Erika Girardi Says How She Really Feels About Her Cast Mates!

RHOBH erika

Even though Erika Jayne doesn’t always own up to her shadiness and was clearly recruiting for new members for Team Yolanda last week, I can’t help it, I still like her.  She and Yolanda both know how to go for the long con. Erika is just way better at it. Too bad she didn’t reach out to give Sonja Morgan lessons all those years ago….

Erika Girardi is a class act. And Erika Jayne is a deliciously erotic alter ego. So when ET sat down to interview her, I actually watched. She seems to be really enjoying getting Erika Jayne into the living rooms of middle-aged women. She loves to shock and is certainly accomplishing that task this season.

She also doesn’t hold back on her thoughts on the housewives or how she likes to toy with Executive Producer Christopher Cullen in her long days of filming talking heads.

RHOBH Erika pissed

Here is what she has to say about her cast mates.

Lisa Vanderpump: Controlled. You know why? Because she is in control.

Lisa Rinna: Loud, sassy, but deep down in there, there’s a good girl.

Kyle Richards: Fun. I like here. Kyle is very sensitive and she cries a lot.  I feel for Kyle.

Yolanda Hadid: She’s awesome, she’s tough, she’s a class act.

Kathryn Edwards : Jury is still out, I’ve had some great moments with Kathryn and I’ve had some not so great moments with Kathryn

Eileen Richardson:  She’s such a sweetheart, I like Eileen.

Erika tells ET she is on good terms with all the housewives, but she did relate this interesting moment. “What I’ve noticed in this gig is that sometimes I think sh*t is OK when it ain’t,” Erika says. “I’m like, ‘What’s going on?! Everything was fine five minutes ago! And now it’s like, completely blown to hell. And I don’t know what’s going on’ … I’m not gonna say who, but there was a moment where I went, ‘This bitch!’ What the fuck did she just do to me?!'”

She is clearly talking about Kathryn.  Unless she is talking about Lisa Vanderpump.  On this week’s episode, we saw a preview of the upcoming episode where Erikas husband throws someone out of a dinner at their house.  Editing makes it seem like it is Kathryn, and I think it is. But some viewers seem to be hoping it is Lisa Vanderpump. I think Erika is too smart to throw out LVP.  Then again, if Thomas does it, can it be held against her?  One of my favorite things about Erika, is she is not afraid of any of these ladies, nor does she need to worry about their money. She’s the richest bitch on the show, and they better recognize!  If there were any doubt about her ability to draw a crowd, this episode of RHOBH was the most view recap yet!


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80 responses to “Erika Girardi Says How She Really Feels About Her Cast Mates!

  1. You mean her husband is the richest of them all! I still like Erika too, she hasn’t lost me.

  2. Just Saying

    I’m on the fence with Erika now, she is starting to seem cold and uncaring to me, she says she doesn’t care what others think but I’m starting to see that as she thinks she’s better than the others so I’m waiting to see how the rest of the season plays out

    • On camera I’ve gotten the feeling she disliked all these women the same way Yolanda does. But in this interview she seems a lot warmer.

    • Kevin

      I totally agree with you on this one. I have been feeling the same way about Erika. Especially after she flat out lied to the other women’s faces at the hotel. I’m sorry, I know this is just a “reality show”, but I just can’t deal with flat out lying no matter the circumstance, I’m still not over that.

      • Lindsay

        Me too. She has a major superiority complex and I am totally over her.

      • Miguel

        Here here, Kevin – couldn’t agree more. I’d add that my dislike 4 her increases exponentially for making LVP look better – a HW I never had any use 4!!!

    • I agree, Just Saying. She is interesting, I’ll give her that. Thanks for the tea, TT.

      • Meredo

        I really dislike her. Bad enough she’s friends with Yolanda, but the way she has yelled at the others and lied because of that friendship has really pissed me off. Then, the way she minimized Kathryn’s heart wrenching story of her fathers suicide in her explaining to LvP and Kyle what was discussed when they weren’t at the table was just cruel. In her talking head she redeemed herself somewhat saying kind things about Kathryn, but at the time it was just cold. I don’t blame Kathryn for running and telling LVP what Erika had said about her ( although she shouldn’t have said she wanted to be her friend to begin with) I’m sure she was hurt and angry at Erika for that. I know I was.

    • Psylocke

      Eh I think it’s easy to be judgmental if you don’t bother thinking about the extremities of the situation she’s in – a lack of experience in this new world you’re thrust into with cameras following your every move, producers trying to manipulate you into looking bad – being “cold” aka reserved and cognicent of what’s going on around her seems to have worked out for her in the end.

      I’m continuously surprised at the unrealistic expectations people seem to establish for their entertainers. In this particular situation I don’t really blame her for lying – the entire scene in the hotel room was a set up with the sole intention of ganging up on her, and she took their power away by disengaging. Rinna was PISSED she didn’t get to showcase her preconceived argument that she undoubtedly practiced for hours.

      • KTina

        You nailed it!

      • janet

        I agree. When all the ladies were loaded for bear and demanding to know who told Yolanda, I wouldnt have said anything either It reminded me of when youre a little kid, and youre put in that position of fessing up and you cant bring yourself to do it. So you either lied or feigned ignorance. I wonder why Yolanda hates LVP so much? Thats the crux to this story line. I think Yolanda is kinda nuts, but Im thinking there must be something she holds against LVP. Im very curious to what it is..

  3. Ok, I can’t help it – I might be liking Erika again. This interview was great. And I think she genuinely does like Lisa V. For me, it all hinges on that…

    I gotta disagree that she isn’t afraid of these ladies though. That’s why she didn’t own up to being the one to tell Yolanda what was said. She knew she’d not exactly relayed things as they were said and was too scared to admit it. Nothing wrong with that, it makes her human.

    • tamaratattles

      Because IT WAS HER SCENE AT HER EVENT and she didn’t feel like doing anything but hearing how great she was. She’s not obligated to jump into the producer driven storyline. She did it on someone ELSES airtime.

      • Mark

        To be fair, if I was in a room with a bunch of bitches I literally didn’t know from Adam, who I’d just paid to schlep out to MY moment in a different city, if it was gonna avoid the drama I wouldn’t think twice about telling a big ole’ lie. Infact, after they left I’d probably call my friend, laugh about it, and say, “Hell, these bitches were going for me but I told them a big ole’ lie. Teehee! Let it blow up at someone else’s party. I don’t know them for shit.”

        I really didn’t see the biggie. It’s not like she’s making up a disease for sympathy and attention. Or something. She’s just #Cunty.

      • That’s what she would like us to think. But she has an insecure streak IMO.

  4. LOVE Erika. I don’t even mind that she’s friends with Yolanda. It even raises her in my eyes.

    I mean, it’s very easy to love/stand by someone who has no flaws. It shows Erika’s strength of character that she stands by someone who IS flawed. Who needs another fair-weather friend? It doesn’t mean she co-signs everything Yo says and does.

  5. Sliceo'pie

    I liked Erika at first but now..not so sure- I’m gonna wait till her Sophomore year-it’s hard to get a gage on who they truly are until their second or third year…by then the facade has began to crumble.

    • WonkyTonk

      That’s a pretty good way to take it Sliceo’pie. I’ve gone from liking her a lot to really starting to despise the shady way she’s acting. She’s straight up messy, in the worst kind of way, and she’s causing all kinds of unnecessary problems with the other ladies. She’s acting the way she thinks Lisa V would act in a given situation but she has it all wrong. She’s got a serious case of Lisa V envy, and it doesn’t look good on either her or her husband.

  6. Rain

    I think a lot of this negative feedback about Erika is from LV fans who are upset that she took on their queen lol. Some of these same people were saying how awesome Erika is a few weeks ago! I ADORE her and I think she’s the future queen Bitch of RHOBH! But I get that the LV fans are upset, we all have our favorites . I know she married a rich man and I’m not going to hold that against her :). She was a waitress and worked hard and raised a cop, so she wasn’t some lazy hefer. I admire that

    • I would find the take down more entertaining if she would do it on her own without functioning as Yolanda’s puppet.

      • Rain

        She’s being a good loyal friend , not a puppet , just like Kyle defends Faye and many other examples

      • Psylocke

        I don’t doubt that Yolanda has probably talked a whole slew of shit about LVP to Erika, but I think it’s really basic to conclude that it’s the sole reason Erika thinks what she does about her i.e. “being a puppet”. Yolanda dislikes Kyle almost as much, and imo Erika probably likes her even more than Yo.

        LVP IS a bitch, and IS a manipulator. I don’t understand why people can’t appreciate her wit and eccentricity while also acknowledging her underhandedness; it’s not even necessarily a bad thing. She’s a shrewd businesswoman who uses people and situations for either financial or social elevation. The bitch is a straight up reincarnation of an ancient Roman equestrian plotting to elevate her status.

        Erika was just smart enough to see what others choose not to.

      • tamaratattles

        Never in all of my born days would I have expected to agree with Psylocke this much.

    • WonkyTonk

      You may be right, I don’t know really, but my instinct tells me she’s a bit of a flash in the pan, she may stick around for a while but really what is she offering? She’s messy as fuck like a teenage high school student running behind the other ladies repeating what they said to the objects of the conversation in the worst way. There’s nothing admirable, or likable about that to me. And sure I guess they all do that to a certain extent but she’s doing it in such a clumsy way I can’t help but really dislike her for it. That last bit is sort of why agreed with another poster about maybe holding judgement until next season because maybe she’s a bit overwhelmed with the scope and her place in the show so far. Also I really just do not, and have not liked her tag line on the show. “I’m an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and cash.” Seriously who would claim something so classless and entitled as their own?

      • DutchTulip

        A next season for Erika? I am not so sure now since next week’s preview shows good Ole husband “throwing Someone out” of their Dinner Party. The suspense is getting real… finally a couple who does not put up with B.S from these sometimes Wonky acting Women.

      • WonkyTonk

        Yeah Dutch that scene looks like it’s going to be pretty intense, but I think it may also point to her husband having anger management issues. The way he cut her off mid-sentence at the restaurant gives a hint at what they’re life is like behind closed doors, and something tells me it’s not all sunshine and lollipops for Erika. But then it’s not hard to believe she’s pretty much a gold digger like Yolanda only better at it which is probably why they hit it off so well, and I suppose dealing with the money maker’s bs is part of the price you pay for the privilege of access to the money and lifestyle.

    • I have yet to see Erika take on LVP. She has plenty to say about her when LVP is not around but is very nice to her face. Erika would like to be Queen I think but I don’t foresee that happening.

    • janet

      I dont get all the everyone is so jealious of LVP. I am happy for LVP, but I wouldnt want to be her. I wouldnt want the responsability I of running a bunch of restaurants. That type of service buisness would be my idea of a living hell. And while her marriage does seem good, it lacks passion to me. My husband thinks LVP looks alot older than her age so its not like everyone thinks shes gorgeous. The other women have nice lives as well, with the exception of Brandi and Kim…

  7. Margarett

    Right now I like both Ericas. I really like LVP, so …

    • Margarett,

      It actually IS possible to like both Erika and LVP, but it shows a level of nuanced thinking that is rare indeed around here. It seems with many people, liking someone means having to dislike someone else as a matter of course. And if someone is disliked, every thing they do and say, every breath they draw, every tiny muscle movement of theirs no matter what is just more proof of their awfulness. No gray areas!

      I like Erika and I like LVP too. I just don’t understand the unquestioning adoration and worship that LVP seems to inspire in so many.

      • CanadaCat

        I like both Erika and LVP too. I enjoy them both, liking one doesn’t have to have anything to do with the other. I think the fans sometimes take these entertainers a little too seriously. They’re on a show that if not scripted (maybe not the show, but I would venture to say the majority of the talking head comments are s rooted) is largely shaped through production and heavy editing. It’s not real. I think the description of reality stars as caricatures of themselves is an apt one.

      • tamaratattles

        I like LVP well enough. I’d like her a lot more if her fans weren’t so blinded by the swans and puppies. :) It’s amazing they can’t see beyond that.

      • Margarett

        Oh, Tamara, I fear you “read my mail”! I admit that the swans, puppies, and little horses are favorites of mine. LVP’s command of the snarky retort keeps me liking her. My latest favorite is, “You’re not important enough to hate. Sit down.” I can hardly wait for the chance to use it myself

        She’s going to need more than that to handle the Girardis. I think that, while Erica may pull the trigger, Tom is providing the ammo.

      • Agreed, Margarett.
        When I get home from work, what I want are tiny ponies, swans, puppies, beautiful homes, amazing holidays, the ladies doing something stupid and funny for what ever charity they are raising funds for, interesting peeks at their jobs and passions, and Mauricio in the pool.
        What I don’t want are endless demands for apologies, brown under eye make up, dirty hair, back stabbing gossip, real or false illnesses, and lies.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t begrudge anyone llamas and puppies and swans and pink stuff. I’m fine with LVP and think she should be on the show always.

        It’s the bizarre heroine worship as if all of that pomp and circumstance means she is not a manipulative bitch who pulls everyone’s puppet strings is what annoys me.

  8. Not only is she the “richest bitch on the show”, she’s pretty smart. She knows exactly what she is doing. She can do and say anything she wants – she doesn’t need the money (even if her marriage ended tomorrow, after 15+ years in CA, she would be set for several lifetimes) , she doesn’t care about being friends with these women, and the exposure of the show is most likely doing wonderful things for the Erika Jayne hobby/career. Good for her!

  9. Eryka love train for one leaving the station! No thanks! I see now he thoughts about Lisa have softened…I wonder why? No longer a viper is she pot? I don’t really care for people who lie conveniently or who have this ‘do as I say but not as I do’ attitude! The fact that she is ‘friends’ with Yolanda is questionable!

  10. CanadaCat

    I love Erica, too, for the same reasons you listed, TT.
    Are she and her hub richer than Lisa and Ken? Wow.

  11. Meg

    I don’t like Erica. She is like a sex without the orgasm. She has a raunchy alter ego, old rich husband, wears flashy clothes and cheap looking wigs but still she is bland and boring as fu#ck. It’s unbelievable. She repeats over and over again – “I don’t care” – it drives me crazy. Bi#ch you are doing a reality show so you should care.

    • therealdeb

      that is her hair, she will add some small hair pieces for her shows but the majority of it is hers. she even talked about it in one of the earlier episodes.

  12. Yveline

    Lying, specially for a trivial reason, says something about the character of a person. When your friends are liars too, it reinforces that lack of integrity. That is all I need to know about this woman.

    • But don’t all of the housewives on all shows lie in some manner? I think we sometimes forget: it isn’t about reality, it’s about entertainment.

    • kendrawm

      As I would say to my 6 year old lying is bad. But I really don;t blame her in this case. She had just finished her show, was pumped on adrenaline was ready to party and then walked into the shit show that was the inquisition. For all the ladies scream about a time and place for everything this was just wrong. Rinna could have easily after the trip said, Erika come clean I know it was you. We didn’t want to bring it up on your night but come on now tell the truth.

      If those women were coming after me at my party hell yes I would have lied to shut them down, and then when the time was right I would have said, yup it was me, I said it, and I lied because I didn’t want you guys ruining what was a big night for me. And if you can’t understand that, then here is the door….

  13. Rose

    I like the 2 Erika’s.

  14. Josie

    I thought she was so cool but I dont like either of the Erikas anymore. Dont trust her one bit.

    Shouldnt she be helping Yo with her alleged Munchausen instead of blindly supporting anything she says or does. Erika’s shrieking at Rinna to tell Yo who said it was enough for me. It was like a middle school mean girls gang up.

    • lauraannb

      I didn’t like that either, the way she went after Lisa Rinna. She went from 0 to 10 in a split second, and it wasn’t a pretty look. I do think Yolanda has spewed a whole bunch of shit to Erika about LVP, & the other ladies, & it’s clouding Erika’s judgment somewhat. Yolanda’s word is NOT Gospel. Regarding Erika’s lying to the ladies, when she finally came clean, the ladies didn’t go after her rudely, (like Yolanda & Erika went after Lisa R.). They actually handled it in a pretty mature manner, imo.
      I wonder what happened to get Kathryn? kicked out of the Girardi’s home? I can’t wait to find out!

  15. More Tea Please!

    This past week Erika went from a cool edgy refreshing change to a conniving snake! I don’t like her any more and hate that she has caught you in her silken erotic web.

  16. Gracious

    I’d totally be a fan of Erika but she’s on Team Yo which is so annoying.

  17. Karen

    I like Erica except fof her friendship with Yolanda who I cannot stand any longer. I also note that LVP is following everyond EXCEPT Erico on Twitter, so no things are not great between those two.

  18. TD

    Sorry not a fan of Erika. She’s a gangster in her talking head and yet doesn’t talk much, if not anything when actually being around the ladies. Much like Kim Fields who only “reads” Kenya when she’s on Twitter.

    • Karen

      She’s everything she accuses LVP of being. If not for Yolsnda, Erika and LVP would be a formidable force as they have a lot in common.

      • I think Erika is a bit jelly of LVP but I can’t tell if she genuinely likes her or not. Sometimes she makes observations about LVP that while true, can come across as negative.

      • tamaratattles

        What on earth does LVP have that Erika wants? She has a better house, a richer husband, a celebrity fan base in the club world, a job perform that she loves, she’s getting paid to advertise her career on primetime TV. She has planes, trains and automobiles at her disposal. She has a very leisurely life with a full staff… I could go on.

        Lisa manages a bunch of twatty dishwashers and stands outside of liquor stores promoting Sangria when she can bother to show up. has millions of dollars in damages against both Villa Blanca and herself and her husband personally, is ass deep in attorney debt, her husband’s health is not great, she has a son who is a dishwasher and a daughter who she rarely sees.

        Who is jealous again?

  19. Erica has been a great replacement for Brandi and Adrienne. The whole having “gays” thing is a snooze for me – overdone on all franchises – but I’m loving the real money/lifestyle and her whole schtick is entertaining.

    Doesn’t Ken come across as tired this Season? (Random late night thought – sorry) In the scene with Erica’s hub, Ken came across as older of the two.)

    • Wanda

      Yes, Ken is looking pretty tired. The image he tries to project through his clothes is incongruent with his age and physical condition. But its nice to see a man who is so dedicated to his wife.

  20. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    I really dislike Erika. She is completely superior and judgemental – her comment about only wanting to be around “accomplished” women when she has only made a career for herself thanks to her husband’s money was a joke. Who is she to judge any other woman’s accomplishments? Plus holding Yolanda up as an example of an accomplished woman was further insult. Her similarities with Carlton are too similar – the raunchiness, the religious artefacts, the crude language. She’s a Brandi/Carlton lovechild. Her friendship with Yolanda is completely faux and it’s very easy for her to tell everyone how they should be supportive of Yolanda when she has only been hanging out with her since filming. It’s also clear that Erika and Eileen have been b*tching about LVP (funny how it’s the ones closest to Yolanda isn’t it?) because Erika wasn’t even there for the dinner when Eileen and LVP had the conversation about how she met Vince (the one where Eileen actually brought up that she met him on set first!). And she is a coward too – most of her b*tching is in her THs or when she has her gay back up crew as an audience.

    • tamaratattles

      “I really dislike Erika. She is completely superior and judgemental – her comment about only wanting to be around “accomplished” women when she has only made a career for herself thanks to her husband’s money was a joke. Who is she to judge any other woman’s accomplishments?”

      That comment is one of the more hypocritical ever posted here. I’ll not even touch on the whole “gay back up crew” comments.

    • Queen of the Nile

      The “Brandi/Carlton lovechild” comment was pretty funny — Erika J would appreciate that it’s a “cunty” remark. She does have that necklace, after all …

    • T D

      Eyes have been known to make a potato jealous.

  21. Bridgett

    Erika is the best addition to a cast that Bravo has ever made. She gives zero fucks, but is classy about it not messy.

    • iloveearlgrey

      Yup, ITA. Erika is a great addition to the show. She’s entertaining as hell, and I love watching her. I could sit and watch her watching paint dry and be entertained.

  22. Brittany

    Love her! She did lie, but it was her moment and she didn’t want to talk about it. I love the way she has a poker face. Stays cool all the time. It could change though.

  23. margroc

    Ugh! I find it hard to believe anyone can think this vulgar, trash talking, wanna be stripper is classy. I don’t like her, never have. But then I never liked Brandi or Yolanda either. Yolanda, for all her pretense of being so self righteous and morally superior to the others, seems to like hanging around with trash.

  24. BKSweetheart

    I am kind of neutral on Erika. I don’t like her blind loyalty to Yo and clashing with LVP but I still think she is a good addition to the cast.

  25. Lime Brain

    I’m giving a pass on Erica’s blind loyalty to Yolanda this season because I think she’s the only one that knew that Yolanda was getting divorced during the time they were filming and that made her more protective of her. Divorce is so hard. I should really give Yolanda some slack, also. But she makes it so hard to do it. She is just so strident.

    I’m going to try to remember this while I watch the rest of the season. Don’t know if I can. Lol!

    • Sweet T

      That’s a good point about the divorce. I would protect my friend if I believed they were sick. I doubt Erika has all of the backstory we have on Yolanda or has any idea about the brain damage/divorce settlement theory TT and Psylocke came up with.

    • tamaratattles

      I never thought about that Lime Brain, good point. I don’t see Erika as so blindly loyal as someone who is coming from a place of friendship with Yolanda in a pit of people talking about her having Munchausen. If you recall, I was literally THE LAST PERSON who wanted to believe that Brooks was not lying about cancer. If you start out liking the person doing the malingering, it takes a very long time to believe they could be malingering or ill in a different manner. I admire Erika for sticking by Yolanda when the cool thing to do, especially being new on the show, would be to join the power group.

      As for her interactions with LVP, she likewise isn’t going to fall into the groupthink. I don’t think she dislikes LVP, she’s just not falling for her puppeteering. Kind of like me. I don’t dislike LVP, I just have seen plenty of flaws (as have a couple judges) and don’t applaud her every time she goes poo poo in the potty.

  26. I lost all respect for Erika when her husband treated her like an outspoken child at dinner with Lisa and Ken…I don’t really care how much money he has, he disciplined her like a child and she was okay with it. Obviously, she’s puts on this tough image for everyone else, and she toes the line at home.

    • tamaratattles

      Jana, I can certainly understand why YOU would not appreciate the dynamic between Erika and her husband. That does not mean all women are looking for a relationship just like yours. (Side note: I’m not trying to be snarky here). There is often a different dynamic in relationships where the man is much older (Sidenote: I am not presuming to know the dynamic of Erika’s relationship) that has some protective/security related components. You (sidenote: the global you) may perceive it as disrespect while the people in the relationship enjoy the role in a way that others in a more gender neutral relationship would find unacceptable. Sometimes the man wears the pants, sometimes the woman wears the pants and sometimes the pants just lay on the floor until someone decides to put them on.

      For me, I’m shocked this these keeps coming up, because the scene was so trivial to me that I didn’t notice it at all.

      • V1xen79

        Maybe it’s me but I thought he was being playful. Some women like being submissive in relationship. I’m the boss at work when I get home he is my boss. Suits me just fine.

      • tamaratattles

        @V1xen79 ding! ding! ding! we have a winner. ( pssssst these people are likely the same ones that thought 50 Shades was such a sexy movie. 😉 #vanilla )

    • lauraannb

      I know, right? That totally gave me the creeps, the way her husband talked to her, & she seemed ok with it. I would have been embarrassed if my husband talked to me like that, especially in front of guests or friends. Well, we certainly know who wears the pants in that family. NTTAWWT….

  27. Bravocueen

    Erika Jayne gives me girlie wood. That is all.

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