Happy Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Day!

RHOA Cynthia  Kenya


It’s most anticipated day of the RHOA season!  The ladies are greasing up their ham shanks (Porsha and Phaedra)  like they are going to be the pigs in a pig wrestling competition.  Meanwhile, on the other couch, Kenya and Cynthia are making sure their hair is laid like the rugby queen after a winning game.  Not sure if Kandi is late or just has a different call time so they can do all the Jamaica stuff first. She’s a new mom and I can see her not wanting to or not being able to be away from the new baby for that long. Babies gotta eat!  I would work that excuse if I were her.

RHOA Reunion Porsha Phaedra


The most interesting, well shocking news actually is that Porsha is sitting closest to Andy on the idiot couch.  Phaedra always does seem to be in the middle though which is weird considering Andy’s pseudo-obsession with her. Not sure why the spy could not wait until Cynthia’s makeup artist’s butt was out of the way unless they picked this moment so that Andy wouldn’t catch them!

I’m not sure Kim Fields is prepared for what is about to happen.

I don’t usually get a ton of tea DURING the reunion but I’ll update here with any little random tidbits I hear.

Meanwhile, I have a WHOLE LOT of other stuff going on. So thanks to the eyes on the street for sending these. Keep that tea coming!


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21 responses to “Happy Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Day!

  1. iloveearlgrey

    Do my eyes deceive me? Is that Kenya sitting closest to Andy on the other couch?

  2. SashaV

    I know lots of people on here think Porsha is an idiot but I do think she is a good bit of comic relief on the show. Her and Phaedra’s confessionals always make me laugh. There is a lot of thoty famewhorish behavior from the two of them but I have enjoyed this season of Atlanta for the first time in a number of years.

  3. Nene for sure will have her Stank Face on especially after these last 2 weeks of her negative foolery in the media.

    • Kevin

      I am more than expecting for NeNe to show up and play the part of the raging bitch, especially after these “not so pretty looks” (Yolanda voice) that she has been getting in the media and the blogs lately. I think we’ll be in for a treat when this reunion airs. And for as dry as this season has been, please God let it be 2 parts instead of 3. Hell, they could probably wrap it up in a 90 minute episode and be done with it.

  4. Cat

    Waiting for updates…..

  5. I just hope Kim Fields gets a strip torn out of her condescending ass. One can dream.

  6. I see all the ladies are dressed in similar neutral pale palettes like a bunch of “bridesmaze.”

  7. Billie_bee

    The only reason I can think that Andy has Porsha in “first chair” position is because of his obsession with breasts? I can’t believe the lows Andy has sunk to rewarding ratchet behavior. Was he always this way, or did Bravo make him do it…

    • tamaratattles

      Someone reminded me that Porsha was in two? three? physical altercations this season, Cynthia on the boat and a woman outside of finale filming that we probably won’t see. I feel like I’m forgetting something. The Cynthia thing was a big deal back in 1972 when this season started. So that is probably why.

  8. Miguel

    Ooooohhh TT, I turn my back for a hot second & you pour all this tea!!! Love when the tea flows so freely – keep up the excellent (& I’m sure, hard) work!!!

    • Antoine S

      This season seemed to blow by faster than the last couple for some reason. Maybe because there’s was like one two week hiatus.

  9. Bria

    awesome….thanks for all the tea. I can’t stand Cynthia right now but I love her dress though.

  10. Sammie

    Cynthia looks flawless in that picture. Porsha and Phadrea’s dress look itchy and uncomfortable but at least nothing is falling out of them.

  11. Yeah, Kenya is on the other idiot side too.
    lets hope the reunion goes well. No mud slinging.
    Cant wait to see what Matt looks like. Who knows, may be Oliver is around too….

  12. Truthseeker

    So are we to assume Porsha took Nene’s spot based on her position on the couch? Nene is going to have something else to be angry about.

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