Blind Item: Let Jesus Be Your GPS


Chocolate Ice cream


I guess it is time to release this blind since you will see the results on a show next week. It seems that the top brass of this show held a focus group to help them make some decisions.  To be honest, this was the big tea for me. I had no idea that happened until recently.  In the course of questioning the participants, it was determined that in order to rehab this reality cast member’s image there were a few things that needed to be made.  That was the second big cup of tea. Why are the head honchos so into this particular cast member? Why rehab an image rather than just replace the person? It turns out they have done it before. The last time they rehabbed the image of this person they went out of their way to turn dark chocolate to white chocolate.  But I digress.

This panel made it clear that the cast member did not seem to have a strong parental bond toward their offspring.  So some scenes were shot to give that good parent vibe. But what the panel really wanted was something the cast member did not want to do. But production was very forceful that it needed to happen. So the overacting will be in full effect next week. And production is really hoping that you fall for it. You may or may not. But the people who just watch the show, and don’t obsess about it on the Internet will likely eat it up with a spoon.

And that’s some tea.

P.S.  These blinds are fun to solve.  But the tea is also real. So don’t forget to share your thoughts on the tea rather than just patting yourself on the back for figuring out the answer. They are not meant to be difficult at all. :)


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87 responses to “Blind Item: Let Jesus Be Your GPS

  1. I’m guessing this is Phaedra taking her boys to see Apollo in jail.

  2. Spilledperfume

    I’m not good at these but based on the title I’m going to guess Phadrea because she needed the GPS to take her son to school.

  3. So RHOA production convinced Phaedra Parks to take a journey to see her incarcerated husband? The convicted felon father of her children whom she is currently divorcing? This fake act is supposed to convince us of her maternal instincts how?

  4. WhyOWhy

    Ohhh, Kim Richards and her daughter Kimberley? And that new Lifetime show — Mother/Daughter Experience?

    I never got the picture that Kim was much of a mother to those kids. Probably because of her addictions.

    • Wow -I think Kim lives for her kids and is struggling with her empty nest.

      • WhyOWhy

        I don’t know… maybe it’s the way she’s been portrayed on both the show and in the media. I just don’t get that “motherly vibe” from her.

        That said… I don’t know her. I don’t see her with her kids. This is all just based on what I’ve seen on TV and read.

    • Why – I totally respect your opinion. We all see things differently. I just read a recap elsewhere where the writer and her commenters all think Yolanda’s email was amazing and eloquent ? – we all take away different things.

  5. Cat

    Wow, I’m terrible at guessing these, but from reading your recaps, that sounds like Phaedra. Can’t wait to read the details next week.

  6. Deb in SF

    I wondered why Phaedra finally decided to bring her kids to see Apollo; now we know: Production forced her to do it. Thanks, TT!

    • Minky

      Yep. Lock Up Raw by Bravo. Viewers are starting to hate Phaedra. Her behavior is so incongruent with her stated circumstances. Is she divorcing him or not? Will Apollo sing like a bird after he’s been asunder for long enough or not?

      And to think that a lot of what we see on the show is the result of focus groups. That is an eye opener. Ew.

      • I never imagined they use focus groups either but after seeing Carlos King run a focus group on the Next: 15 it’s not that surprising. Great tea, Tamara!

      • It has to be future convict Phaeda. The woman is the trashiest, along with her trailer trash buddy Porsha. And don’t look for a divorce from Apollo. She has to appease him to keep him from talking about her alleged part in his crimes. It would be nice to see 2 new housewives who do not act like drunk trailer trash on Saturday night. Those two are the most disgusting. Other than Teresa, I don’t think there is a single housewife who people hate more.

  7. JoJoFLL

    This is Phaedra. She has zero motherly instinct.

    Always thought Apallo was better with the kids.

    So she is going to visit Apollo huh?

    • JoJoFLL

      Just saw the teaser for next week and Phaedra is definitely visiting Apollo.

      She comes across horrible. If they want to keep her, why don’t they edit her better?

  8. Rodney Gardner

    I think the most interesting thing is that there’s a focus group who help shape the show. Also ppl are going to eat this up like birthday day cake. It’s sad but kinda funny ppl are so gullible.

  9. SaraK

    Can we change the titles from “Real” housewives and just call them Manilupated Women Willing to Sell Their Soul for a Buck? I know it’s kinda long we can just use MWWSTS4B

  10. @immelza

    So TT did the prison give Bravo permission to film inside? Because isn’t that where Joe G is heading for college? So we will see visits with #felonsbybravo instead of speakerphone? Oh and the dark chocolate \ white chocolate is Phadrea who has the nannies raise the kids hey do the nanny’s get to hoof it to NJ?

  11. Kay

    My thoughts on the tea are that I wish I could watch RHOA again. I stopped watching because I ABHOR Phaedra. There is absolutely nothing that entices me to watch as long as she’s on the show & Apollo is not. Please just take her off the air. I don’t even care to see her fake parenting, I don’t want fake I want REAL circumstances. Fuck Phaedra & her blasphemous self righteousness.

  12. Jaye

    I’m sure Mr. Cohen was the ring leader in trying to rehab this cast member’s image, since he’s so crazy about her and her boys! Andy irritates the HELL out of me the way he gushes over Phaedra and her REHEARSED reads!!

  13. Rose

    Dark chocolate and Jesus so it must be mommy dearest Phaedra taking her kids to the big house to see daddy. Why is she getting special focus group treatment? I hope they told her Jesus is not pleased with her sexual innuendos and that nasty tongue hanging out. Her time is done.

    • queenmarie

      OMG Rose—that tongue sticking out after every sexual comment she makes that she thinks is just soooo clever and enticing—-it just makes me want to retch my guts up. I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing how gross it is. Southern belles definitely do not do that shit.

  14. Gia

    Who told you this? Claudia? I call BS on the ‘no bond with her kids’. Why would production care? None of those broads seem to spend time with their kids anyways. No doubt she got pressure from production to visit Apollo though. If she looks uncomfortable and cries next week, it might actually be genuine.

    • Miguel

      To whom are these questions directed, Gia – is it TT or a commenter? Either way, you may want to prepare for a read!

      • Gia

        What are you, the bouncer? I think it’s obv that Claudia feeds stories/tea to TT so I think my question is perfectly valid. Why else would TT try and shill that gawd awful new reality show Claudia is on?

        Phaedra has a perfectly normal relationship with her sons. This whole topic is reeeeeaching.

      • Cat

        Ridiculous. Talk about jumping to conclusions.

      • tamaratattles

        Crap that reminds me, I still haven’t recapped The Next :15. And Gia, Claudia is a commenter here. perhaps she will respond to you in comments one day.

    • Twilly

      A focus group said that she had no parental bond with her children. And when she tries to come off on camera like an active, doting, involved single parent people will care when it’s clear that she’s none of those things.

    • Miguel

      Hi Gia, so sorry I couldn’t reply directly to your comment; but there wasn’t a link. Although you’ve posed two equally banal questions, I still feel they should be answered. I am not a bouncer; in fact, I’m a chemical engineer. Secondly, I do not know why TT is “shill[ing the] new show Claudia is on” – perhaps, you should ask her?

      I hope you appreciate my directly answering your questions. Had you done the same, I may have been intrigued and posed a follow-up question about Claudia’s friendship with someone here (as I love good tea). However, given your penchant for knee-jerk reactions and your inability to engage critically, I’ll just say “Bye FeliGia!”

      • Gia

        My questions weren’t “banal” they were rhetorical, but thanks for taking the time to respond anyways. Ohhhhh you’re a chemical engineer? Woweeeee! I’m a nuclear physicist! I’d post proof….but…ummm…I lost my degree while moving into my new chateau. Who’s Felicia?

        (Side note: hi Claudia! Are you here? Sup girl!? I hope you realize it a compliment not to be asked back onto a reality show. It means you’re sane.)

      • Zoemonster2

        @gia #semantics

    • Miguel

      I get it, Gia – you would not have replied, if you’d understood. Please allow me to explain: “Bye FeliGia” was a play on your username and the colloquialism “Bye Felicia.”

      The phrase implies I’ve dismissed/released you from my thoughts/psyce; consequently, I can no longer engage; which means I can no longer read/see you.

      In terms a nuclear physicist would absolutely understand, t1/2 = 0. Best wishes; and, once again, “Bye FeliGia!!!”

  15. CoBe

    I would say it is Brandi Glanville and production wants her to take a shower.

    • JaneM

      Brandi can’t film with her kids. I have to say that Phaedra ‘s scenes seem very scripted and rehearsed. I don’t think she’s necessarily the hands on type of Mom. I think the boys are being well raised for the fact that they are being taught to have manners and are well behaved. I believe phaedras mom deserves credit for this.

    • Josie

      Very funny CoBe! You almost made me spit out my wine…

    • Josie

      Why does Andy love Phaedra so much?? What spell has this woman put on Andy? Especially considering he needs to constantly rehab her image. Does he have a crush on Apollo and wants him back on the show? I just dont get it.

      • Lime Brain

        Does Andy still have any say with the housewives? I can’t remember if he does or doesn’t anymore since he switched positions at bravo.

      • Andy has gone on record more than once saying that he finds Apollo to be the hottest Housewives husband, and that Apollo is sooooo hot n sexy, etc.

        Whether that has any effect on Phaedra’s continued employment is anyone’s guess (I kind of doubt it, but that’s just me).

    • Toddy

      CoBe, you’re a hoot!

  16. Sunshine

    I’m with you Gia. I call BS on Phaedra not having a bond with her kids too. You can plainly see that Phaedra and Ayden have a bond. Some of us can watch these shows and see what we see without the bias of hate.

    • I don’t think Phaedra has any bond with her children and looking back, you can kinda see where production may have been trying to change her image in the past. Remember when she was making cookies with the boys and she didn’t seem to realize that dough grows in the oven? It was obvious that she had never baked with her boys, or anyone else, before and it was a set up to make her look good. It’s possible that Pha even requested the focus group. She has to know that the perception of her is not good and that the blogs are all talking about the various scandals she’s involved in. She seem very superficial to me and I think a having a bad image may bother her. She’s also not self-aware enough to figure what she does to contribute to the tarnishing of her halo.

  17. iloveearlgrey

    I was thinking Tamara Judge until I saw that the overacting will be in full effect next week. So now, I’m convinced it’s Jesus’ BFF herself, Phaedra Parks.

    • Miguel

      I went thru the same thought-process, iloveearlgrey! Thanks TT for revealing what prompted Phaedra’s latest bulls#*t, mother-knows-best orchestration. What is it with Andy – he loves the characters I loathe & vice versa?!?

      • Minky

        Andy & Co. know that a lot of viewers like to hate watch these shows. Why else would he keep some of the most loathsome characters (Teresa, Tamra, Vicki, Brandi, Nene, Phaedra)? And why else would he not reprimand or remove people for some of the foulest behavior (criminality, lying about illnesses, physical violence, homophobia, etc.)? He’s playing to every segment of the audience equally, including the ones who enjoy and approve of poor behavior, the snobs, the self-righteous, and the ones who are appalled by all of the fuckery.

  18. Lime Brain

    I’m confused. First, I do not understand why production wants to keep Phaedra. Is she sleeping with someone high up?

    Also, who made up this panel? They were upset about her lack of maternal instincts, but her constant crass sexual innuendos and tongue sticking out of her mouth and her black kitty didn’t gross any of them out?

  19. Sadly, there are so many we can choose. I have no idea. Will be interesting to see it come out in the next week.

  20. Bryn

    Hmmm. Is Phaedra really that special to need a focus group and her image to be rehabbed? I just can’t see bravo caring that much when their housewives are so disposable. I admit I don’t watch Atlanta regularly but Phaedra doesn’t seem worthy of a focus group.

    • Sunshine

      I don’t believe it either Bryn.

    • I absolutely believe the focus group was about Pha but is it possible that she requested it and/or paid for it? She’s all about image and there’s even been some talk about her running for public office. She a lot of things but I don’t think stupid is on the list so she has to know that her image is pretty bad.

    • Matzah60

      @Bryn. Maybe they want to keep Phaedra on the show while the Angela Stanton case is playing out in the court and the press. Maybe (hoping) Phaedra will be our next Bravo felon.

  21. 80sChild

    Production forced Phaedra to go “Asunder” to see Apollo!!

  22. ZenJen55

    Andy has a thing for Apollo, that’s why Phaedra has a peach!
    I bet TT has some piping hot tea on the Angela Stanton case, too!
    I, too, credit Phaedra’s mother with the boys are well-mannered.

  23. LisaPat

    Only reason I think Phaedra is because they were all saying she cheated with Mr. Chocolate, then Nene went on WWHL and said she knew about her friend White Chocolate. But, I did not know ppl thought she was a bad Mom and I notice the ones who are drowning in Motherhood .

    • Sunshine

      The people here are required to say she is a bad mom without any real proof.

      • Miguel

        Really, Sunshine? Required? Are we ALL required by law or under threat of physical harm? I didn’t know; so just in case, Phaedra is a bad mom (though, I must admit I have absolutely no proof)!

      • Sunshine, I see on TV Phaedra being with her son’s as a photo op, that is it. Phaedra’s Mom with nannies are raising her boys. Having help is not bad it is the amount of help.
        Plus what Mom needs a GPS to find her son’s school? Most of us could drive there half asleep before coffee.

      • Josie

        What proof do you have that she is a good mom? Just curious…

      • FGF

        The comments crack me up!! Could it be that she has nannies and/or her mom around during the season so she can film and attend the mandatory events/trips? People complain about Kim Fields bringing her kids with her all of the time but blast Phaedra for having help. No one said a peep when Kim Zolciak NEVER had those girls!! The oldest even cried when she went on tour w/ Kandi because Sweetie was leaving. And if I’m not mistaken, she has a couple of nannies, a chef, and housekeeper now. Furthermore, Phaedra has always been shown having a good rapport with Ayden. They’ve filmed some of the most adorable scenes on this show!!

        Honestly, it’s probably a good thing that she has help considering some of the other parenting skills we’ve seen on this show. Kids being arrested multiple times, underage dating, Kim Zolciak breastfeeding while driving her daughters, smoking while pregnant, overgrown boys sleeping on air mattresses, etc. Aren’t Nene and Cynthia home schooling? And Riley never seems happy to spend time with Kandi. None of them are mom of the year but Phaedra seems to have the best behaved and most intelligent kids of the group.

      • Sunshine, that is your second insult directed to the intelligence of commenters.
        We do not group think anything, TT does not insist we agree with her or you would not be here.
        I don’t hate any of these fame whires but Paedra is disgusting. Her words, actions and attitude makes her very unlikable.

      • Cat

        Yes, Sunshine, we are all part of the TT Cult. And now, you have commented here, too, so you MUST comply.

        Drink the Kool-Aid…You are one of US now!


  24. More Tea Please!


    • Sunshine

      Preach FGF. These people around here will say the worst things about people without any real proof. Then will scream Tamara said when you believe otherwise. It’s nuts but like I said before it just amuses me so.

      • Miguel

        That’s twice you’ve said “these people,” Sunshine. Please don’t homogenize the commenters on this site – more than one person has shared your opinion & no one has othered those whom believe Phaedra’s the mother-of-the-year!

        This is a fun & supportive space where no one feels judged/ridiculed for loving reality tea nor expressing oppositional (not antagonistic) opinions. There’s no us vs them, here – it just isn’t divisive!!!

        That being said, who cares if Phaedra is the greatest mother ever? If her sexualized wardrobe, dancing & conversations aren’t proof perfect of that, I don’t know what is? Whatever! For me, the tea is that production may have compelled her to see Apollo & we’ll get to see a snipet of it!!!

      • FGF

        I’m unbiased and don’t really have a favorite or least favorite housewife but I’ve been told to STFU and called a retard a couple times in the comments for not agreeing with comments about Nene or for sharing unpopular views about Kenya. I share my opinion of my perception of the show and move on. You have to disengage when it gets personal and just comment with facts. I have a memory like a steel trap so I just share what I’ve seen on the show past and present and enjoy the tea!

      • More Tea Please!

        Table for one please, in the WLS…

  25. Gracious

    I’m awful at these but I’m gonna go with Phaedra.

  26. Petunia

    Spoons= yolanda

  27. I’m glad all the other commenters guessed…I’m so bad with blind items. All I could think of at first was the loathsome Jacquelyn (TT rated Worst Mom – ICAM!) until realizing it couldn’t be revealed next week cuz NJ isn’t even airing! *snort* No idea why BRAVO is so invested in either HW – both not even fun to hate. If I’m in the focus group, and forced to have a storyline for Phaedra, it would be to quit being fakety as all fuck with NeNe. They made much better enemies with the very real feel of NeNe claiming not to even know her/Head Dr and how Phae tried to get NeNe’s sisters on board to shade her. That was getting juicy.

  28. DutchTulip

    I asked by hubby to do a chocolate ice cream run for me after I saw the picture above and it was delicious.

    After consulting my GPS, I concluded that it must be Phaedra and her boys.

  29. queenmarie

    I wish they’d just replace her instead of all this rehabbing crap. Tired of her Phakeness. But wow what delish tea ! Thanks TT !!!

  30. Twilly

    Why keep rehabbing Phaedra’s image? You can only polish a turd so much.

  31. T D

    Is it wrapped in fishnet? Does it wear dog collars in talking heads? Will it use the power of gps to truly find Jesus?

  32. Andy said once, “there are housewives people love to hate and those people just hate.” Phaedra is not hated they way Brandi, Brooks, Jill (I love Jill, personally) are hated. Phaedra brings something…the southern belle thing, all the quips, the outfits, etc….so for me she is very interesting to watch and listen to. Also, Andy loves Ayden.

  33. Iprefermyteaunsweetened

    Given the clues this points straight to Phakedra…Although others may paint her as the perfect southern belle, wife and mother…the ratchtetness shines through. Ask yourself, how can anyone–even if you are the epitome of ‘Superwoman’ hold so many jobs – mortician, activist, stun-gun company owner, attorney and reality star to name a few without any help. It’s evident her mother helps with those children and until his arrest, Apollo was Mr. Mom. Not to mention the nannies. Get real. If Phaedra was really doing all those things she’d be too tired to get out of bed and shoot her scenes. She’s so fake its irritating. You can tell it’s all an act by her ex-BFF Kandi’s reaction to most things Phaedra these days. Just count the number of times Kandi has rolled her eyes when it comes to all things Phaedra lately. Even Kandi is over her.
    Although in a stretch, this could be Cynthia…in Jamaica she did say she was tired of dark chocolate and wanted white chocolate when given the choice of dessert. (Unless she was slyly referring to Peter’s old tired messy gossipy ass.)

  34. Richard

    None other than Fakedra aka Phaedra. She takes her kids to prison to see Apollo. Her fans are going to say how she’s a good mother for doing what she’s supposed to do. Hell, she laid down with Apollo and made babies with him. That’s the least she could do.

    • tamaratattles

      I think the jury is still out on whether it is a good idea to take children to visit their father in prison…

      • I think kids should see their dad in prison because they need to know where they could end up if they go the wrong way in life. To me, it’s a teaching tool not to make the same mistakes your parent(s) made.

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