Blind Item: I Cannot Tell a Lie

This reality show couple financed their home with an FHA loan. The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) is a government program to assist lower income families in purchasing a home (usually their first home).  The government (that would be our tax dollars)  insures the loan with the lender in case the purchaser ends up not being able to pay the mortgage. If the purchaser defaults, the FHA (that would be you) pays out the loan to the lender and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) puts the house on the market as a HUD home.

In this case of this now unmarried couple, who have also filed for bankruptcy after first “divorcing”  to separate assets, they left a mysterious hole in the living room ceiling.  Wonder what was up there? The home is now listed for sale on the HUD website.


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28 responses to “Blind Item: I Cannot Tell a Lie

  1. LisaPat

    Could it be one of the waste of space TEEN MOMS?

  2. Juan & Robyn Dixon. Easy peasy!

  3. JoJoFLL

    Juan and Robin Dixonon.


  4. Interesting.

    I was wondering what their angle was. As for the hole in the ceiling, the mind reels with possibilities:

    The anchor support for a sex sling?

    A hidden stash of testosterone cream? (She seems like a girl who has played a lot of field hockey. NTTAWWT)

    10 years worth of Crate & Barrel catalogs? (Every last piece of their furniture is straight out of one.)

    Color wheels to be used to classify who is of which race?


  5. GirlMe

    Why would they go on reality tv. Embarrassing. If they stayed off tv not much would be made about this. Who will book her for anything. She cant even be the 15th keynote speaker at one of those Woman’s Expos who dont know what keynote speaker means. What would she speak about bankruptcy and foreclosures???

    Guess the producers picked her because she is such a mess however she’s extremely likeable.

  6. Toddy

    Hmm, are they renting a home now? Or Bravo renting for them? Gotta have some decent digs for filming and fooling viewers.

  7. Kevin

    I freely admit I am totally lost on this one.

  8. Cat

    I have no clue who this is. And have never heard of the people mentioned in comments.

    So, I think I will go back up into my tree, and take a catnap. Zzzzz…..

  9. WhyOWhy

    Robyn and Juan.

    Not gonna lie, FHA is how I got my loan for my house. I didn’t have a down payment, but can more than afford the house payment. If I remember correctly, once the purchaser pays 20% of the cost of the home (the standard down payment), the insurance goes away.

    • WhyOWhy, we used FHA in our first home. We had great credit, down payment and work history. We used it because my husband was a veteran and we were given 2% lower fixed interest rate.
      It’s a huge boon for veterans.

      • And neither of you were on a reality show pretending to be millionaires!

      • FGF

        They weren’t pretending to be millionaires. She was very open about their finances going to hell after he stopped playing basketball. She even sold her wedding dress on the 1st episode to come up with some quick cash. I think she even said she works a lot of hours just to help keep them afloat.

      • WhyOWhy

        Oh, but if I could be a millionaire, Lady Coquette. Not on a reality show, though. I’m not that much of a hot mess.

  10. tbk

    Is this is the Potomac lady who pulled out her wedding dress in one of the first episodes? I noticed she had a lock box on her front door so I knew the house was on the market but….does she still live there?
    Damn, I have to catch up on this show. I stopped watching because if I heard the word etiquette one more time I’d have puked.

  11. Lindsay

    Tori and Dean?

  12. No clue, but I really want to know what the hole is all about.

  13. Sliceo'pie

    Doesn’t everyone have at least one large hole in their living room ceiling? I really don’t see the problem here….

    Drives me crazy that people would leave their home like that-especially since they were given assistance to purchase the home.

  14. Spilledperfume

    Robyn & Juan?

  15. bree

    I thought of Peggy Tanous from the RHOC. I thought they had lost a home and then got some kind of weird divorce a couple years ago but are still together now.

  16. Do you need to leave the chandeliers when you leave?..I am going to start looking at ceilings on the Potomac series because I am with the majority and think it is Robyn and Juan.

  17. More Tea Please!

    I’m jumping on the Robyn and Juan bandwagon…it doesnt look like he’s had a professional gig since 2012. Ouch.

  18. Totally Robyn and Juan, The whole in the ceiling looks like it may have been a water leak or something along those lines and they didn’t have the money to fix it because based on how the pictures look the rest of the home is pristine. Good people and hard times, it’s always sad but she should be proud that she owns up to the situation she is in and is trying her hardest to fix it, not putting up a façade.

  19. I am going to not comment because it’s somebody’s business and God bless them I hope things work out to the good for them. It’s going to be alright in due time. Everybody got something going on it’s just not known to the masses. ijs If you can do reality and keep anything personal good deal but once the public gets into your house, it’s just open season on your business. Oh well.

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