.

  22. sarcasatire

    Didn’t Nene or Andy say she was going to be at the reunion that last time she was on WWHL? I remember him mentioning it.

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, Andy even asked for questions for her. But since she wasn’t there in the beginning and no photos of her leaked, rumors started that she wasn’t there. And my sources were apparently in a coma for several hours before responding to me. :)

  23. TD

    Actually I was expecting a big fight between Kandi, Todd and Phaedra about the whole payment situation.

    • I think it would be really nice if Todd or Kandi called Phaedra out on that one. That heifer stood right there and told Porsha, and Porsha’s friend? that she had PAID Little Todd Tucker, the one scrounging around in the couch cushions for loose change, 30,000 coins and she had no video. I think their contract was closer to $25k and NOT 30k anyway, she was dragging her phine donkey ass, and not letting him finish it, and still owed him over 8k. She lies on him and then disses him too :(

  24. the shadiest grove

    Comment deleted by Admin: We have so few rules, you should read them. The most important is to call people by their name. It is especially frowned upon to feminize a male’s name in order to somehow disrespect them.

  25. the shadiest grove

    Phaedra Parks is pure trash. Can’t stand her and the THOT wanna be gangsta. She ain’t no Laila Ali, she’ll try the wrong chick one of these days and will truly get her ass beat and dragged for real instead of pulling hair. TT any word on the Angela Stanton vs. Phelon Parks case ? I hope she gets what’s coming to her. They need to put her under the jail !

  26. hannahkingrose

    Maybe I have Lyme Brain or something but I seem to recall Nene making a statement during one of the episodes about wanting to be friends with Cynthia and Kenya. It might have been during the time when the ‘Mercial was going on. Not sure but does anyone else remember it? I thought at the time it sounded like Nene was trying to set up a comeback for next season. Like if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. It could have been a dream I guess.

  27. Sunshine

    The quality of Angelina’s resume still won’t change the fact that Kenya Moore is a D List, straight to DVD actress. It is what it is. I suggest you stop waiting.

  28. Kim

    In the minority but I am a Phaedra fan. Hate Kenya. I watch for a laugh and this season Phaedra and Porsha have brought the humor.

  29. SpaceyLacy

    Is it me or has Nene really been entertaining?! I really enjoy her faces and shade. Don’t persecute me!!!

    • tamaratattles

      No, It’s not you. We currently have “best behavior” Nene. She’s realized the grass is not greener and wants her peach back. It won’t last, so enjoy it while you can.

  30. Jasmine

    So weird seeing so much hate towards Phaedra on this site. On Twitter, such a different story. People LIVE for her and people want a spinoff between her and Porsha. She’s my fav!

    • MS Rissa

      Well that’s because you are seeing their fans post to them..I think Kenya is always in survival mode against them jealous trolls. I just wish she see Cynthia for what she is…. a flip-flopper!!!! If it wasn’t for Peter she wouldn’t have a storyline.. She is a great business woman and kudos for that…but that’s it!!!!! Kim and Kenya never would have gotten to that point if Cynthia low down, sneaky, butt kissing, conniving self wouldn’t have played them against each other.

    • That’s because you are reading their fans post to them..They all have fans…Kenya fans are confident women that’s not threatened by her beauty…Kenya always in survival mode because those trolls are jealous of her..Just wish she could Cynthia for what she is..A flip flopper

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