Yolanda Foster Officially Sickens Me.

RHOBH Yolanda

UPDATED: Yolanda has taken her blog down. Did Bravo force her to do it? Or did she just have too much negative feedback?

Yolanda Foster, who now goes by Hadid because of her newly famous children, has written a blog this week in excess of 220o words. I was going to only purple pen the most appalling parts, but frankly, I think you need to see it in all of its glory. It’s not on Bravo this week. She created her own blog just for this post.  Why would she do that? Because Bravo removes a lot of production related stuff from the official blogs and sometimes cuts things down for length reasons.  They do not edit for grammar, typos etc as a general rule. Let’s do this. I have several purple pens ready to go.  Warning, this is a very long and highly upsetting post. She’s truly vile.

Hello bravo lovers,

My apology for not writing a blog last week, I was in NY with my children and had the privilege to sit front row, to watch Gigi and 20 other beautiful models walk the runway for TOMMY HILFIGER. It was amazing and good for the soul :-)

Thanks for letting us know you were on the front row. We might have missed the importance of your being there otherwise.

Overall the week was a good test run out in the real world but unfortunately I still don’t have the stamina I had hoped for, I carefully counted my spoons but had to miss a lot of exciting events with my girls to keep my business obligations. I did make it to the club house though, saw Andy and was saved by the bell in the great company of the funny and talented Graig Ferguson.

Please don’t mistake my cross country trip as me feeling better. I am still very ill. So ill it would be…what is the legal term?  Oh yes, ‘unconscionable’ so under California Family Code 1612 for me not to receive lots of spousal support despite my prenuptial agreement. Please note, I have brain damage. Don’t believe me? Check the link. I’ve done my homework. Here, on my death bed where I haven’t read anything pretty much since my marriage began, because “neurological Lyme.”

Watching tonight’s episode was uneasy to say the least. Not sure a word factory could produce the right ones to describe it because there are so many perceptions and sides to this story.  I do see that when you are absent, not able to participate in life with your circle of friends, it leaves a lot of space for speculations….  The small moments you see go back SIX MONTHS in time…….. and remember they are merely minutes of much larger conversations. What I felt then is not what I feel today. I excepted Lisa’s R apology when she visited me at my home and was grateful that she showed up and owned her mistake. Yet, her words are out in the universe and I must admit that once I read the definition of “Manshausen” it hurt and definitely infuriated me. It was hard to understand why anyone would make such a distorted and untrue statement related to my health journey in front of my friends and millions of viewers out in the world.

You would think that sometime since then you would learn how to spell Munchausen, yet you keep pretending not to know the word, and conveniently read the “by proxy” version on camera so that people would not notice you fit all the symptoms.  Spell check automatically corrects the word, so you would have to force it to correct by typing it incorrectly three time to get your misspelling to stand. Perhaps you don’t want people Googling the symptoms (Doctor shopping, non-traditional treatments, obsession with medical records)? 

When Eilleen came to my home, I confided in her about how I felt, I had no problem with her downloading it to Rinna as I trust that Eilleen always speaks with good intent.  I solely used the word bipolar for argument’s sake but I realize now that it seems like an eye for an eye, which was not my intent and I apologize if it came across that way.

For a split second, someone might even believe this comment. Not me, but someone. Then in her next sentence …

RHOBH 2 Yolanda

I never went out into the world and judged Rinna’s behavior in Amsterdam when it actually happened a year and a half ago, I never spoke in public about her outrageous texts to my friend Kim Richards because that wasn’t my battle to fight.  Fast forwarding to my conversation with Eilleen, Rinna’s judgment now was my problem as I had become #3 in this group to be labeled by her publicly.

You are on a reality show exhibiting wildly different symptoms. Running a scavenger hunt through Beverly Hills, riding bikes through Amsterdam, taking self-defense classes, and then boldly saying to the people you did these things with that you haven’t walker, or gotten out of bed for years. How can they ignore that level of crazy? I dunno who else you mean other than Kim Richards, but she was in full blown alcoholic mode and Rinna was trapped in a car with her for 45 minutes. Again, how was she to ignore that? She was correct with her label of Kim and that gives her great credibility when it comes to trying to diagnose your batshittery.

The life of any chronically ill person becomes extremely isolating. At that time I was ultra sensitive to other people’s energy. Therefore when I arrived at Erica’s barbecue the week before I could feel Rinna’s energy which was obviously fueled by eilleen’s download of our conversation.  Which I did not understand then, but i do understand now…… Regardless we laid it all out on the table once more, discussed it and I chose to move on because I really did not have the energy or focus to stay stuck in the negativity.

Seriously? We’re going back to Rinna at the BBQ? Aren’t you supposed to be whining about Kyle now?

RHOBH Lisa Rinna

Our hug felt right and authentic to me at that time……. Strangely enough even that was doubted and judged by some.
We or better said, They have now spoken about my struggles for the past 13 episodes and even though Rinna and I moved on……… Kyle and LVP felt the need to stir the pot one more time…… Which felt extremely insensitive to me.
In my culture whispering in the company of others is considered rude……

In my culture, people on reality TV shows who discuss authenticity, pot stirring and insensitivity are usually trying to play the victim. You are on a reality show. We all understand all to well the ins and out of production driven conversations.  You constantly assume we are naïve. We are not.

Getting dressed, buying flowers for LVP’s birthday and showing up to lunch was a great personal accomplishment for me but I have learned now that I can’t assume people will understand how that feels unless they have been in my shoes and walked this journey.  Once I learned to accept the meaning of those words, life got easier, my expectations disappeared.

I don’t think you have learned that yet.  Because you say you had expectations of LVP that were not met and then say you’ve learned not to have expectations.  Generally, once you are in perimenopause, you get that realization. Kind people even begin to think of others that mentioned it when you were younger, perhaps giving you a heads up on what to expect. But until you have a really rough time of it and temporarily (one hopes) lose your mind, your identity, and your desire to full enjoy life you don’t really get it.  You need to come to terms with the fact that is happening to you, and all the emotions that entails. We all have our own “journey” with menopause. But it’s generally an introspective time where posting selfies and screaming look at me! is not a valuable activity.

As for your war with Lisa Vanderpump. You can’t manipulate the queen of manipulation, darling. LVP will beat you every time. The wise move would have been to make her your ally. It’s much too late for that now.

RHOBH LVP, Kyle Yolanda

Blowing wind to a minimized fire at this point was not what I had in mind for my rare outing when joining the girls for lunch so I left quite confused as to what went down and why this subject needed to be brought up once more by 2 friends that supposedly did not engage with the conversation to begin with. Kyle’s attitude particularly felt unauthentic to me and I still don’t quite understand why she is telling me to give her a break…… ?

You know who decides the tone and tenor of a filming?  Here’s a hint, it’s not your expectation for your “rare outing.”  The subject is being brought up because it is your storyline. You have nothing but your illness. It is all you talk about. You are on the show not making any sense at all. You don’t decide when the conversation that you introduced is over. Production does.  This is just you grasping to sympathy from a audience whose sympathy was spent six  concurrent syndromes ago.

a break for unauthenticly producing the show and creating added drama at my expense?
It’s interesting how the woman have gone from judging my health journey, my no make up look, my happy selfies, my sad selfies, my character, my integrity and now as Kathryn mentioned; My tone? Yes, my tone is strong…… I am 100% Dutch and proud of it, any one that was raised with a Germanic language will agree that our tone is strong especially once translated into English. I am righteous and not afraid to speak my truth, my delivery might not always be as diplomatic as I would like it to be but my words are truthful, spoken from the heart and to the point.

Maybe you are a bitch because you’re Dutch. But you’re still a bitch.

July 2014 Yolanda in Holland

July 2014 Yolanda in Holland

Yes, Lisa R has come into this group of woman and consistently labeled people without any qualification to do so but at least she owns her shit and I trusted we moved on.

Yet you keep randomly bringing her up. Like now? Why are you blowing wind on this diminishing fire, when you new target is Kyle?

LVP and Kyle could take a lesson from her in that department as both of them are the Queens of brushing things under the carpet and holding grudges!

LVP, yes. Kyle? Not so much.

I went home feeling exhausted and confused, I struggled with processing the conversation especially under the pressure of having camera’s there. I chose to marinate on the situation and express myself later when I had clarity. l wrote the following letter to Kyle and cc’d it to ALL the girls in order to AVOID more gossip, forwarding or deconstruction of my words.  I see now that the letter was cut into pieces, recited by each cast member and that the sentiment of the letter has gone to waste……  I would like to share with you the letter I wrote to Kyle;

Oh we get the sentiment.

Dear Kyle, September 2015
After marinating on what went down yesterday i wanted to bring a couple of things to your attention;
i am coming out of a 3 year ordeal of living in a mentally paralized cocoon, due to a infection in my brain called NEUROBORRELIOSIS something you might want to research in case you would like to have a better understanding of Lyme disease, the biggest global epedemic in today’s world.

See? Let’s stop right there. The condescension. The permission to research your illness, but not consider the obvious Munchausen symptoms you are exhibiting. “The worst leaking boobs the doctor had seen in 9,000 surgeries!”  “The biggest global epidemic in todays world!” You should learn the word ‘pandemic” by the way, it’s even more catastrophic.   And consider coming down with Zika virus next, it’s all the rage. But for some reason you are obsessed with the term AIDS epidemic and therefore REALLY want to convince your idiot fans that Lyme Disease is an epidemic. It’s not. No matter how many of those green posters fraught with false statements you post hoping morons will pass them around and repost them. This is clear Munchausen behavior.

Also, pick a starting point for your suffering and stick with it. I constantly say I’ve been sitting on this couch for four years, but I realized the other day it has been closer to six. But I am not sure of when it all started and I don’t sit around calculating it. I’m only doing it now, because I’m as “the end of that journey” and looking back at “that brief stupid moment in my life” as famed philosopher Kristen Doute would say.

Pump Rules Kristen Karma

 I arrived with a great attitude yesterday and proud of myself for making it out of bed and joining you girls. For you to go down so hard on me in order to create drama or what you think is good TV is beyond my understanding and it left me quite confused. Living in a very isolated world i am not used to being attacked in such an unkind way. its taken me some time to digest it.  As far as i knew Lisa Rinna and our incident was clearly resolved at Erica’s house.

Yes, we get it. It was a triumphant moment for you. How dare they not celebrate that and instead go on with the storyline of the episode. I mean you even brought flowers!

 C.C is the producer of our show and as far as i know he is doing an excellent job. I do believe that the show is a collaboration of all of us but trying to co-produce with such a desperate measures felt extremely unauthentic to say the least.  I am just trying to catch up and participate. I don’t need your pity but i do ask you kindly to respect my situation. Your lack of compassion and understanding is not a pretty look.

He’s doing an excellent job? He is the one that drives the storyline you are bitching about.  How nice of you to concern yourself with Kyle’s looks. I know how important looks are to you.

I also would like to clarify with you that my deal with Bravo and Evolution was based on “the best of my ability” whether that is filming 3 or 30 times this season so i would appreciate it if you lower your expectations of how much i should participate in filming.

I think all of your cast mates are free to discuss your level of filming. Especially since RHOBH is the one franchise that pays at a per season rate and not at a per episode rate. I’ve never worked anywhere that people didn’t speculate on how much people are getting paid for various positions.

yolandahfoster❤️Just because some ppl are done with your journey, doesn't mean your journey is done........ #AnotherWastedSaturday #LifeFromTheSideLines #Spoonie #LymeDiseaseAwereness #DeterminedToFindACure #AffordableForAll PS: Bad Selfie Day

yolandahfoster❤️Just because some ppl are done with your journey, doesn’t mean your journey is done…….. #AnotherWastedSaturday #LifeFromTheSideLines #Spoonie #LymeDiseaseAwereness #DeterminedToFindACure #AffordableForAll PS: Bad Selfie Day

Sitting at home, staring at the ceiling waiting for my brain to heal is not a choice for me but unfortunately the cards life has dealt me.
i am already feeling unaccomplished as it is, so please don’t make me feel like i am not holding up my part of the bargain here. If I was out living life with my family and friends, sitting front row at fashion week with my girls (emphasis mine) and not show up to work i would understand your frustration with me but unfortunately that is not the case.  So Please trust me when i say; I am doing the best that i can! Like you I want to make the best show possible but I can’t do more then i do for reasons you will probably never understand.
We have 2 strong beautiful new housewives (Erica & Kathrine) that given a chance could help make a great season.

I think you vastly overestimate Kyle’s role in production. As you mentioned, she is not the show runner. She is first and foremost a cast mate. She does not have editorial control to make you (or herself for that matter) look like the villain or the hero.  Kyle has done nothing to you this season. It seems you are using her to have your temper tantrum over not being appreciated simply for showing up. You are angry she is defending LVP and you may have finally learned not to go there.  You perceive her to be a soft target, and frankly, it’s a bad look.  You are ill, yet you signed a contract to work. You could have stayed home with your lemons and ocean view.  You chose to be on a reality show. Now you have contractual obligations to meet. Stop your whining.

Lets have coffee next week and talk about this further in person.

(Kyle never wrote back, I now learned why)

RHOBH Kyle eyes

You have got to be fucking kidding me. You just sent a mass email bitching at someone and then invite her to coffee so you can bitch and complain some more?

I like to believe that Rinna did not anticipate the ripple effect of her action when reciting the definition of “Munchhausen” on national TV and how that would effect my family, my children and millions of others who suffer from this debilitating invisible chronic disease, who all identify with the experience of doubt and judgement.

And we are back blowing wind on a diminishing fire.  Seriously? Rinna should ignore all the Munchausen flags because you have children? These same children that are your convenient excuse for not “jumping?” The same children you randomly assign Lyme disease to while they are in the middle of their prime modeling years? The children who you have whackadoodle vials of magic serum made for an POST ON INSTAGRAM? Those children? You clearly are brain damaged.

I reached out to Lisa R when her father passed away as I felt great compassion for her loss, it’s during those times when we are humbly reminded that we’re just human ,we all suffer in silence through difficult times and loss in our lives. For that i have great compassion……
“The vault” to me means: a safe and vulnerable space in our hearts – where we share a certain integrity and keep each other’s wellbeing as our first priority- I don’t feel the need to share private matters off any of these women or their families because I care for them as human beings and exposing private matters to the public would just make me feel like a distrustful human being. I really don’t feel the need to put others down in order to build myself up which seems to be the motto around here.

Now you want to randomly drag the death of Rinna’s father into your insanely long rant to prove your compassion for others? That is sick behavior. Mentally ill behavior. And to follow that with more “things in your vault” implying just as Kim Richards did at the height of her disease that you have private matters on the women you could expose to the public?  Using veiled threats to show how compassionate you are is very strange indeed.

I am not interested in competing with anyone, I hope we’re all successful…… In whatever our personal journey might be.

That’s a lie.
I except the fact that by sharing my journey I opened up a space for debate…….

That’s a lie.

debate is good when done with the right intent and kindness. Debate and transparency is what the Lyme community needs in order to bring awareness and education. It just makes me sad to see the judgement and ignorance that comes with it, for all involved, including my own children.

Again with the children shield.

How dare anyone mention my children's illness?

How dare anyone mention my children’s illness?

“Lyme disease” just last week, February 2016 met the NIH’s 8 characteristics of a WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC! Hopefully this will get the attention of the medical community and I pray it brings us one step closer to speeding up the process of finding answers, that will ultimately lead us to the cure that we all deserve.

This is a COMPLETE Lie that she is trying to propagate via her Instagram. These 8 characteristics were pulled from  a discussion about Pandemic Influenza. Then one of the idiot Lyme doctors, Dr. Daniel Cameron, made a graphic saying (according to him) Lyme disease is a “worldwide pandemic.” I can’t begin to discuss all the ways it is ridiculous.  Cameron wrote  a 2010 article “Proof that Chronic Lyme Disease Exists” in the journal Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Infectious Disease. It has been greatly disputed.  The man is ridiculous.

Here is a negative review of him posted TODAY on this review site where his overall reviews are very positive. Expect it to be gone soon.

“by Tracy on Feb 24th, 2016

This practice is a complete sham. Dr. Cameron charges exorbitant fees for the initial evaluation. The patients who see him are usually having severe symptoms and will pay anything to get relief. He did not even send Lyme titres and his office spent the next month trying to cover that error! I was on antibiotics for one month and he suggested I continue because my symptoms were so severe. I saw another doctor after that conversation. I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica, treated with steroids and had relief of most symptoms in 3 days! Yes you can easily get an appt, if you have enough money! I suggest you find another doctor, save yourself pain, money and aggravation.
http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Daniel_J_Cameron/reviews#ixzz417KCbAnl  “

He’s another money grabber.

yolandahfoster❤️Thank you Dr.Klinghardt for being my guiding light in uncovering the mystery of chronic disease, I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey........... #AnotherDayAtTheOffice #DrKlinghardt #Gratitude #SophiaHealthInstitute #Seattle #LymeDiseaseAwereness NOTE: THE VAST QUANTITIES OF SUPPLEMENTS Dr. K sells surrounding them in the treatment room.

yolandahfoster❤️Thank you Dr.Klinghardt for being my guiding light in uncovering the mystery of chronic disease, I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey……….. #AnotherDayAtTheOffice #DrKlinghardt #Gratitude #SophiaHealthInstitute #Seattle #LymeDiseaseAwereness
NOTE: THE VAST QUANTITIES OF SUPPLEMENTS Dr. K sells surrounding them in the treatment room.

Elton John’s “FIGHT FOR AIDS” inspires me every day, When AIDS first appeared three decades ago, it was first seen as a “gay disease.”
That judgement at that time could not have been further from the truth….
Tens of thousands of gay men, some of them very close to me were dying and it seemed like no one cared. People who contracted HIV/AIDS were doubted and shunned by their own families, turned away from medical providers and treated like they weren’t even human.
Today, thanks to the persistent hard work of Elton and activists, HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Instead, it is a manageable chronic illness. We know how to prevent it. We know how to treat it. And someday, we may learn how to cure it.

This literally makes me want to vomit to read. My stomach is churning….I am so livid reading this shit.

DIna on Karma

Gifs by RealityTVGifs

There is a dangerous lack of compassion for those living with and dying of chronic Lyme disease…….
Once I personally experienced the stigma around this disease, I decided I could help the Lyme community by authentically sharing my journey. I have joined forces with the Global Lyme Alliance and other Lyme organizations in order to raise funds for research, proper diagnostics and a cure affordable for all. I use my platform to bring awareness to this crisis because I truly believe that it is the higher purpose of my journey. 

Sham doctors and grabs for self pity. All for spousal support.

Once I get well, I want to do more…… I would like to start a non profit Organisation that provides care for those who fall on the wayside of our medical system. I would like to one day write a book and download all I’ve learned and share the treatments I have done but for now I have laser beam focus on getting myself and my children well so that we can get back to the healthy and vibrant life we deserve to live!
We’re like 3 race horses champing at the bit to move on from this, Trust Me!!

As soon as the spousal support kicks in, I will be cured! And so will my children! And my book will be published!

I am hopeful and confidant that more Lymies will keep this conversation going and that celebrities and influential people effected by this disease will stop suffering in silence and have the courage to start sharing their journey as well because together we have the power to make a difference — each and every one of us.
At the end of the day that’s my goal and that’s where I’d like to keep my focus.
Thank you for all your support!
Much love

I really, seriously, no hyperbole feel like I might throw up. The sheer AUDACITY of this woman makes me ill.


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228 responses to “Yolanda Foster Officially Sickens Me.

  1. Srt_3

    TT, I have nothing more to say but well done.

    • It was worth reading every single word of this blog because you said exactly what I was thinking. What a horrid woman. Why is she on this show? Enough of the saga of the lemon licker and her fake illness and self pity. She’s right about one thing…her brain is NOT working and I’m not even sure that she has one.

    • looky

      yup agree. Yolonda is such a sanctimonious load of crap. The woman may have lyme, but she shows symptoms of chronic depression. She is okay to participate in activities that she likes, but getting off her azz to earn a Bravo paycheck is such tremendous effort…and she makes sure all her castmates and the viewing public know it. She has never been the life of the party, I suspect NEVER, but now with the lack of makeup, chronic complaining and her belief that her shit don’t stink, she becomes so tedious as to be intolerable. Yo is played. You have two new housewives, can we just let Yolonda crawl back into bed. She’ll send a selfie.

  2. WhyOWhy

    Great purple penning, TT. Yolanda makes me sick. I am sad that I once liked her.

    • Minky

      Yeah. Me too. I’m ashamed to say I fell for Yolanda’s okie doke when she first came on the show. Live and learn, I guess.

    • My intuition did not fail me…I NEVER liked her and always suspected that something was` just too perfect about her. Her “My love” and lemon fixation while showing off her possessions was always too much and too fake to believe. When she accused Ken of practically assaulting her I knew that something was not right with this witch. Ken may be hen-pecked but an abuser of women…never. Yolanda befriended Brandi and Kim because she seeks out like-minded freaks who will be dependent on her and do her bidding. Nope…Yolanda was always suspect to me.

  3. Cat

    Blowing wind is still just a fart. It still smells, and people are usually turned off by it.

  4. A Little Birdie

    I saw this bullshit (can I say bullshit) earlier and I want the time back I spent reading it. That email is the most despicable thing ever and if she is suffering from a brain disease, how was she able to speak such garbage? She just needs to go away.
    I was in Army for 20 years and we used to train in an area that was heavily populated with Deer Ticks and while there was the occasional Lyme diagnosis, I would hardly call it a pandemic. She is delusional at best. She is suffering from something. I don’t know what but she has something going on.

    Now of to my bday drinks!

  5. CoBe

    I think you covered it all.

    I’ve never been so infuriated by a reality TV person.

    Fuck her.

  6. Barfing right along with you, TT. What a horrible woman.

  7. Allison

    Standing ovation. You’ve said everything I’ve been thinking. I cant stand watching her and hearing her talk anymore-she’s always the sickest with the worst every time she talks about her “illness” which is incessant-I am so more than sick of her mispronouncing “Munchausen” when I am pretty good-goddamned sure she knew exactly what it was before it was mentioned. She’s probably pretty proficient in google and WebMD. She’s invented her own malady. None of her co-occurring symptoms make sense as a whole. None. We need to name her illness for her because I can assure you, she’s probably the only one in the world who has it and she’s worked very, very hard to create it. Great purple-penning!

    • peachteachr

      I looked it up to be sure, and munchausen is from the German language. You know, Yo’s native tongue she is so proud of. God, is everything about this woman fake?

      • Weirdiskate

        Not that I’m a Yo fan at all, I completely dislike her, but her native language is Dutch, which has Germanic roots

    • PiaPill


      No joke, as I was reading you post, I was thinking we should ask TT if we could have a “naming” contest to label Yolanda’s affliction …. this way she can feel real special and we may be able to get the terminology in the Urban Dictionary. It will be very easy to create a definition because all we have to do is put the image of “Ms. Hot Mess” with the overlay “attention by delusions” … we may even be able to get it in the Thesaurus as well.

      • How about Cunthausen?

      • Allison

        I wasnt even kidding! There are some clever and funny minds here, and with some hashtags and such, we could really get a movement going 😉 I do believe @Maisey got the ball rolling with “Cunthausen”. That made me chuckle 😉

        disclaimer-I know that MI is serious etc-but narcissism is frustrating and nothing like a counter-psuedo-illness to make a point :p I think her tweet about Big Ang sent me over the edge and I took some satisfaction in the Twitterverse finally having it to here with her.

      • Miguel

        Love it, Maisey – u’ve got my vote!

    • Falina_G

      TT, it’s been a long time! Hope you’re well! English, Dutch and German are ALL Germanic languages. This woman infuriates me. Not only her hubris, but the fact that she seems to be making her youngest two children ill in an attempt to keep them from leaving her completely alone, with an unfeathered nest. I hope Mohamed is indeed paying attention to whatever it is she is “doing” to them regarding their health, not just paying the bills for this phony crap!

  8. Sylvia

    Somewhere David Foster is sitting wondering why he ever said I DO…………..the more she rants, the more people see how unbalanced she is and it will hurt her children because no matter how good they are at what they do, they will always be known for having the reality show looney-bin mother……

  9. T D

    Are those Sisters of Munchausen bed linens?

  10. Miguel

    Happy birthday, A Little Birdie!!! Thx so much 4 this TT – well done!!!

  11. Alex Quimby

    TT, in the words of the old David Cassidy song, “I think I love you!” What a cogent and razor sharp purple pen analysis. Yolanda is a raging narcissist and she makes me ill as well. Bravo, TT, Bravo!

  12. tbk

    That was awesome Tamara.
    Yolanda is a living breathing Veruka Salt.

  13. Dear Yolanda,

    Please stop talking about me.
    Please stop being concerned what’s in me.
    I’ll take care of that.
    Thank you.

    The Universe

    • Minky

      Great balls of fire! This woman so gets my dander up. She talks about the Universe more than Carl Sagan. That’s a fuckin’ough already!!!

  14. Christina

    I think Elton John would be surprised to learn about his “FIGHT FOR AIDS”. I think he is in a fight AGAINST AIDS and is working to fund-raise FOR AIDS RESEARCH.

    Classic case of projection because it certainly seems as thought Yolanda is in a fight FOR Lyme’s. She wants it so badly.

    • FrostyTheOG

      Hahahaha! Right!?

    • Pinky

      I never post but you hit the spot with that one, that was funny she wants something. The sad thing is, is she is an insult to people who are really suffering.

    • Leelee

      I thought her replacement of “accept” with “except” at a couple of places was quite apt as well: she doesn’t accept anything; she takes exception. #freudianslip

    • Scatty

      You made an excellent point. Yolanda is not looking for a cure for anything. Where’s the money in that? She’s looking for publicity for CLD because she wants insurance to pay for her malingering, which makes people like Klinghardt wealthy, because insurance won’t recognize it as a legit thing.

  15. Erica

    Oh my God. First of all, it was a side conversation – those happen all the time in larger groups. It literally was not a conversation “behind her back” which she consistently bitches about (yet she talks about all the other women at home too… to me, what Lisa R originally did was completely natural. She heard rumors about a friend, serious ones, and discussed with mutual friends about their thoughts before approaching the person being talked about. I do that all the time in work and personal life, esp. if the said subject was ill.)

    It was also very natural for Kyle to ask if Yolanda and Lisa are good now – all issues resolved. Yolanda started the whole mess at that table by being so fucking offended at Kyle’s question.

    Actually – I do think this season KYLE is the most vulnerable psychologically. All this filming was going on when her sister was imploding – and she was being iced out by the rest of her dysfunctional, enabling family because she was trying not to enable. Kyle is carrying around a big old bunch of angst, and ALL she asks of her friends is that they don’t discuss it AROUND HER. I don’t think she ever said that they could NEVER EVER discuss it, period, like Yolanda… what a controlling bitch move that is.

    Just because you are very sick doesn’t mean you can’t also be a total cunt.

  16. T D

    Ungreatful Undead. What a long, strange, head trip it’s been

  17. Lime Brain

    I wonder what her business obligations were. I am convinced that she is shopping around a reality show about her and her 3 kids, whether or not her kids want to be a part of it.

    But, if she gets it and has to leave RHOBH, that’s a good thing!

  18. KatherineNola

    TT, I so love your posts and I adore your purple pen! You nailed it regarding her “essay”. She is insane.

    If she was really so terribly ill and brain damaged, she sure as hell wouldn’t be going to Fashion week, riding her bike, vacay with Kyle last?? summer, taking selfies that make me want to gag and I could go on the length of her bullshit essay. But it would make y’all more ill.

    I’m 45 and been dealing with menopause since I was 42 and more than likely misdiagnosed perimenopause several years before the hysterectomy. The last thing would ever do is post selfies the way I look and feel about myself most days. I’m not trying to say she is going through menopause, who knows, as I am not one of her whackadoo Dr.’s. She needs psychiatric help asap.

    Yo needs a really good Psychiatrist and perhaps a looong stay in a unit somewhere.

    Fuck her she makes me Sick too.

    Great job, TT.!!!!

    P.S. I must have missed something during my move to Texas re the spoons and will go back and read her blogs-that In itself will require a klonipin, or 2!

  19. AMTraveler

    I am glad Yolanda brought up the Germanic connection because this has puzzled me for some time. Given the relationship between Dutch and German, Munchausen should be EASIER for Yolanda to pronounce and to spell than for ANYONE on the show. And I am willing to bet she was taught some German (as well as French, and English) as a child, as were so many Europeans. It’s a minor point but the quote “methinks the lady doth protest too much” comes to mind…

    • Minky

      Bingo! I’ve been perplexed by that for a bit. It’s a German name. Of course she can pronounce it correctly. She’s just playing dumb.

    • koko

      Yes, the constant misspellings and mispronunciations. Much like Kim Richards and her Inability to say “intervention” properly…like it was a foreign word and concept.

    • NYDudette

      She can’t spell Munchausen or Cunnilingus..#ignorant #pleasuredeprivedbitch

  20. Thanks, TT. You have shown the Lemon Lyme Queen to “have no clothes”, so to speak. Great work with the purple pen. Yo seems to want the world (or at least the RHOBH show) to revolve around her. If she’s ill (and that’s a big IF), she should practice the “Discipline of Gratitude”, as mentioned by Hillary Clinton in one of the recent town halls. This is what the Dutch (ha!) theologian, Henri Nouwen, wrote, “Gratitude goes beyond the ‘mine’ and ‘thine’ and claims the truth that all of life is a pure gift…The discipline of gratitude is the explicit effort to acknowledge that all I am and have is given to me as a gift of love, a gift to be celebrated with joy.” Yo should be grateful that she has a life that is better than the ones led by 99% of the world’s population, and that her children, family and friends love her. Instead, she has let her illness define and confine her and become a tiresome shrew because of it.

    • hawkmoon – nice comment and true.

      I did gratitude every morning to the sun, blue sky and my appreciation to be able to be here to see it. That pulled me through a very rough time.
      Thank you for the reminder,
      it’s time again.

  21. Yolanda was a multi-millionaire when she married David Foster. Why in the world would she need spousal support?
    Interesting that she is writing a book on her “journey”. After 4 plus years, one hundred plus doctors, countless treatments in countless countries costing countless dollars, she hasn’t once shared a specific treatment on social media and how it alleviated any of her symptoms. Just a bunch of posed selfies to “bring awareness” to her disease. Guess she’s saving it all for the book.
    She needs to have her health advocate read her the definition of pandemic.

  22. T D

    Hypochondria Hadid sickens all as Typhoid Mary without the pall.

  23. BKSweetheart

    I mean gosh, what even is this load of incoherent, pseudo intellectual BS? My brain hurts. And her constant use of annoying millennial speak:

    “My journey”
    “Authentic/living authentically”
    “Download” (and not referencing something computer related)
    “Speak my truth”
    “Invisible disease”
    “Suffer in silence”

    All that was missing was her referring to “micro-aggressions” or “triggers” or talk about “actioning her values”

    UGH I just can’t anymore with her.

    • Minky

      Wow. That’s a terrific compilation of her Yo-isms. She does talk/write like a vapid, entitled dimwit. SMH.

    • anne

      Don’t forget the ever-present “integrity” blah blah blah

    • Sweet T

      Where is the silent part of her suffering? Can she start on that part of her journey please?

    • amisteree

      BKSweetheart, I think you just outlined Yo’s book for her. Those sound like chapter titles.

    • Heidi

      Speak my truth = spew my bull shit.

    • Heidi

      Speak my truth = spew some bull shit

    • Heidi

      Yolanda has stated that she has good days and bad days, and when we see her frolicking on a yacht, or running around Beverly Hills those are obviously her good days. The lunch that was aired this past episode was filmed (I assume) on one of Yolanda’s “bad” days, since she basically gave herself a gold star for putting on her own underwear. Yet, when she walks into the restaurant her gait is strong, her posture is straight, shoulders pulled back. When she’s engaging with the other women, she’s focused and sitting up straight. There is nothing that seems weak about her. I would think if getting dressed on your own was a challenge, then at the least it would show in her movement. At the most she would need assistance walking from another person or with the aid of a walker.

      Also, if she were in bed for nine months, wouldn’t that show in her legs? Wouldn’t there be some kind of visible muscle atrophy?

      • tamaratattles

        As someone was chronically depressed for years, I can relate to giving yourself a gold star for putting on your own underwear. #BTDT And can understand feeling much better, up and dressed and out in the world. That’s sort of how depression is I’d think chronic pandemic lyme disease and the worst case of silicone leakage since time began, heavy metal poisioning, and an ass full of parasites might have a more consistent presence than depression. I can’t imagine good days on a yacht wit parasites and silicone leaked up to my collarbone.

    • Sabrina

      Perfect- the “Valley Girl” speak of today’s reality “star- wannabe’s”.

    • Falina_G


  24. Natalie

    She sounds crazy, like personality disorder crazy. wonder if those close to her really know what she is suffering from and are just covering for her.

  25. marywanna

    I am so sick of Yolanda and her “holier than thou” attitude.

  26. Bella

    And yet, she’s STILL getting praised and has people saying how much she’s helping them, asking her questions about if THEIR DOCTORS ARE RIGHT! How does she live with herself???

    She’s dangerous. I hope people who have lyme don’t go against their doctors orders and start following her stuff. She needs serious mental help.

  27. iloveearlgrey

    According to Yolanda, this is a chronic illness, and yet, she expects to get better soon. That to me says everything. I still think this dumbass was suffering from the leaky silicone, and now she’s continuing with this sham because of that prenup and because she is using it as an excuse for her vile behavior. Everytime she gets called out on something her excuse is that she has Lyme brain. The way she spoke to Rinna at that BBQ disgusted me. She also wanted to talk down to Kyle, but Kyle put her in her place, and I’m glad she did. Don’t dish it then expect not to get it back, sick or not. I also want to say that I really love Kyle this season. I think with Kim gone from the show, she can now relax and have fun.

  28. Rubbishhousewife

    Bullshittery is a most excellent word, and I vow to use it tomorrow.

  29. bree

    I cringe every time she talks about her “journey” or putting this and that in “da universe” or “the world.” She just sucks the air out of the room it seems like whenever she is in a scene. I thought in December she said she was cured and now she is still sick?? Ugghh. I wonder if her kids can stand being around her.

    • Minky

      Judging by the way her kids and mom looked during her “Will” brunch they seem to be pretty much over it. They all looked bored as hell. And speaking of her family: Didn’t her mom have breast cancer herself? And wasn’t her mother supposed to be very ill and recovering? What, Yolanda?!!!

    • Minky

      You never fail to put people in their place with your purple pen, TT. Excellent job, yet again.

      I’m not a psychologist so I can’t analyze her, but I still don’t believe Yolanda’s mentally ill. She’s 100% aware and in control of her words and behavior. This con she’s pulling is all calculated within an inch of it’s life.

      She needs to be read by a body language expert for tells. Does she have duping delight when she talks about her “journey”?

      • Alessa949

        Mentally ill people are not characterized as being out of control of their words and actions. In fact, many of them are very intelligent and calculating, which makes them all the more destructive.

      • Allison

        Shes very in control-in fact when Munchausen’s was first mentioned to her, I felt like her response was super controlled. I think she was waiting for that word to start flying around, knew its definition and even how to pronounce it.

      • Minky

        I’m sorry. I truly didn’t mean to insult or offend anybody. I admit I don’t have a thorough understanding of this area. I’ve had depression, but that doesn’t mean I know nearly enough. The word “ill” seems to conjure the image of helplessness. Again, mea culpa.

      • Sam

        I believe she is a narcissist. One of the very worst personality disorders. It’s almost impossible to help them.

      • Alessa949

        Minky I was not offended at all! In my response I was just trying to explain. Sorry if I sounded otherwise.

      • Minky

        No it’s totally fine Alessa. I just realized that I’m mostly ignorant about health issues and I have to try to curb my tendency to be a bit too presumptuous about stuff.

  30. captain eel

    Yolanda is a failure. A failure as a mother, a failure as a wife, a failure as a friend, a failure as a human being. She is a disgusting cunt, a stain.

  31. The smile on her face in the picture with Bella is sickening

    • Sylvia

      The constant little smirk on her face during conversations or just sitting looking at someone just creeps me out.

      • I HATE that constant little satisfied smirk on her face.
        Actually—she seems very happy about something.


      • amisteree

        The smirk. I agree wholeheartedly that the smirk reveals who she really is. The immediate defensiveness, derision, and condescension she displays is frightening. It really seems like her disease is one of bitterness, entitlement and resentment. She seems to be lying in wait, ready to pounce on her prey.

      • sue

        She smirks, licks her teeth and then attacks. Someone else pointed out the teeth licking and danged if doesn’t do it. Replay some scenes with her in it and watch.She is like a great white shark. All that is missing is her eyes rolling back right as she attacks.

  32. Kevin

    Bravo TT, Bravo. You definitely did that. I never liked Yolanda from day one, even back when people actually thought she was likable, I always thought she was rotten to the core. This blog is even more proof positive.

  33. beth

    It gets my back up whenever Yolanda appropriates the “spoons” analogy; shame on her.

    • FrostyTheOG

      Thank You! That was EXACTLY what my comment was going to be in reference to! Yolanda calling herself a “Spoonie” and or speaking of “The Spoon Theory,” really pissed me the F#&K off! It shouldn’t… but it does! Deep. Something is obviously going on with her… but, she is a disgrace to the entire “Spoon Theory.”

      • FrostyTheOG

        Sorry on the duplicate post. I got the weird puzzle block the first time telling me that nothing had posted. ?

      • Lime Brain

        Yolanda is the first one that I ever heard speak of the spoon theory. I understand the point of it. But what I wonder is if there were other people calling themselves “spoonies”first? Or is this something she started to garner sympathy and support from other sick people to prop up her ass?

      • Speaking of spoons with a forked tongue.

      • Cat

        Wouldn’t a “spoonie” with a forked tongue be a “sporkie”?

        And, even though I, like many, face a long recovery, I had not heard of this spoon theory, until I read it here in a Yolanda post. I wouldn’t run my life by it, though.

    • FrostyTheOG

      Thank You. Yolanda is a disgrace to the “Spoon Theory” and is NOT a “Spoony!” The woman has something wrong with her… but, to use the “Spoon Theory” drives me batty when it comes from her! I’m sorry. Yolanda does not get to use that has her Anthem! I have never judged anyone’s sickness/illness (or whatever I’m doing… I just can’t with this or her!

  34. Tleighb

    I was giving examples of bloviation (best word ever) to my students the other day and used Trump as an example. Yolanda’s blog is another great example.

  35. Josie

    “The vault” to me means: a safe and vulnerable space in our hearts”. Does she really think that we will fall for this bullshit?

    Thank you, thank you for taking your purple pen to this crapfest of a blog. She has written some ridiculous blogs before but this one just surpassed ALL the others. Yolanda may not be smart enough to pull this off but she is one evil, manipulative, greedy and vindictive bitch.

  36. Susan

    Wow fabulous purple pen comments from TT Yolanda is seriously unbalanced but changing her name BACK to Hadid – is that even legally allowed? She divorced Hadid, married Foster but now wants Hadid name back? Her kids don’t give a f….. What her last name is now-that’s another lie she’s promoting- they’re adults have their own lives now. How can she legally go back to divorced husband name – wouldn’t she need his permission? Obviously she doesn’t want to change back to her maiden name cause no one would know who the f…. She was! She’s phony with extreme narsisistic personality disorder

    • kendrawm

      Technically she is only dropping the Foster, she always kept the Hadid, it was Yolanda Hadid Foster. I would prefer she drop everything and go away.

  37. Alessa949

    Great article. Satisfied all my angry “is anyone else seeing all this?” feelings. I know it must be maddening to walk through every discrepancy, outright lie, shameful ploy, so I commend you for doing this for us, Tamara.

    Just wondering your (and anyone else’s thoughts) on whether you believe she is suffering from factitious disorder (or Hauschenmauchen, Muchhouse, and the variety of other absurd names Yolanda has used) OR hypochondria. It seems to me she fits criteria for both. What seems to be the distinguishing features are: hypochondriacs truly believe they are ill and are fixated on every symptom they have, while those with factitious disorder are fully aware that they’re lying/exaggerating symptoms. Also, hypochondriacs do not actually knowingly do things to make themselves ill. The DSM did not make a big or clear distinction about the motivation for secondary gains–such as attention, which seems to be driving Yolanda.

    I do think she had a few legitimate medical issues, but does she actually knowingly make herself sick (perhaps with the scary diets and variety of weird supplements she ingests)? Do we believe she knows she’s full of shit? Is she doing this for attention, or is she just a really anxious person preoccupied with every bodily function?

    Personally I am inclined to go with Hauschenmauchen. I am a psych professional, but I have never actually treated anyone with Hauschenmauchen or hypochondria. I have treated plenty of people with anxiety disorders, OCD, etc. and from my observation she simply doesn’t strike me as someone who is anxious. I really think if she truly believed she was sick, she must be suffering and exhausted from all the anxiety and fixation…and when someone suggests she might be faking it I feel that her reaction should look more like–tearful, crying, agitated, isolating herself…rather than anger, lashing out, appearing in public among the same people repeatedly with her “I am sick” appearance.

    Sorry for the long post. I’m eager to hear your thoughts!

    • I vote for Histrionic Personality Disorder: People with these disorders have intense, unstable emotions and distorted self-images. For people with histrionic personality disorder, their self-esteem depends on the approval of others and does not arise from a true feeling of self-worth. They have an overwhelming desire to be noticed, and often behave dramatically or inappropriately to get attention. The word histrionic means “dramatic or theatrical.”

    • Hi Alessa! This was a great comment, and well said!

      I often, too, thought about the hypochondria vs. Munchausen, but I’ve ultimately landed on the Munchausen side (and that she has a whole host of other issues). People with Munch “feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves.,” which is exactly what Yo is trying to do.

      And it’s gross, and what is worse is that she has fools believing this “Chronic Lyme” stuff and it’s all nonsense! Ugh! Im glad we have here to vent.

      • Just and FYI: because Yo is a nut does not mean chronic Lyme is nonsense.The CDC does recognize it, just not by that name. They call it “Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome”.
        They wrote;

        “It is not uncommon for patients treated for Lyme disease with a recommended 2 to 4 week course of antibiotics to have lingering symptoms of fatigue, pain, or joint and muscle aches at the time they finish treatment. In a small percentage of cases, these symptoms can last for more than 6 months. Although sometimes called “chronic Lyme disease,” this condition is properly known as “Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome” (PTLDS).

        The exact cause of PTLDS is not yet known. Most medical experts believe that the lingering symptoms are the result of residual damage to tissues and the immune system that occurred during the infection. Similar complications and “auto–immune” responses are known to occur following other infections, including Campylobacter (Guillain-Barre syndrome), Chlamydia (Reiter’s syndrome), and Strep throat (rheumatic heart disease). In contrast, some health care providers tell patients that these symptoms reflect persistent infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. Recent animal studies have given rise to questions that require further research. Clinical studies are ongoing to determine the cause of PTLDS in humans.”


        I don’t know if Yo ever had that. It seems she got dramatically better after her silicone leakage was fixed. It shows how painfully dumb she is that she went for years without investigating that, after having had one burst before. It should have been the first thing she thought of. The woman’s hit the trifecta; stupid, crazy and mean.

      • tamaratattles

        PTLDS and “Chronic Lyme” are two different things. The first occurs in people who have been diagnosed with Lyme and treated for Lyme and the treatment didn’t completely heal the patient. It’s also not a forever diagnosis, generally a repeat treatment of antibiotics will bring the patient to a realistic level of health..

        Chronic Lyme is a reverse diagnosis of something that does not exist to explain a syndrome of symptoms.

    • CoBe

      HI Alessa!

      I wavered back and forth as well until I saw the picture of her with very obvious brown eye shadow in a triangle under her eyes.

      A hypochondriac doesn’t lie about the feelings they are having, they just have anxiety surrounding their health.

      Maybe if you are nice to TT, she will re-post that picture. It was quite a doozy (and posted by Yolanda herself)

  38. Jim

    INAUTHENTIC, not unauthentic!! She must have used that misspelled word a half dozen times or more!! Yes, I understand that English isn’t her first language. But I’m certain her autocorrect was fighting her the whole time and trying to correct the word for her.

    Yolanda, when that squiggly line appears under a word when you’re typing something, it means that world is misspelled. So stop and look it up please before posting your bullshit for the world to read.

    • Jim

      Ha! I misspelled “word” as “world”, LOL!

    • kendrawm

      I feel like she is like an ex coworker of mine, turned autocorrect off because it was always changing his words. Yes, because they were spelled wrong you idiot. But he really thought his spelling was the correct way.

      • CoBe

        Many times people who write in two languages turn of AutoCorrect permanently. It gets annoying to have the program changing words when one is writing in the “other” language, so it is easier to just turn it off.

        Yolanda is still a cunt (did I spell that correctly?) though.

      • tamaratattles

        I fight with autocorrect all the time tryna (see?) use my favorite made up words. :)

  39. thequeen

    So we use being raised as dutch and speaking a German kind language as being rough and direct but you can’t spell or pronounce Munchausen incorrect yeah right. German language equals german words. I know since I’m german and was raised in germany. Sooooo tired of Yolanda and her bs. Waiting for some of the ladies to inally tell er she crazy and needs to shut up.

    • Lime Brain

      Kyle came pretty close to telling her. :)

      Maybe she would have if LVP hadn’t left lunch abruptly. But LVP wisely knows not to engage with crazy.

      • thequeen

        LVP does not pick a fight she knows she can’t win.. Especially since you can’t argue with crazy. Who do we need to call to vote yokranka ( german word for sick) of the island.?

  40. peachteachr

    Every article I have read about Yolanda since she compared her illness to big Ang’s cancer has torn her to shreds in the comments section. She and Nene are crashing and burning at about the same time, and while the indicators are very different, the cause seems to be identical…narcissism. No one loves Yolanda or Nene as much as they love themselves.

  41. Rakely

    Does Andy like her? Please tell me she won’t be back next season. LVP is his favorite, right?

  42. TT….your purple pen is magical!

    Yolanda who?

  43. karen


  44. Lisaj

    Downloading? Did she join Scientology? I just can’t with her, why is no one concerned for the physical safety of her children (Mohammed and or David)? Bravo on this TT! You were much kinder than I would’ve been.

  45. Sammie

    Thank you TT for expressing disgusting truth behind this bullshit. Its rage inducing in so many ways.
    Two things that stand out to me, first, her repeatedly calling people out for being inauthentic since she lacks honesty with herself and others. I think she must be aware of how fake she is and projects it on others.
    Secondly the gall of using the AIDS epidemic or cancer related deaths in comparison to her #invisibleillness quest is like spitting in the faces of the very real, and numerous patients, family, loved ones and friends affected by those horrible diseases.
    Yolanda needs to be told to have several seats, shut up, and fuck off.
    I hope her children find peace and health in spite of their mother.

    Now where is the wine?

  46. Donna

    That IV? has always looked puzzling and strange to me. Any IV’s I have had was on the bottom/underside of my arm and the bag hung in the air. When I gave blood to the Red Cross, they drew from the bottom/underside of my arm.

  47. Rose

    Earlier today I went to DVD her WWHL episode but it was gone. I guess the universe didn’t want me to see it and sent me to read this instead! Haha Spot on observations…the power of the purple pen.

  48. VioletBlue

    I’m sorry people suffer from Lyme disease and what I am about to say is not meant towards you or your struggles. I too have medical issues, so I understand. This is just me – explaining the trigger button that Yolanda pushes. For me. My stuff.

    Ok. I am going to try & get through this without crying. I wish with all that I am that Yolanda would stop comparing AIDS to Lyme Disease.

    I watched my favorite brother waste away to nothing but a bunch of bones with just a bit of translucent skin covering them, before he ultimately lost his life. Once he entered hospice, I flew home to see him. The transformation took my breath away. He made Tom Hanks in Philadelphia look healthy. That’s the honest truth.

    My handsome, funny, charming little shit of a brother, had turned into a huddled mass, hunched over in a wheelchair, propped up by pillows and covered by an afghan. The only thing I recognized were his eyes. Oh, those eyes. I thought I had dropped to my knees when I saw him and was truly surprised to see I was still standing. Still breathing. Still hoping.

    He owned it, though. Told me “he played with fire and got burned.” Heroin was his demon. He was 42 years old. He suffered a horrendous ending and I miss him terribly.


    PS – I hope I didn’t break any rules by posting this. It’s just that she has pushed my last button.

    • cc101

      VioletBlue – I am so sorry for your loss. How completely heartbreaking.

      The Lyme/Aids comparisons are so insulting and sickening. I wish more people would call her out on it. Your anger is 100% justified.

      • VioletBlue

        Thank you cc101 – I can usually put this stuff in perspective & look past it, but every now & then it hits a chord and I think “shut up, Yolanda. Just stfu.”

    • BKSweetheart

      Wow that is so incredibly sad, I am sorry for your loss.

      • Minky

        The fact that she mentions her “journey” in the same breath with AIDS, cancer or any other debilitating disease that actually kills people regularly is the absolute last straw. I’m surprised that she hasn’t yet claimed that her Lyme is WORSE than any other disease ever. She keeps leaning toward that direction.

        I’m very sorry about your loss Violet. Your anger and pain is an example of something that Yolanda will never really understand because she’s too heartless and clueless.

    • Oh VioletB—-I am so sorry. I can feel not only your raw pain but also your sweet love for your brother.
      I can certainly understand your anger and outrage over witnessing this shallow idiot revel in her faux illness. It is a slap in the face to those who have truly suffered.
      Blessings to you

      • VioletBlue

        Thanks BK, Minky & Maisey, for your kind words and thoughtfulness. I look at that photo of her & Bella – in bed with the IV – and it’s so obvious it’s a posed set up! Ugh. It shouldn’t piss me off so much but it does!

    • That’s beyond tragic and you have my sympathy. Don’t worry about offending Lyme patients, though. I have it myself and I wanted to hurl when that twat compared it to horrible afflictions like HIV and cancer. Absolutely despicable. My dad’s dying of Parkinsons, but I can still drag my weary ass over to the hospital and help take care of him. He, on the other hand, can barely lift his head and gets fed through a tube. Lyme sucks, but it does not completely incapacitate most patients and leave them “unable to walk, talk, think” etc, as she has claimed. Fuck that malingering cow and her self-aggrandizing drivel.

      • VioletBlue

        ” Fuck that malingering cow and her self-aggrandizing drivel.” YES!
        Sorry to hear that you are struggling and about your dad.
        Thinking of you.

    • TDunk

      Late to reading this and I must admit, I don’t often get through this many comments, but so grateful to have read yours. Your story is heartbreaking and I wanted to thank you for having the courage to share it. Really struck me and put a lot of things in perspective at this particular moment. Nothing to do with Yolanda’s nonsense but thought you might like to know you reached someone.

      • VioletBlue

        TDunk – thanks for taking the time to read and especially for responding. If “outing” my stuff touched you or someone near you, then I’m glad I wrote it. The real tragedy is 5 years prior to that brother passing, another brother died from a heroin overdose after being clean for 8 years. When he found out that our brother was HIV +, he couldn’t deal with it. I don’t think he meant to die, he just didn’t care one way or another. He left a 3 1/2 year old and a 3 month old behind. It’s tough walking thru the rubble. :/

  49. DejaBlue53

    Your purple pen is fantastic! It’s very gratifying to see my reactions to her in print. 😀 Look at her eyes when she’s going after Kyle and LVP. The hate is palpable. Anyone who challenges her or gets in the way of her getting what she wants gets those eyes on them. I can’t imagine her off camera and out of the sight of witnesses. She doesn’t have a thing wrong with her brain and you can tell by the way she recalls and forgets things according to her agenda; the agenda being just what you layed out about the pre-nup, TT. She’s a calculating, selfish, narcissist. And her favoring Gigi reminds me of the movie Ordinary People. The mom in the movie so favored one son over the other, that when the favored son drowned in a boating accident, the surviving son was driven suicidal by her unspoken but clearly felt disdain that he wasn’t the son who died. I do believe she is that bad. I also think that the only reason she favors Gigi is because she looks like Yo. Everything in life is Yo. She is scary vile.

    • Minky

      Goddamn! I saw that movie a while back. Mary Tyler Moore is really good at playing cold-hearted bitches. She also did a good job in that Shante Chimes movie. The mom in Ordinary People was also way too overly concerned with appearances.

  50. Bella

    Do you think she’s using this illness as a way to manipulate her kids staying close to “mommy” ? Kind of using it as a guilt so they feel bad for her kind of thing?

    I feel awful for them

  51. Theresa

    A freaking men! I stayed up late to see if the recap was up and anyone was as disgusted as I was. I can barely tolerate watching this show anymore and it used to be my favorite. This trick fauxlanda has pushed me to the point I can’t tolerate any of it. Even when she’s not on, she’s the center of conversation. Can we please just stop with her? I may need to call in to Andy on wwhl to express my disgust.

  52. Xanadude

    As Big Daddy said: What’s that smell in this room? Didn’t you notice it, Brick? Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?… There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity.

    A new perfume from the Yolanda Hadid collection. Available at Whole Foods.

  53. Frosty

    Now that was an epic take down.

    I liked her when she first joined the cast, her sense of sniffy, rarified superiority and exacting nature amused me, especially since she’s a former farm girl. She was notably unconcerned with charming the ladies, or us. Remember when David Foster called the cast clowns? LOL Well it’s been straight drop from the height of her Malibu aery since then, hasn’t it.

    By far the most bizarre turn I’ve seen on this show, but I’m not convinced it’s menopause. I still feel like that’s a co-factor to whatever else is going on with her. And it’s too alien to my own way of living to destroy her life, her marriage, her credibility, all very publicly – and for what, a book? A negotiating tactic? I prefer to think she’s troubled soul and hope she’ll get the help she needs.

  54. Sam

    LOL that this article has been tagged under “cunt satchels” by TT!

  55. Larry

    Beautiful post. I would add two things.

    First, this woman was never absent because of her social media usage. She should have saved all that for the inevitable book.

    Second, she’s so over the top in her reaction to Munchausen, to the idea that she may have landed on the wrong diagnosis, she’s further stigmatizing mental illness. Which she also did with her quick insult of Rinna, saying Rinna may be bipolar. Someone crusading for sympathy for an unseen illness should be more careful how she discusses the unseen illnesses of others.

    Whatever she’s trying to do by declaring herself a martyr…she may want to rethink the plan.

  56. @immelza

    Great writing TT. As someone who has a legitimate TBI (diagnosed by legitimate Drs.) and is physically disabled this just pisses me off. People who are ill don’t spend the day posing in a multi million dollar house ( bed) for my journey selfies with their ex hooker ( nttawwt) nurse and composing hashtags. No we have to survive, working about paying our mortgages and trying to secure Drs appts and deal with insurance bullshit and much much more. How dare she throw out bipolar disorder so nonchelantly ( into the universe of course) has she ever even talked to someone with bipolar? I have a friend whos bipolar and his life can be chaotic hell. She talks as if she is forced to do this show, I don’t believe she is a hostage of Bravo. So Yolanda take your plans of writing books, schilling shit and the funniest thing funding affordable care ( she will set up some tax shelter scam charity) I can’t with this anymore it is just disgusting using thinly veiled threats of suicide for Mommy’s only may work in your world but it doesn’t jive here in real reality.

  57. Thank you for this!! This is exactly the type of post I was looking forward to from you. No offense to the guy who’s been doing the RHOBH recaps, but I’m blown away that some are still buying what Yo is trying to sell. It has become painfully obvious how conniving, manipulative, condescending, exploitative (I could sadly go on) & just how sick Yo really is.

  58. caroline

    Great post TT, personally i find her comments & behaviour infuriating -comparing “her journey” to that of someone with cancer or AIDS (probably 2 of the most painful & debilitating illness one can be afflicted with) truly makes me sick. She also made a comment earlier in the season that “lyme is not just depression ” which to a degree seemed to undermine this illness as well & insult the millions of suffers around as if she took the time to understand the disease she may realize how truly debilitating it can be.
    At the end of the day TRHOBH is an inappropriate platform for her at this time, if she is that ill she should focus on her health & that of her children. Hopefully Bravo realize that the majority watching want glamour & fun, yes we like some drama but not to be insulted or offended.
    Keep up the great work & thanks for posting your honest opinion unlike many others

  59. J

    Totally agree Yolanda Forster puts the Lyme in slymey

  60. BeetsWhy

    TT this is perfection! If you are on good Twitter terms with Rinna I highly suggest you send her a link, she seems like she would appreciate the purple pen ?

  61. Yolanda said a very odd and reveling thing to Rinna at Erika’s BBQ.

    When she was in full over-the-top, sanctimonious, chastising mode about Rinna’s munchhausen remark she stated “It was the worst fucking blow I ever got in my life”

    Hmmmm ……really?

    Odd. THAT was the worst blow you have received in your life??
    Very strange and emphatic statement.

    Especially coming from a mother who found out that 2 of her 3 children are suffering in silence with this debilitating and incurable disease SHE likens to cancer and AIDS .

    Gee, Yolanda…….I would have thought THAT would have been the worst fucking blow in your life—-your children’s suffering.

    Unless of course….it’s not….um…I mean….you know…exactly TRUE.

  62. Nanaintn

    When I read the length of Yolanda’s post and TT said ‘purple pen’, I poured me a scotch and settled knowing it would a great read and most likely I’d agree with every purple word! I was doing just fine and having myself a good old time until that witch dared mention Elton John, HIV/AIDS and dared to somehow try and hijack that cause just as she did with her comments about Big Ang that sent me into fits of anger. I was working in a large University medical center when AIDS was finally identified and given a name. The pain and suffering I witnessed day in and day out are memories that will haunt me forever! How dare this ridiculous and delusional woman try and compare her ‘journey’ and tiring bid for attention to either of these God awful illnesses. Needless to say, I finished reading, had a few more drinks and daydreamed about what would be a just punishment for the foolishness Yolanda is spewing day after day. Dammit….just dammit! Thanks for the post TT. I’m sorry to say, but this latest Yolanda blog has truly made me see her as an evil bitch who needs to worry about karma coming for her.

  63. Tinalee971

    Way better reading her blog with your comments inserted :-) it makes me less angry because I know I’m not alone lol….
    I genuinely did really like Yolanda! I always felt she was very real and I appreciated that in the Real Housewives franchise and money aside she still seemed to be down to earth! I don’t doubt that she would still be kind to a stranger, more so than a lot of other housewives however I am like you, I’m just so tired of it! I want to believe what she is saying is true, and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but she is not doing herself any favors anymore, she needs to stop talking about it! And, she’s not helping with Lyme disease awareness! (At least not anymore!) She is talking about it too much, “her journey, this silent disease, this invisible disease” it’s making people sick and tired of hearing about Lyme disease! Yes they say any press whether bad or good brings awareness to that person or I guess that disease but, in this case I don’t believe so!
    I know that Lyme disease often goes undetected so bringing awareness is a good cause, up here in Canada it’s next to impossible to get doctors to even run the tests but Yolanda just needs to back off!
    I, like many others including you and many of your readers are so tired of it therefore it’s not helping the cause any more! And to add to that, all the people who are suffering with Lyme disease must be so frustrated not having access to what she has.
    Her saying she could not walk or talk and on and on and on for what 3 years? 4 years? But we have all witnessed her last season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (& other seasons) looking/appearing completely healthy!!! Does she think everyone is as delusional as she is? That really sucks that she has become this person because I truly liked her!
    Blah blah :-) thanks for another great blog TT!

  64. vicky

    I only read the purple. SPOT ON.
    Notice the lack of make up, so she looks ill sitting with women who have fancy clothes, accessories and professional make up.

  65. zoemonster2

    Well done. Thx tt

  66. her karma will be that this embarassing episode of her life will always be out there in syndication for more and more people to see. it will catch up to her eventually.

  67. Toni

    Yolanda is a tiresome person. I hope this is her last season. She is a boring, self centered egomaniac who always thinks she is right. I don’t know if she has munchausens, and frankly I don’t care. Illness is not a good storyline. I actually feel a little of David fosters pain, he, like the viewers were sold a false bill of goods.

    Tamara – literally everything you wrote in purple pen were my thoughts exactly, only more cleverly articulated.

    I find it exasperating that even after having seen the episodes that Yolanda is still beating the drum that LVP attacked her children.

  68. Toonskie

    I think Yolanda is no better or worse than any of these ladies who do these shows. It’s all fake, they are all fake…Yolanda is no better or worse than any of them. Why do we take fake garbage so seriously? Who really cares if she is faking her illness, Bravo must love it because she remains on the show just like the felon Teresa who I consider to be far worse. It’s all about sucking us in and raking in those advertising dollars.

    • Cat

      Because it diminishes the struggles of those who really ARE trying to recover?

    • tamaratattles

      Just curious, were you as keen on people faking illness for sympathy when Brooks did it on RHOOC? The people who care are people here who are dealing with medical issues of their own and are outraged that some bitch on a housewives show would belittle cancer patients, AIDS/HIV patients, Bipolar patients, Depression patients, and countless other people managing health issues by saying her bullshit made up crap is worse.

  69. captivagrl

    I really enjoyed this post. Thank you.

  70. Allison

    Maybe all of this “look at me I’m sicksicksick” crap comes from the fact her girls are getting so much attention now with their careers taking off-her modeling heyday is obviously long gone, and she got most of the attention up until recently. When Gigi and Bella started becoming super-famous celebrities, did her sickselfies ramp up? And to start calling herself Hadid again-could it all just be a twisted attempt at relevancy? Just a thought.

  71. VioletBlue

    Dear Dr. Phil,
    Please invite Yolanda on your show to talk about Lyme Disease – wink, wink.

      • Allison

        I’d love it, but Dr phil would just pander to her and kiss her ass. Isnt he friends with David? For some reason I feel like they’ve been on his show before? I could be nuts, but I know I saw them on a talk show together before I knew who she was and I want to say Phil.

    • tamaratattles

      No such luck. Dr Phil and David are really good friends. Unless David decides to do a tell all, that will never happen.

  72. Omg Yoyo needs to read this. She is ridiculous. She reminds of Janice Dickinson!!!

  73. Jill

    Lyme Disease is the new fibromyalgia of the decade. Extremely vague, all encompassing symptoms that almost everyone has. If you’re a privileged white female whose star is fading, the odds of you being diagnosed with Lyme is high: Yolanda, Debbie Gibson, Avril Lavigne to name a few. I applaud Lisa Rinna for calling her out gently. I don’t doubt Yolanda thinks she’s ill. Your perception is your reality.

  74. Jlee

    As someone who has many of these issues in my family I’m am angered and disgusted by Yolanda.

  75. Tara

    I wonder if any of Yo’s family and or friends can-will-maybe they have tried to reason with her? She stated that some people thought she was crazy ( a lot of people) when she was on the plane with Erika. Someone has to care enough for her well being to make her stop, right?

  76. Dawn

    I believe Yolanda has always harbored angst of LVP’s close friendship with Mohammed…the situation is PERFECT opportunity for her to drive a wedge between them…now watching the conversations airing on RHOBH, neither Kyle nor LVP had any malice or bad intent towards Yolanda….she’s just USING THIS TO CREATE A DIVISION…

  77. Julia

    I’ve been a reader here for years but never comment, so if this breaks the rules I’m sorry. I really can’t resist anymore. This woman is so full of SHIT. Living in MA where we were raised to search our clothes, hair, and bodies every time we spent time in the woods- I have never encountered a person with actual Lyme disease, or post-treatment Lyme that exhibited these symptoms. I cannot fathom the idea of not diagnosing it until years down the road. Having had an abnormally warm winter, I found a tick under my arm (could’ve been a freckle) in late December. I watched the area like a hawk until the bite healed. A full tick capable of transferring this virus is definitely noticeable. HOWEVER- A friend’s four year old daughter just last month woke up and told her father she “saw two of him.” Imagine his surprise to turn towards his daughter and see one eye turned completely in toward her nose. After a few days in Boston Children’s, an array of tests, and finally a Lyme panel- Untreated Lyme Disease. It caused a fluid build-up at the base of her neck, putting pressure on her brain and the muscles/nerves controlling her right eye. Antibiotics and she was home a few days later and back to gymnastics. I apologize if this seems off-track but the point is that even if you somehow manage to miss the initial infection,THOSE are the kind of symptoms untreated Lyme causes. I’m not a doctor but I can hardly believe anyone with Lyme experience could fall for this crap. And I’m probably going to WLS after this…

    • Allison

      @Julia-I relate to everything you said about tick checks. I’m in Connecticut, home base of Lyme disease (you’re welcome, Yolanda) and I know many that have been dx’d with Lyme, and some have gotten pretty damn sick-nothing like what’s described in Yo-World, and none were up to selfies. Especially sick ones.

    • Julia–Excellent information and recount of your neighbor’s experience.

  78. Skeeter

    What the hell is that pink rag for in the picture of Bella???? Also, Andy should use “journey” as the drinking word for his game. I lost count of how many times she wrote that word in the War & Peace version of Lyme for Dummies.

  79. Barbara R

    How come she never posted a photo of the 2-foot worms that were taken out of her body? It’s unlike her to pass up that opportunity.

    • VioletBlue

      Bawahahaha I’d love to see that selfie!!! Always makes me think of that sea serpent, Cecil, from the (dating myself here) Beanie & Cecil show! LOL

    • Sylvia

      When she first appeared on the show she ranted on about having sex every day was the key to a good marriage. Then, when she and David were on the boat in British Columbia and she was too ‘sick’ to go for a walk with him she said she got sick right after they got married so that was very contradictory which is now the norm for her. And, now the 2′ parasite story…..can you just imagine his revulsion when he heard/read about THAT???? omg…so a selfie really would have put everything in perspective. I mean, her ‘doctor’ would have wanted a picture of ‘it/them’ for a medical journal discussion……..she would never have missed out on the opportunity to be the center of attention of the article…had it been true…key word – true.

      I watched Beanie & Cecil every day when I got home from school :)

      • tamaratattles

        Falina, I get that it is Saturday night, but you need to step away from the crack pipe, or the martini shaker or whatever you are on, because people have actually been sued for libel because of comments like you just made. Go sleep it off.

  80. Xanadude

    You know that somewhere out there is a lawyer well versed in ADA law just waiting to get his chance to whisper in Yolanda’s ear: production, knowing your disease, did not properly accommodate you and you are due reccompence. Your children, also having this disease, are also covered under ADA guidelines and their contracts with the modeling agencies and/or their schools must also accommodate them. As should the judge in the DUI case.

    • Sylvia

      I am thinking she has had in-depth conversations with Erika and hubby about that very thing. He would know the best of the best to refer her to, but then I wonder if his friendship with David is strong enough that he will stay out of any involvement in helping her…unless Erika persuades him otherwise :)

    • tamaratattles

      You whackadoodle liberals are quick to think of things like ADA. However, companies are not required to follow ADA guidelines with independent contractors which Yolanda and her offspring are. Will ADA be the new HIPPA here? Because, I can’t go through that again.

      • Is chronic deception a recognized disability?

      • Rubbishhousewife

        I had to google: what means ADA? Disability laws, I think? They aren’t there to protect rich stupid people who sign up for dollars to lose their privacy. And I’m one of those whackadoodle liberals (I think, it might mean summat totally different over the pond!)

      • tamaratattles

        Probably, tootsie. And, HEYGIRLHEY!!!

    • Well, Yolanda is covered if her agreement with Bravo/Evolution states she will meet filming obligations “to the best of my ability.” As to not Gigi 1 and not Gigi 2, what would be reasonable accommodation for this perceived disability? Nitrogen tanks on standby during photo shoots and sporting events? IV vitamins before and after sporting and fashion obligations? Or maybe 6 lemons and 2 almonds within 2 feet at all times? HaHa!

    • Xanadude

      I’m not saying the ADA law are applicable, I’m just saying that they are there, and, seeing Yo’s pattern of long con, betting it goes into her arsenal at some point. Any reasonable judge would toss it, of course, but, then again, we aren’t dealing with reasonable people in this situation.

  81. Spilledperfume

    The latest episode of Lip Sync Battle has Gigi Hadid as one of the guest stars and during the rehearsal Gigi says my parents are here and then they show David and Yolanda. While I don’t know when the episode was filmed Yolanda is obviously out of her sick bed walking, talking, wearing makeup and basically doing the things she claimed not to be able to do for the past year.

    I should mention that Chrissy Teigen did not have a baby bump and Yo was there with David so the show had to have been at least several months old even though it’s the latest episode.

  82. Nonawin

    Wait! Hold on I thought her mother was on her death bed last season. What happened there? I’m so confused.

  83. Lime Brain

    Her blog is up on Bravo now. I think a lot was cut out. I could be wrong, but I’m not up to rereading it and checking it out.

  84. Christina

    I enjoyed your comments. It makes me feel awkwardly happy that someone sees right through this woman as well. I hate that there are so many blind folks out there, though (“fans”)

  85. Yolanda, need to be removed from RHOBH , she is a disgrace and I am offended by her reference that Ly disease is like the AIDS epidemic , I have a family member with HIV and I am offended by this. Lyme Disease has never taken as many lives as AIDS ! I will nerve watch RHOBH again until she is gone.

  86. 25

    English is a Germanic language…

  87. Spot on ! She is as dumb as a brick ..blathering nonsense…. While her quack is counting $$ and buying a house in the Caribbean…. and the escort giggles and claps her hands…. O Yolanda you are brilliant m’lady..time to feed the worms up on the table

  88. Yamoah Asiedu

    I’m late to this thread. Really enjoy the purple pen experience. TT your insights and commentary are, as usual, on point and hella entertaining!
    Here’s my take on Yolanda, she is the epitome of grace, beauty, class, ‘poor girl done good; entitled, delusion in the cosseted world of Beverly Hills. Her figure is what many emaciated or struggling to keep their weight down, rich woman are aiming for. She doesn’t expect to be challenged or questioned about her chronic illness and ‘selfless suffering’ Soldiering on, looking for a cure…. She truly believes that her ‘chronic lyme disease is on the same level as AIDS, EBOLA, CANCER or MS!! She’s so full of it. I think people give her a pass because she ‘looks good’ and a lot of those people are on the payroll. Munchausen’s = Yolanda, textbook. Silly moo.

  89. CanadaCat

    Yolanda is certainly being cunty.

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