Child Genius Recap: It’s Ponce DUH LEON! Look It Up!

Child Genius Claire Shady


I  almost forgot this show was on because I was trying to play hooky from working on the blog and watch American Idol. That got me all in my feelings when La’Porsha sang and again at the end when Kelly Clarkson sang a very sad song at the end that she cried her way through. And now there are only five kids left on this show and I don’t want any of them to go home!  But I need to get it done right now before someone emails me upset that whoever goes home went home. So let’s get started. Tonight’s categories are Advanced Logic and World History.  I am not sure I am clear headed enough for advanced logic, though it is one of my favorite categories. As for World History, I’m terrible with that category on my best days.

Sam comes in with his family first. He’s dressed to impress as usual. But we focus first on Adrian, who I affectionately call Homeboy or Homeslice because we are both from Atlanta. His father is back and he is being his usual disruptive self. I’m sure he has the best of intentions but it’s clear his overbearing tutoring style probably hinders Adrian more than it helps him. His mother, who I think is a violin teacher, is much more laid back with Adrian and up until last week was very encouraging and laid back. At this point in the competition, everyone is very excited and many like Adrian are very nervous coming off a poor showing last week.

Vivek’s whole family decided to stay in Los Angeles this week to focus on study time. This means the whole family including the new baby is in one hotel room.  Apparently, Vivek likes “spinach rice” a concoction I’ve never seen before. Mom put the rice and the spinach together in the hotel microwave before drilling him on World History.

Claire’s parents are prepared her for an inevitable elimination this week. Despite Claire’s very impressive performances this is sort of typical behavior for them. They always worry she will not do well. She had her first less than exceptional performance last week and that seems to be making them more concerned. Claire has been studying for 15 hour shifts, then sleeping and starting all over again. She’s exhausted. But she never seems to let her parents’ gloomy predictions get to her.

Child genius sam

Sam is coming off a fantastic showing last week where he was alone in first place. His confidence is high for the advanced logic round, but even his parents seem to be applying a bit more pressure this week. we get a scene with his parents and Svitlana his grandmother. Have we met her before? She is adorable. She is trying to answer the questions that Sam’s parents keep asking him. She’s wrong, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to participate. I didn’t know the answers either. These rounds are going to be tough and I don’t expect the scores to be high. Back at the competition, Sam is pacing around and giving himself a positive pep talk.

Arnav and his family are shown back home preparing as well. Arnav really was upset about being in the bottom three last week. Arnav could get perfect scores in everything or simply shut down.  I think that is true for all the kids this week.

Round One Advanced Logic

This competition has a time limit of five minutes to answer up to ten questions. This means that knowing when to pass and when not to will be important.

Arnav is up first. He did well getting a 9/10.  I thought this round was super easy. The thing that makes it difficult is that if the answer doesn’t come to you right away the time because a source of anxiety. He passed on one question. He is angry and frustrated and they turn his mike on as he works about the problem He gets it before the next kid is called. That must be so frustrating.

Sam is next. His questions were harder for me than Arnav’s questions. He struggled a bit and got 7/10. He got the how many triangles in the picture question right. I always for get some triangles. He missed the overlapping word question. I’ve never seen those before and they are not my favorite. Oh he also has a Sudoku question that seamed really hard to think out in your head that he missed.

Adrian goes third. But first they show Adrian and his mother planning out their study day at home. Adrian is shown playing the piano again. He was on America’s Got Talent, the TV show prior to this and I think that was his talent. He made it a few shows in before being eliminated. He’s very good, it just wasn’t right for that show. He says his mother gives him one day a year off with no studies and no piano. He says, “It’s almost like a Jubilee!” I think he needs at least one day a month to do nothing. He’s ten!  Speaking of tens, Adrian got a perfect score, 10/10. As for me, I’m now understanding how the questions work. Sam is even more upset with this score than he was about his own.

Vivek also got the triangle question correct but he missed the Sudoku question.  I have paused to type and there is an overlapping word question that I finally figured out but Vivek’s overlapping words only have four letters instead of five. I found the five letter words easier. Shouldn’t they all receive either four or five letter words? Perhaps they got one of each since we don’t see all the questions. I wish at this point they would show all the questions and less home visits.  Vivek’s nerves are kicking in. After the break, Vivek passes.  Vivek passed at least one more time. He got a 6/10. The time clock got to him. Vivek expected to do better in logic than in history. Now he is really worried about history.

Claire, who told us last week she is not a girly girl, has once again been dressed with her mother in the frilliest pink dress she could find and a big headband of ruffly pink flowers. It doesn’t seem to phase her at all she has predicted a perfect score for the logic round for herself and is going in with a great attitude!  She is missing easy questions. She has the easiest Sudoku question of the bunch and missed it. When the triangle question comes, Claire starts to hyperventilate! I have never seen her do this. My heart is breaking for her. Time runs out! She only got four questions right. 4/10 !

Child Genius Sam

The Halftime Show

While Homeslice does a little celebratory dance,  Claire has her first major meltdown. She seems upset about the Sodoku question in particular. As if there were some sort of issue with the question. It was quite simple, I don’t see how she missed it. In Homeboy’s parents’ interview, Olga says about Claire, “Logic is logic, you have to be quick!”  No one said anything bad about Adrian when he got a 5 in spelling last week. That comment was unnecessary.

Sam’s parents said that some of the kids are leaving just because of the stress of the competition. Sam himself has struggled with that in earlier rounds, but his confidence is back now. Sam always asks for reassurance from his dad, “Did I do okay at least?” Sam asked?  His dad said, “Well, you did less than what I expected. Next round you have to do very well.”   Sam’s dad wants to make sure the stress doesn’t get to Sam. So he is having his mom give him some attention to prepare for the next round.  All the boys like to slide down the metal guard railing on the outdoor steps. All the mothers hate this. This week, Sam falls back of the railing!  He does a little flip and hits the back of his head on the railing. Oh no! There are only a few minutes left before the next round. A production crewmember fetches him some ice. He is fine. His parents are already making jokes about it. Whew! I was worried. Sam’s dad he seems to be remembering things better after hitting his head, so maybe they should repeat it tomorrow and the day after!

One set of parents who are not laughing and making jokes are Claire’s parents. Claire returns from throwing up due to her nerves to work on a huge stack of flashcards with her father. Her mother arrives to tell them to change their seating arrangement. I have no idea what was wrong with how they were sitting by Claire doesn’t want to move because the camera is currently shooting her good side. Her mother is chastising her in their native tongue. Korean maybe? It’s all ridiculous and I is just because everyone is so nervous. There is much mention of the $100,000 prize. Just typing that makes me want a $100,000 bar (candy) because I have been eating healthy most all of 2016. I want chocolate. I think they should give Claire chocolate too. Chocolate is happiness.  The mother wins and now Claire is mad and unfocused. Way to go, mom.

Child Genius Adrian

Round Two World History

There is a three minute time limit for this round. That doesn’t matter so much. These are facts. You either know them or you don’t.

Adrian is first in this round. He’s hoping for another perfect score. 10/10 And he gets it. He answered those questions like a machine. No pauses to think. He barely waited for the question to be over. Adrian takes first place and no one can catch him.  Way to go Homeslice!  As he struts like a peacock to his seat, everyone else is worried.

Arnav is up next. His parents are nervous even though he ended round one in second place, only one point behind Adrian. OH NO! Arnav had a question where the answer was “Franz Ferdinand.” He answered, “Franz Ferdind”missing a syllable and it cost him a point.  He got a 9/10 and that will keep him in second place. So no harm, no foul overall, but missing the perfect score will bother him.

Sam is next. He seems no worse for wear after the head knock during intermission as he approaches the podium. He missed only one question on the Korean war, he got all of the other nine very easily. 9/10 should hold him in third place.

Claire is up and seems to have her nerves under control. She answers a question “Leon” when the answer was Ponce de Leon. They ask her for more… she replies “Juan Ponce D(ee) Leon”  Before the commercial they previewed saying that both Claire and Vivek will have an answer reviewed. I believe this will be hers and she will lose the point they gave her. “de” is pronounce “duh” in this case.  Wait! He just gave her credit for another wrong answer. She said “Magna Carter” when the answers was “Magna Carta”  They give her a 9/10  but she should only get a 7/10.

child genius 3

is last. This puts  way too much pressure on him. By my calculations,  he need eight points if they accurately fix Claire’s score, a seven  if they only fix one and six if they fix both.  Did I do that right? I’m in a hurry and want to find out what happens. But before Vivek is called they are reviewing Claire’s “Magna Carter” answer and will clearly move her down to an 8/10.  As this is being reviewed, Claire’s mom wants her husband to go to the tables and get involved. Bad idea. The husband knows that and stays put. The wife calls her husband weak. I’m going to be mad if she gets a point for Ponce DEE Leon and it send Vivek home.  I’m nervous!  Meanwhile Claire thinks they are somehow going to give her a ten. She ends up with an 8/10. If I am Vivek’s mom, I’m going to the table to Ponce Dee Leon. Did I mention that?  I just went to check ten places for the proper pronunciation and it’s DUH.

Vivek is up. He mispronounces Versailles badly, and again Leland is just handing out points. This is not even a question. Okay. He got a 6/10 but really it was only a five. So he will go home if they do not fix Claire’s score to a 7 where it is supposed to be. Right now they are tied.

ARGH! I don’t even want to post this because I know Vivek and his family read here. But I don’t think Claire should have gotten credit for Ponce Dee Leon.  Vivek’s dad is taking this very well. He’s a great dad. I hope his mother is in there contesting Claire’s answer. But she is not because they are calling her on the phone where she is with the girls. Vivek is taking his loss like a champion. I am not.  Mom takes the news well too.

This was the worst episode ever.

Sam’s dad says that Sam finished with Pizzazz.  Sam congratulates Vivek and so does Claire. I’m still mad.

Next week, it seems like they pit Claire and Adrian against each other for Greek Mythology which leave Arnav against Sam for whatever category they have.

Check out these two stars of the show on Meredith Viera! #adorbs




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17 responses to “Child Genius Recap: It’s Ponce DUH LEON! Look It Up!

  1. Victoria W. Jefferson

    The Kelly Clarkson song, “Piece by Piece” was a year jerker. I wonder how her Father is feeling now???

  2. KidsRkids

    You know what TT, there may still be a glimmer of hope that we will see Vivek back on the show. If memory serves me correctly, on an earlier preview of what is coming Leland announces that for the 1st time in Child Genius there is a TIE, this was a few weeks back. Maybe the judges found the error that you have and will right the wrong with a tie breaker. I have not seen this clip air yet.

    I guess we are stuck with Adrian’s meddling dad for the remainder of the competition *sigh*.

    • tamaratattles

      Don’t give me artificial hope. We had a tie even by their abhorrent scoring THIS WEEK and in a tie, Vivek would have moved on just like the kid last year. In a tie the go with the well rounded kid. If you have a four and a 8 for example and the other kid gets two sixes the two sixes win.

      I am mystified why they focused on how sweet Vivek is and showed him being polite and supportive and then showed that Claire was a bit smirky when other kids missed a question, when they KNEW this episode was coming and everyone would be in love with Vivek. It ticks me off.

  3. Vivek's Dad


    Thank you so much for covering the show. Vivek and I enjoy reading your recaps!
    This was a tough one for our family. Staying at LA, everyone but the baby came down with something viral. Vivek had to see a doctor and was under medication and had only 4 hrs. of sleep prior to that round. I noticed that the show didn’t cover that.

    There was so much more drama than what was shown. Based on the rules of the competition, it was allowed to be reading something as it is written in English and we were supposed to get a correct ruling. The Treaty of Versailles should have been ruled correct. We focused on pronunciation for spelling and vocabulary rounds, but didn’t do that for other rounds, assuming we were ok as it was explicitly mentioned as acceptable. This wasn’t the only answer Vivek didn’t get in that round, there were a couple of others which should have ruled right. As you mentioned, In case of a tie, because of the rules of the tie breaker (best all-rounder), Vivek would have advanced to the next round. That would have been tough for Claire. In my opinion, the best option would have been to give the kids another set of question and break the tie that way.

    Poor Vivek was heartbroken. He was looking for the science round and would have been formidable in that round and finale because of his grasp of the subject matter. But if I come out of my selfish cocoon, I understand it is tough for anybody to get out at this point, after putting so much hard work. Vivek had moved on and will come out stronger based on this experience. I hope and pray that he will go on to achieve great things in life.

    In the meantime, my family wish all the very best to reaming Child Geniuses. We will be watching and cheering for them as well as reading your recaps!

    – Vivek’ s Dad

    • Vivek was my favorite child genius. He showed he has great character and was polite. He’s such a cutie. Good job to his parents for keeping him grounded. Good luck to Vivek, he has a big future ahead of him. ?

    • KidsRkids

      My eyes are tearing up after reading your response to Tamara, Vivek’s Dad. I was so hoping that the judges would be reviewing their ruling and the round for both Claire and your AMAZING young man Vivek and correct it. I am heart broken over this travesty.

      You and your family have touched so many people in such a positive way, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful world with all of us. Can you imagine all the good you have created for many others just by the role model you are setting? For this you will be rewarded ten fold for a lifetime. Vivek has won the heart of America, and your family has all played a part in that.

      Bless you and kisses to Vivek and his adorable baby sister!

    • T D

      I think somewhere Albert smiles with pride.

    • SwimMom

      You and Vivek’s Mom are raising a very kind and polite (not to mention intelligent) young man. It’s obvious where he gets that from. I am encouraged to see your level-headed response even when things didn’t turn out in your favor.

      Your support of your son is amazing! Vivek will go very far in life!

    • Nancy (the other one)

      Our whole family completely fell in love with Vivek. We cried when he was sent home. I’ll find it hard to watch without him. He is such a winner in life. He’s got it ALL!

    • Jamie

      Vivek’s Dad,
      Your son was my absolute favorite contestant on the show. He is an adorable, kind, sweet little boy. I was rooting for him to take the win, but I know that he will have much success for the rest of his life. He is meant to do great things. Also, it needs to be said what an incredible father you are! You are so supportive and encouraging, and just genuinely proud of your son and his accomplishments. He is blessed to have such a great support system.

    • Beezus Quimby

      I was so angry that they didn’t give Vivek “treaty of Versailles”- he clearly said the correct word, just pronounced incorrectly. I’m a French speaker, but this was not a French/foreign language round! This was history. He knew the answer, unlike Magna Carter which was simply incorrect. Ugh. Poor Vivek. He was robbed. He & Adrian are my favorites. I hope Adrian takes it home.

  4. George

    Wow. How horrible is Claire’s mom — calling her husband weak while she knows it’s being filmed. I feel sorry for Claire having that woman for a mother.

  5. Love the recaps, but please get rid of the gif’s,

  6. VioletBlue

    This was a real heartbreaker. I didn’t want anyone to go home! All the kids are so special!

    Vivek was so composed and such a good sport, not to mention absolutely ADORABLE! I wish him nothing but the best life has to offer!

  7. Xanadude

    Damn you for making me look up online overlapping word games and keeping me up until 3am last night.

  8. Deborah

    I’m probably in the minority here, but sometimes I would just like to slap the smug right out of little Mr. Homeslice. And his mother, too. How incredibly generous of her to give him one day off a year. At least if he wins he should have enough money to cover the therapy bills for his Oedipus complex (and his argyle nightmares) for many years to come. Ok, I’m sorry. I’m just sad that sweet little Vivek got wrongly ejected. I don’t think there’s a viewer out there that didn’t want to get in line to give that little boy a hug! And I know I’m NOT in the minority on that one lol!

    • tamaratattles

      Wow. Hopefully you are in the minority of advocating hitting a child, and making really awful comments on line about them and their mother. Perhaps Adrian had the pleasure of reading your vile comment and is smart enough to understand there are really atrocious people on line with nothing better to do with their time than disparage children.

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